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AT&T Uverse Internet 18 mbps, $28/month for a year

drewman 403 January 30, 2013 at 04:09 PM in Internet & Websites (3)
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Last Edited by zqk October 7, 2015 at 11:00 PM
AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet Max Plus

Download Speed up to 18 Mbps

$28 per month for 12 months (1 year contract)


A few days ago my last 12 month promotion expired, so I was going to be charged $46 for Uverse 6 mbps service (HSI Elite). For the last 12 months I had received $10 off per month.

I called AT&T Customer Service (800-288-2020) to see if there were any new promotions. At first, I was told the only deal they could offer me was $15 off for a year for the current plan with a 1 year contract, which would come out to $31 a month. Not a bad deal, but I can get about the same price with Charter with about 3X the speed.

I decided to press more, so the rep ask her manager to see if there were any other deals. She found a deal for 50% off the HSI Max Plus (18 mbps) for a year, which is normally $56 a month.

Here are the order details from my account:

AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet

SAVE ONLY IPDSL/HSIA NO TV-50% off/12 mo 1yr term Active -$28.00
AT&T U-verse Internet 1 Active $56.00
TOTAL $28.00


Note that there is an early termination fee of $180, which decreases a certain amount with each month of service. There is a cap of 250GB per month, which may not be sufficient for some users. Apparently the cap has been present for a few years, but has never really been enforced at all.

If you're curious, I'm located in the Los Angeles area. BTW, don't bother doing an online chat, those people are out of the country and have limited access to promotions. When I called the number, I got someone who actually is located in the US. Smilie

I only have Uverse for internet service, so it's an unbundled deal.

-- update 10pm PST 1.30.13 -- some more details

I called 800-288-2020 at 11:45 AM PST. When asked for the reason for calling, I said "cancel Internet". I believe I was connected to the Midwest call center. I told the rep I was going to move my service over to Charter, but wanted to see if AT&T could give me some incentive to stay with them. After the initial offer which I mentioned in the post, I hesitated and asked if they had any better deals. She put me on hold for a few minutes while she talked to her manager, and came back with the deal I ended up getting. Total call took about 15-20 min. From my experience in the past, if u don't like your offer, call again until you get a rep willing to put in the extra work to find you the best deal. I have been an AT&T uverse customer since 2009. Have always been able to get some type of promo during this whole time.

--10:25 am 1.31.13 --PLEASE list in the wiki what deal you are able to get, with the cost and terms of it and also the area that you are in. This may be helpful to those trying to get a similar (or better!) deal.

--10:22 am 2.27.13 -- About a month later and looks like this deal is still going strong. Persistence is key here- a few calls may be necessary to finally get a rep who will offer you this deal. The rep may have to talk to a supervisor. May just want to talk to retention first so you don't have to deal with the 1st level reps.

--10:47 am 4.4.13 -- Deal is still active. Just checking in.

--11:08 am 8.12.13 -- Deal still active. 200,000 views!

--10:13 am 3.28.14 -- My year promotion expired. Back to renegotiating a new deal. Will let you know how it goes. Closing on 400k views for this thread. Had no idea it would generate this much interest.

--2:29 pm 5.16.14 -- My current promotion is 24 Mbps for $33/month, 1 year with ETF Existing customer.. Retentions rep had to have supervisor authorize this promotion. Got this promotion on 5.12.14

link for reference []


38 39 40 41 42

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Success stroy from Union City, CA, but had to call in multiple times.

My contract expired back in Dec for the MAX pkg and took the $15 off offer. Saw this half off deal today and call in to ATT's retention dept. Got a sleazy male on the line. I told him that the lady told me $15 off was the best they could do back in Dec. Since there was a better deal, could he switch me to the 1/2 deal. He said no. When pressed, he said it is because MAX-18 is not available in my area.

It is strange since I know even the Turbo pkg is available in my area. A few hours later, I called the technical support dept and made sure MAX-18 is available and asked to transfer to the retention dept again. This time the rep is extremely nice and professional. He checked with his supervisor and switched me to the 1/2 off MAX-18 deal right away.

I think the MAX-18 pkg needs a different modem than the MAX. The technician is coming tomorrow ...

Thanks, Slickdeal!
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Success from Santa Clara, CA.

Called once, transferred twice. Total time was about 20 minutes.

Rep was really nice and courteous, offered $25.50/mo for 12Mbps... pushed a bit and he gave me $33/mo for 24Mbps.

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Success from Dublin, CA.

