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Nexus 4 available 9am PST 01/29/2013 in Google Store

Amel 695 635 January 28, 2013 at 08:56 PM in Tech & Electronics (4)
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Might want to check this out if you waited on the phone so long...

Per Droid Life tweet

Droid Life ‏@droid_life
Little birdie just told us that the Nexus 4 will return to the Google Play store at 9AM Pacific tomorrow.
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Last Edited by ffly45 March 4, 2013 at 01:12 AM
02/04/2013 - Rumor N4 coming to Walmart, contract or no contract not known yet

If you do nothing else with your new N4, at least unlock the bootloader (not the same as unlocking from carrier which has been in the news recently); unlocking the bootloader wipes your phone so I highly recommend doing it on a fresh install so less to restore/reconfigure. That way, you have the option of rooting your phone down the road without having to wipe your phone again. I used NEXUS 4 TOOLKIT [] to unlock and root. I learned the hard way, and I unlocked/rooted 45 days later. It's more of a hassle then.
Please PM whoever has written the above comments. I have few questions-- Ravwal

Even if you don't ROOT or unlock Bootloader, it's perfect just the way it is.

BTW, check out some of these customized Nexus 4 home screens [].

Nexus 4 White:

Qi Wireless Charging Mat for anyone needing one, proven to work: - Kenjiwing

Alternative case recommended by some, $9.95: (Editorial note: Or you could get the same thing from eBay for much, much less. And yes, I do have this case from eBay, and it's great. -C64K)

More Nexus 4 accessories:

Seems to be flat rate $13.99 shipping for up to 4 phones (2 8GB and 2 16GB) per order and up to 5 bumpers.

Note: Order fulfillment is NOT handled in-house. It's all outsourced to UPS Logistics. The inventory goes from the factory to some warehouse owned by UPS, not by Google, and it's all packaged, labeled, and shipped by UPS, not by Google. Altering an order is much more of a hassle because Google's customer support, since it is handled by an entirely different entity than the entity handling order fulfillment, don't really know what's going on and don't have the ability to do much for you. So keep this in mind and make sure to double-check things like your shipping address before submitting the order, because once submitted, corrections are difficult, if not impossible!

Potential battery life bugs, keep an eye out for these. They are likely software related, though a few people have said getting an RMA device has helped/fixed it: << This guy got an RMA and claims it helped..

Wirefly has Nexus 4 for $149 for both new and qualifiying customers - Bad_Boy (but you're still better off buying it off-contract from Google and switching from a Classic T-Mobile plan to a Value T-Mobile plan)

1. buying this nexus 4 phone from t-mobile, wirefly, best buy....etc WILL involve a contract. For anyone thinking of breaking t-mobile contract after purchasing from wirefly, please note of additional wifefly charges, in addition to t-mobile break up fees.

2. there is NO CONTRACT if you buy this phone directly from google play store .... Big Grin

3. The reason this is a slick deal is that you can use this with those cheap unsubsidized plans. Like pre-paid plans or T-Mobile's Value (not Classic) post-paid plans. Those kinds of plans will save you around $20 per month, so over the course of a couple of years, you just saved $480 in month costs, which more than makes up for the higher upfront cost of the phone. If you buy this phone and then use it on a subsidized plan (AT&T's regular plans or T-Mobile's non-Value plans), then you're missing the whole point of getting a non-contract unsubsidized phone.

4. NEXUS 4 will only work with gsm networks, ie (AT&T, t-mobile, and their mvno) ...will NOT work with Verizon and Sprit, and their mvno

5. Micro-SIM. Not mini-SIM, not nano-SIM, but micro-SIM. If you are an existing T-Mobile customer, you can exchange your current SIM for a micro-SIM for free at any T-Mobile store.

6. No LTE support (there is unofficial support for LTE on the AWS band, which is the band that T-Mobile will use to deploy its upcoming LTE service, but there is no guarantee that this unofficial support will remain in future updates, and AT&T uses the AWS band in only a few areas). The phone does support HSPA+42, which in real-life usage, is just as good as LTE.

