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World of Warcraft Battle Chest (PC) EXPIRED

yuugotserved 133,966 February 10, 2013 at 06:56 PM in Video Games (2) More Amazon Deals
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Promoted 02-11-2013 at 04:09 AM View Original Post has World of Warcraft Battle Chest (PC) for $4.99. Free shipping with Prime (free student accounts available) or if you spend $25 or more. Thanks yuugotserved

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World of Warcraft Battle Chest (PC)


free shipping with Prime or $25+


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It's a TRAP!
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or buy guild wars 2
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best buy has this as well with free store pickup. Have to pay tax but i think this is better for me since i no longer have prime and can pick up in store later today
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Best Buy also has the other two expansions you will need on sale, Cataclysm for 10 dollars and Mists of Pandaria for 20 dollars.. Honestly not a bad deal, it's even tempting me to play again and I already tried Mists when it first came out.. It was a little stale and honestly boring but maybe things have changed..

Fair warning to those asking about if WoW is worth the 15 dollars a month or whatever.. If you are a very invested gamer and have lots of time to put into it, WoW is the best game out there to play pretty much.. New content pouring in constantly, good server and customer support, as well as a helpful community (do server research first! some are def. better than others). Honestly the only thing that irks me about this game is that they focus too much on gear rather than gameplay.. WoW is the biggest gear-grinding game out there in my opinion, and half the time you are frustrated that your Raids are on cooldown since not too long after hitting 90 raids are pretty much the only way to get upgrades.. So as I've pretty much already said, once you cannot raid any longer for the week it pretty much defeats any purpose of logging on.. Before long you become known as what the WoW community calls a "raid logger" and only care to even come on to do Raids and then you're gone until the next one.. I think Blizzard needs to bring back the communal sense to this game that it had in Vanilla.. Back before all this Cross-Server garbage, when everyone felt more linked in.. Back then there was always something you could do to benefit your character or guild that actually mattered.. Now it's either do Arena in your offtime or become and achievement whore.. Orrrrr just bot, lol.. If they fixed this problem I would be an avid WoW player once again.. But thats just my c2
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Quote from prophylaxis View Post :
Really nerdy / geeky / dorky, but spending time with your gf on this thing is friggen cheap. you can cook her amazing food that gives buffs for an hour.
You can take her on a magic carpet ride.
You can show her the world.
You can /flex to show her how strong you are.
You can go fishing together, catch fish, and not spend a single penny on IRL bait.
You can get on a giant mammoth mount and you can take her around town.
You can explore dungeons together.
Get enough gear and you can explore her dungeon.
It might even be on heroic.
Quote from andy4theherd View Post :
i just ran all these things by my wife as a possible plan for valentine's day. she gave me the "no sex for months" look.

i guess YMMV...
That reason sounds like it comes with a +1 Sword of Limpness. And yes, I know IRL couples/marriages that game together, and that's ALL they do together. shake head

BTW, I DID try that once, and DID get andy4theherd's results. You have been warned.EEK!
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never played thsi before but for 5 will give it a shot... thank you
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Yea this is a pretty good deal I grabbed 1 for $5 and cata for $10 and mists for $30 from blizzard over xmas.

If you are coming back to the game you can still have someone send your email a scroll of resurrection or whatever and you get a free copy of cata as well as a free level 80 character and 7 game days free too. if you need someone to send one let me know I will send one because I think the sender gets a free mount or something.
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this or 2moons
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Be warned, youll finish this in like a couple days, leveling is so fast. I go from 1-70 in a day or two.

It's basically to hook you into buying the other expansions +gametime.

This is essentially a masked trial version that you pay for.
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Quote from Trakanonn View Post :
Be warned, youll finish this in like a couple days, leveling is so fast. I go from 1-70 in a day or two.

It's basically to hook you into buying the other expansions +gametime.

This is essentially a masked trial version that you pay for.
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Quote from bravesfan87 View Post :
the wrath of the lich king expansion is $5 too so like $10 for those 3 if ur into WOW good deal for those interested but ill pass

Wrath is Included in all battlechests new and old. So buying it is a waste of money.
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Quote from tehsilly View Post :
so my account was hacked a few years back. i tried to log in and I want to get it activated again. the freaking blizzard site is noob. they do not give any number to call, just the pos website. I dont want to restart a whole new character, however I dont have the two expansions as i was too lazy to buy them, Ill pick this up now but does anyone know of a number to call to get your account activated? Thanks in advance!

