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Costco - Black Friday Sale - Samsung Galaxy S3 - All Carriers - $29

pinkydove 36 November 21, 2012 at 10:27 PM in Tech & Electronics (3)

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FYI, stopped by Costco before closing today and found out that all Samsung Galaxy S3 phones will be on sale for $29. Not sure about other phones, but then I don't care about them other phones.


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Quote from mylight View Post :
So do you ask about the invoice with Staples thing? they have affiliate with Staples, too
I didn't ask about the Staples invoice. Somebody in this thread pointed out that the emailed invoice on the day of purchase is the one to use for the rebate anyway. The invoice that came with the phone only reflects the shipping date, not the purchase date.

Quote from jiggaman View Post :
Did you ask for anyone or any dept in particular?
I didn't ask for any department. I explained the situation to whoever answered their 800-number and told her that even though Costco couldn't refund my money (the money was paid to Wireless Associates, not to Costco), I wanted to file a complaint about their vendor. When I was called yesterday, I thought it was Costco calling me back, but after I got the email I saw that it was a supervisor from Wireless Associates. So it seems as though Costco lit a fire under Wireless Associates and told them to fix it.

I've been an Executive Member with Costco for more than 10 years. I don't know if that had anything to do with it, or if I just got lucky with the Costco rep I spoke to.
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anyone has the PDF of the Sprint rebate form for Costco black friday Samsung galaxy s3?
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Got the phone and am loving it. What I'm not loving is AT&T customer service. The day of the phone delivery (monday) I called and transferred my grandfathered unlimited data plan to it by speaking with a manager. The very next day they switch it without my permission or knowledge to the 3gb/month plan. I find a thank you for changing your plan or some derivative email at 10:30pm this morning. I call back and complain they say ok here is a case number and it will take a week to switch you back to the unlimited plan. Long as they DO it I won't mind but very frustrating them trying to wheel and deal down to F customers over.
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Quote from mattaiadi View Post :
What is the item # on the rebate form? Is it the IMEI #?
Anyone figure this one out yet? I sent an email to the rebate processor (stuartleerebates.com) but their turn around is 5-7 business days.
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I got a response from Stuart Lee Rebates:

Quote :
Dear Wireless Advocates customer:

The item number is not needed in order to process your rebate. You may leave this field blank on your rebate form. Before mailing in your rebate request please verify that the information listed on your rebate form is correct. If you need to make any changes please cross out the incorrect information and write in the corrected name and/or address. Your rebate check will be issued to the name and address listed on the rebate form.

Thank you for contacting Stuart Lee Rebates,

Stuart Lee Customer Service
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just called stuartlee, got it taken care of
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any one who has submitted rebates, able to look up status of rebate from stuartlee website yet?
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I just got $200 back in rebate checks for 2 phones purchased. Thanks OP!!!
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I got my $100 rebate a couple weeks ago and *finally* got my sales tax refund check for $36.76 yesterday, nearly two and a half months after they said they'd send it.

This was more of a hassle than it was worth. I hope Costco finds a new vendor before it's time to upgrade this phone in a couple of years.

Pretty sweet phone, though.
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Quote from Strength View Post :
just called stuartlee, got it taken care of
Where did you find the number , because I haven't received my rebate after 12 weeks and I contacted customer service and I keep getting this message:

Dear Wireless Advocates customer:

This is an automatic response e-mail. Do not reply, this account is not monitored.

Your rebate check(s) were issued and then sent in the form of a postcard check first class mail on 1-24-13. Please allow sufficient time for the U.S. Mail. To date they have not been returned in the mail. If you have moved after we issued your check and completed an official change of address form at the post office your rebate check will be forwarded to your new address. Please remove the yellow sticker before depositing your check.

You may receive your checks on different days as the Post Office sometimes sorts and routes mail on different dates.

For your convenience we offer the ability to view your rebate status online using our website. Information about your rebates will be updated every four to six weeks. To check the website use your zip code (the same one submitted on your rebate form), and enter the qualifying wireless phone number(s). You can also check your rebate status by using your rebate ID. This number is located on your rebate form; it may also be reference above in the subject line of this email.


Please note that issued rebate(s) come in the form of a postcard check that will expire 90 days from the date of issuance. Please cash this rebate as soon as possible.

If you have lost or destroyed your rebate, or if you never received your rebate we can further process for re-issuance if your rebate has not cleared our account within the last 60 days. Please wait 60 days to contact us through our website to request re-issuance. This allows sufficient time for mail forwarding and recovering lost mail.

Stuart Lee will not automatically process re-issuance. If you do not receive your rebate please contact us again after 60 days from the date above to re-issue.

Thank you for contacting Stuart Lee Rebates,
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