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Trying to reduce my landline cost Can I get Magic Jack Plus or Ooma?

tracysbeans 1,223 September 28, 2012 at 03:25 PM
Ok, I'm trying to see if I can reduce my landline cost.

Here's my situation.
I don't use a cell phone that much so I just have a net10 which costs me $15 a month and is enough minutes for me.

However, I would now like to do something about my landline IF I can.

The most important thing is I have to be able to port my landline over. I have had my phone # for over 25 years and I need to keep it for various reasons. If I can't do this I guess I don't need to go any further.

BUT if I can port my current landline number I'm wondering if I should go with a Magic Jack Plus or a Ooma?

Here is what I got
DSL 2wire router
2 cordless phones

Is there anything else you need from me? Just let me know.

I did do a search on Magic Jacks but I only came up with a thread from 2010. I read it but with the Magic Jack Plus now I'm thinking things would be different now then from 2 years ago.

I try to stay away from reading reviews (esp for my ipad & ipod) because I have found some of those are fake and also coming from people who are complaining about the product. I want to hear from the people who like the product.

I hope you guys will help me. I guess I'm stuck with DSL for my internet (I don't want cable) BUT I would like to get rid of them for my phone line.


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Got my parents switched over to MagicJack about a year ago and have no issues (still have the "old" unit hooked up to a thinclient computer). They'll port the number over for $20 (one-time fee). If you do not rely on your housephone for much,(in this case, the number is just for dr. appointment confirmations, other services since the number is so old, an occasional outgoing call to a relative, etc.) it is a great deal.
Only thing I noticed is an increase in spam calls even though the number is on a DNC list, but this seems to be a big complaint of everyone as of late.
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Quote from fenderman View Post :
The interface can make all the difference in the world. In theory ethernet shoud be better than usb but thats not always the case
Point taken on the interface, but nothing voice related runs over USB - it's just software versus firmware.
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I have Ooma too. And pay about $4 a month in govt and federal taxes. That's it. The voice clarity is effin' amazing and I've never had a problem.

I'd recommend chatting with a CSR on the Ooma website. They are authorized to offer you some nice discounts. I got my Ooma shipped for $130. They were also offering me the "premier" services at a hefty discount but I didn't want them.
I didn't get mine ported but if you want to then Porting a number would cost you $40.

Never regretted the purchase. I'd highly recommend it. Oh and that box with it's blue lights looks uber cool. Big Grin
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i agree with jkee that google voice (or any VOIP) should not be your only source of communications. most people have at least 1 cell phone in the same house too.
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I guess a question is why bother with the landline?
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I have had MagicJack Plus and am going back. I recently got NetTalk DUO it is piece of crap comparatively. I have had no issues with SPAM with MagicJack. I actually preferred the OLD MagicJack via PC.
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I have a Magic Jack because I got tired of using my cell phone to call 800 numbers and sit on hold all afternoon. I've never had any issues with it. I've taken it overseas and made calls over WiFi with no issues other than an occasional drop in call quality because the WiFi signal dropped. For $20/year I can't complain.

it's far from perfect, but it does the job for me.
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I have a obi100 its works great never had a problem with it had it for over a year now. $50 or so for the device free after that for US and Canada calling.
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Quote from komondor View Post :
I guess a question is why bother with the landline?

I have shit reception at home (cell). Also it's more convenient than carrying your cell all the time or if you get a call upstairs you have to run downstairs to grab your phone. Also I have a few devices (Dish Network) that like to have landline connections, in addition to a PC that I occasionally send faxes on.
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well dish and faxing wont' work well with many things like magicjack or even some voip providers
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Obi and don't look back. Got mine a couple years ago. Worked absolutely flawless through multiple ISP's, etc. I set the box up the night I got it and never touched it again. One of the best purchases I have made.
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