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Healthywage - Get paid $150 to lose 10% of your body weight in 6 months

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Last Edited by 1217topher January 2, 2013 at 10:40 AM
Great way to motivate yourself to lose weight. Get paid to lose weight by signing up with healthywage.com

For those who have a little bit of weight to lose...
Get paid $150 to lose 10% of your body weight in 6 months with the 10% challenge

For those who are obese....
Get paid $100 to reduce your BMI from above 30 to 25 in 12 months with the BMI Challenge
Or if you want to go for the big stakes, pay $300 up front and get paid $1000 for winning the BMI Challenge.

10% Challenge
Register online at healthywage.com and pay your registration fee of $150
Verify your starting weight at the gym or with your doctor
Log in weekly to record your weightloss
Lose 10% of your body weight in 6 month
Get paid $300 via check or with paypal

If you are obese, you can register for the BMI challenge for free

FREE - BMI Challenge
The BMI Challenge is completely free and pays you $100 if you get to a healthy weight after 1-year. To qualify for the BMI Challenge you have to start with a Body Mass Index (BMI) above 30. Your BMI is a ratio of your height to your weight. Use the BMI calculator to see if you qualify http://www.presidentschallenge.or...i-calc.php If you'd like to earn greater prizes and have additional motivation pay $300 to get paid $1000 for winning the BMI Challenge.

Step 1 - Register online at healthywage.com by choosing the BMI challenge

Step 2 - Get your starting weight verified and check-in weekly
After you sign-up, you need to get one verified weigh-in. You have two options:
(1) use our private weight verification video tool, or (2) visit your doctor, health club, or one of our thousands of health club partners throughout the country. You do not have to be a member of a health club to join the challenge. After that, your weekly weigh-ins do NOT need to be verified; you just self-report your weight on the website (takes less than a minute).

Step 3 - Get to a healthy weight and get paid
Get to a BMI below 25 after exactly 1-year and win the cash prize. You'll get your ending weight verified by your doctor or health club. Payment will be made via check or paypal.

Great reference article from CNN http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/201...-at-stake/

Fox News TV Interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYyfBQO_MRc
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Last Edited by Mammal January 4, 2014 at 12:26 PM
You will be sued if you make a disparaging remark about the program:

"This Sour Grapes Clause applies regardless of the reason for the sour grapes, and applies even when the Participant was disqualified by HealthyWage for a rules violation, whether the violation was caused by the Participant or by someone else, and whether the Participant agrees with HealthyWage's ruling or not. Participant covenants and agrees that he/she will not say anything disparaging about HealthyWage via any means, including electronic media (including but not limited to email, Twitter and Facebook), written media (including but not limited to letters, press and advertisements), and spoken word, for two years following the end of the challenge. This includes all disparaging remarks whether true or false. Participant understands that sour grapes can cause serious damage to HealthyWage and Participant hereby agrees to be financially responsible for such damages and to pay any and all legal costs and fees, including attorneys fees, that HealthyWage incurs in any successful action against the Participant for violating this clause, even if HealthyWage's damages are small."

Make sure you read the T&C [healthywage.com] before signing up. The "V. Sour Grapes Clause" section is just silly. You cannot say anything bad about the company on Facebook/Twitter or else they can come after you...
Quote :
Participant agrees that the word "disparagement," as used in this section, shall be construed very broadly, and that damages shall be presumed to be not less than $1,500 per disparaging remark, and possibly much, much more.
This program is for people who need to lose weight, not for those already at a healthy weight!

It seems that losing 10% of the body weight in 6 months now only pays about 11% (In contrast to 100% during the 10% Challenge) :-(


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Is this now any amount not just 150$ to get 300$?

