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Mohu Paper Thin Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna EXPIRED

gabe23111 26,864 February 12, 2013 at 02:53 PM in Tech & Electronics (3) More Adorama Deals
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Adorama has Mohu Paper Thin Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna for $25 with free shipping. Thanks gabe23111

Price Research: Our research indicates that Mohu Paper Thin Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna is $15 lower (38% savings) than the next best available price from a reputable merchant with prices starting at $40. - yuugotserved

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Edited February 12, 2013 at 04:22 PM by widgit
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The Mohu Leaf Indoor Television Antenna is a paper thin antenna that connects to your TV and mounts on the wall, behind a picture, or just about anywhere to enable you to receive free over-the-air broadcasts. The Leaf is unlike any other television antenna on the market and provides unparalleled performance, installation options and value. Because the majority of television antennas on the market today are unsightly and tend to be an "eye-sore", design aesthetics were a primary driver in the design of the Leaf antenna. The antenna is black on one side and white on the other providing a variety of installation options.


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Quote from insanecow View Post :
Good antenna for UHF. Not so good if you have channels in high-VHF. In my area, "real" networks like NBC and FOX are in high-VHF, and this antenna can't pick them up.
Yep, I cannot pick up NBC, Fox is OK, but I have to turn the Leaf 90 degree to all the rest. UHF are fine.

I will most likely just make one antenna myself, it is pretty easy.
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Bought one after reading what you guys are saying. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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Bought 1 ...Hopefully will get few good channels in NJ..Thanks OP!
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Quote from denverlynx View Post :
Is there a difference in the model listed (MH-759263) and the model listed on Amazon (MH-ANT1000)?

Other than the dimensions, they seems very similar. I couldn't find anything on the Mohu website detailing and differences between the models numbers.
6ft vs 10 ft antenna.
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I recently picked up a Winegard Flatwave Amped FL-5500c antenna of similar design, for just under $50. It definitely works better than the rabbit ears it replaced, but is very sensitive to position; even moving it a few inches makes a big difference in signal strength. In the end, I taped it to a window and found that it works better in the middle of the window than at the top, which was a surprise. The amplifier, which is built in to the connecting cable, is USB-powered.

So these flat designs may well be worth a try, just be prepared to fiddle around with positioning.
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these flat-profile antennas work fine as long as you are in a location that can receive tv signals. and I've also found them to be extremely sensitive to positioning. here's a pretty good resource for optimizing your antenna position
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Amazing in the Bay Area. Get so many good quality HD Channels. Specifically used on Irving and 19th, Candlestick Park, Hickey Blvd in Pacifica and Berryessa Area in San Jose. All really really good.
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Quote from z4m View Post :
This is a great antenna. I tried this but needed the amplified version though since the signals get blocked in my area.

Quote from GamerDad09 View Post :
I just ordered my 4th one for use in the southside of Houston TX. I set one up in the Pearland area and got a bunch of crazy channels and much better reception than what was being picked up with rabbit ears.

I have also setup another 2 in the Pasadena/Deer Park area and got a couple extra channels, but mostly better reception on problem channel 26 Fox with less digital signal loss on the majority of the major networks.

If you live behind any hills, in the woods, or are surrounded by large buildings that are blocking the direction of your area's antenna farm, you might need the amplified version.

just want to clear up some concept here, since a lot of people seems to have a wrong idea about how amplifier works.

the amp only amplifies the "received" signal, meaning, it will improve your signal quality if you have a long cable between the antenna and TV, or if you have a splitter from the antenna to multiple TV. the amp does nothing to improve your reception at the antenna end. it is used to compensate the additional noise introduced by the connector and cable between antenna and your device.

so no, if you living in the woods or surrounded by large buildings, the amp version will not help, not even a bit. in fact, it may introduce undesirable effect because it might increase the noise floor and make your TV reception less sensitive for weak signals.
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Better than rabbit ears. Mounting kind of sucks as it's just Velcro/glue dots that's too weak to hold its weight for an extended period of time (days to weeks). The cord is rather short if you're wanting to mount it higher/longer than 3 feet from the TV you'll need a M/M adapter and an extra cord. I lose about 5 channels unless I have my antenna close to my ceiling or in the upper corner of my windows...

NBC, CBS and Fox 12 (VHF) are some of the the five channels I lose if not close to my ceiling which kind of confirms an earlier statement about issues with VHF channels.
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Own one and get 40 or so channels, mostly in crystal clear HD. Your reception may vary but this is low profile and sweet. Highly recommended.
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I think it really just depends on where you are located. I live near the mountains in So. Cal. and I get 5,7(if i move the antenna) 9 (somedays), 11,13,24 but my gf in LA gets, 2,4,5,7,9,13,24 (no 11). Well plus we get all the random channels that you can get.

I think in terms of construction its not monoprice quality, but for what you get its pretty awesome. I bought it a ways back on 1saleaday for 20. I think its great for what it is. I mean...basic local + amazon prime, netflix, hulu etc. You don't need much else =)
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I live in Center City Philly on a street with 15 -20 story buildings everywhere. This thing is amazing, really I mean it just get it I mean you are saving 50$ a month or whatever by not having cable. Just leave it in a good spot and nothing to tinker with unlike my rabbit ears, that alone is worth a million to me. It might not be the best but because it is so flimsy you can put it maybe where you couldn't put another antenna and get a great picture.

I got the unamplified version cause I didn't think it would work for me in the first place so didn't want to spend more. Amplification never seems to help me anyways.

I had some really nice unpowered rabbit ears from 1980's or so the little UHF knob gave up the ghost finally so I trashed it. Got every channel on it with some tinkering here and there with exception of public PBS channel 12 which I think is still transmitting on its old VHF. It did get channel 6 which I know for a fact is still on the same VHF channel as it was originally. I couldn't get it at first but some months after everything went digital they allowed WPVI to double the amount of power going beyond what the FCC normally allowed. Didn't realize how nice that crappy antenna was.

Why do I say this because I got every type of antenna afterwords and none could get WPVI channel 6. I tried 6 or 7 different ones over a year. Ones that looked like my 1980's Rabbit ears. Ones that were powered. Ones that I got from Amazon. None said they could get VHF channels but I was hoping. I looked up online at the AVS forum and they were saying you needed two antennas or something but I wasn't really sure so I just gave up.

The worst part is those digital boxes need to scan all the channels at once can't tell them to go to channel 6 and futz with the antenna you need to get a signal of some kind in the first place and let it scan all the channels.

Finally tried this. Got it in the mail looks totally crappy. Like all the rest I every used all the UHF channels came in perfect. Was able to get channel 12 which is promising. Like all my other antennas got best reception when holding against a wall. Unlike all my other antennas however this one is completely paper thin. So I move it everywhere and unike the others I can put it as high up as I can reach on a southern facing internal wall taped it there because it is light and white anndd... I get VHF channel 6 in Philly with this little thing, as well as all the other UHF channels. I mean every other channel too even the crazy religious ones I wished I didn't know existed.
Last edited by Yianaki February 12, 2013 at 05:11 PM
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If you need this and it works for you, that is great. But, for many people the 8-12 dollar RCA will work just fine. It is to be said that its design is retro at best.
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One of those VHF or UHF need an antenna. This flat panel will not work. So get one of those combo with flat and antenna.
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a loop antenna inside plastic and this is a FP deal? You'd be better off using a spare piece of coax, a wire hangar and a piece of cardboard to hide it...
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