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Palmetto State Armory Discounts, Deals and Coupon Codes

Sig Sauer SP2022 (9mm or .40) $349.99 Palmetto St. Armory GUNS AMMO

pcgamer4life 1,768 512 December 4, 2012 at 07:54 PM in Sporting Goods (3) More Palmetto State Armory Deals
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Last Edited by widgit December 5, 2012 at 11:37 AM
I've been keeping my eye on this firearm for a while, and it's the lowest I've seen it. Last deal was $10 more than this. They're back in stock, at this price until 12PM EST tomorrow.

Here's the previous thread for reference:


List of FFLs in your area:

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Last Edited by m00ky December 4, 2012 at 08:07 PM


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Quote from SonofZeus View Post :
Has anyone tried shopping deals like this at local dealers to get pricematched and sweeteners like an another mag, a decent holster, conversion kit, FFL transfer fee waived?
I can't speak for everyone, but my answer is "no". My FFL is about 12 miles from my house. Their inventory is composed of mostly old Glocks, a few Ruger revolvers, and some misc rifles. They have 3 or 4 yippy dogs running around, and a few cats as well. All want to bother me while I'm there filling out my paperwork. I'd just as soon not go there, but don't have a choice.

I need to find a new FFL... one where I can look around, and not be assaulted by animals.
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Quote from pcgamer4life View Post :
Done, thanks. Also adding the FFL link to OP.

I haven't personally, but I would guess they wouldn't be too interested in price matching, especially since this one comes with fewer 'accessories.' My guess would be that they'd just rather make the money off the FFL fee and let you order online.
My local FFL will match any advertised price I find online. Not sure why they wouldn't just charge me the FFL fee and just let me order it online, they must be able to get better wholesale deal margins than the $20 they charge for transfer fee.
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Quote from calh4289 View Post :
Good price, but remember that this gun comes with standard sights, 1 mag, 2 grips and a cardboard box. Extra mags will run ~$40. Everyday price is $399 + tax at Academy Sports.
The stock sights are terrible on this gun, imo. Went for tritium snowman sights as soon as I got mine.
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Quote from m00ky View Post :
My local FFL will match any advertised price I find online. Not sure why they wouldn't just charge me the FFL fee and just let me order it online, they must be able to get better wholesale deal margins than the $20 they charge for transfer fee.
Hard to figure what a lot of FFL folks are doing. Maybe they are trying to keep their volume up by moving a lot of guns through their account, rather than bringing in 'retail' guns from another dealer.

By the bye, $20 for a transfer is a bit of a bargain from what I've been reading on other gun boards. Seems like quite a few dealers are going more like $50 and saying "Take it or leave it".
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Quote from SENz View Post :
Guns Shipped to California will have the high capacity magazine removed before shipping. what does it mean ? they won't ship it with magazine or they will ship it with lower capacity magazine

Correct, the standard magazine will need to be replaced with a magazine that is limited to 10 rounds at most.

Quote from MSH View Post :
That sucks, so the mag will be replaced with a 5round one orsomething? is there any option to get the origional mag seperately?
For CA the standard mag (which I believe holds 15 rounds) should be replaced with a 10, (not 5), round mag.

You can get standard mags that hold more than 10 rounds, but to do that someone will most likely be breaking the law.

For more info - and it's critically important info, see this thread at [](an excellent, and almost required, resource for every California gun owner).

Quote from supersoul View Post :
how does it compare to Glock 9mm ?
Both will go "bang"when you pull the trigger.

For self defense purposes both are more accurate than probably 98% of the shooters.

Both are top notch proven designs with excellent manufacturing standards,

Depending on your technique the Sig is double action for the first shot, then single action for the remaining shots, and the trigger pull for those two modes is different, some folks don't like that. The Glock is always double action.

The Sig has an exposed hammer and decocker, the Glock has an internal striker, with no decocker necessary.

The Glock has a ton - more like 2 tons, of easily sourced accessories and replacement parts, the Sig has a dearth of them.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for my money the Sig looks and feels great, while the Glock looks and feels utilitarian.

