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GUN 1911-A1 .45ACP $400 shipped

Teldin 81 March 1, 2013 at 08:55 AM in Sporting Goods (3)
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Last Edited by Teldin March 1, 2013 at 12:00 PM
(my first deal post, go easy please)

Received a deal alert from Buds Guns yesterday. They have a TISAS Classic 1911-A1 45ACP 5" GI BLACK for $400 (cash & equivalent price) with free shipping. I'm a long time gun fan and I've never heard of TISAS, however the gun has many great reviews. Unfortunately the gun is NOT on the CA DOJ list so I can't purchase one.

Factory New

Manufacturers Part # TZM11BL

Tisas 1911-A1 adds a stunning value to this famous reproduction 1911 classic pistol with such high quality materials, workmanship, fit and finish is just what you want. Made in Turkey by Tisas accordingly to international standards such as ISO 9001 and NATO AQAP, also tested in every stage of production for many challenging situations this gun may face. This is the reason Tisas products are very popular worldwide by delivering reliability.

By using cold hammer forged stainless steel barrel, Military Specification black finish (parkerized), with beautiful Turkish walnut grips, hard plastic case, this makes Tisas 1911 .45 ACP a stunning deal all around . America’s new 1911 is here ….

These guns cannot be shipped to CALIFORNIA, They are not on the CALIF DOJ APPROVED HANDGUN LIST.


.45 ACP
8 Rounds
5 “
-40 TO 140 Fahrenheit range
Short Recoil Operation System
Semi Automatic / Single Action Trigger
Fixed GI Style Sights; Dovetailed Front & Rear
Tests Made
High pressure shooting test, Speed Test, Dispersal Shooting Test, Hot Weather Test, Cold Weather Test, Endurance, Salt, After Endurance and Drop Safety Tests accordingly to NATO and Turkish Ministry of Defense’s technical specification


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Quote from igividen View Post :
How long does it take an e check to clear?
I' have never used their system, but I imagine it would be instantly.
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Quote from kwaigonegin View Post :
wow! no offense but if you live your life guided purely by unknown women, gun laws and weather I think you really need to reevaluate your life.

I actually have. I'm quite happy with it.
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Quote from JohnM4626 View Post :
Any other brand on competitive price range of same quality.
Here is a sweet deal on a 9mm

Quote from jcp42877 View Post :
Is it just me, or when I try to checkout and make an account...I never get the validation email. My junk settings are turned off and still nothing.

This has happened for Gunbroker, Gun Forums of Georgia, and now this one..

I have no idea why it keeps avoiding sending me the emails. All other site I join send the email right away.
It's just you.
Last edited by igividen March 4, 2013 at 01:30 AM
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Quote from tominct View Post :
Your kidding me right? On the chance that you are not trolling to instigate a spit ball fight here you go.

The military side arm is now a 9mm. It was a 45. Military is not a "trendy" organization. They are stubborn and sticks with what works until they can prove they have a better answer for a specific problem. Any thought that a 9mm is insufficient for its purpose is uneducated.

"Experts" dont agree on best caliber any more than best beer or luxury car. Vast majority of time you only need to threaten force, not use it. Deterrence of 9mm = 45. Pushed further, I like both. Best selection for you is the one you practice with enough to be able to place your shots with high confidence because if pulling the gun doesnt deter the bad guy then you better hit the target or you might die.
Yea, the 9mm was developed after the military realized that the drugged out Moro guerrillas in the Philippine-American War weren't stopping for the Colt M1892 revolver. First the Army adpoted the the 9mm on March 29th, 1911 and then the Navy and Marine Corps adopted it in 1913.

Oh wait... turns out it was the .45 not the 9mm. Well with advances in technology, space station orbiting the earth and what not, surely the special forces have switched over to the powerful earth shattering 9mm.!
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Quote from Vail Floinn View Post :
Move to Texas carry and own whatever weapon you like. Also NO state income tax in Texas!
Louisiana is getting ready to do away with state income tax. And Louisiana has no rules on what you can own in the weapon line. Additional in Louisiana we have a shoot the intruder law. Yes, I know that New Orleans is one of the most dangerous cities in the US. But north of Lake Pontchartrain and the City we all carry and the homicide rate in very low and it is mostly domestic.

Arizona is better. This whole "no income tax" thing is smoke and mirrors. Sure, no income tax but the property tax is very high. A standard house will run you, what, about $4k a year in property taxes v's $1k for a compariable home in AZ? AZ has a TOP income tax rate of about 4% on income over $150k. I know which state i want to be a retiree in.
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Quote from fitz0527 View Post :
You live in the worst state in the country. Sorry dude.
You've gotta be joking.
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Quote from ajh52 View Post :
Pennsylvania is exactly the opposite...very relaxed gun laws and beautiful women are few and far between.
Quit hanging out in Amish Country Rofl2 you have a better chance when you move outside of God's Country - the middle of PA Big Grin

We already have a 1911, but getting another one isn't a bad idea Wink
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Quote from krisman2003 View Post :
Please stop feeding the troll. Can't the mods delete posts that are irrelevant to the deal posted?

Just look at the first post if you can't handle the others?
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Joined Nov 2003
Bastard Operator From H*l
1,944 Reputation
Quote from Piccaboo View Post :
Quit hanging out in Amish Country Rofl2 you have a better chance when you move outside of God's Country - the middle of PA Big Grin

We already have a 1911, but getting another one isn't a bad idea Wink
*laughing* I have a 1911 in both .45ACP and 9mm caliber so regardless of caliber, I get to fire the same platform.

I like the duotone one so I'm ogling my mad money. Good thing it's out of stock right now.
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Quote from joesl8 View Post :
Just look at the first post if you can't handle the others?
Yes you are right. Sorry I offended you.
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Quote from craezie View Post :
boo, I'm in the market for a 1911 but this one is not approved in CA

Buy an Auto-Ordnance 1911A1. Price about a $100 higher but CA legal and look feel closet to the real 1911A1.
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Quote from hpdad View Post :
What 1911(s) are different from other hand guns?

I have Glock 19 & XD9.

It's just a simple question. I am new to hand guns and want to learn. Not any other meaning behind it. Please don't turn this into something else. Thanks
I'm a huge fan of the 1911; seems like I've always had one.
Truth be know, it's a matter of personal taste (I know a fellow that stills swears by his Browning Hi-Power), and it is also a 'cult thing'; it's been around 100 years and still works very well.
Being a single stack .45, it's a little narrower than a staggered-stack pistol.
It's our history!
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