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Kmart DieHard Automatic Battery Charger 10/2/50 amp $34.99

PghSteelerFan43 83 72 March 7, 2013 at 06:58 AM in Home & Home Improvement (3) More Kmart Deals
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Last Edited by PghSteelerFan43 March 7, 2013 at 09:14 AM
This came up as Kmart's deal of the day. This has been as low as $30 couple of times, but still seems like a good deal. I also used Discover 5% Cash Back for additional savings.

It appears to have a Maintain Mode (Float-Mode Monitoring). It does come with a three year warranty.

Only 50 amp jump start, but often that would be enough.

Product Description

Power Up Engines with Diehard's Automatic Battery Charger

Bring a fast, powerful charge wherever it's needed with the Diehard Battery Charger. The 12V starter and TT charger offers a 2 am trickle, 10 amp fast charge and a 50 amp engine start that's suitable for all types of vehicles with 12 volt batteries, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, farm equipment and lawn tractors.

The Automatic Battery Charger is housed in a rust-proof, shock-resistant polypropylene black case for extended life and safety. Two 2 LED indicators show Power On and Fully Charged states. Built for optimum and long-lasting performance, the charger features solid-state circuitry with silicon diodes and copper wound transformers. UL listed, its safety features include reverse hook-up protection and spark-proof protection in automatic mode, making it safe for beginners to use.

The fast and powerful Diehard Battery Charger charges up all types of vehicles and farm equipment with 12 volt batteries
2 amp trickle, 10 amp fast charge, 50 amp engine start
Housed in a rust-proof, shock-resistant black polypropylene case for extended life and safety
2 LEDs show power on and full charge status
Solid-state circuitry with silicon diodes for optimum performance
Copper wound transformers for long life
Spark-proof protection in automatic mode for added safety
Reverse hook-up protection, UL listed



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Quote from PghSteelerFan43 View Post :
Only 50 amp jump start, but often that would be enough.
For a small vehicle like a lawn mower or a kid's atv perhaps maybe yes.

For those who are thinking of using this to jumpstart their car then no.

Minimal 300 amps would be ideal.

You "might" be able to get away and jump start only if the battery charge isn't too low but if you are this point then consider a free recharge at your local auto parts store.

If you plan on using this as battery charger then be wary that it doesn't have Float-Mode Monitoring meaning that it can overcharge your battery if you do not disconnect it when it tells you to.
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Last edited by DTN107 March 7, 2013 at 08:11 AM
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Yes, I would agree. Though I was looking at the manual for this and it states that it will go into maintain mode when battery is fully charged. Am I missing something, I know it won't shut off, but wouldn't that prevent overcharging?

From the manual:

Setting the controls
All of the controls for your charger are located on the front of the charger. Read these instructions to properly set the charger controls.
The Ammeter indicates the amount of current, measured in amps, that is being drawn by the battery. As a battery takes on a charge, it draws less current from the charger. Correspondingly, the meter will show less current being drawn by the battery. When the current stops decreasing, the battery is charged.
The 2 amp charge rate may indicate some activity on the meter, although the meter does not have the resolution to display this low rate. For the 2 amp charge rate, a triangle has been provided. Its accuracy has been calibrated for use with small batteries.

Percent of Charge
The percent of charge is based on the current drawn by the battery. For this reason, accuracy will vary with the size and battery type.
LED Indicators

On Steady – Battery is fully charged and the charger is in Maintain Mode.

Fast Blink (4x per second) – Charger is ready to crank the engine in Engine
Start Mode.

Slow Blink (1x per second) – Charger is in Engine Start Cool Down Mode.

Two Blinks (followed by pause) – Charger is in Abort Mode.
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And actually, after reading on in the manual, It does appear to have the float-mode monitoring.

NOTE: The charger does not have an ON/OFF switch. The ON and OFF commands are controlled by plugging the 71222 into a 120V AC electrical wall outlet only after the battery connections have been made.
Make sure to place the charger on a dry, non-flammable surface, such as metal
or concrete.
Ensure that all of the charger components are in place and in good working condition, including the plastic boots on the battery clips.
Connect the battery, following the precautions listed in sections 6 and 7.
Select the appropriate settings for your battery.
Connect the AC power, following the precautions listed in section 8.
To disconnect the charger, reverse the above procedures.
Automatic Operation
When an automatic charge is performed, the charger switches to a maintain mode automatically after the battery is charged.
Aborted Charge
If charging cannot be completed normally, charging will abort. When charging aborts, the charger’s output is shut off and the LED will blink (two blinks followed by a pause). All charger function switches become non-functional. To reset after an aborted charge, unplug the charger from the AC outlet, wait a few moments and plug it back in.
Completion of Charge
Charge completion is indicated by the LED. When lit steadily, the charger has switched to the Maintain Mode of operation.
Maintain Mode (Float-Mode Monitoring)
When the LED is lit, the charger has started Maintain Mode. In this mode, the charger keeps the battery fully charged by delivering a small current when necessary.
NOTE: If the charger has to provide its maximum Maintain Mode current for a continuous 12 hour period, it will go into Abort Mode (see Aborted Charge section). This is usually caused by a drain on the battery or a bad battery. Make sure there are no loads on the battery. If there are, remove them. If there are none, have the battery checked or replaced.
Maintaining a Battery (2 amp charge rate)
The charger maintenance setting will keep 12 volt batteries at full charge. The setting can also be used to charge smaller batteries. However, if you use the setting to charge a large battery, such as a marine deep-cycle battery, battery capacity may be lost. The battery would then be unable to hold a charge and become useless. Avoid using the maintenance setting to charge a large battery.
NOTE: The maintain mode technology utilized in DieHard chargers allows you to safely charge and maintain a healthy battery for extended periods of time. However, problems with the battery, electrical problems in the vehicle, improper connections or other unanticipated conditions could cause excessive current draws. As such, occasionally monitoring your battery and the charging process is recommended.
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Thanks for several cautions on charging a battery. Is that all for the vehicles right?
Well, with the increased prices of gas, it is a wonder people don't have more electric and hybrid automobiles []. I know I was pretty enthusiastic when I got my hybrid. The only issue I found pretty quickly was that it increased my electric bill significantly to plug in the car at night. With a personal loan, you can pay your electric bill to charge your hybrid. Just sharing a thought. =)
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I'm really mad at myself for not seeing this deal. I've been waiting for this charger to be on sale Frown I've been checking the Sears site daily but didn't think to check kmart. Frown

Edit: Nvm, it's still live! YAY! I thought since it was a deal of the day, it'd be gone now.
Edit#2: Nvm... price isn't the same in cart Frown
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Last edited by binji March 8, 2013 at 10:02 PM
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