I own a Sig 2022 9mm and generally like it more than the Glock, but if I had to own just one handgun, honestly it'd be the Glock for its simplicity of design, easy operation, abundance of spare parts and people who can fix them (although one can do most repairs themselves).

One needs to understand that FFL fees and requirements vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Some of those variables are due to the FFL license owner, while other differences are dictated by law, For example, in CA it's very difficult to get this deal without paying an FFL at least $50, plus sales tax on $350.

The only way to find out the details that pertain to your purchase is to do a bit of research. But one thing is certain, if you purchase this from PSA, or from any other FFL dealer - you will need to go through a FFL dealer to complete the deal.
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Last edited by theboot December 5, 2012 at 08:29 AM
Quote from theOneUpper View Post :
This may be a stupid question but just want to double check. This requires shipment to FFL right?

I'm at checkout and the total is $350 no tax. Does not ask for FFL dealer.

I've been looking for a personal sidearm for home defense. I had my eyes on the springfield XD for awhile but Sig 2022 seems like a quality sidearm.
This was my first online purchase. I bought the gun, got the confirmation email, called a local FFL and then simply forwarded that email to him. They do list a different FFL phone number on their site than their main one, FYI. Their email for FFL's is ffl at palmettostatearmory . com.

Remember they're pretty back logged on orders. So give it a week or two.
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Quote from nucleus111 View Post :
Took my 2022 .40 to the range for the first time a few days ago. The only issue I ran into was my slide not locking back after the last round a couple times. Other than that I really liked it. Picked it up with the SIG laser for $380 on a deal from Kentucky Gun Co. Not sure which package Palmetto has, but mine came in a cardboard box with 2 backstraps and 1 mag.
Spring is rated for full strength ammo. If your shooting ammo on the weaker side of spec, like generic FMJ you may have issues with a new spring. It will wear/weaken eventually, Sig will mail you a weaker spring also.

The gun itself is great, bought 2 last year with 2mags and night sights for $399ea.
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Last edited by c5hardtop December 5, 2012 at 01:25 PM

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my FFL is charging me 150+30+Tax in CA...
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Quote from MSH View Post :
my FFL is charging me 150+30+Tax in CA...
He's doing that to try and get you to buy the gun from him. So, your $350 gun is now $530 if you bought out of state, whereas if you bought from him, it'd be $350 - $400 plus tax which is cheaper...
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I am fortunate -- there are numerous places here in town that charge only $15
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Quote from MSH View Post :
my FFL is charging me 150+30+Tax in CA...
Holy crap that's horrible... You can find another FFL for less. Even local Gun Shops will be better. Check if you have a bigger chain there like Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shop etc see if they do FFL transfers..

I've seen prices from $15 - $75 here on NE Ohio.
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Pulled the trigger
I found another that charges less, 50 bucks transfer fee plus taxes (CA) ~ 100 bucks total.
I got the sig chambered in .40 since I will get a reduced mag anyway... might as well get more bang for the rounds. Any recommendation on the ammo preference this gun eats?
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They dont replace the "high cap" magazine. Or they didnt when I bought mine at least.
Not sure if its federal or just California, but I was charged a DROS fee $25, and an FFL fee. They just call it an FFL fee though. They make no profit from the DROS (dealer record of sale), and charge whatever they want for the FFL. Mine charges $25 per paperwork. For example, if I were to buy 10 rifles and have them shipped to him, he would charge me only $50 +taxes because he can put all 10 rifles on the single DROS/FFL paperwork for that day.
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This is a good price. I looked into this model when I was shopping XDs, Sigmas, M&Ps, Taurus. It got excellent reviews for the range. Aftermarket seems not as developed though. Also, a few stories about the plastic bulging on some of their other models scared me off.

Id get this if I was the range hipster, and wanted SIG on my pistol without spending alot. I really dont think you can beat this for $350, though if you can stretch $400 I find other options more compelling.
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I purchased this from Larry's Pistol and Pawn last month for $369 final cost with FFL and Shipping wa around $395...cardboard box, 2 backstraps, 1 mag, lock and laser.
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