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Best Buy Coupon: $50 off $100+ In-Store Purchases via Printable Coupon EXPIRED

getdealsonline 6,375 January 21, 2013 at 01:51 AM in Coupon (3) More Best Buy Deals
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Promoted 01-21-2013 at 06:55 AM View Original Post
Best Buy [Store Locator] is offering a $50 Off Your In-Store Purchase of $100 or more on select purchases when you pay with your MasterCard via Printable Coupon valid through January 27. Please refer to the forum thread for any additional details. Thanks getdealsonline

Note, refer to offer for details and exclusions.

Original Post

Edited January 25, 2013 at 03:22 PM by getdealsonline
link []

Despite so many exclusions, I have full faith in SD'ers that they will find this as one of the best deals Wink

To qualify for the discount, MasterCard must be used on a purchase of $100 or greater. Coupon excludes the following: Home Theater: Bose® audio products; Polk Audio; Denon; Boston Acoustics; select Samsung home audio, TVs, Blu-ray DVD players; Sony home audio & headphones, TVs & 3D glasses, Blu-ray players, DVD players & set top boxes; Magnolia Products: Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players, Sony TVs, Blu-ray players and projectors, Sharp 90” TVs, Epson projectors, URC, Sennheiser, Sonance, Bowers & Wilkins, MartinLogan, McIntosh, Oppo and SpeakerCraft Audio and special order merchandise; Portable Electronics: Apple® iPods and Bose products; Digital Imaging: Sony camcorders, digital cameras, NEX cameras, DSLR cameras, lenses & flashes; Nikon DSLR & compact system cameras, lenses & flashes & P510; GoPro cameras; Phones: no-contract phones, broadband and airtime cards on all carriers, no contract airtime cards; gaming hardware; Pacific Sales products; Geek Squad®: C.O.D. Geek Squad services. Not valid on any order, including store pickup. Best Buy employees are not eligible for this promotion. No dealers. No copies. No cash back. No cash value. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. MasterCard is not the sponsor of nor shall have liability for this promotion.
Cashier Instructions: Scan coupon UPC for $50 off. Scan all product(s) being sold. Press “Total.” Write “VOID” on coupon and place in register coupon media file.


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New updated coupon now excludes portable HD?
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Best Buy sucks, they don't even sell the Nexus 7. They sold it on their business website up until just a few weeks ago. And by the time I got some gift cards together from Christmas to buy the Nexus 7 from their business site - THEY DON'T EVEN SELL IT ANYMORE. So today...

I print this original coupon out at work. And I sit and work all day working on stuff you and I can't even dream of affording - and I finally get out and muck around with the commute in the terrible snow home - and make a stop at best buy. I walk up and try and buy the visa gift card and they say oh visa won't reimburse us for mastercard and this and that. (They went on for a while with this story). And I say "it doesn't say any of that, I read it twice". And I say Best Buy's marketing team sucks, they put this crap out. They say "do you want the coupon still" as I am leaving. To that I reply, "No, its a lie, my printer can't keep up with you guys changing the terms and conditions. What am I going to do? Walk around the store and have you change the T&C again by the time I get back up again? My time is more valuable than that."

Stores are worthless now.
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so much hopps and i'm not even that interested in buying anything ATM... i think i'll pass.
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Quote from marketfool View Post :
This thread reminds me of the HP Touchpad deal....I couldn't get off this thread either.vomit

Thing is I can't even go to BB anymore...same with TP thread I ended up just getting one early then just watched the dumpster fire
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Same... it is just so fun to watch what people get, and kinda scary to realize what will happen to that poor personal at corporate who devised this great idea... folks walked away with 15k+ worth of coupons!

Quote from marketfool View Post :
This thread reminds me of the HP Touchpad deal....I couldn't get off this thread either.vomit
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Ive been waiting a long time to f*ck Best Buy. I walked out of that place with 80 amazon gift cards. 2000$ worth for 1000. Suck it Best Buy.

Also - because all the coups required overrides...there was nothing to verify what card I used. I used a Visa for all of them :-D
Last edited by ChadSexington January 21, 2013 at 05:47 PM
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Quote from leolaw View Post :
man....4gb game console is a ripped off. what can you do with 4gb

1) Use it as a cable box for an HD Home Run Prime
2) Hook up an external drive to it
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Canon 50mm 1.8 price will be $60 after coupon. I will be all over this if not for my recent 35mm f2 purchase from Canon refurb store.
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Quote from gotojanoo View Post :
just wondering if 40mm f/2.8 is better or 50 mm 1.8?
Depends what you want to do. If you need f/1.8 get the 50mm. If you need a wider angle lens get the 40mm. If you need the smallest lens possible then 40mm is your lens. Sorry if that sounds simplistic but that's really what it boils down to for the most part.

More nitpicky aspects: the 40mm will be slightly sharper over the whole frame at f/2.8 if is to be believed, and the 40mm will focus more quietly, and if you have a newer camera body more accurately as well. The 40mm is also better built than the 50mm which has the nickname "plastic fantastic" for a reason.
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Quote from jringo718 View Post :
Anyone know whats the best dual band router to grab for over a $100? All the good ones seem to be $89.99 or $99.99 and then they jump to like $189.

This seems like some perfect ****. My router started crapping out last Friday and I need a new one.
buy the $99.99 one and a pack of gum
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You are, and few other SDeers are my personal heroes... That's sick how many gc you got.. jealous!!! Well DOne.. SUck it BB!

Quote from ChadSexington View Post :
Ive been waiting a long time to f*ck Best Buy. I walked out of that place with 80 amazon gift cards. 2000$ worth for 1000. Suck it Best Buy.
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Thanks OP, I got in on this about 8 hours ago.

I went to 2 different Best Buys buying all the Gift-cards as I could find.

6x $50 Amazon gift cards
16x $25 Amazon gift cards
8x $50 PSN cards
2x PS+ cards
4x $100 bestbuy Gift Cards
6x $50 XBLA MSpoints cards

Off to craigslist...
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Damn damn damn howd i miss this
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Quote from baublitz View Post :
Can anyone speak to the rumor that Best Buy will somehow be cancelling and refunding gift card purchases? How can they do this, and what if we have redeemed them already. I think the OP was on reddit...,
i'd like to see them try that since my Amazon gc are already safely in my Amazon account. lol

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Quote from baublitz View Post :
Confirmed to work in Manhattan, KS. I got $1600 worth of cards for $800. drooldrooldrool wootwootwoot They did 8 separate transactions and I did not need a manager, she just did a price override on each card to make it $25 instead of $50. I needed one coupon per application, too. I printed off 16.

Proof attached, there were many receipts like that one. Congratulations to those who got lucky... and I do feel bad for those who couldn't share in the spoils. Keep trying though! Big Grin
laugh out loudlaugh out loud good for youSmilie
may i ask a silly question? can the amazon kindle gf be used on
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