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Best Buy Coupon: $50 off $100+ In-Store Purchases via Printable Coupon EXPIRED

getdealsonline 6,375 January 21, 2013 at 01:51 AM in Coupon (3) More Best Buy Deals
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Promoted 01-21-2013 at 06:55 AM View Original Post
Best Buy [Store Locator] is offering a $50 Off Your In-Store Purchase of $100 or more on select purchases when you pay with your MasterCard via Printable Coupon valid through January 27. Please refer to the forum thread for any additional details. Thanks getdealsonline

Note, refer to offer for details and exclusions.

Original Post

Edited January 25, 2013 at 03:22 PM by getdealsonline
link []

Despite so many exclusions, I have full faith in SD'ers that they will find this as one of the best deals Wink

To qualify for the discount, MasterCard must be used on a purchase of $100 or greater. Coupon excludes the following: Home Theater: Bose® audio products; Polk Audio; Denon; Boston Acoustics; select Samsung home audio, TVs, Blu-ray DVD players; Sony home audio & headphones, TVs & 3D glasses, Blu-ray players, DVD players & set top boxes; Magnolia Products: Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players, Sony TVs, Blu-ray players and projectors, Sharp 90” TVs, Epson projectors, URC, Sennheiser, Sonance, Bowers & Wilkins, MartinLogan, McIntosh, Oppo and SpeakerCraft Audio and special order merchandise; Portable Electronics: Apple® iPods and Bose products; Digital Imaging: Sony camcorders, digital cameras, NEX cameras, DSLR cameras, lenses & flashes; Nikon DSLR & compact system cameras, lenses & flashes & P510; GoPro cameras; Phones: no-contract phones, broadband and airtime cards on all carriers, no contract airtime cards; gaming hardware; Pacific Sales products; Geek Squad®: C.O.D. Geek Squad services. Not valid on any order, including store pickup. Best Buy employees are not eligible for this promotion. No dealers. No copies. No cash back. No cash value. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. MasterCard is not the sponsor of nor shall have liability for this promotion.
Cashier Instructions: Scan coupon UPC for $50 off. Scan all product(s) being sold. Press “Total.” Write “VOID” on coupon and place in register coupon media file.


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Quote from Friday63 View Post :
Jesus H. Christ people, it's one deal out of many that you didn't get to abu, er, use. Get over it, and move on.

I agree.

So, what, you got denied, move on. I went to Best buy after work, my first item got denied because it was on sale, second item was not. Score! Had second item been denied, or they told me coupon is no longer valid, I would have just walked away and saved my self $30.

I wouldn't be surprized that these are the same people from the "Occupy..." movement. They really feel that they are entitled to everything.

Perhaps they can organize "Occupy Best Buy" movement.

Interestingly enough, most of the people in line at Best Buy on Wednesday before Black Friday were from the "Occupy" movement, hoping to get in on a deal and resell. So, enterpreneurial spirit is not dead in them, they just want the low hanging fruit...
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Quote from taiwan View Post :
I received the e-mail few hours before this deal was posted on SD unlike most abusers. I tried to use it to buy 1 Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray set ($39.99), two copies of Frankenweenie 3D Blu-ray (34.99 each) when I got off work. It was 6pm when I got to the store and obviously the store manager were already informed of the scam. Best Buy sold the Dark Knight set for $24.99 once, and I know Frankenweenie price would drop to $15 next Black Friday. I couldn't wait and I was treated like I was there to rip off Best Buy. They'd still make money from me. Yes I'm a hypocrite for trying to make Best Buy money.

It's not inconceivable for Best Buy to lose over 10 million dollars on giftcards alone this Monday.
What the CEOs pay?

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Best Buy Coupon: $50 off $100+ In-Store Purchases via Printable Coupon (MasterCard Required) (View Thread)
Posted 2 days ago 01:51 AM by getdealsonline
2 posts match your query - Deal Talk +815
Frontpage 6,992
Replies 1,071,307
Last edited by Dealdigger2 January 23, 2013 at 12:57 PM
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Best Buy Coupon: $50 off $100+ In-Store Purchases via Printable Coupon (MasterCard Required) (View Thread)
Posted 2 days ago 01:51 AM by getdealsonline
2 posts match your query - Deal Talk
Frontpage +815
Replies 6,992
Views 1,071,307
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Quote from rockmo View Post :
Well put. People don't realize that once, and if, Best Buy goes under we all lose as another competitor going under will reduce competition thus raising prices. I love all these people who despise Best Buy yet will prostitue their values for a few bucks.
I'm still trying to figure out what best buy sells that a hundred other brick & mortar places don't!!!
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Quote from Mydiscover View Post :
Bestbuy is at it again.. The have a new coupon at my local store.. $10 off anything regular price...
Here is the coupon.... Go and get your $10 dollar items NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BWAH.

Attachment 1743152
Details? Where do you get this?
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Quote from Dealdigger2 View Post :
What's the record for Thread views and pages posted?
This one has to be up there.
No way, this one hasn't even auto-renewed yet.

The HP Touchpad thread probably holds the record.
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Called 888Bestbuy. Asked to speak with Consumer Relations, operator guy says there isn't one and transfers me to Sales. I talk about the MC $50 Q and the sales lady transfers me to Consumer Relations. shake head

They apparently have been "advised not to give out any compensation for this coupon." I explained what happened, and the lady talked to a 'supervisor' for quite a while. Came back and said "we have been advised not to give out any compensation."

