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RETIRED: Viggle App - Get paid while you watch tv (iOS and Android)

wadafak 1,931 January 26, 2012 at 02:29 AM
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Whoa! just got a verizon ad in the vl for twister!
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Big Bang Theory VL

In last week's episode, Bernadette and Howard threw a __. Dinner Party
What did Sheldon do during Howard and Bernadette's dinner party in the last episode? Cleaned their closet
Which member of the gang went to space? Howard
While cleaning in the last episode, Sheldon discovered a letter from__. Howard's father
Sheldon started college at age __. 11
True or False: In the last episode, Howard read his father's letter. False
In the last episode, Howard __ his letter. Burned
Where is Sheldon from? Texas
Last edited by anita44 April 4, 2013 at 06:29 PM
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Quote from vigglesupreme View Post :
Whoa! just got a verizon ad in the vl for twister!
Cool! I didn't get one for twister, but I just got a +75 McDonald's ad in the bulls game on android.
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The Big Bang Theory (The Tenure Turbulence)

Wife Swap (Cochran/Curry)
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Two and a half Men VL

In the last episode, Walden received a rather personal injury while __. Doing yoga
At the beginning of the season, Walden hired __ to help him propose. Michael Bolton
In the last episode, Alan teased Walden for watching __. Downtown Abbey
In the last episode, Herb asked Walden for advice on moving on after __. A breakup
Walden made his fortune by selling his website to __. Microsoft
True or False: In the last episode, Herb out partied Waldon and Alan. True
In the last episode, Waldon and Alan convinced Judith to __. Take Herb back
What is Alan's full name? Alan Jerome Harper
Last edited by anita44 April 4, 2013 at 06:59 PM
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Viewed 3 ads. 1 in My Guy, 1 on ad tile and 1 when checked into show but none of them credited. 1st one I saw was about 3 hours ago. Still hasn't credited. Any1 else having similar issues?
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Parks and Recreation (Partridge)

Two and a Half Men (Bazinga! That's From a TV Show)
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Anyone want a $5 off pm me
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FreakShow VL

In last week's episode, Todd wanted to recreate a photo that included a __. Tandem Bike
Earlier in this episode, __ previewed his new sword stunt. Murrugun
Earlier this season, Asia Ray learned how to __. Swallow a sword
In last week's episode, Jim the Armless Wonder played a game of __. Pool
Earlier in this episode, __ assisted in a knife-throwing stunt. Brianna Belladonna
In last week's episode. Todd took his conjoined __ to the vet. Bearded dragons
Earlier this season, Murrugun and __ performed their versions of the human pin cushion act. Morgue
Earlier in the episode, the gang passed our stickers that said __. Say no to Normal
Earlier in this season, __ got married! Amazing Ali
Last edited by anita44 April 4, 2013 at 08:00 PM
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freakshow, in the middle of making dinner or i'd upload to the wiki & i'll do comic book men too! =) thanks everyone
Last edited by dvschic April 4, 2013 at 07:42 PM
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GREY'S ANATOMY (She's Killing Me) Viggle Live Q&A – 16 questions (160 potential points)

Alex grew up in ___ homes. Foster
Callie and Arizona's baby's biological father is ___. Mark
"Grey's Anatomy" star Patrick Dempsey recently beat out ___ to buy a Seattle coffeehouse. Starbucks
Kevin McKidd plays Owen Hunt. Which 2012 Pixar film did he lend his voice to? Brave
Last week, Meredith helped a ___ who believed her son was very sick. Waitress
Last week, the hospital dealt with patients from a ___ explosion. Gas tanker
New intern Heather is played by Tina Majorino. When she was a kid, Tina starred with Whoopi Goldberg in ____. Corrina, Corrina
Way before James Pickens Jr. was Richard Weber, he played the FBI's Deputy Director in ___. The X-Files
What did Meredith ask Bailey to do for Zola last week? Map her genomes
Where did Teddy meet Owen? The military
Which Disney starlet and "X Factor" judge guest starred as a disturbed teen in Season 6? Demi Lovato
Who became the face of Seattle Grace Hospital earlier this season? Derek Shepherd
Who hails from a farm in Ohio? April
Who is the godmother to Meredith and Derek's child, Zola? Cristina
Who was preparing to speak at the TED conference in last week's episode? Callie
Who watched over a young boy while his folks were being treated after the accident in last week's episode? Owen

PERSON OF INTEREST (Trojan Horse) Viggle Live Q&A – 15 questions (150 potential points)

Before Jim Caviezel played Reese, he was Jesus in "The Passion of the Christ." Who directed that movie? Mel Gibson
Before Michael Emerson was Finch, he played ___ on "Lost". Ben
Before Taraji P. Henson played Carter, she was nominated for an Oscar for her work in the film ___. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Carter has a son named ___. Taylor
Finch's former fiance, Grace, is a ___. Magazine illustrator
In the last episode, Reese and Finch headed to ___. Atlantic City
In the last episode, Reese was forced to play a game of ___. Russian Roulette
In the last episode, the Machine picked a guy named Lou who was losing lots of money to a ___. Casino
Reese and Finch frequently meet and work at the ___. Library
Reese is a former ___. Green Beret
Reese is a former ___ member. CIA
Reese's dog is named ___. Bear
The casino that Mr. Makris owned in the last episode was called the ___. Venus
Who created the Machine with Finch? Nathan Ingram
Who posed as a billionaire playboy in the last episode? Leon
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COMIC BOOK MEN - VL - April 4, 2013

In last weeks episode, the Stash crew played a game of comic ______ CHARADES
Who played Batman in the classic '60's TV series? ADAM WEST
Earlier in this episode, Walt speculated that ______ was a mutant. FONZIE FROM "HAPPY DAYS"
In last week's episode, Walt bought a sketch of _____ by renowned comic book artist George Perez. THE SUB-MARINER
The Secret Stash is in _____. NEW JERSEY
The first item brought into the shop tonight was a _____ Shadow Box. BATMAN
In last week's episode, Walt bought several models from his friend _____. MONSTER BILL
The New Jersey Devils last won the Stanley Cup in ______. 2003
.....celebrating his ______ year at The Sash. 15
Last edited by joannej April 4, 2013 at 08:30 PM
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Person of Interest (Trojan Horse):
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