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Charter Cable 30Mbps Internet ONLY @ $29.99/mo for 12 months w/free modem

skarydrunkguy 1,715 November 21, 2012 at 09:09 PM in Computers (9)
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From a banner here on good old SD...

go here:

Looks like a good deal to me (12 months - free modem - no tv or other sub rqd)

Obviously have to be in a Charter service area...



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Quote from nc88keyz View Post :
after much time and three reps i eventually ended up in Michigan call center,

Rep and Super declined retention deal / save effort.

Mich shhheee gann , rep was awesome, ended up in the middle of a compromise.

Cancelled out my current 2 yr contract with 8 months left, switched me to 39.99 from 59.99.

Went from 25 to 30Mb speed tier

No Contract and Free Modem,

While I am saving $20 month for 12 months now, its still not as good as a new customer with no contract option, free modem,

I figure its not worth cancelling and re-subbing in spouse name with interruption, considering i can sell a modem for 40-50 bucks on craigslist and get some of that difference back.

They were harder than rocks to deal with, but at no time did any rep just cancel my service, I just stated that it wasnt good business sense, and asked in what way should a new, proven customer pay twice what a new customer pays on a longer original term contract / as well as one that is on auto-pay since day 1. I added that, cable internet is a luxury and a convenience. It's certainly the first thing that will go in budgeting.
U know Charter charges $30 for installation for new customers? Did they try to sell you home phone and cable TV services?
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They always try to sell those to me. I have been with directv happily for 15 years +, As far as phone, no need for it. Spouse works for a wireless provider.

Yes, i know about 30 for installation. So in retrospect. a $20 decrease is a good compromise. I am ecstatic to save 20 /month for the next 12, considering my currently plan would have went to 69.99 after the 2 year term, so i just negotiated out early, and now there is no contract term at all. Guess that could be good too. Either way it was worth the 1 hr on the phone. and 30 minutes in a useless chat-go-round the previous evening. Charter also has monopoly in this area. / or DSL 6Mbps
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for those who succeeded in the deal with a different name, did charter want your SSN?
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My charter speed used to be great. During peak hours (3pm-11pm), my speed is under 1Mbps the whole time. We can barely stream from one tv and that's with buffering too. Maybe my node over here is overload everyday or they're capping us.
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Quote from llskankzll View Post :
My charter speed used to be great. During peak hours (3pm-11pm), my speed is under 1Mbps the whole time. We can barely stream from one tv and that's with buffering too. Maybe my node over here is overload everyday or they're capping us.
Most likely node congestion if it's during peak hours.
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I was on the 12 mb plan for $19.99 for 12 months.
Told by a representative that I'll get the 30 mb for $29.99 a month or two before the switch took place.

I saw on my statement, $39.99 for 12 mb plan. Absolutely shocked. I called charter and told them what I was told, they basically told me to piss off.
Went to the BBB and talked to a sweetheart of a lady.

Now I pay $19.99 for 30 mb as long as I'm a charter customer. Unfortunately I'll be moving to an area without Charter internet service. Ah well Frown
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has anyones 30/30 deal expired? mine apparently did and they jacked up the price to 49.99 but since i called and complained the lady said she would take it down to 39.99 (promotional) for the year.

the fked up part is everytime you get a good new service deal they never tell you its going to raise in price yet they tell you if you want to maintain the price all you gotta do is call back and request it... well that worked for awhile on the 19.99 plan. but then i had it bumped to the 29.99 for and was able to request a renewal on that plan last year. well now that new deal is expired. when i talked to CSR about this 'game' she laughed and said charter changed policy so that people cant do that anymore, but she gives me credit for being persistent, but if i dont like it i can cancel anytime and come back after the 60day period to qualify for new deals.
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DEAL IS BACK ON. me and a few neighbors were able to get back on the 30mb/29.99 month plan to match the current deal.
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Been over a year I've gone without TV and phone with these jackholes. Worse people to deal with on the phone, chat, or even in person at their "office". Which ALL of the CSRs are behind bullet proof glass BTW. What type of business needs bullet proof glass besides the bank? well these idiots, because so many people get upset at the office I assume.

my 30 down is $52/month. Voted with my wallet and refuse to give them anymore of my $.

Got my OTA news and that's good enough for me. I just miss my WWE, but that's what live streaming is for! hahaha
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