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Windows 8 14.99 upgrade available today(must have purchased windows 7 pc)

studmonkey76 698 October 25, 2012 at 08:18 AM in Software (3)
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I didnt know how exactly to word the title, so hope this doesnt confuse anyone...

Windows 8 available through the upgrade website now (it said available tomorrow, but you can get it today)...log in with your registration comfirmation number and email address at

scroll down a little on the page and you will have your promo code...download/run the windows 8 upgrade advisor and follow step by step...
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Last Edited by andyk May 24, 2014 at 11:41 AM
I originally had Windows 8 Pro (from the $15/$40 deal) installed with Media Center (from the free offer). I was able to do a clean install to "Windows 8.1 Pro (with Update 1) with Media Center" in 4/2014 by doing the following:
Now that both $15 and $40 deals are dead, what next?
Most frequently asked Windows 8 Pro upgrade Q & A (jump to the relevant section below if you cannot find your answer here)
amitdaswani's version
Short version (expanded below) of upgrading to Win 8 Pro for one PC via download in general
  1. (Optional) Get promo code: http://windowsupgradeoffer.com/en-US (expanded below)
  2. Get media and product key by downloading and running the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/buy (expanded below)
  3. Install and activate, expanded below with other Q & A

1. (Optional) Get promo code to get upgrade for $15 (Optional because you are supposed to have bought a qualified Windows 7 PC in order to get this promo; if you did not buy a qualified Windows 7 PC, you can go to step 2 and upgrade for $199.99 for Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 for $119.99)
  • Q & A
    • FAQ: http://windowsupgradeoffer.com/en-US/Home/Faq
    • If you buy a qualified Windows 7 PC between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013, you can purchase a download of Windows 8 Pro at a special promotional price that varies by region.
    • Do I have to install the Windows 8 upgrade on the eligible PC, or can I install it on another PC?
      • The upgrade offer is tied to a Windows 7 PC purchased from June 2nd, 2012 through January 31, 2013, but you can choose to redeem the offer and install the upgrade on any compatible Windows-based PC with a qualifying base operating system.
    • What is the last day for me to register and order the Windows Upgrade Offer?
      • You must make your qualifying Windows 7 PC purchase prior to January 31, 2013; you must register for the program and subsequently purchase and download the Windows 8 upgrade by February 28, 2013. (So it seems the promo code will give a bigger discount after 1/31 when the $40 offer ends.)
  • Steps
    • Some people suggest using Internet Explorer or Chrome. Register at http://windowsupgradeoffer.com/en-US.
      • Continue. Enter valid e-mail address. Continue.
      • Some people still don't have to enter a Windows 7 product key. But many get a "suspended" message (if the Windows 7 PC purchase information is made up?): http://slickdeals.net/newsearch.php?showposts=1&threadid=5386070&q=suspended
      • Note your confirmation number. You will also receive an e-mail with subject "Windows Upgrade Offer Registration Confirmation" having the same confirmation number.
    • Get your promo code
      • If you registered earlier (before 10/26?), look up your promo code here: https://www.windowsupgradeoffer.com/en-US/MyOrder. You will get another e-mail.
      • If you just registered, you will receive the other e-mail automatically (without visiting the above site) with subject "Windows 8 is here. Get your upgrade now". Simply find your promo code in the e-mail.

2. Get media and product key
  • Q & A
    • http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/upgrade-to-windows-8
    • Can I upgrade from a 32-bit version of Windows to a 64-bit version of Windows 8?
      • Yes, but you can't do this using the Upgrade Assistant. If your PC has a 64-bit capable processor (CPU) but is currently running a 32-bit version of Windows, you can install a 64-bit version of Windows 8, but you'll need to buy Windows 8 as a DVD or use a disc from the retail boxed version.
      • (One workaround is to download again on a PC running a 64-bit version of Windows.)
    • Will I get the 32-bit or 64-bit version?
      • The Upgrade Assistant chooses on its own based on existing software.
  • Download and run the Upgrade Assistant
    • Download links are available from:
    • If possible, run the Upgrade Assistant on the PC you want to upgrade. Otherwise it may or may not work, because:
    • See screen shots: http://blogs.windows.com/windows/b/bloggingwindows/archive/2012/07/02/upgrade-to-windows-8-pro-for-39-99.aspx
    • The Upgrade Assistant will check apps and devices if they are compatible or not.
    • You will initially see $199.99 for Windows 8 Pro or $119.99 for Windows 8. Order Windows 8 Pro if you have a promo code. Click Checkout to enter your billing info. (Optional) Before you "Confirm your order", enter your promo code, click Apply to see the promo price of $14.99. Check "I agree to the terms and conditions", then "Buy".
      • You can buy a DVD for an additional $14.99 plus shipping if you want (note: you can also buy a DVD later, see Q & A)
    • You will get your product key. You can View Receipt, which is also e-mailed to you.
    • You can choose to
      • proceed with the upgrade (“Install now”), or
      • by creating your own media (people report that this option is NOT available on XP, so create it manually from C:\ESD\Windows), or
        • If you choose to create your own media, you will be able to create your own bootable USB or .ISO file which can be burned onto a DVD for upgrade and backup purposes.
        • Save it to any folder WITHOUT MODIFYING THE NAME (Keep it as "Windows")
        • Right click -> Open with -> Windows Disc Image burner and burn it to a blank DVD (it's almost 3GBs).
        • Then you can install anytime and have a backup disc just in case. Recommend saving your product key(s) someplace.
      • install later from your desktop.

