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Best Buy Coupon: $50 off $100+ In-Store Purchases via Printable Coupon EXPIRED

getdealsonline 6,180 January 21, 2013 at 01:51 AM in Coupon (3) More Best Buy Deals
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Promoted 01-21-2013 at 06:55 AM View Original Post
Best Buy [Store Locator] is offering a $50 Off Your In-Store Purchase of $100 or more on select purchases when you pay with your MasterCard via Printable Coupon valid through January 27. Please refer to the forum thread for any additional details. Thanks getdealsonline

Note, refer to offer for details and exclusions.

Original Post

Edited January 25, 2013 at 03:22 PM by getdealsonline
link []

Despite so many exclusions, I have full faith in SD'ers that they will find this as one of the best deals Wink

To qualify for the discount, MasterCard must be used on a purchase of $100 or greater. Coupon excludes the following: Home Theater: Bose® audio products; Polk Audio; Denon; Boston Acoustics; select Samsung home audio, TVs, Blu-ray DVD players; Sony home audio & headphones, TVs & 3D glasses, Blu-ray players, DVD players & set top boxes; Magnolia Products: Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players, Sony TVs, Blu-ray players and projectors, Sharp 90” TVs, Epson projectors, URC, Sennheiser, Sonance, Bowers & Wilkins, MartinLogan, McIntosh, Oppo and SpeakerCraft Audio and special order merchandise; Portable Electronics: Apple® iPods and Bose products; Digital Imaging: Sony camcorders, digital cameras, NEX cameras, DSLR cameras, lenses & flashes; Nikon DSLR & compact system cameras, lenses & flashes & P510; GoPro cameras; Phones: no-contract phones, broadband and airtime cards on all carriers, no contract airtime cards; gaming hardware; Pacific Sales products; Geek Squad®: C.O.D. Geek Squad services. Not valid on any order, including store pickup. Best Buy employees are not eligible for this promotion. No dealers. No copies. No cash back. No cash value. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. MasterCard is not the sponsor of nor shall have liability for this promotion.
Cashier Instructions: Scan coupon UPC for $50 off. Scan all product(s) being sold. Press “Total.” Write “VOID” on coupon and place in register coupon media file.


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For those who are asking, I used the coupon at Staples today. The manager knows me because I'm always in there, though. She called a corporate number and asked for a code to override and put the coupon through. I've been to other Staples, though, and they refused to do anything with it. YMMV.
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I wanna buy a macbook pro with retina display. 15inch... any deals around?
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Quote from taiwan View Post :
I tried to get $100 worth of Blu-rays for $50 and got turned down. They told me some BS about the discount had to be on single item. Because they were out of the James Bond set which was over $100 I drove 30 miles to another store. That didn't work. They would have made money had they accepted. But by that time they already received instruction from corporate to deny the coupon.

As I said before, there is a big difference between getting a bargain and capitalizing on someone's mistake and make them pay dearly for it. You and I both know the latter is what caused Best Buy to stop honoring the coupon. If no one bought thousands of dollars worth of giftcards and everyone was buying $100 coffeemakers, Blu-rays or video cards, they'd be running this promo all week long because they'd be making money.
You sound like the kind of guy that joins a poker game and is all smiley and cheery so long as you are winning, but the moment you find yourself "losing your shirt" you ask the other players for your money back. laugh out loud

P.S. - You should be mad at Best Buy for your recent shopping experience at their store(s). Why should you get some B.S. excuse for not being able to purchase your Blu-rays (which, as you put, BB would have made money on anyway), while others were able to score thousands of dollars in GCs at 1/2 price? Wouldn't it be great if it weren't such a "crap shoot" to go shopping at Best Buy...?
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Quote from mazafaka View Post :
BB had this coupon on their server up until 1/23/2013 Only on 24th they removed original PDF file and replaced with "this offer is no longer valid"..
I pulled it out in the store and punkass told me that he can easily fake URL or upload fake coupon to server right now.
I told him that in 18 years of my career in IT, I have never heard of anyone that good at hacking and that he was onto something and needed to getter a better job. Kid had saliva dripping on his double chin.
I think your dates above are off by a day, check the Wiki, as I added the date there as to when the PDF link was removed/updated.

P.S. - Good one; don't you just hate it when a nimwit tries to blow smoke up your @$$, or worse, try to match wits with you on a topic for which you qualify as being a/an professional/expert. (Reminds me of the Sears saleskid that told me Mac computers suck and that Apple is going bankrupt soon. As you can imagine, this was a long time ago when Sears sold Macs. It always brings a smile to my face to just know that he can recall his comments to me that day in a way and feel embarrassed at being so wrong, just like Michael Dell....) LMAO
Last edited by NewtonFine January 25, 2013 at 09:48 PM
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refresh caused doublepost, my apologies....
Last edited by NewtonFine January 25, 2013 at 10:48 PM
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I'm going to try and use the coupon tomorrow. I hope it still works.
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Quote from Delgeezee View Post :
I'm going to try and use the coupon tomorrow. I hope it still works.
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I filed a complaint with the bbb. I encourage you all to do the same.
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Quote from Infinity View Post :
Coupon is still listed on the best buy website, just delete the "_final" at the end of the original link.
haha classic!!
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Quote from Tristan944 View Post :
I have Reward Zone and on Monday just spent $500 there, and they still wont give me a cent.
I bought an iPad there about 20 days ago. I am going in tomorrow to try to use the coupon, and when/if they refuse, I will go out to my car, get the iPad and receipt, and return it on the spot. Woot
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For those got offered the gift cards, do they ask for your reward zone number? I'm tempted to try but I did get a chance to use the coupon just that it was after they excluded most good stuffs. I would rather have a gift card instead.
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Quote from zira View Post :
Am I the only one that was offered $25 GC. Everyone else seems to have gotten a much better deal than I did...
I was only given $25 in RZ points
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Quote from cnct_agl View Post :

wow.. I see no reports, bad or good, from Michigan at all !
I attempted to use the $50 off coupon on Wednesday at the Fort Gratiot, MI store. The customer service rep tried like hell to get the coupon to go thru but it wouldnt work, so she called the store manager over. He worked on it for a little bit and then printed off a notice that said that it was a one day only deal. I left my items and walked out.

I'm going to try another store this afternoon to see if they will take it, it clearly states 01/21 thru 01/27.
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CDI gave me free netflix!
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Quote from needgeech View Post :
Yep, TP by a mile. Almost 19,000 Pages!!!

Its only #3 in votes. Highest vote getter was free 1 year Amazon Prime for Students in 2010. 4000+ votes in only 79 pages.

But you have to read the context. Many people voted down the TP deal to dumb down the score so it wouldn't be as popular, or that was the thought, at first. And many people missed out on the legend especially those finding the thread months later.
While you are probably right about the TP thread, it's not exactly a perfect assessment since there are missing records. There were other threads that went very, very, very long. But it seems like SD has deleted some of them from the archives. For example, the 2008 eBay Doorbusters super-thread. I don't remember exactly how many posts/pages it was, but it went non-stop 24 hours for at least 14 days with hundreds of people posting in it. If memory serves, SD also couldn't handle a thread so big back then, so they kept splitting it up into multiple threads after the post count got too high. That happened many, many times.

However, SD wasn't as popular four years ago, so I would imagine the TP thread probably got more views/posts/pages as a result. But I am fairly positive that the Doorbuster thread is #2 in overall popularity with well over 200k posts. I don't know why SD removed it, but I can't find it anywhere - only the "withdrawal thread" remains. I'm also confident that if the "event" had occurred around the same time as the TP one, it would have blown it away.
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