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American Express: $150 Statement Credit with Single Purchase of $599+ from EXPIRED

andyk 10,477 November 30, 2012 at 12:13 AM in Finance (6) More American Express Deals
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Promoted 11-30-2012 at 11:00 AM View Original Post
American Express is offering $150 Statement Credit on Your Next $599+ Purchase at Offer valid thru December 31. Please refer to the forum thread for additional deals/details. Thanks andyk

Note, a Twitter Account is required for these steps below
  1. Click here and sync your Amex card to your Twitter account
  2. From your Twitter account, tweet #AmexDellOffer to add the offer to your syned Amex Card
    • Note, be sure that you receive an "@ reply" message from @amexsync stating that this offer has been added to your synced Card
  3. Make a single purchase of $599 or more by December 31, 2012.
  4. A statement credit should be issued within 8 weeks after your qualifying purchase

Original Post

Edited December 8, 2012 at 02:10 PM by andyk
Sorry, Dell offer now says "sorry, max # of Cardmembers have enrolled in #AmexDellOffer. Visit for more offers".
If you have already tweeted/enrolled, you are still good and have until 12/31 to use your enrolled Dell offer.

I was looking through the lastest batch of Amex Twitter links (by simply incrementing the last digit in the URL starting from 0001), and came across this. This hasn't been announced officially at, but apparently this is already working. See Wiki for more info.
Quote :
Receive a one-time $150 statement credit when you spend $599 or more (in a single purchase) at by 12/31/2012. Tweet using #AmexDellOffer to add this offer to your synced American Express Card. This offers does not require a coupon at the point of sale - so once you’ve received a confirmation “@ reply” message from our Twitter handle @amexsync that the offer has been added, just shop with your synced Card to redeem!
. . .
(iv) you must use your synced Card to make a purchase of $599 or more online at the listed merchant by 12/31/2012.
. . .
Limit 1 statement credit per American Express Card across all American Express offer channels. (Offer channels include Twitter, Facebook, App, My Offers tab in Amex account, etc.)
Similar deal last time:

Steps (Twitter method, because not all Amex accounts have a My Offers tab, and even if you have a My Offers tab this offer may not be under it):
  • Sync your Amex card if your card is not already synced:
  • Click to tweet:
    • Click "Tweet" icon.
    • Enter username/email, password, click "Sign in and Tweet".
  • Go to "" to verify:
    • Click "@ Connect" on top. (May also need to click "Mentions".)
    • Make sure you see "@<you> thx for enrolling in #AmexDellOffer. Spend w/ synced Card & receive credit. See terms:"
  • Buy from Dell by 12/31.
    • Single purchase must be $599+. You can pad your order with GCs or whatever, or order all GCs, as long as the total (after discounts, taxes, shipping, whatever) that hits Amex is $599+.
    • After you make your purchase at Dell, the "Thanks for using your synced Card!‏" email from Amex does not show the amount. This is normal now.
    • You should be able to consolidate GCs here:

Dell GC
From you can:
  • Mail a Gift Card (5th item down) (Note: eGC does NOT work because it goes to
  • Check Your Balance (on right)
  • Consolidate Your Gift Cards (on right)

Other offers in the current batch:

Sony Electronics

Eastern Mountain Sports

Union Square Café

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Previous batch. Some are still valid.


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Anyone with 10 or 15% code? Please help, time is of the essence!
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I have $150 offer in my Amex.. What's the best way now? As far as I understood coupons for GC are over, and there is no need of registering a new account, right?
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I registered for a new Dell account on 12/20 but still no sign of new subscriber's email yet. Any suggestion?
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same here

Quote from choumore View Post :
I registered for a new Dell account on 12/20 but still no sign of new subscriber's email yet. Any suggestion?
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Could really use a 10% or 15% off coupon. Please PM if you have it. Thanks.
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I also need 10 or 15% coupon, If anybody has I can trade for 10$Amazon gift card.
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Quote from farsighted99 View Post :
If you bought anything from DELL recently and opened a new account, you may have received an email today that says Welcome to Dell. inside there are two codes, one of which is for accessories and is for 10% off and it works with gift codes. It's a bit different than last time, it gives you 10% off on all the GC's so you have to put in 1 500 and 2 100's and spend $630.

The code is a one-time use code (stated in the small print, but I tried using it again and it didn't work).

I've used up all my DELL offers. I also bought a camera from them. I stacked up $2500 consolidating my GC's. You CAN go up to $3000, but only if you do it all at the same time, all at once. I was originally getting something around $2700, and then changed my mind after consolidating them, but they wouldn't let me add anything more to the gift card host card afterwards, and I got some annoying message say something about $2000.

I may sell some of the smaller ones. Is there something wrong with Plastic Jungle?

I saw you have to mail them in to both places. Meh. What's the best way to do that?

Oh, and what to do with those little blue DELL cans? Big Grin
I registered a new account but have not received any emails with coupons. Do I have to buy something too???
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Might not work for all but just a info. I might have got lucky with good associate. When the offer came out i did used the usual accessories coupon and ordered $650 worth of GC for $450. I have 2 amex but dint used the offer on the 2nd card as was not sure of investing so much at that time.

Ultimately decided would buy another set of GC through 2nd Amex but the coupon stopped working for 10% of on $500 GC. Called customer care and referred to my previous order saying the coupon did worked and is still valid and why i am not able to place same order again with same coupon. She apologized and said there must be some technical glitch due to which coupon might not be working and offered me $50 worth of one time discount coupon which can used towards any order including GC purchase. Went ahead and purchased another set $650 GC applying $50 coupon

Btw i did placed my 2nd order before getting 10% coupon through new account setting up scenario came into picture.

As i said might have got lucky but no harm trying the same trick again. Hope it works for somebody Smilie
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Can someone pm me 10 or 15% coupon if available?
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Could someone share a 15% coupon? The 12/31/12 deadline to use the Amex promotion is looming Frown
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I joined dell advantage last week. Does anybody know when I should expect 10% off email.
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Just to confirm, regular gift cards still qualify for the AMEX credit correct?
I can't find anything worthwhile to buy right now from Dell.
But maybe in the New Year.
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Well if anyone has a 10-15% off coupon please share.
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Wondering if I should exchange my Dell GCs for $573.30 worth of Amazon GCs versus just getting $546 back in cash....
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Quote from jplee3 View Post :
Wondering if I should exchange my Dell GCs for $573.30 worth of Amazon GCs versus just getting $546 back in cash....
Care to share how are you planning to do that exchange?
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