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Virgin Mobile HTC One V Prepaid Smartphone EXPIRED

siddichan 89 503 November 25, 2012 at 03:52 PM in Tech & Electronics (9) More Deals
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Promoted 11-26-2012 by yuugotserved at 12:00 AM View Original Post
Virgin Mobile has their Virgin Mobile HTC One V Prepaid Smartphone for $50 with free shipping. Thanks siddichan

Price Research: Our research indicates that Virgin Mobile HTC One V Prepaid Smartphone is $90 lower (64% savings) than the next best available price from a reputable merchant with prices ranging from $140 to $200. - yuugotserved

Original Post

Edited November 25, 2012 at 09:19 PM by siddichan
Verified with a chat specialist on 11/25:

HTC One V will drop to $49.99 with a savings of $100. []

The other phones currently on sale for Black Friday will no longer be on sale after 11/26.

I will update with a direct sale link later if it changes. woot

Deal is Live!
Add the HTC One V to the cart and see the updated price of $49.99! Free S&H!
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Community Wiki

Last Edited by kevingattaca January 21, 2013 at 11:26 AM
So I think folks have been complaining that the HTC One does not have a Wi-FI Hot Spot host ahh but it does and I stumbled upon it quite by accident.

Download ES File Explorer form the Play Store.

Launch it click on the top button App Manager at the top of the screen.

Now Click Category and choose System apps Scroll down to the bottom of the screen hold the Wi_Fi Hotspot button and choose create a shortcut. There you go, maybe this is not news but it was news to me.

Quote from cmorris1441 View Post :
This is a guide that will walk you through Unlocking your Bootloader, Rooting, Installing a Recovery, Making a Backup, and Flashing to PagePlus.

Disclaimer: This will void your warranty. I am not responsible for any problems this may cause with your phone (but I'll do my best to get it working).

NOTE: This was all done in Windows 7. I originally tried in Windows 8, but ran into too many problems so I installed Windows 7 on another Hard Drive and booted from it.

Also, since this was done on a new install of Win 7, I do not have Word installed, so I am using WordPad, which lacks Spellcheck. I think everything is good though.

Most of the content from this tutorial was taken from the xda-developers forum and modified to fix some missing steps and to be more specific and easy to understand. I did not figure any of this out alone by myself. The members at xda-developers did. Also, a big thanks to dzap, octavio, and all of the other members that helped me to get my phone working in the Cyber Monday thread for this deal.

PagePlus Plans (Monthly or Minutes)

Unlocking the Bootloader and Rooting
  • Follow the Primo C CDMA steps. Following the Primo U GSM steps will brick your phone.
Flashing TWRP
  • Copy it into C:\fastboot\
  • Boot into Fastboot and open CMD
  • Type: fastboot flash recovery twrprecovery.img

Making a Backup
  • plug your microSD card into the phone, if you haven't already
  • boot into bootloader and select "Recovery"
  • TWRP will open
  • Select "Backup", select the items you want to backup and then swipe
  • Backup will complete and you will now have a backup on your microSD card, copy this over to your computer