Called once and hung up since I was on hold for 15+mins

Called again and was on hold for 40+mins. Total time 1h and a bit Frown

Told the rep that my contract was up and was hoping that some sort of discount to service could be made. Rep said that a promotion is in effect as of 4/8 and that I would receive 39.99 for 1 year. I told her that others in my area were getting either 50% off. She said that the only promotion going on was the one for 44.99 and that I already was getting an additional discount of 5. Like a script she told me that she was now going to look for a "manager's special" as sometimes these specials can only be approved by a manager. While she looked she decided to try to upsell me. Asking me what I was using my internet for. I told her just normal things and some streaming. I am one of those people that go over the cap heavily 500gb/month so I wasn't sure if she was going to say something to the effect that I was going over the cap. Anayways she said she found one managers special for 28 for 1 year for 18mbps. I asked her if there was a 12mbps special for 25. She told me yes. Decided to get the upgrade to 18mbps for 28 since its only 3 more. and $1.55/mbps @ 18mbps vs $2.16/mbps @ 12mbps. didn't even ask for the upload speed. my area maxes at 18mbps Frown. she tried to upsell me on my cable and phone and cellphone, but I declined all those offers as I already have 5 off my land line phone and a good amount for my cellphone 20% off Smilie

took an hour
rep didnt try to bs too much.
got the deal
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and for those that are worried about the 250gb/mo plan

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Quote from snitzle_iii View Post :
and for those that are worried about the 250gb/mo plan

Thanks for the post. I've been wondering why I've never been hit by the overage prices. Monthly bandwidth consumption is between 300GB-600GB a month and if I had to pay $10 for every 50GB over 250GB, I would have definitely noticed by now. LoL
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I didn't see this earlier otherwise I would have tried a bit. I called to cancel my DSL as they started charging $45 for 3 mbps after my 1-year promotion ended. They wouldn't budge from $33/mo for 3 mbps. Moved to Comcast for $19/mo for 6 mos. I will try this at the end of my 6th month with Comcast.
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Quote from shyam09 View Post :
current supervisor promo is 50% off 66/month (for the 24 Mbps) = $33 a month; San Diego
Thanks, this will save by $29 a month vs cox. But if they start capping data I'm gone back to cox.
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my contract is expiring this month ,currently have U300 and 12MBPS.

I was able to get U300 and 18mbps for 106 + tax. (includes whole home DVR)

I am in Austin.
Last edited by JackD121 April 10, 2013 at 11:35 AM
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Can anyone provide any insight into the logistics of installation?

I live in a detached house, we used to have AT&T phone lines running everywhere when I moved in. However we did a gut rehab and those lines are now gone (or walled up). No phone jacks anywhere (we went with a cable company, RCN).

So I assume an installer would have to run a line in from the alleyway through the back of the house, and then what - is there one centralized point (modem?) that all the phones/router/cable boxes connect to wirelessly?

I've had situations before where the phone rep told me there would be no problem them the installer showed up and said he couldn't do it, for whatever reason. Hoping to avoid that whole scene, any insight is appreciated
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I have U300 right now and I've left Webpass (San Francisco) where I was paying $33.33/month total for 100Mbps ethernet connection. They also gave me 1 free month on sign up and another month after my anniversary which was nice. I really don't get that much speed, although I did reach 80mpbs at one time. My average on Speedtest is actually below 50mbps. I tried a Netgear router and that actually does a better job than the Linksys or Cisco router.

Anyway, I've been mooching off my neighbor's open guest wi-fi these past few weeks to access the internet. It's not secure and she sometimes turn it off so I need a get an ISP even cheaper than Webpass which raised their prices ($450/yr or $50/month). I really don't need that much speed as I rarely stream movies and never play online games.

I see AT&T running a DSL promo right of $14.95/mo but it requires that you currently have AT&T Home Phone Service ($25) and has installation fees which is a no deal.

My U300 has $25 off (TV) until 2/5/14 and $10 (HD) until 8/16/13. I get a free wireless non-DVR receiver too for life. my total is $71.04

I just called and they said that they have a $19.95/mo 3.0Mbps promo for 1 yr no contract for existing customers. No activation fee ($49) and no installation fee ($99). However, the agent said that my account is not waiving the installation fee. She tried to to take it out but their program will not allow it. I asked to speak to the manager to have it waived as it doesn't make sense that I get charged because it's a self-install. I have been on hold for 20 minutes now and they said that they are having technical problems because they can't take out the installation fee off the system. She waived it anyway

However, there's another glitch. The agent told me that my total would be $89.95 but after I spoke to the manager, she said that my total now is $99.95 which didn't make sense. She explained that because she put it as a bundle instead of an add-on, the rate went from $19.95 to $29.95 but she said that she's going to fix it. I told him that I don't want to get a surprise next time I see my bill. She said I will not get surprised. We shall see.
Last edited by esquire415 April 10, 2013 at 03:15 PM
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My experience with AT&T is the same as when I made out with my sister in high school - at first it was great, but after, I wasn't too happy about it.
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Is this deal only for the existing customers? Which number you guys called?

I just have wireless now and tried multiple times without any luck.

BTW, I live in Fremont, CA.
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Some of you guys are really lucky. Here in N Virginia all I can chose from is cox,cox and cox and it sucks,sucks and sucks.
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Quote from SMAX View Post :
My experience with AT&T is the same as when I made out with my sister in high school - at first it was great, but after, I wasn't too happy about it.
eww, but repped for the laugh
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Milwaukee, wi here... was offered 36 a month for 12mbps.... took 6mbps per month as i dont game anymore for 30.00 per month for 1 year starting april 10th. Slickdeals pwns!
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