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Comcast Digital Starter with HD/DVR AND Performance Internet - $39.99 for 12 Months - NO CONTRACT - NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY - YMMV

ab2cmiller 423 March 18, 2013 at 02:03 PM in Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) (4)

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Last Edited by ab2cmiller March 19, 2013 at 04:41 AM
Just got this offer in the mail:

Digital Starter with 1 HD/DVR receiver (HD/DVR free for 12 months)
Performance Internet
HBO (free for 24 months)

= $39.99 per month for first 12 months - NO CONTRACT - New Residential Customers Only.

After 12 months the price goes to $59.99 with an extra $9.95 for the HD/DVR receiver for the next 12 months.

Alternate Deal #1 - While on the phone the guy said that they were also offering Digital Economy TV with Blast Internet for the same price of $39.99

Alternate Deal #2 - Digital Starter with HD/DVR ONLY - No Internet - $29.99

Call 1-877-253-0489 which evidently is a subcontractor that Comcast is using to market. Could not get the deal when dialing 1-800-xfinity. Mailer claims deal ends on 3/31/13.

YMMV - I have no clue if this offer is available in all areas - worked in Northeast Indiana for me


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Last edited by moonpatrol March 21, 2013 at 02:54 AM
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Quote from guitarguy View Post :
I was offered this deal and took it when I called in to cancel a few months ago. 12-month contract at $39.99 - pretty nice deal .. until I got the contract in my email that stated I was in a 2-year contract (mo. 13-24 $59.99). Talk about a bait and switch considering I specifically asked and confirmed numerous times that I was signing up for a 12-month contract. Still ended up keeping the deal, but I am ready to start recording my conversations with these people after this incident.
not a bad idea to record or get an email verifying what they are saying. i am curious, did it say specifically that you were in a 2 year contract (cancellation fee and the like) or did it just say what the price will increase to in the second year. I have been chatting with customer service for the last hour because I signed up for a deal for existing customers in the comcast site and it listed the price for the first 6 months for $44.99 and then listed the increased price for months 6-12, but mine said on the promotion no contract. Even though the chat agent confirmed i was getting the promo price, turns out they have no record of me ordering it and the people on chat are clueless.

the final result of the last chat was that even though the offer said for current customers it seems that i am already a blast plus customer and in the restrictions it says not for blast plus customers..i guess is just for all the other current customers who don't have blast plus. they credited me $20 for my troubles...what ever. it only took me 3 long chat sessions including escalating to a manager to get that info from them.
Last edited by moonpatrol March 21, 2013 at 03:02 AM
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I have never seen or heard of such a good offer, at least in the west division of Comcast. I used to be a contractor, but now work directly for Comcast. From my experience, contractors can never adjust the monthly billing rate over time, but they can through in a freebie or a one-time credit. Like one time the contractor I worked with did a free 32" LCD TV and a different time they did a netbook. They must have some serious competition over there or something... The best value offer I can give is 89.99 for 12MO then 109.99 for the second 12MO for our HD Preferred Plus Triple Play with an HDDVR free for 12MO.
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I picked up a $39.99 per month deal in December of last year with Digital Economy TV and Blast Plus as new customer in the Atlanta Surburban Region for 12 months. I had to pay $49.00 for install, and they are currently charging me $7.00 for wireless cable modem, but I have one now that I need to setup, and that charge will then go away as well.

I got it by calling up Comcast directly, and for some reason, they had issues trying to get on and find the deals in my area, so the person I was speaking with said that she would give my name to an salesperson to call me later. The guy called the next day, and I asked him to find me the best deal he could. He called the next day after that offering the deal. I kept a recording of the deal as well, and so far, no real billing issues. They did try to also charge me an extra $25.00 for 'wirelesss setup', but I told the billing person that that was not mentioned by the salesperson, and that the installer did no true 'wireless setup', and that I setup all my wireless devices (which I had), so they took the charge off.

I went from AT&T max of about 1.8 Mbps down (usually far less, which got worse the father away the test server was from me) to 36+ Mbps down, and it does not drop much further even from servers located in California. Needless to say, it's been working great, even though I wasn't paying very much for DSL in the 1st place. After the 12 months, we'll have to see what happens....
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Calling this number can also get you the performance 6-15mbps internet for 19.99 for a whole year.
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Holy crap. I'm debating investigating this, but I'm only 12 months in to my 24-month fios contract. It'd be a couple hundred to break the contract.

Still this might be worth it... Seems like its exactly what I currently have with Verizon for $70 less.
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Digital Starter does not add value. You will be able to get more channels via OTA digital.
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Quote from athpvng View Post :
Is this a good deal for a new customer? Sorry - I'm new to purchasing internet.

I read in the other forum that Blast and Performance speeds will go up to 50mbps and 30mbps respectively. If I sign up for Blast now, will my speed go up in May?

I also saw a deal for 30mbps for $29.99 for 12 months .. but that's for existing customers.
It might depend on where you live. I have blast in Houston and my speeds have went from 35/6 to 71/11.
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anyone in VA try this number?
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My wife just tried this for our new place in GA and they said it was expired.
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Did not work in 95630...
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South ATL: Sorry, not available in your area!
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i have been with comcast for my internet for the past 2 years. i signed up when there was a promo for performance at $19.99 for first year and 2nd year was 34.99. my promo ends 4/3. i just called and said i want to cancel because it just too much for me at regular price. without hesitation, the rep (guy) offered me the same speed for $39.99 for a year with no contract. and off course i accepted.
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I currently have only internet with Comcast (non-contract). I called and was told there is a 120 day exemption period if I was to cancel and come in as a new customer. I really would like to get a deal better than their vanilla options offered on their sit. Anyone have luck on negotiating? Tips perhaps?
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Any new offers for bay area? Cant find any decent deals on comcast website...
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