3. Install and activate, other Q & A
Documents / Guides
Still miss Start menu?I find this as a the best & Free option to get the START button functionality.. (have been using this for few days)
Much easier and cheap trick is here: http://blogs.computerworld.com/19820/how_to_bring_back_the_start_menu_to_the_windows_8_desktop

Windows Media Center
Microcenter: Get $15 Mfr. Rebates when You Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro:
  • http://microcenter.com/site/email...grade.aspx
  • Buy a Windows 7 PC and purchase Windows 8 Pro Upgrade for $14.99 from Microsoft at windowsupgradeoffer.com
  • Follow the Manufacture Upgrade Mail-in Rebate Process by using the forms provided by the manufacturers listed below (PDF format).
  • Submit the Microsoft Windows 8 upgrade receipt, original eligible computer purchase receipt, and UPC label found on the packaging to get your $15 Manufacturer Mail-in Rebate.


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Joined Apr 2012
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Not sure what I am doing wrong but it wants to charge me $39.99 instead of $14.99. I didn't pull the trigger...
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Joined Jun 2005
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Original Poster
Once u log on with ur registration number and email address, u should see a box with ur promo code. U have to enter that promo code on the last page just before you place ur order
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Joined Sep 2012
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Eligibility Details taken off the website details and link below:

Eligibility Details

The offer is for customers (e.g. home users, students, and enthusiasts) who purchase a qualified PC. A qualified PC is a new PC purchased during the promotional period with a valid Windows 7 OEM Certificate of Authenticity and product key for, and preinstalled with:

Windows 7 Home Basic;
Windows 7 Home Premium;
Windows 7 Professional; or
Windows 7 Ultimate.

The promotional price is limited to one upgrade offer per qualified PC purchased, and a maximum limit of five upgrade offers per customer.

Key Dates

You must purchase a qualified Windows 7 PC between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013 to be eligible for this offer. The last day to register and order your Windows 8 upgrade is February 28, 2013.

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Joined Feb 2008
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How can they tell when you bought it?
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Joined Aug 2007
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They can't. I just registered a "PC" and they sent me the info. Seriously.... I already have my brand new key.
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Joined Nov 2009
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24 Reputation
Got my copy for $15. The registration is easy to get the discount. I just put a random date of purchase and it went through. I got the email for the promo code instantly.
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Joined Aug 2012
L1: Learner
10 Reputation
This works.

No need to pay $70 w/ $30 gift card or the straight $40.
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Joined Jun 2005
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Original Poster
Wonder if I should have posted this in hot deals? Or did I put it in the right spot?
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Joined Jan 2005
L6: Expert
952 Reputation
What's a "Registration ID or Reference ID"?
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Joined Nov 2011
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Quote from Castaa View Post :
What's a "Registration ID or Reference ID"?
to get Registration ID, go-to: http://www.windowsupgradeoffer.com/en-US

then fill out all the forms
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Joined Mar 2008
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Showing $39.99 for me???
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Joined Jun 2005
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Original Poster
Quote from Slvrshot View Post :
Showing $39.99 for me???
You have to register first and get your promo code...once you have your promo code, it will go down to the 14.99
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Joined Jul 2011
L5: Journeyman
148 Reputation
I have Win7 in my laptop but I want to install Win8 on my desktop. Is that possible? Desktop computer is running Win Vista
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