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Klipsch ProMedia THX Certified 2.1 Computer Speaker System EXPIRED

hashish 215 November 25, 2012 at 08:25 AM in Computers (6) More Best Buy Deals
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Promoted 11-25-2012 at 03:22 PM View Original Post has Klipsch ProMedia THX Certified 2.1 Computer Speaker System for $99 with free shipping. Thanks hashish

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Edited November 25, 2012 at 08:35 AM by hashish


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Aw... After reading on the redesign, I don't want them anymore... Canceled.
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Klipsch says the speakers pull a fraction of power when not in use, and that it's safe to the leave the set running "on" (there is no on/off switch) . I have a set and I've been fine since..

The sound actually gets better once broken in... These speakers are THX certified, and are better suited for movies/tv/sports than music, although musically these speakers do well (I use them mainly for music)
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I had a set of promedia 4.1's that I used for a couple of years. Great speakers for the price and I sold it on craislist for almost as much as I paid for them when I upgraded to Audioengine A2's.
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Amazing little speakers, but the amp used to be horrible.
Perhaps the redesign was to address this problem?

Not many choices left these days anyway if you're still stuck with PC sound.
- Altec cubes used to be great, not anymore.
- Logitech sets of the past were awesome too: Z560, Z550. The newer Logitech seem to capitalize on looks instead and they just don't compare.
- No more Cambridge PC speakers
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ive had my promedia 2.1 system since 2002. i bought them at the full 179.99 retail price back then and its been my main set of speakers since then.
IF my set ever dies, i plan on buying another set.
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How are these compared to Corsair SP2500?
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This late surge of bad reviews for these speakers is making me rethink my purchase. Strange that they're all coming around the same time too hah
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I just picked up a set from BB, had them PM their website. I'm no audiophile but they sound amazing to me, I only hope I don't run into this DIN cable issue. Also, box was quite dusty so maybe i ended up getting one of the "older" sets of speakers. Thx op, crossing my fingers.

Also...any idea if getting a DIN male-female extension cable will prevent issues with the DIN cable down the road?
Last edited by Starman_X November 25, 2012 at 02:57 PM
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Got these last year for $90 after the gift card. Best speakers I own. They are amazing and make electronic music sound so much better!
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Got one of these last year when BB was having the same sale.

Best computer speakers I have ever had the pleasure to hear.

Seriously these are fantastic. For $99 it is nothing short of a steal.

I have had absolutely no problems with mine. Heck the only problem is that they can push out enough bass to hear throughout the whole house, so gotta keep them fairly low.

Another thing I should mention. You do not ever turn these units "off". There is no "off" button. They stay plugged in at all times. Of course they barely use any energy if there is nothing being pumped through them, but thought I should mention this.

This may have something to do with how older sets had issues. Mine have been running great, and if I needed another pair of speakers I would hop on these all over again.

As the poster above me also mentioned, trance/electronic music sounds absolutely stunning on these bad boys.
Last edited by Turismo November 25, 2012 at 03:11 PM
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+1 on AMAZING speakers I got them with employee discount at BB years ago for $71, would gladly pay double. On my set, at the lowest lowest possible volume the sound cuts out from the left speaker, but a nanometer higher volume and they both work perfect.

Do NOT hesitate to buy these.
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Quote from moSom View Post :
The pc is what controls the power not the monitor, ...unless someone was foolish enough to plug the monitor's power cable in the "master" plug position. When the pc shuts off everything else shuts off with it.

Without the "green" power feature there is always a tiny amount of electricity that is being drained from the electrical socket even when the equipment is turned "off". With a "green" power surge protector when it is turned off it is similar to getting up to unplug the power cable from the socket but without having to actually get up and physically do it. I assume you've heard of saving more on your electric bill by unplugging appliances and electronic devices when not in use, right? Well this helps with that.

thank you for trying to be helpful, and going with an only half-way smartassy tone, but i was specifically referring to the person i quoted and their use case, with the monitor as the master device.
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How heavy is the whole set?
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Quote from sumthin_gud View Post :
once my z2300's choke, these will be the replacement. i heard both of them were among the best value speakers to be bought.

too bad logitech discontinued them and replaced them with more expensive and less stellar models.
my z2300 right speaker isnt producing sound. anyone know a fix??
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Klipsch is an amazing brand.
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