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World of Warcraft Battle Chest (PC) EXPIRED

yuugotserved 133,966 February 10, 2013 at 06:56 PM in Video Games (2) More Amazon Deals
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Promoted 02-11-2013 at 04:09 AM View Original Post has World of Warcraft Battle Chest (PC) for $4.99. Free shipping with Prime (free student accounts available) or if you spend $25 or more. Thanks yuugotserved

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World of Warcraft Battle Chest (PC)


free shipping with Prime or $25+


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Quote from ScottOH View Post :
There are enough really good free to play MMOs out there, that this is not really a slickdeal. If you've never played WOW before, I'd highly suggest you try those as you'll be able to play more casually and save yourself $180 dollars a year.

WOW remains the top polished MMO, but the others are good enough to justify not spending the money and saving on the sub which is far slicker.
Every "free" MMO I have played actually ended up costing me more than $15 a month to play. I just stick with WoW because I still enjoy it after all these years and as mentioned many times before, you actually save money if you get hooked. I never buy games anymore. I used to buy at least 2 games a month before I started WoW.

BTW - This is the same price on the site and you can get digital download. No reason to have the boxed version.
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Quote from jaksmith View Post :
How is this a masked trial version? Are you stupid? Everyone knows it has subscription fees @ 15/month. You get into the game knowing that. How the hell is it masked? One of the stupidest things I've ever heard.
The first month is FREE. If you want to play more, you have to buy more expansions and pay $15/month. This sale is to GET YOU HOOKED so that you shell out a lot more than $5. By the time your free month is up, you can easily (it took me 2 days) be moving on to other expansions. Hence why I said it is a masked trial.. Drop the name-calling and go to school.

Quote from Linoleum View Post :
Every "free" MMO I have played actually ended up costing me more than $15 a month to play.
Sounds accurate. Free to play games make closer to $30/month per paying customer. Free to play is the future, but WoW being the monopoly has certainly delayed that from happening.
Last edited by Trakanonn February 11, 2013 at 01:44 PM
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if you like WoW try Dekaron.
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Sorry if this was mentioned earlier - I don't see it, but a few asked about time for the sale...
Not certain on Amazon's, but Blizzard's $5/$10/$20 is for the next two weeks.
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Quote from gerbintosh View Post :
I know this is seen as a good deal however this is false. If you start the free trial of WoW to level 20 (recruit a friend or on your own), you get the first 3 expansions for free. You will just have to buy the last 2 (cataclysm and MoP). My sons girlfriend just recently did this and all she had to buy were the last 2.
No, you do not get the first three free in RAF.
RAF gives XP bonuses to both players, and it gives level bonuses, a mount + a month of game time to the referring player, and the trial lets the new person play up to level 20 (just as the non-RAF trial does). However, the battlechest is the first three expansions up to level 80 and you still have to buy that before buying Cata or MOP.

Now, after you have a trial they will offer 'everything up to Cata' and 'everything up to MOP' upgrades in account management which include the battlechest for less than list price (but not beating this sale), so you can get them all together and not buy each separately.

It's possible he had a free reward game that he gave her - some long time players did get those quite a while back and may not have activated their extra key, but that's separate from RAF and you either have one or you don't - you can't just get more free. Some players would probably buy you the game, though, if you use RAF with them, since they'll get a free month after you subscribe.
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SCARED of restarting Wow again. When I play it, I want to start doing all the achievements. I had a level 85 with 9000 points (which are nothing but I was getting started) and the max now is 20,000. There's so much to do in the game. You never get bored. Great game, but can take a LOT of your free time.
I miss it. Staying away from the game for now. I know if I play it, I will have no free time.
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I can't wait to see the look on my gf's face when I explain my reasoning behind giving her WoW for Valentine's Day

Quote from prophylaxis View Post :
i was reading the reviews and they said it might bump u up to Wrath of the lich king for free when u register it on battle net.

it is 15 a month
it is even cheaper if u buy a year pass.
15 a month is amazing for the amount of hours and time you spend on it.
HUGE DECREASE in monthly CC billl. especially in the forms of entertainment.
Really nerdy / geeky / dorky, but spending time with your gf on this thing is friggen cheap. you can cook her amazing food that gives buffs for an hour.
You can take her on a magic carpet ride.
You can show her the world.
You can /flex to show her how strong you are.
You can go fishing together, catch fish, and not spend a single penny on IRL bait.
You can get on a giant mammoth mount and you can take her around town.
You can explore dungeons together.
Get enough gear and you can explore her dungeon.
It might even be on heroic.
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Quote from Samlt2k1 View Post :
no kidding man. i quit right before TBC came out but i'm tempted to just set up the 30 day trial and run around ashenvale listening to the music
If you do, check out the music around Storm Peaks. Or at least give it a listen on YouTube. Around 5:00. So serene!
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Quote from Linoleum View Post :
Every "free" MMO I have played actually ended up costing me more than $15 a month to play.
I chimed in earlier on this topic... Think I might elaborate... Try LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online). Yes, there's a lot to spend money on. But you also earn a lot of that store-credit in-game. You can buy stuff with dollars/euros, but you don't need to. It all depends on how you want to spend your time. Generally figure 1TP (Turbine Store Point) is 1 US penny, though you can get deals up to 1.67TP/cent. Similarly, discounts of 20-30% off list prices (in TP) are common. The first 3 game zones are free to everyone. Beyond that, the quests and deeds are considered content and need to be purchased. But the cost is relatively light. Beyond the initial game areas, the expansions are sold as packages. (Much the same as earlier higher-level zones.) Discounts are common. Yes, you could wind up spending a lot of money. I've probably spent over $300 or $400 over the 4+ years I've been playing. On the other hand, I buy expansions at their most expensive price (prerelease, with goodies bundled in). I have about $90 worth of TP credited that I can't seem to find any way to spend. And 4 years of WoW is $720 for the monthly fees alone. If I never spent another dime on LOTRO I could keep playing it until Turbine goes out of business. WoW, on the other hand, locked me out when I stopped paying.
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Nice price but I got it for free some months ago. (On a mail from blizzard)
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can someone send me a scroll of resurrection? i'd like to start out at lvl 80 Smilie the upgrade to cataclysm is nice as well.
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This is dead now, comes up at $12.something
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shows up as $12.16 on my amazon. why?
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Quote from VernonT View Post :
WoW is the biggest gear-grinding game out there in my opinion, and half the time you are frustrated that your Raids are on cooldown since not too long after hitting 90 raids are pretty much the only way to get upgrades.. 2
Are you serious? The greatest thing about WoW was that you could come back anytime and not be too behind in gear.

The worst thing about traditional and eastern MMO's was that if you didn't play for 1 year, you were literally 1 year behind in gear; good luck catching up with that. Even in some modern games today, the difference between noobie gear and top gear is astronomical. In Tera, the best geared people hit others in for 1 million damage. A fresh max level char will be hitting for a 100k. Unless you join a guild that funds you, don't expect to catch up anytime soon (1 year). Most good guild won't even want you because you are too weak. In WoW you can get geared in 2-3 weeks and start being competitive.
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Quote from atari View Post :
This is dead now, comes up at $12.something
Quote from Ruslan09 View Post :
shows up as $12.16 on my amazon. why?
If you are interested go to worldofwarcraft dot com as they have this special running until the 24th I believe.
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