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New MGM M Life Game on FB - Earn Resort Credits In Las Vegas

Doeymeister 3,388 December 8, 2012 at 07:15 AM in Travel (3)
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Last Edited by widgit January 18, 2013 at 02:49 AM
There's a new FB app for M Life Members. You start out with 500 free chips and play slots, etc. to earn free resort credits.


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At 154k VP, going for either the 200k for Aria 2 night suite or 250k for Hotel32 2 nights stay unless something better pops up. There are a couple guys up to almost 400k. Learn how to accumulate the tokens to play the games, leveling is a much better and easier deal than when I started.
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Looks like a great way to waste some time. I dont gamble much in the real casinos, but I'll definitely use the "free" gambling on this game to earn some real life points & perks.
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What is the difference between VIP points and Loyalty points? I have plenty of VIP points, but only 700 loyalty points.
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Quote from mowgLEE View Post :
If you're going to play this game, I would HIGHLY suggest to join this face book group "MyVegas Friends and Deals" & "MyVegas Friends." I started playing back at the end of September and joined the group maybe at the end of October. I could have leveled up faster and gained more loyalty points if I had heard about the group in the beginning. There are a lot of friendly individuals that give out tips on the the fb group wall, but there are also a few documents under "files" underneath the banner. They will basically tell you which games to play, the betting strategy, what to stay away from, etc. Extremely helpful if you are serious about racking up some loyalty points/gold. I have put in over two months of work, playing everyday through out the day at work (letting it run in the background) and have accumulated 113,000 loyalty points and I am level 85. Other players in the game have lower level and much much higher loyalty points. Note, I never bought coins to play, just used all the coins I had for the day and quit till the next daily bonus. Might be best to make a separate FB for this game because it sure will spam your wall. Lastly, in the FB group, there is a thread for individuals that are looking to be added in the game which in return will give you more of a daily bonus for having a certain amount of friends. Sorry for such the long post, but I'm trying to save others some time from my mistakes. Best of luck to you all!
Thank you for the suggestion -- after taking your advice and seeing the tips document, I see immediately what you mean.
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I have been playing since September and have 240K loyalty points. I have redeemed for tons of stuff, including a suite.......drool
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Interesting...I'll give it a shot. I'm going in April to LV and wouldn't mind winning a suite or something for my friends. Thanks!
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anyone have any tips on this game?
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when you redeem your points does it have your name on a voucher or is it ok to use a fake fb account and fake name?
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Quote from Rensallar View Post :
when you redeem your points does it have your name on a voucher or is it ok to use a fake fb account and fake name?

I want to know this too
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OK to use a fake fb account and name. When you 'redeem' your point, they'll ask you for for name/email. You'll have to call in to finalize the reservation and whatnot. Just know that once you redeem something, your name will be linked to that account.
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Good to know, thanks! Any issues with having multiple accounts? Big Grin
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Probably no issues, but keep in mind that you can't "combine" rewards - and at higher levels they start coming in much slower. The cutoff appears to be level 58. So if you're trying to get a big award, don't buy a bunch of small ones assuming you'll earn at the same rate.

I've only been playing for about three weeks and I've got two $75 F&B credits at NYNY (one on my account and one on the girlfriend's account), two free nights at Mirage, two free drinks at Tacos & Tequila, two Bloody Marys at one of the Aria restaurants, two pastries at Jean Phillipe, and a crepe at Jean Phillipe. Plus anything else I forgot because I redeemed when I was drunk.

Some tips:

Add the "My Vegas Friends & Deals" group and use the chip share threads to get a free ~50,000 chips per day. You can add more by using the email or Facebook links that myVEGAS sends out, but be aware that you want to do this AFTER reaching your 50,000 chip maximum. If you redeem those before hitting your chip share max, they'll count towards the 50,000 maximum. If you redeem them after reaching the 50,000 max, it'll still let you have them.

If you need to accumulate chips, you can be a bit more brazen than you would in the casino since it's free money. Once you unlock the Blackjack game, just use a Martingale style betting system. Start with whatever denomination you want and if you lose, double it. Keep doubling until you win. In reality, you'd never do this, because the bet amounts potentially get astronomical for what will eventually be a relatively small win. But with free chips, it's generally worth the risk, and if you have enough of a "bankroll" you're essentially loss-proof unless (until) you hit some staggering odds.

If you're collecting V cards to build properties on the Strip, play at the lowest possible denomination. The V cards take the place of another item on the reel strips so you'll win less while you're getting cards for Strip properties. Once your V card accumulation stops (it'll grey out at the top right), go back to betting more.

Best game for earning loyalty points with the least amount of play is Jewels Verne (if you're good at finding the artifacts on the bonus games) or Lucky Birds (if you aren't or just don't care to put the work into it). Play at the 200/spin level until Level 58, then switch to 1000/spin if you want to maximize LPs per coin-in.
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Quote from Zeromus-X View Post :
Some tips:

maximize LPs per coin-in.
u're smart
Last edited by Loan_Crusader December 29, 2012 at 02:01 AM
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Quote from Loan_Crusader View Post :
anyone have any tips on this game?
definitely check out the My Vegas Friends and My Vegas Friends and Deals pages on Facebok. Bet minimum amount until you have all the V's to build the hotels after level 58 it gets harder to earn LPs. Join these communities to max out your chips daily via sharwing and get friends who will gift you chips daily
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Quote from SoCalGamer View Post :
What is the difference between VIP points and Loyalty points? I have plenty of VIP points, but only 700 loyalty points.
Loyalty points are points you are actually redeeming to get rewards. VIp points indicate where you are in the game (level status, which hotels you can build). Vip points are used to track when you level up

10 Loyalty points are earned via a number of spins (different bets different number of spins it takes) also they are earned randomly when you get your bonuses from hotels, when you increase to a higher level, sometimes on the daily spin wheel.

Join my vegas friends and deals on facebook for tons of info and friends for free chips
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