7. Will NOT work with T-Mobile's branded WiFi Calling (though any other VoIP solution can still work)

This only affects T-Mobile's proprietary, branded WiFi Calling feature (extremely useful if traveling abroad or if you are in a building with poor reception), which is available only on T-Mobile-branded phones running the stock T-Mobile-supplied ROM. Since the Nexus 4 is free of all carrier add-ons, this also means that T-Mobile's WiFi Calling will not work. Alternative VoIP options like Skype, Vonage, SIP, etc., are unaffected and will work as usual.

8. Does NOT have microSDHC slot. HDMI (and VGA, DisplayPort, etc.) available with a Slimport adapter or a Miracast receiver

9. goes very well with gsm (at&t, t-mobile and their mvno) pre-paid or t-mobile family value plan

10. No OTG support: google seems to have pulled the OTG support from nexus 4, people who wish to plug usb storage or dongles etc may not be able to do so. It however does support keyboard over bluetooth. Rumors say that there were hardware issues over OTG ( not enough voltage to support OTG gadgets), and some rumors say that google may add it in future via updates...we'll have to wait and see.

11. Yes, the N4 does support T-Mobile's "HD Voice" feature.

This post can be edited by most users to provide up-to-date information about developments of this thread based on user responses, and user findings. Feel free to add, change or remove information shown here as it becomes available. This includes new coupons, rebates, ideas, thread summary, and similar items.

Return & Refund

Still do not see refund after 14 business days. Refused delivery and they received it on Feb.7. Called them twice and was told it'd take another 3-5 business days...


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Quote from DWad View Post :
What network does it use? here [], this should help. Smilie

As for which is better? I'd say take a Verizon on AT&T MVNO over sprint or t-mo any day, but it's also good to check the coverage in your area.
Quote from skold View Post :
Is Straight Talk better than Sprint SERO-P? What network does it use? Thanks in advance!
it's both AT&T and tmobile
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Quote from skold View Post :
Not with the market being flooded like it now is.

I don't get why folks only focus on fleabay & the like sites... when CL exists
and is hated for a reason laugh out loud

Per my view, is not flooded, I see many want to create that vision...
Yep, to cut competition & prevent others to buy & resale, it's gonna happen either way
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anyone using this on straight talk? how is coverage?
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Quote from ejvyas View Post :
Just 100 minutes??
Yeah. I think I'll manage. I'll use Google Voice. If I know I need more minutes I'll just switch to the other $30 plan that kills your data allotment and gives you more minutes but I don't care. If I really need to for a month I"ll go to the $50/ unlimited everything.
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Quote from orangearrows View Post :
Any freebies with the N4? Google Play credit? Movies?
I had transformers 4 preloaded on mine, and some crappy music, couple magazines and a book or two. Nothing to brag about.
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Quote from gyzo33 View Post :
Language? Confused
Greed doesn't guarantee happiness.
Things don't always go according to plan.
Supply outweigh demand.
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Quote from SDRebel View Post :
for those having both a nexus 4 and SGS3, which one do they like better? I got a SGS3 for around $300 while I was waiting for this one, so not sure if I should stay put or get a nexus 4
of course S3 is much better.
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Anyone else not able to check out to because of technical difficulties. Been at for a half hour....

- sent by iPhone App Deals & Steals 3.5.8 -
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Quote from FoxyRoxy89 View Post :
2 day shipping is the only option.

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Quote from eryeal View Post :
Here's an Ebay link to the program details (Global Shipping program) - basically Ebay is becoming the freight forwarder, which is a very smart business decision I might add:
Cool thanks. Should push the price of the auction up by a little by offering international shipping.
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The ROM Paranoid Android is amazing on this phone
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Quote from oghowie View Post :
Cool thanks. Should push the price of the auction up by a little by offering international shipping.
Eligible countries
Czech Republic
United Kingdom
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Quote from milko View Post :
clearly math isn't your strongest point.
iPhone is $199 with 2-yr contract. If someone is staying with carrier 2-yr contract is not an issue. You don't sound smart either genius!!!
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I was told that all unlimited data plans ( except for Sprint ) and the pay per plans like ATT and Verizon throttle back on the speed after a certain amount.

Also interest in the N4 may have something to do with the Unlocking ban...
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Quote from F1Racer View Post :
Greed doesn't guarantee happiness.
Things don't always go according to plan.
Supply outweigh demand.
If supply outweighs demand, why not just return it?

Reward outweigh risk.bulbbulbbulb
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