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ZFO weight vests on eBay: 40 lbs ($60), 50 lbs ($80), 60 lbs ($90), 70 lbs ($130) - shipping included

tonymotion 35 74 March 28, 2013 at 08:55 AM in Free Shipping (9) More eBay Deals
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Last Edited by tonymotion April 1, 2013 at 08:42 AM
It's hard to find weight vests that are less than $2/lb including shipping. Most retail ones tend to be $2.50/lb or more. Here are some high-quality vests that range from $1.50/lb to $1.86/lb.
Their brand is ZFO Sports, which is pretty much the same as MiR vests.
You can compare these to the prices on the ZFO Sports site []. The prices on Amazon are similar to the ones on the ZFO site.

I just bought the 60-lb vest. It's supposed to get here early next week, assuming it doesn't give the poor mailman a hernia. EEK!


P.S. There are also some different very inexpensive vests of varying weights being sold by this one other seller, but I cannot verify the quality (or brand for that matter) of the vests they sell.

NEW INFORMATION - Answers to people's questions

At lower weights, a weight vest is great for endurance & agility exercises, like running, cycling, rollerblading, basketball, jumping rope, wall-climbing, P90X, boxing, soccer, balancing, and just walking around doing your daily life. I've used wearable weights to give me a workout while walking with someone who was less fit or less able to handle walking a few miles. And even walking can become be hard exercise when it's weighted and on hills. Smilie

At higher weights (& lower ones too), it allows you to use your newly-modified body weight to do more difficult exercises, like push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, squats, planks, bridges, crunches (less-ideal), stair climbing, balancing, and just walking around doing your daily life.

One use/benefit I expect is is to spread out weight to more of my shoulders as well as to some of my torso (using the belts). Then I can do squats with a lower bar weight, which my shoulders will greatly appreciate. Smilie

BENEFITS & PRECAUTIONS - Some can be found here:But, in general, start with light weights, & move up. Smilie


(POST-RECEIPT UPDATE: My vest moves a bit, so running at 28 lbs was not fun, but I hope to adjust the straps to make that better. See below for more info.)

The vest may move some while you're doing a particularly active exercise, but the straps on the sides should hold it in place.

Here are some reviews of this brand of vest which also mention running with it.

(POST-RECEIPT UPDATE: My 60-lb vest ends just below my belly button & barely touches the tops of my pelvic bones when there are weights in those pockets. It doesn't "hit" them when I jog, though. See below for more info.)

I'm not certain, but I believe the short-style ones allow for more torso bending & movement because they keep the weights above the bottom of the rib cage (or higher). These vests should work fine for most male adults (there are other designs that are less ... smooshing ... for women).
Unfortunately I don't know the measurements for these vests. I'm 5' 9.5", and the few weight vests I've tried on at the stores have barely just reached my hips. This brand/style looks shorter than those, so I expect it to barely reach my belly button.

You can see (the same) front & back images of this vest, and judge for yourself, on each of the eBay purchasing pages, e.g.:

To get an idea of the length, the best I could do was find these two reasonable photos of 80-lb ZFO vests:Perhaps because it's for an 80-lb vest it is longer and has more pockets than the other vests.

Other views are in the links to instructional images & a video sent to me by the vest seller:I am, though, taking a bit of a gamble on it not being too long. But I feel pretty confident that it'll be short enough that I can run in it. Smilie


(POST-RECEIPT UPDATE: My 60-lb vest has 15 pockets (7 in the front (3 high, 4 low) & 8 in the back (4 high, 4 low)). See below for more info.)

Unfortunately all the product images are pretty much exactly the same, so I can't tell how much the vests change from weight to weight. I would assume, like supersizedkid says, that there are no spare spaces on any of them - either the number &/or size of the pockets change, the number &/or size of the weight packets change, or some combination (probably the number of pockets).

The best I could do was find these two reasonable photos of 80-lb ZFO vests:Perhaps because it's for an 80-lb vest it is longer and has more pockets than the other vests.

