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RETIRED: Target & Super Target Deals Thread. Keep OT to a minimum

wikipost April 25, 2010 at 10:33 PM

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Last Edited by nuffsaid March 1, 2013 at 04:20 PM
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  • Do not ask (even in a covert way) for any coupon that has been scanned or discuss any coupon that is not used for its intended purpose. This goes for ALL scanned – this is what ALTERED means – this will cause this thread to shut down, per Moderator warning.
  • Do not post directly to Ebay auctions. It is considered self-promotion because the mods don’t have a way to verify if you are the seller or not.
  • Do not discuss or promote unethical and/or illegal activities with coupons or GCs (i.e. using expired coupons, using fake coupons, etc). Do not post expired coupons. Do not discuss ways to use expired manufacturer’s coupons.
  • Do not discuss ways to misuse the true intent of a manufacturer coupon.
  • has changed to the E-Centives coupon printing system where you have to download special software that keeps track of what you printed, like bricks coupons. The coupons print out directly to your printer and now have a limit of 2 prints per computer.
  • In keeping with SD rules, multiple per pages (MPPs) coupons ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED.
  • No begging for coupons allowed. You may ask where a coupon originated but that is it. Requests for Coupon Trades should be directed here.
  • Finally - Mod Alert any fighting! The mods would rather catch it in the beginning, versus going back 5 pages to see what happened.

How do I let someone know they've posted a no-no?
  • If you feel it would be beneficial and helpful to the thread as a whole, go ahead and post an answer. But if you need to correct someone on an etiquette issue or on coupon use, try PM'ing them first. That avoids embarrassment and negative posts. The mods are watching our thread closely--we want to keep things helpful and pleasant.
Quote from Schooby View Post :
I have a request/new rule that will will need to be implemented in threads such as this from now on.

When you make a post you need to avoid doing a copy and paste of the work of someone else. It is stealing to copy and paste things directly from other sites such as the TT site.

We have been contacted by them and asked nicely to stop doing that.

If you see good coupons or deals just we love to have you share them with us, just be sure to rewrite them before posting.

This thread has been renewed to change the first post to the wiki and add 3 more wikis.

6/28/12 - 10/30/12 Thread HERE

2/17/12 - 6/28/12 Thread HERE
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Quote from bachophobia View Post :
Were they one size in the store? or what sizes were they -- I have a small malteseBig Grin

I only saw one size in the store.
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Quote from ReaNIan View Post :
I only saw one size in the store.
Must've been out at your store, I'm sure they're going pretty quick, I know I picked mine up early and there weren't many left but the puppy got one. Check the online inventory, I've got Medium and Small near me.
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Quote from AObreezes View Post :
Did you happen to notice if the chair pads were 50% off also??
I did not notice the chair pads, sorry. It was all of the Threshold Christmas stuff though; napkins, placemats, table cloths, table runners. If they have Christmas chair pads I'm sure they are included.

Quote from Amy09 View Post :
Do I have a different coupon?? The one I have exp 1/5 excluding placemats and napkins. My store had tons but when I read q I put it back
The first coupon that came out didn't exclude the placemats & napkins.

I did get the 'O' on my placemats, coupon beeped of course & I told the cashier it was for my placemats & he K1'd, helped a bit with the Barbie walkie talkies I got for my granddaughter. They were on clearance for $17.xx, I think only 30% but I went ahead & got them for her. Spoiled kid. My poor kids didn't get stuff like that when they were growing up unless it was 75% off. laugh out loud
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Coke products were $2.50 for the 12 pack, which is decent but I am jealous of the $2!!
Also, V8 Fusion rang up $2 instead of the regular shelf price of $2.99.
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Quote from lachie View Post :
Lots of stuff made in China smell that way-shoes, placemats, and everything that's not plastic at the dollar stores. Sometimes it's the packaging but most things that are not clothes that are packaged tight stink. I either put it out in the sun or in my freezing garage to air it out.
Clothing imported stinks when first removed from the box/plastic. Many times it smells like urine to me, especially denim. I always urge my customers to wash everything before wearing.

That would be pesticides. Most everything imported from China is sprayed and treated to try to keep insects/rats/etc..out of the United States. It's very important to wash clothing, fabrics, etc...before usig them.