So, calling no longer works? Or is it just the lady I spoke with?

Just fyi, I was trying to buy a Fitbit One on Monday, but it was $99.99, and HAD to be $100 to use the coupon. Biggest waste of time ever... Driving there and waiting...
Last edited by emilaybaybay January 23, 2013 at 01:40 PM
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We all tried to get in on deals we knew were too good to be true. Many deals on SD will tell you they are possible pricing errors and expect orders to be cancelled. But this BB coupon, some people just hoped Best Buy would be stupid enough to honor. When they did, they figured out the items that would cause the biggest damage to Best Buy. Then they repeat. I'm pretty sure there are people who will not hesitate to do this all week long until Best Buy is short by 1 billion dollars if Best Buy hadn't stopped this coupon.

For some people they were pretty proud to cause thousands of dollars worth of loss to Best Buy. Ripping off a dying company is nothing to be proud of.
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Quote from gaijin4life View Post :
Waste of time. Well-documented State Attorney General complaint (noting that the original coupon is still up, even though a "revised coupon" is in stores) is more likely to have anything happen. BBB is useless.
Agreed with you BBB. I filed complaints to BBB, FTC, Texas Attorney General against Dell's bait-N-switch Black Friday deal. No response from FTC and Attorney General. BBB sided with Dell. Totally wasted of time. Screw DELL!
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Quote from ritmomundo View Post :
Details? Where do you get this?
my local bestbuy store had a stack of them by the cash registers...
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thanks just called in and got a $200 gc.

laugh out loud
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Grats to the few that were able to mass abuse the epic coupon into by buying gift cards into 1 day only promo or looking like a moron by throwing a fit when it didn't work in front of everyone.

Yes, BB released the coupon prematurely, but it was the customers that abused it by thinking they're so slick that killed it. The employees that actually aided the abusers by helping them purchases over 1k in GC in a transaction probably got canned by now.
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Quote from modette View Post :
I'm still trying to figure out what best buy sells that a hundred other brick & mortar places don't!!!
What part of "another competitor" do you not understand?
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Quote from modette View Post :
I'm still trying to figure out what best buy sells that a hundred other brick & mortar places don't!!!

Wow, you've been a SD'er for 9 years and my comment coaxed out your 18th post? I feel honoredBig Grin

A lot of mid-sized cities don't have much of a selection when it comes to electronic stores. I live in a metro area of 1,000,000 and other than Best Buy there is one other electronics store that compares to Best Buy for overall selection. Ever try and buy a sub woofer at Target, Sears, Staples, Office Depot? I'd love for a Fry's to move to town though but I won't hold my breath on that one.
Last edited by rockmo January 23, 2013 at 02:23 PM
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Quote from PerlAddict View Post :
Compared to your better approach - speaking out of your ass? Wink

Never judged anyone for using the coupon. Not even implicitly. Which is evident if you were actually reading. My only comment was in regards to folks talking about what a terrible company Best Buy was. Well, and that concerning you being a bit of a tool. For, you know, misreading another user's post, making assumptions that he was trying to scam Best Buy, and then calling him the "biggest dumb f-luck alive." You stay classy there, San Diego.

And don't worry, you didn't waste any time debating anything. You DID waste time, true. But not on debating. That requires a level of comprehension that you simply don't possess in order to first form, then communicate, and then reciprocate a complete and cohesive thought - all abilities you seemed to be lacking.

To quote Richard Hayden: "It's called reading. Top to bottom, left to right. A group of words together is called a sentence. Take Tylenol for any headaches; Midol for any cramps." Stick Out Tongue
LOL! Your ad hominem attacks on my supposed lack of reading comprehension are stale and stodgy. Just like your ​superfluous vocabulary words and quotes from famous people.

Actions speak louder than words. This originiated when you saw my post pointing out your fellow Tennessean's gullibility and felt inclined to defend him - noble but a fool's errand. You rag on SlickDealers taking advantage of BestBuy who ridicule the company YET you lament not doing the same as demonstrated by your post that I will quote again below [bold emphasis is mine].

Quote from PerlAddict View Post :
Got back from the Best Buy in Murfreesboro, TN, tonight. Only saw 9 Amazon $25 gift cards by the checkout (didn't think to look across the aisle to see if they had any by the other checkout, but oh well). I checked out with Apple TV and some TicTacs first, then I did two transactions for (4) $25 gift cards each. The girl never called anyone or batted an eye for anything. For the AppleTV, she just used a calculator to figure out the new total and adjusted the price. For the gift cards, she adjust the price on two gift cards to $0.00 for both of the transactions.


So it was still working in Murfreesboro, TN, as of 6:00 p.m. CST tonight. Glad I didn't listen to all the SD'ers who said don't bother, it's dead. Always worth checking. Smilie

Really wanted to get $400 worth of Amazon cards to make the price of the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 lens half off, but it's hard to complain about $100 off still. Smilie
Don't act all self-righteous against others on SlickDeals while performing the very same actions you denounce. That's pure hypocriosy. Taking advantage of deals and providing pejorative opinions of the companies offering them is a common philosophy here. You're a SlickDeals member since 2005 and haven't realized this fact? Who's lacking reading comprehension now?!?

Please post another quote of some random bullshit that is pointless and will try to hurt my feelings. LMAO
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