I see an option to make any bet with any number of months...
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I participated in the HealthyWage 10% bet from February 2013 to August 2013. I first heard about the program from a fellow Weight Watcher member, and I'll admit I was a bit skeptical. But after a lot of online research, I decided to bet the $150 on myself. I found the sign-up process fairly simple (I was already a Weight Watchers member, so I just had my leader sign off on my before and after), and I enjoyed posting my weight each Monday and watching the line on my graph go down, down, down. The entire process was very gratifying, and I ended up losing much more than anticipated. Once I'd "won," I received my money quite quickly. The program works if you follow the rules. Granted, you do have to be on top of things - but that's just life! The HealthyWage folks give you three strikes, which is more than fair. I just made a note on my calendar to post my weight each Monday, and I never missed a week. As the old saying goes, it works if you work it. I'm now at my goal weight, or I'd happily participate in another HealthyWage bet. Thanks for a fun and motivating program!
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Quote from pen360guin View Post :
Looking at the original post it says pay $150 to get paid $300. Not sure where the false advertising is. Did anyone do the BMI Challenge? Thinking of doing it this year and putting in the $300 for $1k.
I just finished the BMI challenge on 1/16/14, I ended up losing 36 lbs over the course of a year (from 200 to 164). I did the initial 20 lbs with a 10% challenge, then reinvested my $150 winning into another 10% challenge immediately after I got paid, thinking that since that second 10% was only 3lbs further than the BMI goal it would be a piece of cake (it wasn't). I think having an end date right after the holidays was a bad move for me, it's pretty miserable not eating Thanksgiving feast and my office was full of Christmas cookies and candies. I missed the 2nd 10%, I probably could have hit it with another week, but did manage to win the BMI challenge which is what really mattered.

They required some additional docs this time that they didn't request 6 months ago when I won the 10% challenge -- namely a copy of my driver's license showing my height and requiring me to fill out a W9 tax form. I guess they're reporting these winnings to the IRS, hope they don't take too much of my winnings... I did the video weigh-in and weigh-out procedures, so it was very easy to get verified. There's a tutorial video on Youtube.

It's difficult to find out what to do when you actually win on the website. You have to email them at winners@healthywage.com telling them that you've won, then they'll give you the instructions on what you need to do to finalize the thing. After that, it's smooth sailing. I wish they had a big "I WINS" button pop up on your dashboard when you are in the eligible ending dates that would take you to a page that told you exactly what to do.
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Last edited by graure January 17, 2014 at 09:10 AM
As of right now the BMI and 10% challenge no longer exist(but told they may come back). They are doing challenges where you can specifically choose an amount of weight, time frame, and investment. I really can't give many details as I don't know much about these challenges. My friend was looking at signing up and it appeared the return on investment isn't as good as the 10% and BMI challenges, but the flexibility and control make them safer investments.

I personally signed up for the 10% and BMI challenges when they were available. For the 10% challenge I put up $150 to win $300. For the BMI I put up $300 to win $1000. I was able to complete both challenges successfully. I received my check for $300 6 months ago. I completed the BMI challenge about a week ago and have not received the check yet. I took a picture of the $300 in case anyone is interested in some level of evidence. Once I get the $1000 I plan to post both of them on facebook with a picture of my scale ;-).

Overall the whole process was awesome. I started my diet before HealtyWage on 1/1/13 at around 244. I found out about Healthywage from the link above and joined on 1/23 at 238lbs. Before joining I immediately thought what many other people were thinking... this is a scam. I will be honest... their rules scared me a bit. It seemed like they were worded in a way that came across like... "We could fail you for any reason whatsoever." On top of that they had a "Sour Grapes" policy that if you couldn't openly bash the company if you were upset by their ruling. This.... scared me. But I took quite a bit of time researching the company and really couldn't find anything negative about them. Even with the sour grapes policy, I figured you could easily find some disgruntled challengers if they were actively scamming people. Realistically there are many ways someone could try and scam Healthywage, so I am sure all of these rules were designed to protect themselves. So I decided to give it a shot. I have lost over 60lbs twice before in my life and felt that both goals were relatively easy to complete within the time frame given. I had to lose about 24lbs in 6 months and 44lbs in a year. That is about 4lbs a month.

