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TP-LINK TL-WDR3600 N600 Wireless N Dual Band Gigabit Router w/ 2x USB Ports EXPIRED

Selma 149,136 99,799 January 11, 2013 at 04:11 AM in Computers (5) More Newegg Deals
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Promoted 01-15-2013 by yuugotserved at 02:56 PM View Original Post
Update: Back in stock has TP-LINK TL-WDR3600 N600 Wireless N Dual Band Gigabit Router w/ 2x USB Ports for $68.99 - $10 w/ promo code EMCNJJF83 - $20 rebate = $38.99 with free shipping. Thanks Selma

Price Research: Our research indicates that this TP-LINK TL-WDR3600 N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router w/ 2x USB Ports is $30 lower (43% savings) than the next best available price from a reputable merchant with prices starting from $69. - brisar

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TP-LINK TL-WDR3600 N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router
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Back in stock as of 1/16/2012 at 1:30 pm PST.

OOS again 1/13/2013 5:51 PM CST

Back in stock as of 1/13/2012 at 3:30pm PST. Ordered 3 for work, discount stacked on all 3.

OOS again 1/12/2013 9:26 PM PST

Back in stock. Able to place an order for one 1/12/2013 8:18:39 PM PST

OOS, 1/12 4PM PST Please update if availability changes!

This router is the cheapest router to get OpenWRT's newest branch, Attitude adjustment which implements CoDEL a new parameterless bufferbloat solution.

Bufferbloat = latency lag when network approaches full usage.

Example: VoIP, VidChat, gaming, latency sensitive apps start stuttering once that other dude in your house starts his NetFlix streaming. You cry and stop doing what you were doing until he's done. OR you can buy this and setup codel and be happy. ^^

How to? My post is on page 3
I personally just set it up this month and it's AWESOME. The only bad thing is that Cox throttles us to whatever bandwidth they like in the evenings. Meaning I have to manually adjust the QoS speed limits for it to function.

Installing OpenWRT isn't necessarily easy but it's straightforward. If you've installed dd-wrt or Tomato, I have confidence in you that you can install OpenWRT Wink
If you know someone who would probably struggle putting dd-wrt/tomato on a router... don't have them install this. They might mess it up.

Got mine and got OpenWRT installed, so far so good....

Here's what I did (Disclaimer, if you are technically challenged I do not suggest doing this or find the beta builds of DDWRT or Gargoyle):

Original link stopped working here's a new link, if it no longer works see below.

If that still doesn't work here's the path from the openwrt downloads page.
Attitude adjustment...

1.) Connect an ethernet cable to the LAN side of the router, navigate to (It may be Username is "admin" password is "admin".
2.) Rename your OpenWRT image to "factory.bin". Navigate to the firmware upgrade page and update the firmware with your OpenWRT image.
3.) Once upgrade is done, manually set your computer's IP to 192.168.1.X (whatever you want on 1.X subnet).
4.) Use Putty or some other program to telnet into Type "passwd" at command prompt and set a root password. Type "exit" and get out of the telnet session.
5.) Reopen Putty and do an SSH session to the same IP, login as root with your new password. Type "opkg update" and return. Type "opkg install luci" and return. To enable Luci to start on boot, type "/etc/init.d/uhttpd enable" and return and then type "/etc/init.d/uhttpd start" and return. I would also install the Luci qos module, type "opkg install luci-app-qos" and return.
6.) You can now login to Luci via an HTTP interface at Good luck with the rest, just make sure you enable your wifi interfaces and configure them.
7.) Optionally, you may change to a more user friendly interface by issuing these commands line by line:
cd /tmp
opkg install luci-theme-bootstrap_1-1_all.ipk
To activate theme go to: System ---> Language and Style ---> Design ---> Bootstrap Smilie

As a side note my stupid MBA has no ethernet and my desktop is a floor away from my cable modem. So in order to do the package updates and install I had to enable the WiFi. Typing in "uci set wireless.@wifi-device[0].disabled=0; uci commit wireless; wifi" allows one of the interfaces to enable with OpenWRT as the ssid, open network. I could at least connect wirelessly from my laptop and ssh in that route and still have it connected to my cable modem for updates.

If you want the simple method and are ok with a limited option interface then download the gargoyle image here and do the upgrade with that. It already has the GUI installed and running so you can go directly to NOTE: Gargoyle does not have all the options that LuCi does, it was designed this way.

NOTE: It has been widely reported that LuCi is already installed and running after the install of OpenWRT. After you do the initial upgrade try navigating to to see if the LuCI interface is up and running. If it is not then you should run through the steps listed above.


