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30" Monoprice IPS CrystalPro 2560x1600 LED Monitor EXPIRED

TigerFiesta2122 137 March 22, 2013 at 03:35 PM in Computers (3) More Monoprice Deals
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Promoted 05-02-2013 at 03:56 PM View Original Post
Update: Back in stock for $597.10 after coupon code slickdeals10. Shipping starts at $17 and varies depending on zip code. Thanks yuugotserved [discuss]

Monoprice has 30" Monoprice IPS CrystalPro 2560x1600 LED Monitor with Dual-Link DVI-D port only for $648.25 - 10% off with coupon code slickdeals10 = $583.42. Shipping starts at $17 and varies depending on zip code.

  • Resolution: 2560x1600
  • Contrast Ratio: 1,000:1 (DCR 1,000,000:1)
  • Response Time: 6ms
  • Inputs
    • Dual Link DVI-D

Original Post

Edited May 2, 2013 at 05:34 PM by widgit
30" IPS CrystalPro Monitor WQHD 2560x1600 Display Port|HDMI|DVI|Component w/Adjustable stand []

30" IPS Pro Monitor WQHD 2560x1600 DVI w/Adjustable stand []

27" IPS LED CrystalPro Monitor WQHD 2560x1440 []

3 models above, one has all inputs and the other is just a barebones DVI. 27inch is also in stock now!(Edit: OOS again =(

Insane price for a 30inch IPS, and the panel inside is from a "LOWER GRADE" Apple Cinema/HP/Dell. These are grade A-/A panels while Apple/Dell/HP All have A/A+ panels. Get them while they're hot as the 27 inch is already sold out.

Use coupon catalog12 to lower the price noted on the top.


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Quote from Trolololo View Post :
not 4k not 960hz

won't pay more than 60bux for it
laugh out loud
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I have a u3011 but it was an open box for 700 but i still need about twice the resolution...
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wow thats pretty cheap for that size!
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Honestly with 4K right around the corner I don't know if I'm dropping $600+ per monitor (need 2+).

I still do eyeball the Microcenter Auria's for $399, if those go on sale for $300 I'd probably get 2.
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Quote from amoghthegamer View Post :
The panel inside is NOT the Cinema Display. The panel did not meet the specifications of Apple, HP, Dell, and so on and was sold to a 3rd party to slap on a plastic housing and sell it. Change your post OP.

Not the same panel but a panel that is not up to par to the specs of all the big panel makers (Apple, Dell, HP, so on....)
This is news to me... Didnt know apple, Dell and hp started making panels.
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Quote from burticus View Post :
Honestly with 4K right around the corner I don't know if I'm dropping $600+ per monitor (need 2+).

I still do eyeball the Microcenter Auria's for $399, if those go on sale for $300 I'd probably get 2.
It'll be a long time before they actually become cheaper to the price we can afford.
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Quote from werewasslw View Post :
The thing about these large monitors for gaming is that if you get something with a really high resolution like 2560 and you play your games up close to enjoy the fine details of the increased resolution, the monitor was still be limited to 60 Hz refresh rate which means you will suffer eyestrain when you're up close with such a low refresh rate. This is why really want to see 120 Hz monitors in the size of 30 inches or above come down in price and be more common. People don't realize the difference that 120 Hz and 60 Hz makes not only on the aesthetics of the game gU2312HMraphics, but also the comfortability of the eyes.

So that you will be forced to sit or stand farther away from your monitor, but that eliminates the advantage of getting a high-resolution monitor. In this case you would be fine with a 1366 720 P monitor because you won't be able to tell the differences in pixel density when you are that far away. I'm talking like 5 feet away or father.

So one day I will buy one of these monitors when they are cheaper in price but also when one of these feature a 120 Hz native refresh rate that you can game on without input lag. I'm not talking about the cheap interpellation that's found on TV sets which will give you 120 Hz at the expense of unplayable input lag for gamers.

Oh and not to mention if you're sitting up close then motion blur/ghosting is an issue so if you get an IPS screen the lowest is 5 ms which for me still is not enough compared to the smoothness of plasma, CRT, or 2 ms TN panels.
Sorry dude, but your rambling about eye strain is does not hold true here. That only apply to interlace display back with crt monitor and tube tv. You ever heard of progression scan? The flickering of the interlace is what cause eye strain. Tv lcd has a slower response time in comparison to pc lcd. The tv lcd maker add a circuits to double the refresh rate to eliminate jagged edge from a frame to next. With pc lcd, they uses a different tech aka response time. Lower response equal less ghost and jagged edges. With large tv lcd, improving response time isn't as cost effective as double refresh rate..
Last edited by whiterabbit76 March 22, 2013 at 09:25 PM
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Quote from burticus View Post :
Honestly with 4K right around the corner I don't know if I'm dropping $600+ per monitor (need 2+).

