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TRIO Stealth 9.7'' Tablet w/ Android 4.0 $107.99 when in Cart + Free 8GB SD Card + Free Shipping

tastypuppy 39 56 November 26, 2012 at 11:24 AM in Computers (2) More Mygofer Deals
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TRIO Stealth 9.7'' Tablet

Product page shows $119, when you put it into your shopping cart it drops $12.

Make sure you also add the SD card to cart, as you have to get it in the same order for it to be free
"PNY Micro SD 8GB Memory Card (item number: 020W026923430001P)"
Link is here -> http://www.mygofer.com/pny-8gb-se...923430001P

FREE SHIPPING over $49! Offer ends 19-Dec-2012.

Hide DetailsFree Standard Shipping on qualifying orders of $49 or more. Applies to mailable items only. Offer valid October 2,2012 - December 19,2012. Must be Sold by mygofer. Offer applies to merchandise shipped via normal UPS ground service only (most items under 150 lbs). Free shipping value varies by ship to location. Items shipped via lowest cost or ground shipping method. Lowest cost and ground shipping methods only apply to orders shipped to the US continental 48 states, and the District of Columbia (does not apply to shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, Mexico, the U.S. Virgin Islands or to Military APO/FPO addresses). Products over 35lbs cannot be shipped to APO/FPO locations - all APO/FPO shipments are USPS. Estimated offer value ranges from $6.80 to $64. Offer excludes shipping costs on Oversized Shipping or In-Home Oversized Shipping Items Offer good through 19-Dec-2012
Online Only! Free PNY Micro SD 8GB Memory Card with purchase of any Tablet. Sold by Kmart. Offer ends 27-Nov-2012.

Hide DetailsTablet must be purchased with PNY Micro SD 8GB Memory Card (item number: 020W026923430001P). Both items must be purchased together in cart in order for savings to apply. Internationally Shipped Orders are excluded. Discount applied in cart on items Sold by Kmart only. Offer good through 27-Nov-2012
Qualifies for an EXTRA 10% off! Cyber Monday special savings shown in cart! Offer ends 27-Nov-2012.

Hide DetailsSave Extra 10% off For the Home, Small Kitchen Appliances, Furniture, Bed & Bath Mattresses, Christmas, Patio Furniture, Monitors, Tablets, GPS, MP3 Players and Automotive Sold by mygofer. Discount appears in cart. Excludes Great Price, Clearance items, As Seen On TV, Keurig, Ninja and The Great Find brands. Other exclusions may apply. Offer good through 11/27 Offer good through 27-Nov-2012
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CPU TypeARM CortexCPU Speed1.20GHz


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Quote from chbbsteve View Post :
What is quite long? When I plugged mine in it showed 5% charged, an hour later just under 60%. This rate seems to be fine with me, what kind of rate are you getting?
I use the charger that comes within the box and get about 20% per hour
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Quote from simprince View Post :
I use the charger that comes within the box and get about 20% per hour
Mine kind of leveled out. Full charge after 3 hours.
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It seems like this sale is over, is that correct?
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Quote from slickmig View Post :
does nothing after i pick option 1..
I managed to root this tablet following the video referred to at the page about rooting, see the link for rooting published earlier in this thread. I fought for some time with the missing driver for "Android" device in Device Manager in Windows 7 64-bit, but finally managed to download and update the driver. Just search on Google for Drivers_AllwinnerA10_32and64.zip .

I used option 1 and it worked. Now I have the Superuser icon in Applications.

Off to installing Google Play.
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After rooting (see above) Google Play is installed and working. This part did not require a Windows computer. Leaving an APK file in a certain location on the tablet and not executing it was somewhat counter-intuitive for me, but I adhered to the instructions.

Installed Skype and Opera Mini.

I was reading somewhere that there are faster drivers available for Mali-400 GPU?
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Got mine today, it came with a bright white double row of pixels on the left/bottom of the screen. Mad So I will return it to the store.

Couple of very subjective impressions -

1) Screen is bright, but coming from a Nook, the angle thing sucks. It is quite acceptable in portrait, but in landscape, just the distance between your eyes leads to different brightness levels vomit Someone said something about fuzziness. While the res isn't totally bad, the pixels are very visible. For ex, the "Google" on the home screen doesn't look crisp. On the Nook, even smaller text stays nice and sharp.

2) It's huge compared to the 7" tablet. About twice the size. Nice to have the screen estate, but also much less portable. It is also about twice as heavy (haven't measured... just a guess) so holding this to read would be a very short pleasure.

I think I am going to go with a Nook Tablet instead...
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Quote from Wasser View Post :
I think I am going to go with a Nook Tablet instead...
Just keep them both. They are intended for different purposes.
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I was going to replace the 7" Nook... but now I realize that it is a good screen size between the phone and the laptop. For me... For others the 10" might be great.

In any case, I think they only do returns, not exchanges (not sure). Still time to make up my mind.

On another note - how do you turn this thing off, to reboot for example? Long pressing the power key does nothing on mine.
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Just got mine today. My first impressions:

1) Screen is AWFUL. This definitely is not the IPS screen from iPad 1/2. Not even close. The HP Touchpad and LePan TC970 tablet that I bought last year do have the IPS screen from the iPad, and it looks nothing like this Trio. The size is the same, but first indicator that it's not the iPad screen is you can tell the LCD panel itself is matte beneath the glass. It's also more of a dark gray color. The IPS panels in the iPad and Touchpad are inky black when off and glossy. The Trio screen looks overall very grainy, even pure white is grainy, contrast is not very good, colors not very accurate, and viewing angles are horrible. Contrast isn't consistent across the panel even from straight on. Color and brightness shifts at any angle. It's about the same quality of screen you'd find on the cheapest plastic resistive screen China tabs. I don't think I could live with this screen for myself after becoming accustomed to my Touchpad, but I doubt my mom will know the difference so I guess it's alright. There is also a black spec of dirt or something right in the middle of the screen between LCD and glass which is annoying, kinda doubt my mom will notice though.