Flashing to PagePlus
  • NOTE: 3G will not work. Speeds will be 1X. No one from the Cyber Monday deal has been able to get 3G to work yet. It may be possible, but don't expect it.
  • This will not work on custom AOSP ROMs, install a custom ROM (if you want) after flashing
  • Open the Play Store, search "MSL Reader", download and install
  • Open "MSL Reader", grant it root access when prompted, get your MSL and write it down
  • Call PagePlus (800) 550-2436, select 1 at the menu for activation of a new phone
  • Hold tme has been about 15-20 minutes for me during the 5 or so times I have called in
  • Tell them you are flashing a new phone to PagePlus and you need a MDN (the phone number) and a MIN. They will ask you for the ESN, read them the MEID Decimal from the back of the phone.
  • They will try to have you dial a number for Over the Air Ativation, this is a VM phone so it woin't work. Tell them it doesn't work, but you know what you're doing. They will give you the MDN, MIN, and probably the SID. You do not need the SID.
  • Install CDMA Workshop and QPST
  • Plug your phone into the computer and dial ##3424# choose "ON' to put it in diagnostic mode, click "SELECT", enter your MSL at the prompt, it should say "Diag enabled"
  • Open 'Device Manager', just hit the windows key and type it in
  • Look for "HTC Diag", it was under "Other Devices" for me. It should have a yellow exclamation point next to it.
  • Right click it and select "Update Driver...", select "Browse my computer...", select "Let me pick...", "Show all devices", "Have disk...", "Browse..."
  • Navigate to the drivers you downloaded and choose either the 64 or 32 bit driver. Whichever your OS runs. Select 'Next' and then tell Winows it's safe at the prompt.
  • Open up CDMA Workshop, select "Port" from the top and double-click your phone which will be named "HTC USB Modem #", then click "Connect" (also up top)
  • Click the Security tab
  • On the bottom right it says "SPC/user lock", enter the MSL the MSL Reader app gave you. Click SPC and select "Send". If you entered the right MSL, it should say device unlocked successfully.
  • Click SPC again and select "Write 000000", it should say successfully written.
  • Click the "Other" tab at the top, choose "Write" from under PRL and select the PRL file you downloaded. It should say successfully written.
  • Click the Main tab, click "Read" from above the security tab, then click "Read" in the bottom right corner. It will fail to read some items, this is normal, they are inactive or are only read in the non-demo version.
  • There are two boxes that say "MIN", delete the current MIN and enter the MIN that PagePus gave you.
  • Look for the "Dir_Number" and "Dir_PCS" boxes, delete whatever is in them and enter the phone number (MDN) that PagePlus gave you.
  • Click the "Write" tab, it will write, then close CDMA Workshop, save changes when asked.
  • The phone will reboot, close CDMA Workshop and open QPST.
  • Dial ##3424# again and make sure your phone is still in Diagnostic Mode
  • Hit the Windows key on your computer keyboard, type QPST and select "QPST Configuration"
  • Click "add new port", choose the COM port that your phone is plugged into.
  • From the top bar, select "Start Clients", then "Service Programming", uncheck "Show Serial and USB/QC Diagnostic ports only", double click on your phone (mine shows up as COM# - USB/QC Data Modem) and a new window will open.
  • Click "Read from Phone" in the bottom left of QPST, enter 000000 (yor new MSL you wrote in CDMA W)
  • At the top right, there are a bunch of tabs, click the right arrow until you see the "M.IP" tab, select it when you do, on the bottom it will say Mobile IP Behavior, select "Simple IP only"
  • Double click profile 2
  • In the "HA Shared Secret", select "Enter Text String" and then type in 'vzw'. Repeat this in the "AAA Shared Secret"
  • On the right, Home Address should be set to, both Primary and Secondary HA addresses should be set to
  • Hit ok at bottom left, now look at the tabs again and navigate to the "PPP Config" tab
  • Click "um"
  • Click in the password box and type "vzw"
  • Click the AN tab
  • Password is "vzw"
  • Click "Write to phone"
  • You will now get a read only error that pops up, this is NORMAL. The phonne will reboot and you will get another error saying that the phone disconnected. This is also NORMAL.
  • You are now done with QPST.
  • When the phone reboots, make a call, dial the phone number of another cell you own or your home phone. NOTE: Your phone will still say Virgin Mobile. This is because that is built into the ROM, you will be on PagePlus. To change this you will need a custom ROM.
  • Your call will go to a PagePlus automated message. Press 1 for English. Your account is now active and you have a $2.00 balance. Your call will now go through to the number you originally called.
  • Congratulations, you're done and now on PagePlus!
  • This seemed to fix MMS.
    Dial ##3282#
    Select edit mode
    enter your code (hopefully you have changed it to 000000)
    Go to Advanced ==> MMSC Setting

    Name= Production
    Port= clear this field leave it blank
    Proxy = clear this field leave it blank

Buy PagePlus pins 5% off through 1/3/13, check out this SlickDeal:

Deal is dead

Complete Page Plus Tutorial
Unlock and Root:
Flash to Page Plus:
OTA Program: *228, then 1 when prompted (*22890 will not work!)
Update PRL (again):

Start hacking:

Here is the link to check your order status []

HTC One V ROMs - TheUnlockr ( [] --mikefxu

Just a heads up because this was driving me nuts trying to figure out. There's a bug in the radio that causes a reboot loop flashing custom roms here's how you fix it.

If you are flashing ROMs make sure it is CDMA.

dont forget to register or sign in to your dropbox, free extra 23GB for 2 years. COURTESY of HTC.

