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Fisher-Price Cradle 'n Swing: My Little Snugabunny (V0099) EXPIRED

ishyjo 101 January 27, 2013 at 06:39 PM in Children (3) More Walmart Deals
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Promoted 01-28-2013 at 05:24 AM View Original Post has Fisher-Price Cradle 'n Swing: My Little Snugabunny (V0099) for $99 with free in-store pick up or pay just $0.97 to ship to home. Thanks ishyjo has Fisher-Price Cradle 'n Swing: My Little Snugabunny (V0099) for $99 with free shipping.

Price Research: Our research indicates that this Fisher-Price Cradle 'n Swing: My Little Snugabunny (V0099) is $31 lower (24% savings)than the next best available price from a reputable merchant with prices starting from $130. - brisar

Original Post
630 reviews on Amazon, 4.5 stars. Hopefully my first baby will like it... in 6 months....

Mixed review on the motor - looks like a lot of people are saying the motor goes dead with light-moderate usage after 3-6 months. But a lot of people are also saying this is a life-saver when you need to be hands-free for a few hours....

Any experiences anyone care to share? Wink


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Got it at amazon a few days ago for the same price. Glad I have prime.
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Been using this for 6 months for my son...he loves it.
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Not sure I'd want my baby in something that looks like a strider from halflife 2.
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I've had good luck with mine, too. I bought it for $130 and chatted up Amazon today to see if they'd price adjust...they said no, so I'm returning and reordering at $99. Little fella enjoys this thing. He sleeps great it in for daytime naps, and if he's not tired but doesn't want to be held, i put this guy on with the bird sounds and spin the birds around and he'll swing there, awake and enamoured for a while. Smilie

Best rated swing on Amazon, too.
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I own this exact model and we used it on our newborn. It helped put him to sleep at night and we were able to use it to help him go down during his naps. For our child, the swing was the way to go, and this was a lifesaver! One great feature about this model is the AC adapter. We never used batteries in this unit, only plugged it in.

This model received heavy use from us, and the motor died after ~2.5 months. It became slightly weaker a few days beforehand and then just died. No smoke/burning smell, the swinging mechanism just stopped working.

Rather than go through the manufacturer, we were able to get Amazon to send out a replacement unit. I then swapped out just the motor and it's been working fine since then (another 2 months). I was very impressed with Amazon's customer service.

Every child is different, so you have to experiment. I know some babies hate swings, but love bouncers; whereas others hate bouncers and love swings. Ours was the latter.

For me, even with the motor problems, I would still highly recommend this product. Getting your baby to sleep, or stay sleeping, is worth a lot of money.
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Quote from cowlag View Post :
a lot of people like this one as well
My Little Lamb Cradle Swing
FYI there are two versions of this swing, one for $99 and one for $150-something. The $99 one only takes batteries, does NOT use an AC adaptor.
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We used this for our two children over the last two years. Works great. No complaints here. We plan on letting a friend use it for their new baby later this year.
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My granddaughter has one. She is a very light sleeper and not easy to put down if you rock her to sleep. The swing was a lifesaver for her parents. She actually slept in it during the night for a while because that was the only way she would stay asleep. The motor died when she was a little over 5 months old. Her mom called the company. Apparently they have a lot of problems with the motor dying. As a matter of fact the part is backordered but they are going to send one out when it is available on Feb 15th. That was okay with them because she is big enough now that she wasn't using it as much. The customer service lady did offer to let them buy another one, send the first one back and get reimbursed for the replacement but they are just waiting for the new part so the swing will be operational for the next baby that needs it.
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Used ours daily for baby #1 until she outgrew it. Still going strong and will be used by baby #2 coming in two weeks. We must have received a good one.
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Our 4 months old daughter has been using it every day since she was 3 weeks old. What a life saver~ Got it for $80 on Craiglist when the guy had a warehouse clearance.
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I've got the little lamb version and its great, worth every penny! My 2 year old even sits in it and although it squeaks a little when we put the baby in it now, the motor is still going strong. Make sure you get the ad adapter and my version has a nite lite feature that mesmerizes my kid.
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I just returned mine to Amazon after two months. The swing motor went dead. It worked very well before this. I recommend going through Amazon, their customer service was amazing. I had thrown away the original packaging, so they sent me a new one and gave me 30 days to return the broken one in the packaging of the second one.
Last edited by utcw201 January 28, 2013 at 09:57 AM
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My cousin used this swing for her baby, and referred to it as 'the baby whisperer'. She let me borrow it, and my daughter loves it. We've used it everyday for almost 4 months with no complaints.
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My recommendation for this is a Strong buy
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I'm in for 1. My 5 week old son won't let us sleep.... we have a travel swing (battery powered) which seems to be on it's last leg - and going through a 4-pack of C batteries on that is a killer. We have a bouncer which isn't cutting it. Our travel bassonet has vibration and music and that seems to work ok at first...

Hope wife and I get a good nights sleep tonight... last night we were up at 1130-1230, 145-230, 4-5, 545-930 (I got the happy text from my wife when he fell asleep at 930 as I was already at work).

I was able to do store pickup for FREE at walmart since they have in stock in my store - so it'll be ready to pick up on my way home today hopefully! I'll post an update tomorrow on how well this does (or doesn't) work.

reps all around if he sleeps well!

PS - also excited to see an AC adapter - so sick of buying C batteries...
PPS - havent told my wife about this purchase - don't want her too excited in case walmart won't have it ready tonight...
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