I had to do 3 official weigh-ins. My starting weight, 6 months and 12 months. I chose to do the video method, which is actually their preferred method. You make a quick 1 minute video using a digital camera or cell phone by following a couple simple steps to make sure you aren't cheating. This will require someone else to do the recording. You use to have to upload the video as a private video on youtube and share the link with them. It was a bit of a pain, but now you can upload the video directly to their website which is really nice. The BMI challenge was a little different in that I had to fill out a W9 tax form and submit a picture copy of my drivers license. Probably to confirm my height. I also took 3 pictures with each of my weigh-ins. Front, back, and side. Other than that, the only thing you need to be sure to do is weigh in at least 1 time each week. I would set an alarm on my phone as a reminder, and would often try to weight in every 3-4 days just to be safe.

I really have nothing but great things to say about them. The entire year I spent with Healthywage I have contacted their tech support and spoke to several people on the phone. Everyone just seemed like the nicest and most helpful people on earth. You really get the feeling that they are rooting for you to win. For me, I really didn't care much about winning the money, more that I cared about not losing my investment. And having lost 60+lbs twice before I was really struggling to muster up the motivation to do it a third time. The biggest challenge for me now is to keep it off. I also want to reduce my body fat a bit more and put on more muscle. After completing the BMI challenge a week ago, a Healthywage employee contacted me to do a survey and told me that they are trying to implement a new challenge to keep the weight off. I asked for details about how it would work but they didn't know anything for sure. MAN do I wish they implement this! Also wanted to note that you can continue to use Healthywage's website even if you aren't actively doing a challenge. Since I already have 12 months of weightloss recorded there, I decided that I want to continue to use their site to track my weight going forward. As of right now I weigh 185.

​If you have any questions or anything, let me know.
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Great work for those who have lost. Now tell us how you did it?
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Quote from 1217topher View Post :
Great way to motivate yourself to lose weight. Get paid to lose weight by signing up with healthywage.com
Quote from house kitten View Post :
Great work for those who have lost. Now tell us how you did it?
House kitten you asked "How" - Well, I signed up for HealthyWage's BMI Challenge, their 10% challenge and their Team Challenge in January of 2013. I was 252 pounds and at 5'10. My Dr. told me that I was obese. I was 166 when I married my wife just a few years before. However, I ballooned up to 252 and my weight gain didn't appear to be slowing down. - Some amazing friends told me about a juicing documentary. I watched it. And decided to make a change. I found a local weight loss contest and entered it. Some of my "competitors" asked me to be on their Healthy Wage Team. I had no idea what they were talking about. Even more, how was I supposed to be a competitor in one contest and a teammate in another? Regardless, after looking into it, I signed up for the team challenge, the 10% challenge and the BMI challenge. I figured I would use all of them for motivation. I paid the extra money to increase the payouts.

In the end our team came in 4th place... just out of the money. On the personal challenges, I won $300 from the 10% challenge and $1,000 from the BMI challenge.

How --> I started with juicing all of my fruits and vegetables that I consumed. I did this after watching a documentary and seeing how he did it. Prior to starting, my knees hurt when I sat down and my body didn't want to function the way it use to. I just knew I had to shave off a few pounds just to get mobility back. I was obese and I knew for me to lose the weight over the long run than I needed to drop pounds.

Juicing and drinking between 70 and 100 ounces of water led me to dropping 21 pounds in 8 1/2 days! My wife was a bit concerned with how fast the weight came off so I went to my Doctor and he said it was due to the water weight. That as soon as your body knows it is getting enough water, it can stop hoarding it.

The initial 18 to 20 pounds were lost solely due to juicing! The next 14.2 pounds were lost with a combination of juicing and doing at home workouts! ! The results were staggering! Losing 25 pounds in 14 days and 34.2 pounds in 27 days!