If your account hasn't been active since before March 3rd or 9th of 2012, I can send you a scroll of resurrection and you'll get some pretty nice rewards.
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Umm. Guys? I used to play WoW when it first came out. Don't underestimate that $15/month fee. That's $180/year. Over the 4 years that I played I spent $720 on the monthly fee's alone. Plus more money for the continual expansions.

In contrast, a game like LOTRO is free to try. [] Supported on Macs & PCs. Works under WINE too. No monthly fees are required, though you can subscribe if you really really want to (for minor benefits). The expansions do cost extra, which can be earned in-game or paid for with dollars/euros. And the older ones are discounted and frequently offered up on sale. You pay what your comfortable paying. All the content is unlocked up to L20 or so. You can earn enough in those first 20 levels to unlock more content if you don't wish to pay. (And if you do wish to pay, wait for a sale, buy TP at discount (1.67/cent), then buy expansions at a 30% off sale.)

So, what's WoW offering here? Why is it "better"? Lotro has a good dungeon system. You can enter anywhere from anywhere in the realm. There's a good mix-and-match pairing system for pick-up groups. There's global (player-created) chat channel (glff) for organizing pickup games. Crafting. Lots of crafting. Which is optional! Higher level items can be upgraded. And you can own your own hobbit home, to say nothing of your kinship's (guild's) home.

What am I missing here?
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Quote from Trakanonn View Post :
Be warned, youll finish this in like a couple days, leveling is so fast. I go from 1-70 in a day or two.

It's basically to hook you into buying the other expansions +gametime.

This is essentially a masked trial version that you pay for.
I suppose it all depends on how much time you put in. I am lucky to get about 45 minutes a day and it took me 3 months to level to 90 from 0 when I switched to a new server. Leveling has been reduced up to 80, and if you buy heirloom items it goes even faster, but if you don't spend 8 hours a day playing, you're not likely to level to 70 in "a day or two" as a new player (maybe you mean played time, but you don't say that and someone that doesn't know wouldn't have a clue what that means.)

If you do get Wraith as people are saying, then those next 10 levels will add more time. If you just buy the battle chest and power grind, you may get through it fast, but if you enjoy a story line, there are a ton of quest story lines that can take a while to progress through. they are generally interesting and you will outlevel them, but if you're there for the story it doesn't matter too much.

Overall, yes the goal is to get the player to buy the most recent expansion, but if you are just wanting to try it, this is a great way to do it. If you even *think* you might want to continue on, then go ahead and buy the expansions. At $35 it is still less than most console games and I guarantee more play time from WOW, even with the monthly subscription price. If you don't enjoy it, then don't activate the expansions and return them or sell them.

And regarding the monthly fee... how much do you spend going to a bar or in gaming terms, how much do you spend on a new console game? I know many people that play wow instead of going out or that used to buy a new console game every month (or every few weeks) at $60 a game only to beat it in a few weeks. Yes there are other MMORPGs out there that are free (Star Wars The Old Republic, Lord Of The Rings Online, Guild Wars, EVE, Rift...) and they have their good and bad points and all of them together don't have the player base (in numbers) that WOW does. I'd recommend trying them and see what you like. Most of them are going to have a higher entrance fee than $5, so if you think you might want to try WOW, then get this, you don't have to activate it immediately.
Last edited by SumDuud February 11, 2013 at 10:42 AM
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You can even send yourself a scroll of resurrection and get a cool mount out of it. Smilie

Just activate a 10-day trial online (if you can log in to your old account), then send a scroll to one of your own characters.

Call up Blizz and tell them you found out about the Scroll, but you already activated a 10-day trial - and they'll apply the scroll for you. If I remember right, you even get some free game time out of this.

Log back into your account, and click on the rewards to choose which character to have instantly leveled to 80 (or log in to the game, create a new character, and have that one bumped to 80) - and which character to send the mount to as well.

YES, this works. I did it a few months ago. Smilie
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