Exit to Save


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Quote from Ch3apSk8 View Post :
AAAARRRGGH!!!! I got three of these phones heading to me and I only wanted one:
1st order - Does not exist according to VM rep
2nd order - Reordered as instructed by VM rep
3rd order - Cancelled 2nd order from VM, and purchased from Amazon without tax

I had verified my cancellation by using "Track Order" on the VM website. Now, my cancelled order has been reactivated, and my first nonexistant order has appeared as well. Yeah, I know I'm partly to blame for switching my purchase from VM to Amazon.
You can easily return whatever you don't want. If you're home when they get there, just refuse it and they'll send it back ans VM will credit you. Or if you aren't home, you can run it by one of the shippers offices or probably drop box with "return to sender" written on it, BUT be sure it is UNOPENED.
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my first phone shipped. second order of 2 phones still pending.
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Quote from TigerMike View Post :
Thanks! Good to know from an actual customer. I was hoping this isn't the normal state of VM affairs. Looking forward to using the phones!!
I second that. I've been with them for a few years now and they have been great. Even the cpl times I had payment problems because someone from Germany was trying to use my c/c and the c/c company sent me a new number and I forgot to let VM know, leading to no payment to VM, they didn't up my payment plan and force me to go to the $35 plan. I just called, explained the problem, and life went on as usual. So I've been very happy with them.
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I third that. lol
I've been with VM for over 5 years now and have never had a problem with them. Great service.
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Quote from zmmnj View Post :
still no confirmation email... how can I find out the order number?
If you ordered through a cashback website, or paid by paypal, you could find the order # there.
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Joined Apr 2011
Slim Pickings Specialist
897 Posts
367 Reputation
I got in early as well. 3 phones. Status changed from pending to submitted, but was never too worried. Congrat to everyone who stuck with it, it's an unbeatable deal, and less time sensitive than Nexus 4.
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Quote from SlickPickSlim View Post :
I got in early as well. 3 phones. Status changed from pending to submitted, but was never too worried. Congrat to everyone who stuck with it, it's an unbeatable deal, and less time sensitive than Nexus 4.
Same here I ordered 3 soon after the deal went live and the order stuck as pending unitl last night when it changed to submitted. Now this morning it has changed to shipped and provides a tracking number. The processing time was a little slow but I don't fault them they had 1000s of orders Im sure and they seem to have handled it quite well and shipped as promised. Hope the friends/family members without smart phones enjoy these as gifts. Thumbs up OP.
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Quote from TigerMike View Post :
Thanks! Good to know from an actual customer. I was hoping this isn't the normal state of VM affairs. Looking forward to using the phones!!

Their 3g is pretty slow though, so if you're used to 4g or zippy 3g, you may not be satisfied.
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I still didn't get a confirmation email & I don't know the status of my order. I'm not calling the 800 number to get the order number since I thought I'd get an email right after.

Hopefully I get it, it's a gift for someone.
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I have an order #, but when I look it up on Virgins site it does not show up. I called them on Monday and they showed the order in their system and the guy had my info, so I would imagine I just need to wait longer.

Hopefully I get this!!!!!!!!
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69 of my phones have now shipped. One order was canceled though Frown Who do I need to call to complain?
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Quote from agrinc95 View Post :
Can anyone comment on how long it took to go from submitted to shipped? Finally switched from pending for me.

I have been on VM for two years, and customer service has been fine and I've never had an issue with my service. This isn't the norm.
I can you tell my order went from Submitted to Shipped yesterday in a couple hours. YMMV

I've been with VM for probably 7+ yrs. Don't have any complaints. The few times I needed Customer Service they were always able to help and were quick about it .. after I was able to get past the menu to get Live person. Chat was the fastest & easiest way to get something done but I don't see that on their site anymore.

I do have to say though I've always had a dumbish phone. And don't make a lot of calls or send many texts .. never internet though phone is capable. I don't even use up my $15/every 3 months .. so take that for what it's worth.

If they up the cost of their Beyond Talk plans much more I'll probably consider going to TMobile when I do decide to change plans. It would be cheaper and faster 4g, .. unless they go up to. Not that I'm dissatisfied with VM just the money difference would matter.

EDIT: Actually received an email with tracking # .. estimated arrival 11/30. So even though it's taking long time to process shipping seems to be somewhat quick. For those of us that don't have Amazon Prime.
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Last edited by akaLTD November 28, 2012 at 12:35 PM.
Got my phones today Smilie
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Double post
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Ordered a few hours when deal went live. Order status never showed for me on the site for my order nor for my brothers order. Got a email a few hours ago saying it shipped. Just received them from Fedex 2 minutes ago.
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