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RETIRED: Target & Super Target Deals Thread. Keep OT to a minimum

wikipost April 25, 2010 at 10:33 PM

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Last Edited by nuffsaid March 1, 2013 at 04:20 PM
Wave Welcome to the Target Thread! Wave

New to the thread? Please read all four wikis before posting and/or asking questions, as the answer may already be there. Thanks!

To search the wiki: Go to your edit menu and use the *find on this page* feature. (or use CTRL+F/F3 button)

Please keep all OT and chit chat to a minimum. For anything that is not deal-related, please join us in the Target Chit Chat thread.

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  • Do not ask (even in a covert way) for any coupon that has been scanned or discuss any coupon that is not used for its intended purpose. This goes for ALL scanned – this is what ALTERED means – this will cause this thread to shut down, per Moderator warning.
  • Do not post directly to Ebay auctions. It is considered self-promotion because the mods don’t have a way to verify if you are the seller or not.
  • Do not discuss or promote unethical and/or illegal activities with coupons or GCs (i.e. using expired coupons, using fake coupons, etc). Do not post expired coupons. Do not discuss ways to use expired manufacturer’s coupons.
  • Do not discuss ways to misuse the true intent of a manufacturer coupon.
  • has changed to the E-Centives coupon printing system where you have to download special software that keeps track of what you printed, like bricks coupons. The coupons print out directly to your printer and now have a limit of 2 prints per computer.
  • In keeping with SD rules, multiple per pages (MPPs) coupons ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED.
  • No begging for coupons allowed. You may ask where a coupon originated but that is it. Requests for Coupon Trades should be directed here.
  • Finally - Mod Alert any fighting! The mods would rather catch it in the beginning, versus going back 5 pages to see what happened.

How do I let someone know they've posted a no-no?
  • If you feel it would be beneficial and helpful to the thread as a whole, go ahead and post an answer. But if you need to correct someone on an etiquette issue or on coupon use, try PM'ing them first. That avoids embarrassment and negative posts. The mods are watching our thread closely--we want to keep things helpful and pleasant.
Quote from Schooby View Post :
I have a request/new rule that will will need to be implemented in threads such as this from now on.

When you make a post you need to avoid doing a copy and paste of the work of someone else. It is stealing to copy and paste things directly from other sites such as the TT site.

We have been contacted by them and asked nicely to stop doing that.

If you see good coupons or deals just we love to have you share them with us, just be sure to rewrite them before posting.

This thread has been renewed to change the first post to the wiki and add 3 more wikis.

6/28/12 - 10/30/12 Thread HERE

2/17/12 - 6/28/12 Thread HERE
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Quote from hifromgray View Post :
Wouldn't you have an email confirmation you could print out? Or order history from your login? Just guessing, HTH.
Thank you! I totally didn't think about logging into my account. The email is long gone but I can log in.
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Quote from rboys View Post :
I just bought lights before they went 50%. Should I get a price adjustment?
Unfortunately, there are no price adjustments for clearance. However, as previously mentioned, you could buy another one if there is one out there and then return the other.

Quote from love2beeamom View Post :
Niko or anyone else who may know..

I need to return a pair of rainboots I bought from about 6-7 weeks ago for my DD. Didn't worry about keeping the receipt cause I knew I bought them on my red card. She told me tonight that they are too small. When I looked at them they have a tag still on them, but there is no barcode anywhere I can see. I think before I wrapped them they may have been in a plastic bag. Would the UPC have been on the bag? is there a way to return them without anything to scan? I have never seen these in the store which is why I bought them online. I just can't imagine how they will be able to look up the item, price, etc?

Lots of the online items don't have a barcode / DPCI / UPC on them...and often it is instead on the bag.
If you go through this [] link, you should be able to sign in and print out a return receipt...which virtually always has the DPCI so they can use that to return it (and it will have a barcode to scan, too, negating the need of the red card). You can also do this in store too using the Gift Registry kiosks, but you might as well do it from home where you can do it on your own time Smilie
Worst comes to worst, if that doesn't work (PM me if you need any help), they can search for the item on (or you can) and usually under the info it will list the DPCI, which they can type in.
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Any predictions as to which day Xmas stuff will hit 90% off?

How about when the toy clearance hits 70% off?
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$1.10/2 Hershey’s Kisses, Nuggets, Miniatures, Bliss, Reese’s, Rolo or York 7.8 oz+. Print [](dir)

Hope the direct link works. Hoping to find some clearance candy in this size when I get a chance to go.
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Has anyone been to the store today? Have they marked Christmas stuff down to 75% OFF? TIA!!!
Last edited by missthriftytx December 27, 2012 at 07:16 AM
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Quote from missthriftytx View Post :
Has anyone been to the store today? Have they marked Christmas stuff down to 75% OFF? TIA!!!
I haven't been out just yet, but the days of 75% off are a thing of the markdown schedules are as follows:

non-holiday clearance:

holiday/seasonal clearance:
30/50/70/90/salvage (sometimes one or more level is skipped)
50/70/85 or 90/salvage (some stores have had 85 instead of 90 over the past year for various holiday or seasonal selections)

BTW, what part of TX are you in? Smilie
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Might be old news...
In the Target Christmas q booklet there is a $1/2 Pillsbury (lists several other items too)
I also found $1/2 Pillsbury TP q's
Combined the 2 on the Holiday Pillsbury cake and sugar cookie mixes for a small amount of "O".

Colgate Kids Holiday gift set is $1.49 (come w/2 brushes and 1 toothpaste) used the $1/1 Colgate booklet q(from a year or 2 ago, it was in the Colgate TP that we all bought at T in the boxes that had the q booklets in them) got them for .49 each.

