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PRICE DROP: 2013 Nissan Leaf Electric 5-Seat Car Now As Low As $18800 CA, $15800 CA+SJV, $17300 IL, $16300 GA, $15300 CO, $13800 WV and Others // $12 to fill "tank"

fredstone 137 February 8, 2013 at 08:31 PM in Autos (5)
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Nissan's objective for the LEAF has always been to produce an affordable zero-emission vehicle for the mass market, and the 2013 LEAF is a prime example of that commitment with increased value at every trim level, making it more accessible for more people. http://www.prnewswire.com

"With nearly 50,000 LEAFs on the road globally, we are the leaders in zero emissions vehicles and our class-leading product just got better," said Billy Hayes , Global vice president of LEAF sales for Nissan. "From the very outset, Nissan has continuously advanced and refined the affordable zero emissions vehicle ownership experience. Now customers won't have to pay a premium for owning a green car that's really fun to drive, and that's exciting." http://www.prnewswire.com

Nissan recently began U.S. assembly of the 2013 Nissan LEAF at its manufacturing plant in Smyrna, Tenn., a localization initiative that further drives efficiencies by leveraging already-existing equipment and processes while also reducing exposure to fluctuations in foreign currency. The battery packs that power LEAF are built in an adjacent facility in Smyrna while the vehicle's electric motor comes from Nissan's powertrain plant in Decherd, Tenn., further supporting efficient manufacturing. http://www.prnewswire.com

Eligible consumers can take advantage of a $7,500 federal tax credit, and some states and municipalities offer additional incentives. For example, California residents can get a 2013 Nissan LEAF for as low as $18,800 after the federal tax credit and state rebate of $2,500. http://www.prnewswire.com

Nissan will also continue its lease offer for the 2013 LEAF, allowing consumers to lease the electric vehicle for as low as $199 per month for 36 months, which includes tax credits and destination charges. http://www.prnewswire.com

About the 2013 Nissan LEAF
Now in its third model year, the Nissan LEAF is the world's best-selling pure electric vehicle with nearly 50,000 cumulative sales worldwide. For 2013, the LEAF features numerous customer-focused upgrades. LEAF is powered by a responsive 80kW AC synchronous motor produced at Nissan's Powertrain Assembly plant in Decherd, Tenn. The 2013 LEAF's output is 107 horsepower, with 187 lb-ft. of torque. Energy is supplied by an advanced 48-module lithium-ion battery made at the new battery plant in Smyrna, Tenn. http://www.prnewswire.com

This week at the Detroit Auto Show, Nissan announced that the new Leaf S series will start with an MSRP of $28,800, which undercuts the previous least expensive Leaf by $6,400, representing a drop of 18%. Add up the incentives for buyers—$7,500 in federal tax credits, plus a $2,500 rebate in certain states, including California—and drivers can essentially pay “full price” for a Leaf for as little as $18,800. Read more: http://business.time.com


30kW/h * $0.10 kW/h = $3

Say a range of 100 miles is $3 a charge; to compare to gas car multiply by 4 = $12 for 400mi.

Gas car goes 400 mi. a tank full. 400 / 25 * $4 = $64 for 400mi.

Fuel Cost
[LEAF] 75000mi / 100 * $3 = $2250
[GAS CAR] 75000mi / 100 * $16 = $12000

The 2013 Leaf is rated at 130 MPGe on the EPA city cycle and 102 MPGe on the highway cycle, for a combined rating of 115 MPGe.




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Last Edited by helloha1 August 3, 2013 at 09:44 PM
Tax incentives for your state check here: http://www.afdc.energy.gov/laws/state and
US FED $7500 plus
CA $2500
CA $2500 + San Joaquin Valley $3000
LA $3000
WV $7500
IL $4000
GA $5000
TN $2,500 on the first 1,000 electric vehicles purchased
CO $6000
PA: As of Feb. 12, 2013, 18 EV & PHEV rebates remain at $3,500 each. *
WA exemption from sales/use tax and the motor vehicles sales/use tax.
and More, visit links above.
Last edited by fredstone
Consider the overall cost of ownership. Not just saving on gas, environment, clean air, but also maintenance costs.
^I agree on the first three points, but I don't see how maintenance costs are going to be cheaper. If anything, they would be more expensive due to nonstandard lower production parts

True Cost to Own

2013 Nissan Leaf S ZIP 46032
Based on a 5-year estimate with 15,000 miles driven per year.

2013 Chevrolet Cruze LS auto

2013 Chevrolet Volt hybrid auto

2012 Toyota Prius c auto

2013 Ford Focus SE auto
35898 + 1000auto = 36898

2012 Ford Escape hybrid auto

2012 Ford Fusion hybrid auto

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid SE Auto
5-Year Cost to Own: $35,908

Costs assume gasoline prices stay near the same over the next 5 years.
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in 4 4
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I like the look of the Leaf, but if you are in the American Southwest this is probably not the car for you.

It seems our long hot (very, very hot) summers are h_ll on these batteries.

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i can only dream...
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Its a nice price drop but I had to downvote your post because of how you wrote it... seriously. While its nice to give us information on it, all you did was try to sound like a gimmicky salesman. You highlighted the torque, because the horsepower is low. Worst of all, you mentioned MULTIPLE times that its made in Tennessee.. which has nothing to do with the product that youre getting.. you made no mention of other important factors of the vehicle other than the engine related parts.
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Never Mind...
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if it could guarantee at least 150mi per charge i would probably bite, not maybe 100mi
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why do they keep making ugly cars ?
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$21,300 after tax credit
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Save the environment--don't buy one of these.
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the faster 6.6 kwh charger is an additional $1,300 on the S model.
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Quote from RUBYSTEVENS View Post :
Save the environment--don't buy one of these.
care to elaborate?
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Despite its faults, it is still better than the fire-prone, government-built Chevy Volt.
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The people who TD work for the oil companies bounce
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