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Xtreme Tab 7 Tablet at Sears/Kmart

GoingForBroke 68 November 10, 2012 at 12:52 PM

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So, I'm looking for a decent budget android tablet for the wife to tinker with and use as an ereader web surfing machine. I see in the Sears and Kmart ads the Xtreme Tab 7 for $40. Looking online for more info I found what looks like a newly set up website about this tablet with a few more specs and info. http://www.xtremetab.com/xtremetab-7-capactive/

Now, for some reason the Sears ad shows the tablet as 2gb storage the Kmart ad 4gb storage. Seeing as they are essentially the same company will it be the same tablet? I don't have a Kmart near. If it is indeed a Capacitive touch screen at this price and specs I think I know where I'll be going.

Should I be worried the Sears ad is different? Or just a misprint on their part?

If there is a better deal for a cheap tablet where should I look?


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Quote from Slick435 View Post :
Memory 4 GB Intermal flash microsd up to 32 gb
So, the Kmart unit has more memory than the Sears unit?
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Quote from Slick435 View Post :
I grabbed one this morning here are the specs

OS android 4.0
Display 7.0 TFT resistive touch screen 800x480
Memory 4 GB Intermal flash microsd up to 32 gb
Front facing camera
USB 2.0
512 mb ddr3
A13 Cortex A8 1.2 Ghz multicore

There doesn't seem to be an app market though, I will more than likely flash with custom rom.
It doesn't have google play?? Try installing amazon app market
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Quote from calvin_nr View Post :
Do u recommend it?
Yeah, same question here
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Quote from Brooklynite View Post :
It doesn't have google play?? Try installing amazon app market
I think a lot of the cheap tablets don't have it. I guess due to Google wanting money for it, or something.

The $69 Azpen from OfficeMax seems to be the only one of the sub-$100 tablets that has GP. At least the icon is shown in the picture.
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It is Resistive... at least thats what the back of the box said. I got 2 for the kids, I figured maybe this could teach them to be responsible before they ever get an expensive one...
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I am going to return this tablet because it is super slow. The resistive touch actually isn't that bad. I downloaded the Amazon app store onto it and tried installing Netflix but the Netflix app would not load. The camera didn’t seem too bad but I didn't try to webcam with it. Also, just to note the camera is located how the Kindle fire’s is, so you would be holding it horizontally. The screen is slightly longer and thinner than my nexus 7 screen. It would be a good toy for a kid, if they have not experienced using more expensive tablets. Inside the box is a usb cord, wall charger, and something that says 20 free songs from emusic.
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I bought this tablet and I actually found it pretty quick overall. Now, not Galaxy Tab quick, but faster than a Cruz reader or something of that level.
Auto-rotate seems to be about 0.5 seconds behind, but every app I've tried has run smoothly. Angry Birds Space, Homerun Battle 3D, Temple Run, etc... No lag, no frame skipping. Quick response to the g-sensor in games where you have to tilt to control the player. I've been watching Seinfeld on the free Crackle app (highly recommended) and it looks crystal clear with no dropped frames. Same with 360p youtube videos and public domain movies.

The resistive screen is better than most I've used (and I've used some cheap tablets and smartphones), and if you use your fingernail it's about 90% as good as capacitive. The strangest thing is that pinch-to-zoom works! I don't know if they use an algorithm to "emulate" multi-touch or if it really IS.

The build quality is pretty awful feeling. It's super plasticky and hollow. However, I found out that it's pretty durable. I dropped it really badly last night (from high, off a table, then off of a chair leg once it hit the ground) and it still works fine. I think I disconnected the internal audio cable in the drop (music video stopped generating sound), but the internal speakers were predictably awful and tinny and low-volume, and the headphone jack still works just fine... so it's literally zero functional loss.

For $40 I think it's more than worth it. Amazon appstore is great and every app I've tried so far has worked fluently. If you want to keep it running fast I suggest downloading Opera Mobile and turning on Opera Turbo in settings. Also, because it is only 512mb ram, you may have to purge some apps once you are running more than 4 or 5, but that's a low price to pay since most apps load back up fairly quickly.

Again, I think the 800x480 screen works to its advantage as it means the processor and GPU have to workless hard to generate on-screen results.

HIghly recommended.
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How do I put google play on this tablet?
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You can't put google play on it without rooting. Try the Amazon Appstore. It has probably half (or more) of the apps on google play and most legacy apps that will run fast on this machine.
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Xda should offer assistance soon.

Older version of netflix plays great. Hulu and xfinity no.

Project free tv works on stock browser.

Install opera mobile or mini for faster browsing. I tried chrome but its sluggish.

Skype works but ppl say I have a green tint.

Use a stylus turn and brightness down.

Amazon app store isn't the best but remember this was 40 bucks . Much faster than the cheapies they had last yr.
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Managed to score one and I have to say I'm impressed for the price. I have many high end android tablets and this one is reasonable. I hate resistive screens but it actually works rather well, it's usable.

I really hope someone roots it and gets Google Play on there, if anyone hears anything can you please post?
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Got one at sears, never used andriod before and been learning fast. its AWESOME (for first time user and price) already rooted. Installed Google play after some research...ie youtube watch?v=6BrWSC2uiAg. Only did 2,3 and 4 as GServicesFrameWork already installed. Device reported as "Unknown Eclipse-X" in Google Play so can't install ClockWorkMod. Using Titanium Backup Instead. Screen works great with a fingernail or pen, pinch works. No idea if resistive or capacitive. Have tons of apps and games installed and running from removable micro sd card. Skype works but they get a green blurry video, same with ooVoo. Have installed but not tried Google Voice/Talk yet.

Battery is not great, could be ~2hrs with heavy use and full brightness, no idea what size is. Currently playing with memory apps to increase battery life. No idea what "A13 Cortex A8 1.2 Ghz multicore" processor or unit itself is compatible with as want to install ClockWorkMod.

Don't know if it is this unit : http://android-sale.com/ly-f1-7-i...ablet.html or http://www.limingzh.com/en/displa...=101683649 or http://szcshc.en.made-in-china.co...N714-.html or ??? This could be who manufactures it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=In635nKlMfo

So if anyone knows how to install ClockWorkMod, ie what this unit is compatible with, would love to know.

edit: From hardware info app says Brand=Softwinners, Model = Eclipse-X, Board=nuclear, CPu=ARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v71) running at 1Ghz.
Battery Widget App estimates it is a 1500mah battery.
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Does this unit have GPS ?
My Navigation app keeps saying "Looking for GPS..."

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Anyone find rooting instructions for this yet?
I can't find anything at XDA about this Tablet :-(
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I couldn't either, but the link the poster above added helped a lot. You can use that to install Google Play, and I didn't even realize it's pre-rooted. Basically you're all set at that point other than CWM.

I think it might be the same as the Mach Speed, but since I don't have verification of that it's a bad idea to flash that unit's ROMs.
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