Scotch pop up tape was $1, used the $1/1 NED q's that were found on the packs of scotch tape a year or so ago as a booklet peelie. Free
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Wave Are there any chocolate-covered Ritz this year? I don't remember seeing any, but could have missed them - those things are so good yummy.
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Quote from daisee99 View Post :
Wave Are there any chocolate-covered Ritz this year? I don't remember seeing any, but could have missed them - those things are so good yummy.
They had them at my store.
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Quote from abctriplets View Post :
Any predictions as to which day Xmas stuff will hit 90% off?

How about when the toy clearance hits 70% off?

Is been reported that last years markdown where Dec. 31- 70% off and Jan 6 - 90% off, so will see this year ymmv. hth.
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Mobile field report

Threshold 70 percent.
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Wave Hello Hello! Wave

I know, I know, I'm late, silly slacker me. Meh, I blame it on those obnoxious lil Bubble Guppies that my 14 month old Keira bear likes to "dance" to... and I used to think the Wiggles were bad Bigeye!

RECAP for Monday, December 24

"Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring,
Well, unless you count the SlickDealer with the mouse!"

IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! (Eh, not really, but we can pretend...) Ermm

Quote from crabbie View Post :
I don't know that it's been mentioned, but the $10/$75 this year is online (and tomorrow) only:

"Spend $75, Get a $10 Target Card with Promo Code XMASGIFT - 12/25 Only!l"

Quote from niko2k4 View Post :
Also, a Christmas gift to all:
.com PMing to continue
DREIDEL, DREIDEL, DREIDEL! (Now I have the South Park song stuck in my head... Facepalm)

Quote from zolar16 View Post :
Thanks to everyone who posted their Hanukkah finds! I went to the store with the biggest selection in my area and found some potholders, tablecloths, paper plates and craft sets. Be on the lookout for curling ribbon mixed in with the rest of the Christmas wrapping. Blue, white and silver curling ribbon in the little individual, barrel-shaped rolls, now .10 apiece. Will be great for birthdays and other presents in addition to holiday ones. Look for "Hanukkah" printed on the corner of the label instead of "Trim" and a star of David instead of a snowflake.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone, and have a bountiful clearance haul!

Quote from sdNewby View Post :
Mobile but post on HD found Dove sets for 50% off already ~$5 and most axe/dove sets 30% off at Tdotcom. If you really want them PM and you can use the $3/1 dove set IP on Cdotcom, the $3.75axe mq or $3/1 ip

Happy Holiday.... shopping
Quote from Sweet_Tara03 View Post :
Saw the Neiman Marcus stuff marked 50% off today. Not sure when it was marked down, or if it has been already reported.
Christmas candy aisles are wiped out. Not even bothering to go after Christmas.
Quote from shopNshop View Post :
it was 50% off at my store a few days ago. However, I was a Neiman Marcus and they are also selling the same thing at full price

Quote from new2coupons View Post :
Has anybody used the 5/30 grocery with the 5/25 Frozen food together in a 30+ transaction of grocery items?

Quote from alc6907 View Post :
I had over $25 in frozen food and the 5/25 beeped. The cashier said it did that before. I got it pushed through,but expect the 5/25 to beep.
Quote from sugraray99 View Post :
I tried this with $25 frozen and maybe $10 more in grocery. I gave the $5/$30 grocery first, which was fine, then the $5/$25 frozen which had the red screen of death come up, said something like "items are already attached to a coupon". No big deal, I figured it wouldn't work, but worth a shot. You would need $25 in frozen and then $30 more in grocery to use both Qs in the same transaction.
Quote from spammyyam View Post :
Just used both $5 off $30 and $5 off $25 frozen coupons at target. I used the 5 off 30. The 5 off 25 didn't work and could not be k1-ed (this happened before too), so I went over to customer service after and got $5 back.

edit: to be clear, I had $25 in frozen foods, and an additional $5 in grocery.
Quote from new2coupons View Post :
NOVA - confirming that the Advil children's coupon auto bogos at $7.20 even tho' items is $5.56 and I got both $10/1 when I bought 2 sets and 2 disposables. YMMV

Also if you have the thanksgiving booklets from target it has the $1 TQ Izze coupons so I got O to buy another set of izze [ I had two $1TQ's + 1 $5Q] YMMV


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at SD!
SD really needs to get a Santa smilie goshdarnit! It would have made this recap ten times better Sadwalk! One more recap to do then I get to read and be jealous of all y'all's awesome/semi-awesome/meh/crap clearance finds High Five. Hope everyone is having fun hunting! Love

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My stores are still 50/30. I found foil! Its the unicorn for me since I couldnt go out yesterday bc I was working. Found a couple things others have found and 1 planters brittle nut medley. No ziploc at 2 stores. Hoping to hit 1 more store on way home. Oh I founf a Nordic Ware trio of mixing bowls at 50%-8.99.
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Lots of activity at my store today. I went back today to pick up a high back booster for my toddler that I saw yesterday but didnt grab and then regretted it - thankfully it was still there this morning. 70% off prce was $17.xx (orig $69) and then I had a 20% off any baby gear coupon from a home mailer so it brought the seat down to $14.xx. Score!

Reds were in the shoe section. Marking down all women's boots, men's shoes, house slippers, and little girls glitter shoes 70% off - I picked up some cute slipper booties that come up to your ankle for $5.38

Christmas stuff was stil 50/30

Various toys 50% off
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Hanukkah still scanning at 90%. Finally found a couple of tablecloths--pretty deep blue with silver lines--$1.49.

I also had some 70% Threshold in my order. The Threshold coupons attached to the Hanukkah tablecloths.

Thanks UsinQs for your Threshold field report!
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