Once my juicing was done, I was down 71 pounds! Still short of my goal weight that I thought I could get down to, but far better off than I was a few months earlier.

I continued to maintain my overall health by combining juicing, healthy shakes, moderation of my food intake and cardio. For me, it wasn't a matter of starving myself to reach this new, healthier lifestyle. It was and is a matter of being conscious of what and how much I consume. Eating, juicing drinking shakes, and all of those things are important elements but none of them would do me any good if I was consuming more than my body was using or if I was avoiding nutrients. Nutrition is huge and without it, a body can suffer. Losing weight was only part of the goal. Improving my overall health was and is my focus.

I wrote a blog while I was doing all of this. For me, it was more of a journal to keep me focused. My overall goal was to see if I could lose 84 lbs in 84 days! I started a blogspot by the same name and gave it a shot! In the end, I lost 82 pounds and have been maintaining the new, overall better health!

Eventually the blog evolved into more, as people kept sending me messages and asking questions. Soon I had followers and people encouraging me. I used their words and the knowledge that others were reading my blog as added incentive and motivation.

Basically, the weight was lost and is being maintained due to being conscious of what I am consuming and how much. I don't believe that there is any one food that you should have to avoid, if you really want it, no one can stop you from eating or drinking it. But, I do believe that if you consume more than you are burning off, if your consumption lacks nutrition and or it is artery clogging or damaging to your internal health, that you will or can suffer, be fatter, sick and your quality of life will suffer. With that said, I personally have made changes to make sure that I am healthier overall. Even a fit, skinny LOOKING person can be terribly unhealthy from a nutritional standpoint.

These challenges were a no brainer for me, since I had already made the decision to lose the weight. - I decided that regardless what happens, I was going to lose the weight. Therefore let me find as many weight loss competitions that I could and enter all of them. Worst case scenario, I didn't win any and I would at least weigh less... and therefore, I'd still be a winner!

The BMI challenge is great for those who are truly obese and have the weight to lose. It isn't for everyone, but for those who truly are fat and want their life back, or at least for me, I was fat and I wanted my life back, the BMI challenge and the 10% challenge provided an opportunity for me to put my money where my fat was and get paid even more after I lost it. It made sense to me... as I was committed to losing weight and getting healthier.

A year later I weighed out at 169.8! Down from 252 pounds!
I also won $300 and $1,000 from Healthy Wage
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I'd definitely recommend the program. I lost 60 pounds on the medifast diet, and when I saw how well it was going I decided to sign up for the $1000 healthy wage challenge. Just wanted to say not to worry too much about the sour grapes clause - the staff was very pleasant over the phone, and the $1000 was a wonderful bonus to the true prize of finally losing all that weight. If any of you have questions about healthywage or medifast or want help losing weight, feel free to contact me Smilie Nothing makes me happier than helping other people fight this battle. www.makemeslim.tsfl.com/about-me
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Nice how all of these brand new SDers with 1 or 2 posts are totally on board with this, and inexplicably verbose about it.
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Just signed up. Bet I'd lose 30 pounds in 6 months. Realistically, I should be able to lose that much in three months. (I'm good at dieting - losing weight has never been a problem, keeping the pounds off after dieting has always been my problem. shake head)

Thanks, OP! Repped!

In response to a previous question on "how" to lose weight. In the past, I''ve lost 40-50 pounds by (a) eating just one meal a day, (b) by eating smaller portions on all three meals, and (c) by not cutting back on my eating and just exercising a heck of a lot more. Doesn't seem to matter what method I choose, the pounds just melt away. The simple thing is to stick with the program, no matter what program you pick. Notice, I said "simple" not "easy". Wink
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Last edited by 1dash1 March 21, 2014 at 07:12 PM
I just finished my healthywager, got my check in the mail today. Overall I think this was a big help, it definitely provided some motivation to lose the weight. After reading some of the stuff in this thread I was a little worried but it all turned out great.
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