Another great reason to not purchase imported pet toys from China that your pet carries around and chews. bulb My kitty died from oral cancer and I'll always wonder if it had to do with imported toys and bowls. He was almost 20 and it wasn't widely known that stuff was chemically treated, so after I found out he was an organic kitty, but imports can be very dangerous. Sadwalk
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Quote from stacymg View Post :
In store now, not sure if it's been mentioned... All Threshold placemats, napkins etc are on clearance for 50% off. $1.98. We'll see if I get overage or if they have a coronary in a bit when I check out.
At my store none of the Christmas Threshold was on sale even, and a couple of items that had been TPC'd were not original price. Even the 4 pack of napkins that were priced at 2.98 were now up to 9.98 like all of the rest of them-good thing I don't need anymore Cool

I caved and got my pup the pink collar and leash. There were 2 mediums and 3 smalls here.

Lots of the NM women's clothing and misc items are set up in a corner of the girl's clothing. Heard a woman asked why they had women's there and so I had to tell her that they were trying to sell it since it hadn't been moving where ever it was before Big Grin
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Quote from sugraray99 View Post :
Coke products were $2.50 for the 12 pack, which is decent but I am jealous of the $2!!
Also, V8 Fusion rang up $2 instead of the regular shelf price of $2.99.
Mine were $2.50 this week too. Also, wanted to mention the 2-liter Coke products are $1. Dr, Pepper is distributed by Coke here, so I used those $1/2 MQ's for lots of DP for the holidays. DH will be very, very happy.
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This looks like a deal possibility. Wink

1/6 Redplum x 2 & Target Coupon Inserts Preview
ACT $1/1 product ets (2/24/13)
Chattem $5 Target gift card wyb 3 Chattem products; Selsun Blue, Gold Bond Ultimate, Icy Hot, Act, Cortizone-10, Unisom, Aspercreme, Allegra ets TARGET COUPON (1/19/13)
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Quote from sandy61 View Post :
I got the ones with the big sequins on the ends and I think they said to spot clean them. Which I think is ridiculous because they are PLACEMATS!
I got the same ones.
Quote from sduramom View Post :
The 20# jug is on sale (in my circular, IDK if they are nationwide?) for $6.99, so minus $2 TQ and any MQs you may have, can make for some cheap litter.
I get so disgusted paying through the nose for litter--it's like paying for toilet paper.......should be dirt cheap for what you use it for...............EEK!
So much just goes in the trash or down the drain. I can't think of a health and beauty item that doesn't end up washed with or off and down the drain.
Quote from josa76 View Post :
The gillette gift packs were marked to around 8.48. Axe still full price.
Axe is now $8.48.
Quote from zolar16 View Post :
I found a $20 CAT in my coupon stash this morning for Keurig. If any regulars want it, PM me and I'll send it your way. Smilie
Any one claim this yet? I do have one and waiting for a sale but I just know once I get one DH is taking out to the office in the garage. We really need two, lol.
Quote from stacymg View Post :
In store now, not sure if it's been mentioned... All Threshold placemats, napkins etc are on clearance for 50% off. $1.98. We'll see if I get overage or if they have a coronary in a bit when I check out.
All Threshold is on 50% off here too. Cashier flat out refused my coupons. I had about a $300 order and most coupons were accepted so I just told him I will use them later. Sometimes I'm just to tired to argue, that and I don't need a LOD or whomever coming over and making everything take even longer.
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just signed up for baby mobile coupons but haven't rec the one for $2 MAM Teething and Brushing Set OR Pacifiers from Target Mobile Coupons. is there anyway i can get that coupon since it had already been sent & i just signed up?
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been holding out on shopping for another 10/50 or 10/75 gift card deal but can't wait much longer, don't want to be at Target the Saturday before Christmas! Going tonight at the latest
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Does anyone have an extra Aquadoodle rebatre form they would be willing to send me?
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Hickory Farms gift sets rang up as Grocery!
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Lots of stuff rang up as grocery for me: 2 liters of coke products, hershey kisses in the christmas section, gum 3-packs in the candy aisle, candy canes, M&M (bag of snack packs), Earth's Best baby food squeezers from the kids section. Plus "normal' stuff. I wasn't sure any of the above would count.

Also, Chanukah was signed 50% but rang 70% on Wednesday night.
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The glitter gogo walking pup is 35 on Amazon. Was able to price match at T with no problem
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