2) It looks very nice, and feels solid. I like the metal back. Build quality and design are probably its best qualities. It's also not too thick, it's a little thinner than my HP Touchpad and feels better to hold.

3) It's a bit sluggish. I can easily type faster than it registers. It doesn't zoom in and out with the built-in Android browser as smoothly as the HP Touchpad running ICS does.

4) It fits perfectly into a Technocel iPad 1 leather flip case, except for that oddly beveled edge around the glass that makes the case very difficult to close. The clasp part gets stuck in that indention and doesn't want to go over it.

It arrived with a battery almost completely dead. I had to plug it in just to get it to boot. Also, long press of power works on mine to shut it completely off. Hopefully it won't take too long to charge so I can really play with it soon.
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What is really the screen resolution of this one? The website says 800x480 but in the box, was printed as 1204x768. Which is correct?
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My tracking says its not coming til Monday but its about 15 minutes away from me. Hopefully its updated and I can get it Saturday. It seems it didn't move from its original location for 3 business days for whatever reason.

Edit: Oh I guess they don't deliver on Saturdays which is why I won't get it till Monday.
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I didn't expect such a bashing of the screen a couple posts up. laugh out loud I last used an iPad2 last week, and this screen may not be as good, but it's certainly fine for the price. ($100 after Discover cashback.) If I had an iPad at the moment for a side-by-side comparison, maybe I'd be rougher on the commentary, but just playing with it a little bit so far, it seems plenty good to me.

I played with a couple dozen tablets at a store last week, and both I and the person with me who uses an iPad2 a lot thought the screens were all plenty fine even on the $90 Coby models. There was only one that had an obviously lesser-quality screen that would make the average person say no way I ain't buying that, but I can't think of it at the moment.

I got a 10" Zeki today too. One immediate difference is the Zeki is 10" 16:9 while this is 9.7" 4:3. Yes, the 16:9 is a bigger display for 16:9 video, but other than that I'm currently undecided if there's any real advantage to the 16:9. The Zeki has a full-size USB port; the Trio has an adapter.

Maybe I'm missing a setting on the Trio for Youtube, but so far the Zeki sound blows the Trio away. I mean, they're both tablet speakers so they both suck, but the Zeki sucks way less and sounds twice as good. Trio has a faster CPU, a higher-rated self camera, and has a front camera. If someone is bargain-hunting $100-ish tablets, the Trio seems like a no-brainer of the two, but I'll play with the Zeki some more and see what happens.

Btw, the more I thought about it, the more a dealbreaker to me would be no hdmi and possibly no SD card. Various of the more expensive "better" tablets for twice as much as this don't have that.
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Last edited by chbbsteve November 30, 2012 at 07:11 PM
Quote from Deusxmachina View Post :
I didn't expect such a bashing of the screen a couple posts up. laugh out loud I last used an iPad2 last week, and this screen may not be as good, but it's certainly fine for the price. ($100 after Discover cashback.) If I had an iPad at the moment for a side-by-side comparison, maybe I'd be rougher on the commentary, but just playing with it a little bit so far, it seems plenty good to me.
Well, I may be pickier than most. Years ago, I couldn't tolerate the TN panel LCD monitors that were popular at the time and sprung hundreds more for an S-PVA panel (IPS were not common then). However, I generally concur with the Amazon review blasting the screen. It's definitely not IPS. The fact that grays turn yellow with even the slightest leftward tilt makes me think this is a TN panel, and not a good quality one at that, since the TN computer monitors I've owned had much better viewing angles, crisper pixels, and didn't have nearly this much color shift at small angles. The graininess and shimmery quality of black and dark colors actually seems fatiguing to my eyes. One thing I'll give it - it's quite bright. Honestly, if I were buying this for myself, the screen would have been a deal breaker. For my mom, I'm sure it's more than adequate.

I do like how it feels to hold, I like that part better than my HP Touchpad. It really does feel solid, thinner, and lighter than the Touchpad. The capacitive touchscreen is pretty responsive most of the time.

It seems a little laggy in the browser, but overall, everything else seems sufficiently quick. It seems highly dependent on the website (SD seems laggy, Google, XDA, and one of the automotive websites I was on seemed completely fine). I haven't rooted mine yet, seems I'll need to in order to get Google Play working since none of the apks work.

I'm pretty sure this screen is 1024x768.

EDIT: I was wrong about grays turning yellow. Actually, it looks like it's yellows are appearing bluish gray and the colors are actually more accurate at an angle. Color accuracy of this screen is not very good at all, but I did notice what someone said about viewing angles being better in portrait. I'm also too chicken to flash the Momo11 Bird firmware on this, as the Momo11 Bird is advertised as having an IPS screen which this one is definitely a TN panel. I'm concerned it may be different enough to brick it.
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Last edited by GnatGoSplat November 30, 2012 at 08:50 PM
I'm curious if anyone has had the balls to flash it to Momo11 Birds yet. I'm really not too tech orientated with this subject manner, but from what I've seen here it could possibly make it function a little bit better. For the price paid, so far I am perfectly happy. That said I love squeezing every ounce out of it that I can!
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