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Quote from junhao123 View Post :
Just want to note same with OpenWRT users even from back in the first SD FP deal when it was relatively new.

The differing chipsets will probably not allow you to make full use of that. And only the WDR4300 has six antennas. This one's 5Ghz antenna only has 2x (so technically 5x). I made a post a while back where I found a bunch of wireless adapters with similar generation chipsets and asked people to try it out.

I forgot to add. The extra antenna on the WDR4300 will help a bit if you have a lot of 5Ghz N devices. But less than a few devices it may end up hurting performance rather than helping.

Oh, you only said 20Mbps. Either router will suit you fine.

# of antennas will not really help your range. 5Ghz has less range than 2.4Ghz.
If you need strong range you will need to look into an access point with 20db or higher, or an adapter with higher amps.
The Cisco has an extra receiver in the 5Ghz radio.
It's why you see 300Mbps and 300Mbps for the WDR3600 and 300Mbps and 450Mbps for the Cisco
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Order is shipped
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Specs don't say DLNA anywhere, but there is a "media server." Anyone know if it's DLNA compatible?
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Ordered one. Smilie
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im still waiting for a $10 rebate from newegg from this past black friday
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how does this compare to the TL WDR 3500 series for $46
they are roughly the same price after rebate but what about technical aspect?
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Quote from jambriz510 View Post :
how does this compare to the TL WDR 3500 series for $46
they are roughly the same price after rebate but what about technical aspect?
No gigabit LAN on that one.
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got one, having been waiting for a dual band gigabyte router for a while, lets see how it works with dd-wrt
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i apologize in advance for what might seem like dumb questions, but my engineering experience is in product design and not network configuration. i have the following 2 questions.

1) is there a way of limiting bandwidth usage through the firmware of this router such that only select MAC addresses have unthrottled access? i will be providing free internet access to 2 of my tenants but i do not want them chewing through all of the bandwidth. i would like to cap on the bandwidth of all IP addresses with exception to the MAC addresses of my devices (printer, smartphones, laptops, WHS, etc).

2) Verizon gave me a crap router/modem combo, can i plug this router into one of the ethernet ports on the Verizon FiOS router and use it for my wireless network?

thanks in advance
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Last edited by Medic311 January 11, 2013 at 09:28 PM.
Can I use this as a wireless range extender? .i.e. get better wifi signal on my laptop and tablet upstairs from my wireless router downstairs?
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does this support tomato?
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Quote from junhao123 View Post :
OpenWRT you can find details in the old threads on WDR3600 and WDR4300.
Gargoyle is a very good easy to use OpenWRT distro.
And it works very well. Don't listen when people say DD-WRT or Tomato are somehow better. They're not.
That is what you call an opinion, and yes you are allowed to have one.
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Quote from NFS4 View Post :
Does anyone have a link the the dd-wrt firmware for this router?
Here is link and info for opwnwrt

Quote from oursignup :
I followed the post in openwrt forum and here are the steps I followed

NOTE:Browse to your existing router admin page or program and note down the following details, you might need them in step 15
- current IP address (not 192.xx.xx.xx)
- subnet mask
- gateway IP address
- router MAC address or clone MAC address

1. Downloaded the firmware for this router from
2. renamed the downloaded file as gargoyle.bin
3. Connected router to the computer via ethernet cable
4. Browsed (on IE/FF) to
5. You will prompted for login use (admin/admin)
6. Click the link on the left menu that says something like "System"
7. Find and click "Firmware upgrade" link
8. In the Firmware upgrade page, click button that says something like "select file"
9. Select the file "gargoyle.bin" from step 2
10. Click "upgrade" button
11. Wait for about 5 mins
12. Browse on (FF/IE) to
13. You will be prompted for password, use "password" with out the quotes
14. You will be prompted for new password, type in your new password and jot it down some place safe
15. Refer screenshots at to configure
16. enjoy!!
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Quote from williamhung View Post :
Can I use this as a wireless range extender? .i.e. get better wifi signal on my laptop and tablet upstairs from my wireless router downstairs?
Yep you need to set it up as a repeater ( repeat the same SSID but disable dhcp, all ip address would be given out by original router)This would essentially halve the wireless speed as its using 1/2 the bandwidth to connect to your laptop and the other half to connect to your other router.
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These shouldn't be used with factory firmware, imo. The WDR4300 I used on the stock firmware kept crapping out with multiple devices connected. I had to reset the router everyday.

Now that the router has OpenWRT, it has been nothing but bliss for the pass 21 days with no resets. The 5ghz band signal is still weak as usual; I'm a floor up above the router and still only get 30% on a good day. But at least my download speeds have finally gone from 300KBps to 1MBps.
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