I still do eyeball the Microcenter Auria's for $399, if those go on sale for $300 I'd probably get 2.
Expect to wait like 5+ years for a 4k monitor to be sub $1k.
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I bought my 3007WFP-HC used for $965 in 2009 and that was considered a good deal back then. I'm glad to see 30" panels finally dropping in price.
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Quote from VaioGrave View Post :
I am a bit confused. I am in dire need of a monitor since an old Samsung T260HD died. It was a TN monitor and the backlighting in dark scenes and the viewing angles upset me. Anyway, I've been looking at a few IPS monitors.

This one seems pretty awesome of an upgrade - 30" for IPS with all ports I covet and 1600p. But I'm contemplating hard because with $700 I can buy the lates I7 mobo and processor as well as either the Auria available from Microcenter for $400, the Dell U2412 for $260 or the 27" Monoprice for $360.

I could also wait for the Dell u2713 to come in to a better price range when it's already at nearly $550 by way of AUS pricematch.

So what am asking is basically, is this monitor worth $717 plus tax and shipping or should I opt for something more cost-effective? or will there possible more sales, or are there options I'm not considering.

I would mainly be using them for Video Editing/ Gaming/ Connecting to a MBP/ so lack of Displayport or HDMI is inhibitory at times.

Appreciate any feedback.
Considering that the monitor is the primary way you interact with your computer, I think it makes sense to buy one that you're really happy with. I bought a Dell 30" 3007WFP around 5 years ago for around $1100 and never regretted the decision, even for a second. Just interacting with it briefly convinced three of my friends to buy their own 30" monitors, which they love too. There's something about being able to have four decent sized browser windows open at once, or a Word document that's life-sized, Photoshop being able to really see the whole image, not having to scroll around a CAD project, watching a movie on the same screen you're playing an MMO on, the list goes on and on. You have so much screen real estate at 2560x1600 that it will pain you to use any other monitor. My work issues laptops that are 1920x1080 and the first thing I do when I get home is to connect my 30" monitor to it to do work.

Productivity aside, it's also great to game on -- BF3 feels incredibly immersive when your weapon looks near life-sized, it's also great for seeing fine detail in RTS games, sim building games like Anno, on and on. One sort of advantage also is that it will tax your video card so hard that GPU upgrades are the only thing you'll need to buy in the near future. I got away with a Core 2 Duo E6850 from 2006 until early 2011 before I had to upgrade my CPU thanks to the wonderful console ports of COD:Black Ops and Fable 3, but in that same time I went through five GPU upgrades. Contrary to the opinion posted here that a GTX 660ti can drive this monitor easily -- not with any modern titles it can't. I was using GTX 480s in 2-way SLI and started hitting the 1.5gb VRAM wall with Skyrim and BF3, and turning many graphics options to medium or off in other games when I realized it was time to upgrade GPUs again. Anyway, if this monitor satisfies your requirements for quality and connectivity, I'd say that it's a killer price considering that I paid over $1k for mine and how much use I've gotten out of it over the years.
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I read all 7 pages and I didn't understand a single word any of you said. Really interesting to read, though.
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Quote from digitaltrav View Post :
Yamakasi Sparta, and Crossover 30Q5 are CCFL lit, this one is LED. Worth noting.
Where are you getting that from? The description calls it an "LED panel" but since there's no such thing as an "LED panel" that sounds like they're speaking out of their arse.

I tried one of the Korean 30" models, and while the panel itself may be the same as Apple/Dell the backlight felt like they went and bought a Home Depot commercial light fixture and stuck it behind the LCD. I was able to use it about 40 minutes before my eyes fried.

I bought a barely used HP LP3065 off eBay for $500 and it's fantastic. The Korean panel also felt like it was constructed by putting the LCD inside a cardboard box. The LCD would move around inside the case when you wiped the screen.

Given the thickness of the monitor and the large amount of venting I doubt it's an LED backlight.
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Quote from aceofangel View Post :
Lol I can list more than 5 on top of my head.

Crysis 3, BF3, Skyrim, Witcher 2, Metro, even GW2...and I intentionally tried not to pick all shooters. This is the GTX660 TI btw, not even the GTX660.
Those games average around 30-40fps with a basic gtx 660 with settings set to ultra at 1600p. That doesn't even qualify as a fraction of the games out there however.

Quote from elmikethemike View Post :
False. Incredibly false.

I only clicked 1 search result. There are plenty of others. With 1600p and highest ultra settings on this card, the most demanding games average between 30-40fps.
Last edited by ctsinc March 22, 2013 at 09:44 PM
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Good price must resist.

Wait until thanksgiving otherwise I have nothing to buy
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Rather than buying this I will buy 60" Sharp LED lot more worth for $698 or LG plasma
This is ridiculous price for just 3" more than 27 IPS
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