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Amazon Prime $59 for amazon card members only

Lightquik 774 October 17, 2012 at 12:41 PM in Services (3) More Amazon Deals
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Last Edited by Lightquik October 17, 2012 at 04:53 PM

Best deal I've seen for non-student, non-amazon mom account

You will qualify for and receive your statement credit if you purchase Amazon Prime with your Rewards Visa Card from 10/15/12 to 11/15/12. Please allow 2 weeks after qualifying for the statement credit to post to your account. Credit card product changes during the promotional period will forfeit this offer. To qualify for this offer, your account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment. This promotional offer is non-transferable and applies only to the account ending in the last 4 digits referenced in this offer. Certain restrictions apply. To learn more about Amazon Prime, go to to see Prime Terms & Conditions.

Uploaded a pic of the offer


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Quote from threeclaws View Post :
That is an incorrect blanket statement, in CA there is a distinction made between prepared/unprepared food as well as sub exemptions for certain kinds of prepared foods.
Food Amazon sells isn't taxed.
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haha oops i kinda posted quick and forgot to fill in the details while i was at work. ill read through and rep whoever contributed more info to this. thanks guys!
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when I click through the link it offers 1 month trial and $79 after that...

"You are now connected to Poisollamaiyan from
Me:promotion $20 back when you buy pirme with Amazon card
Poisollamaiyan:Hello, I am Maiyan from Amazon. I'll be happy to assist you.
Me:Hi, I would like to know if I qualify for the promo
Poisollamaiyan:I will surely help you with this issue.
Poisollamaiyan:Thank you. Just a moment while I check that for you.
Thanks for waiting.
I see that there is an offer for subscribing the prime membership using your visa card.
Me:Correct, and I have the card. So, will I qualify?
Me:Just wanted to be sure, because when I try to buy the prime it says $79 will be charged and there's no mention of the promotion or $20 back...
Poisollamaiyan:Just a moment while I check that for you.
It seems that you will be getting the $20 back in your account within two weeks.
Me:there was just that confusing information about "the last 4 digits referenced in this offer", so just wanted to be sure it's not a targeted promo and anyone with a card will get it.
Poisollamaiyan:Would you mind if I put you on hold for 2 to 3 minutes while I check that?
Me:sure, go ahead
Poisollamaiyan:Thanks for waiting.
I have checked the status and it seems a member of our Marketing team will be the perfect person to help you with this. However, they don't have chat or phone support. I can send them an email for you, you should hear back from them in the next 1-2 business days. Thank you for your patience.
Poisollamaiyan:Thank you so much for understanding
Last edited by Gosh October 17, 2012 at 04:52 PM
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Quote from LeaninBack916 View Post :
Not sure how 'true' this statement is... but I know about 5 people (including myself) at work who used to be Amazon heavy (discussed deals, SD, shared good purchases) that haven't purchased as much already in just the last month since they implemented the tax 'collection effort' for California. We have been going to other sites (ebay, non-taxing sites) and SD links away from Amazon.

It sucks... and now... since not only did Amazon start charging sales tax... they also have this new 'add on' category and you can only get those Add-Ons when you spend $25. A lot of things I bought like hair products/etc when I just needed them quick now require this... I don't think I am missing a 'workaround' to avoid this...

Prime is so less tempting now... sadly.
Don't forget subscribe and save is now only 5% off now and you have to wait AN ENTIRE MONTH to get your order, basically destroying S/S. Who is going to wait one month just for 5% off?? They are making all these moves because they know everyone repeats "I LOVE AMAZON!" and are brainwashed into buying everything from them. They are seriously amazon- dependent, not much different from a drug addiction. Smilie Not only that, their prices are high now, I rarely find deals anymore. I have free shoprunner shipping and have noticed many items are cheaper on and the items are not bundled together like amazon, thus enabling me to buy a quantity of one, instead of multiple units like on amazon. I have saved a lot of money.
Last edited by lemontart October 17, 2012 at 05:25 PM
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Quote from joe221 View Post :
Food Amazon sells isn't taxed.
If true right now I doubt it will be for long, CA tax code says they have to pay it.
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Quote from amber1111 View Post :
Argh! That figures.. I finally gave in and bought Prime on 10/11. I've never seen a deal like this before. Frown
Same here. Booo
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this sucks, joined prime 4 days ago
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Cool deal. My prime runs out 11/24, so I can re-up a week early and save $20.
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does it work for regular amazon store card or is it just for the visa card?
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Got in!!. Thanks.

- Made amazon visa as primary,
- Clicked on the OP link.
- Clicked on "get Started"
- Clicked on "start my free trial"
- success!, i am on trial until Nov 17 and it showed i will receive $20 credit.

I am more surprised because, i have used several free trials before and it let me do 1 month free trial.
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Quote from stasis View Post :
chat with a rep. they'll give you $20 credit
My account was student, auto-renewed for full price months ago, yet this just happened:

You are now connected to Swathi from
Me:20 credit
Swathi:Hello, my name is Swathi. I'll be happy to help you today.
Me:ok thanks
Swathi:Could you please elaborate your query so I can assist you better?
Me:I see this promotion here
I just recently paid for Amazon Prime and I have the Amazon visa
I was hoping you could help me earn the $20 credit
Swathi:Thank you, Curtis. Please give me a minute to look into this for you.
Me:I would appreciate it
I love amazon and my prime benefits
but I feel I just missed out on this offer
Swathi:Thank you for waiting, Curtis.
In this case, I can make an exception and issue a promotional credit of $20 to your account.
That is amazing
I'll keep pushing Amazon giftcards @ my job
Swathi:I'm glad to hear that, Curtis.
I'll send you a confirmation e-mail shortly.
Me:Smilie just made my day, keep up the awesome service
Swathi:It's my pleasure! Smilie Thank you for contacting Amazon. Have a wonderful day!
Me:You too
Swathi:Thank you. Bye!
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I received the offer today as well, but still hesitating. Could anyone please advice if I should take it or get Amazon mom instead? We're expecting our newborn in February and I suppose I will be buying stuff off Amazon pretty often.
Does Amazon Mom membership ever goes "on sale"? Smilie And do AM's discounts worth spending money on their membership vs. getting Prime now? I am confused.
Thank you!
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I buy a few items in a year, it is not worth it for me even $10.
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I auto-renewed three weeks ago, so I chatted with Amazon but wasn't able to get a credit from them since it was a "Chase promotion". So after verifying I'd get a full refund if I cancelled now, I re-registered through the offer and will be getting my $20 back that way. It's about the most hoops Amazon customer service has ever made me jump through, but that said, it was still pretty easy and I still got what I wanted. Thanks OP.
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Quote from msk2982 View Post :
yes and no. 3% on any amazon purchases, 1% on everything else.

But now you can use your chase freedom points (which you can get up to 5% on different categories every quarter) directly on amazon so i think im gonna start using that card for general purchases instead.
You can get the equivalent in cash and spend it wherever you want. No need to restrict yourself to Amazon. No discount to use it there. I'll take the cash or a gift card special at 20% off face value instead.

Do yourself one better and get a citi forward card and get 5% back on your amazon purchases in gift cards to include amazon gc.
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