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Costco Wholesale Discounts, Deals and Coupon Codes

500 lumen multi-mode 3C LED Feit flashlight two-pack for $25 @ Costco B&M (6x Duracell C's included)

mangodrink 1,599 1,150 January 28, 2013 at 02:16 PM in Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) (4) More Costco Wholesale Deals

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Last Edited by mangodrink January 28, 2013 at 03:03 PM
B&M only, probably YMMV by location. Non-Costco members can still shop using a Costco gift card, but gc's must be bought by members.

Package says:
Feit Electric
Ultra Bright 500 lumens High Performance Flashlights
(item 654427, UPC 017801723229)

Normally $30, on sale for $25, and I forgot to note sale expiration.

Feit Electric 500 lumen flashlight features:
-sliding zoom (wide & narrow) (slide forward or back)
-modes: 500 lumen beam (7 hour run time), 295 lumen (10 hour run time), strobe, sos, off
-tailcap rubber dome switch changes modes if partially clicked or clicked on-off quickly, otherwise remembers last mode
-uses 3 C batteries per flashlight (includes 6 Duracell Duralock batteries (up to 10 years storage))
-beam range 978 feet
-weather and impact resistant
-aircraft grade aluminum body
-includes 2 wrist straps
-8"-8.5" long depending on zoom setting
Those $20 Defiant 500 lumens around BF were pretty popular (and apparently making another visit at HD in a slightly different model for $23). I got one of those and thought it could only have been better in D batteries with a low beam mode.

These Feits still take C batteries, but at least now there's a lower lumen mode to extend run time and make it less blinding at shorter range. Comparing to the Defiant from BF, the Feit has shorter body and doesn't have the castellated, crowned edges. The Defiant also has a glow-in-dark ring that the Feit doesn't have. The Feit's switch is on the tailcap instead of the side/near front on the Defiant. The Feit's slightly-rounded tailcap means it won't stand well to shine upwards. The Defiant's listed at 4 hour run time, the Feit gets 7 hours at the comparably-bright 500 lumen setting.

At the Feit's 500 lumen + widest beam mode, the spot seems overall brighter than the Defiant, but this is just when the batteries are new on both, I don't know how either performs as battery depletes. The Defiant has maybe a degree wider beam angle, but the Feit is still pretty wide. The Defiant has a bright center spot while the Feit at widest angle has a uniformly bright spot; the Defiant's bright spot is much brighter than the Feit's, but the rest of the Defiant's spot is a bit lighter than the Feit.

The Feit has a sliding zoom that just pulls in and out to adjust. The narrowest/most concentrated beam is a lot brighter than the Defiant's bright center spot, and it is shaped like the square LED module because of the zooming lens.

The Defiant's packaging says 550 lumens (one mode), 4 hr run time (3C), and 244 meter (800 feet), and lifetime guarantee (through Home Depot?), but the Feit Electric gets Costco's excellent return policy.

Overall, I think the Defiant is more useful at longer distance than this Feit due to the brighter center spot inside the bright-enough wider spot, and it's more useful for bashing the random berk. The Feit is useful *enough* at long distance, however, and it's more versatile at different ranges in between, even if the Defiant and Feit both cost the same. As it is $25 for 2 Feits + Duracell batteries, that will probably get me to return the Defiant.

FWIW, the Feit LED source says "CREE XM-L ZL20". The body doesn't really unscrew-disassemble like the Defiant though, so there's probably less option to mod or repair than the Defiant.


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Quote from TidalWaveOne View Post :
If you point this flashlight up or down, does gravity change the zoom? It does on one of mine... kind of annoying... perhaps I should get it replaced.
It shouldn't.... Exchange or return it.
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Quote from laptopquestions View Post :
It shouldn't.... Exchange or return it.
Yep.. that's my plan now. My other one doesn't have the loose zoom. Thanks.
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I have one that is really tight and one that is just about right, but neither move unless I push them (or the one if I set it face down fully extended it will SLOWLY retract, but only when batteries are in it).
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Just bought another pack, one zoom was pretty tight but the other was too loose, so I am keeping the "tight" ones and returning the ones with zooms that are loose enough for gravity to move them just by pointing the flashlight up or down. They really need better quality control on these things. I know they're only $12.50 a piece, but still.... why make crap that gets returned?
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so is this supposed to be a good price for these? flashlights for $12.50 each? why are these so much better than your regular energizer ones, or even the maglites???
not threadcrapping, just want to be educated...
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Because these are small compact and super bright. They blow standard flashlights out of the water.
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FWIW, I loaded up mine with 3 AA in plastic adapters, NiMH non-LSD which all tested around 2100 mAh. On high, the light ran plenty bright for a couple hours then dimmed to a still bright indoor-range light or a usable outdoor light for maybe 8 hours, then still did a usable dim light for another 24 hours. By usable dim, could probably navigate indoors in the dark and read up close.

However, one of the lights does have a fiddly button, and the zoom sliding mechanism is nicely tighter than the other one which is just okay. Still like em a lot though, especially after the battery test.

Reckon I'll buy another set and swap out parts until I get tight zoom slider and good buttons.
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Last edited by mangodrink February 6, 2013 at 05:52 PM

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the feit lights are pretty nice for the price. I bought a set and they're really bright. not a fan of the square narrow beam, but for the price I'll take it. top that with costco return policy and you've got a winner.
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Quote from omz View Post :
the feit lights are pretty nice for the price. I bought a set and they're really bright. not a fan of the square narrow beam, but for the price I'll take it. top that with costco return policy and you've got a winner.
The intention of the tightest focus (which reflects the image of the die) is for long throw, not for close up applications. Go outside and annoy the neighbors at the end of the block or shoot the moon. If that doesn't put a smile on your face, return them; this wasn't intended for you.
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My initial, positive impression has diminished a little.

I had only tested one of the lights. The second unit's dye is definitely from a different bin; the temp is cooler.

Both are above natural light, on the temp scale :
1. Light tint of green, I would guesstimate around 6000K
2. Light tint of purple, I would guesstimate around 7500K

For the non-flashoholics out there: there is a diminishing return/efficiency, as you go over 5800K. When I overlap the two beams on a white wall, No. 1 dominates.

Google link to LED color spectrum scale

Thinking my second light may have been the exception, I purchased a second set. Unfortunately the new lights are in the same temperature range as my second light. On a positive note, all four lights were free of the loose head issue that some have noted; that makes it hard to retain a specific focus.

But all that being said: unless you have warmer beam to compare against, you may not notice.
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Quote from blunty View Post :
Picked this up tonight and the zoom on one is completely broken, just slides freely without friction. It worked out of the package but broke after a few minutes of use. The inside surface was smoother than the working one, which had a more defined ringed inner surface. The zoom slide consists of two rubber o-rings on the main barrel of the light and the slide rides on the rings via friction.
I see your post is from a year and 1/2 ago but it sounds like you were able to partially disassemble, and or remove the zoom head from the body.

Can you (or anyone else) expand on how the flashlight disassembles? I've looked on the net for several hours and your post is the only post I've found that gave any info on how the flashlight head is attached to the main body.

I'd like to remove the head, possibly mod the emitter, and or embed the emitter in thermal adhesive... So far as the zoom being too easy... I was wondering if a larger o-ring could be installed or a extra o-ring slot could be cut to add friction to the zoom

Before someone starts moaning and groaning on bumping a old thread:
My interest is in how the flashlight comes apart and possibilities of modding the flashlight. As this thread is more than 524 days old maybe someone has done so, vs when the thread was first created.

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