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Promoted 03-20-2013 at 05:59 AM View Original Post has Vibram FiveFingers Multisport Shoes marked down from as low as $31.99. Shipping is free. Thanks Osupikapp1

Sale Vibrams

Original Post has lowered the price on the Bikilas to under $40!
Shipped free!
Entire List of Vibrams on sale! []

Special notes:
Sprints 31.99 []
Classics $34.99 []
Bikilas for $39.99 $5 off last few weeks and my personal favorite []
Bikilas LS $44.99 amazing price with free shipping []

Please remember wash very often to fight the Vibram funk or wear Injinji's which REI has been blowing out lately! []
Also these shoes are not for everyone, no matter what anyone tells you. You take it easy in these at the start, do not put em on and try to run a couple miles, you will regret it.
If you enjoy being barefoot at home or in the yard, then these may be a great option for you to relearn how to run/walk.
You will want to get a foam roller if you plan on running in these it will help you tremendously... I swear by it.

Reps to the last poster who had the more expensive deal!


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Quote from Luxowell View Post :
I don't know why, but I'm always creeped out when people wear these.
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Where can I get the five finger discount?
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Seems I should have done the foot measurement on the Vibram site before ordering... according to them I'd be a 43, but on the 6pm site I'd be a 45.
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Quote from sillymcnasty View Post :
Don't go by 6pm's size calculator. Go to the Vibram's website to get your actual size (40-whatever). You have to measure your foot.

You can check other sites for the Sprint. Same sole as KSO, but not that mesh upper up top to KSO (keep stuff out). If it's just for the weight room, that'll do. Or the classic.
According to the calculator I should buy 1-1.5 sizes smaller than measured at the shoe store? My socks don't account for that differential.
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I bought a pair of KSOs from REI around this time last year for $40. I broke them in slowly, wearing them 1-2 times per week. I was hoping to wear them pretty regularly for a variety of uses, but I ended up using them mostly for the gym. Keep in mind, KSOs have really thin soles, and they don't have the added padding/grip as seen on Bikila and Treksport.

Here are my thoughts:


I wear a size 10-10.5 in Nike running shoes and 10 in Converse Chuck Taylors. I tried on 41, 42, and 43 for the VFF. If you've never worn these kinds of shoes, you'll have questions on fitment, even after trying them on, especially if you have flat feet like myself. I ultimately chose 42, even though the fit seemed a little too tight when flexing my foot at first. People say these shoes shrink, but I haven't noticed. But they do seem to fit better over time, and I'm not sure if it's the shoe or my foot. It more or less fits as well as the day I bought them.


Running on concrete: Too much hard impact, I don't do it.
Running on treadmill: It's fine, the impact is much more tolerable.
Running on all-weather track: Fine.
Weightlifting/core: Great. I really like the natural footing when I do squats, and I don't have to bring socks to change into (one less thing to remember) after work.
Hiking: Painful if there are too many rocks embedded into the trail. Not enough grip for climbing over boulders. I have trail running shoes with really aggressive tread for this.
Grass: Best feeling in the world
Puddles: Avoid at all costs, even the shallow ones. As soon as dirty water gets inside, you really gotta wash them.


I typically wear these 3 times per week, 1.5-2 hrs each time. I use foot powder before each use to minimize sweat and odor. I wash them once ever 3-4 weeks; I just throw them into the washing machine with my jeans, some detergent, cold water. To dry them, I stuff paper into them and let them air-dry for a day (not in the sun).

In the end, I use them for weightlifting 90% of the time, running on treadmill/track 9% of the time, and miscellaneous uses the rest of the time. I'm still very flat-footed, but my feet and calves definitely feel more muscular.

Not as versatile as I had hoped, but I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase. If I were to buy another pair, I would buy one with more tread. Hope this helps.
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The only shoe stranger than Crocs. Go Cody Lundine style.
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So, just went and tried a pair on (KMD). I wear a 10-11 in regular shoes.

1st - tried 44, but were too floppy around toes
2nd - tried 43, alot better, still felt weird & didn't really fit around toes

I guess I'm not made for these, lol.
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These may be very functional, but they are the dorkiest looking things I've ever seen. I'm a huge dork and I'd be embarrassed to wear these inside my house. Not trying to TC, but just sayin...
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I own two pairs so far, with hopes of getting more. Here are my thoughts:

I can't stress this one enough--find a store that sells them and try them on first. Some people have feet that aren't "average" for one reason or another, such as a particularly long toe(s), etc. These people will not feel comfortable in Vibrams. Also getting the fit right I would argue is more important in Vibrams. Plus, you should try them out and walk around in them for 5-10 minutes at the store to decide whether or not you like them. Some people might simply not prefer feeling the ground under their feet rather than the padding we're typically used to.

After wearing them around for ten minutes I was completely sold. They are the most comfortable things to ever happen to my feet. So much so that I decided I totally didn't care about the appearance issues.

Yes, most of the color schemes are ugly. They're getting better though and some of them now look pretty good. Overall I think appearance is a secondary concern here because people are probably going to think you look like a douche regardless of the color scheme, because you're wearing toe-shoes. If you're that worried about it, maybe these aren't for you.
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Quote from sillymcnasty View Post :
I disagree

Too bad I bought the blue ones before I realized I Could get those for cheap also
those arent bad... 2 colors... more basic... but typical vibrams of that color would also have blue vibram logo, green soles etc... LOL
Quote from Osupikapp1 View Post :
I like to think of it as advertising...
When you wear Vibrams tons ask about them daily.
I love mine and like em loud! Give me some cool yet hideous schemes anytime
reminds me of the neon deon nikes from the late 80s/early early 90s.... vomit
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Quote from Luxowell View Post :
I don't know why, but I'm always creeped out when people wear these.
where do you live, I'll swing by.
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Quote from loinplanks View Post :
Well, the men's Speed LR is on sale at REI. The newer designs look better than these old ones and the leather shoes (Speed LR, Bormio) are my favorites.
nice and basic... I like those... for 40-50ish I would go in for some like that... and take black sharpe to that ugly yellow logo!!!
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I've been wanting to try a pair of these for a while. Is there a particular model recommended for doing Insanity or Crossfit in?

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Well, you win some, you lose some.
I got in on their sale at the end of Feb and got the Bikila LS for $50 and now they're $45. And 6pm doesn't price match Frown

Still, I do like the Bikila LS's and would recommend them.
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Quote from andythepandy View Post :
Which of these are good for mutiuse (normal walking and some light exercise?). KSO or classic?
I'm not into runner, but I'd like to give these a try... TIA
I would look at kso or bikila, bikila are designed for running/walking. It's my main pair
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