After a variety of attempts, I was able to find only a few places that sold individual weights. Part of the problem is that the Google search on "weight bag/pouch/pack/bar" pulls up lots of extraneous hits ("weight bag" --> tripod, tent, & sled weights + home repair work, "weight pouch" --> diving equipment, etc.). (And any mix or combination of those terms with "weighted vest " was even worse.) Doing a Google image search was somewhat better than just text results. Below are the few sites I found, with the middle three being the effectively the same item. Adding the terms "replacement" or "additional" seemed to help a little.


(POST-RECEIPT UPDATE: My 60-lb vest has 15 4-lb weight packets. See below for more info.)

Annoyingly, I can't find the weights of the iron-ore bags in the vest on any of the sales sites that I've quoted. But I did find a review [] that said that for the "40lb [vest], the weights come in 16 (2.5lb) ... bags" . Another review [] states that the weight packs "come in 5 lb. weight blocks", but that doesn't seem right, since that would mean only 8 packs total for the 40-pound vest, and there seem to be more pockets than that. Perhaps the weight per pack changes for each vest, and 5-lbs is actually fine for the 70-lb vest.

Sorry I can't be of more help there.


The vest arrived in just 2 days via USPS priority mail!! I've tried it out a bit!

I have the 60-lb vest. It comes with 15 weight packets that weigh about 4 lbs each. The packets seem strong and the iron sand in them feels fairly stiff - very different from a packet with regular sand. There are 7 pockets in the front (3 high & 4 low) and 8 pockets in the back (4 high & 4 low). The packets fit snugly into the pockets and don't move within them at all.

Having a thinner frame, I had to finagle the straps a bit to make the vest fit tighter to me. (See strap -attaching instructions here. []) The straps have plenty of velcro on both sides so that they stay attached securely to the sides of the vest.

The vest material is very strong and the pockets on the vest don't seem to move or flop at all. The straps have some elasticity to them, so even when strapped on snugly, they still stretch to allow you to breathe.

The front & back of the vest are actually separate pieces that are attached together with large overlapping velcro areas and also have double-ring straps with velcro for added support. The top areas of the vest that overlap are a bit tapered, so if you overlap them more, the neck-opening becomes smaller (and the weights sit a bit higher on the torso). If you overlap them less, in addition to the weights sitting a bit lower, the neck opening gets a bit bigger, maybe by 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch.

With my arms straight up and hands at shoulder width for a pull-up, the parts of the vest that go over the shoulders do dig into my neck a bit. I did 5 assisted pull-ups with 28 lbs in the vest. I would estimate that I could do 15 of those and still not be bothered at my neck, since it only pushes in on the neck and doesn't rub across it. But I may not want to do, say, 3 sets of 20 shoulder presses; and I may have to wear something around my neck when playing basketball or some other sport where my arms go up a lot. When my arms are at my sides or sticking straight out, the vest doesn't press into my neck at all. (This is all for when I am wearing a regular t-shirt or sweatshirt.) My neck is about 15" around at the bottom. By overlapping the front & back vest pieces less, with a neck opening increase of 1/2 an inch, my above description would be accurate for a neck of about 16.5" around.

If you make the neck-opening too small, you may have to turn your head on an angle to get it through to avoid abrading your nose or ears a bit.

If you exactly line up the velcro portions on the two overlapping vest pieces and lay the whole combined two-piece vest length-wise flat on the floor (e.g. the bottoms of each side on the extreme ends and the top of the vest in the middle), then the entire length of that is 44 inches.
When I put it on, it seems to be about 21 inches (maybe a little more) from where my trapezius meets my neck down to the bottom of the vest. I only measured on the front, I couldn't measure the back reasonably. Wink


I did a test of light running (w/28 lbs) and noticed that the vest did bounce a bit - more than I would want to deal with while jogging. Maybe it would bounce less with less weight? I'll have to play with the straps to see if they can hold it down better.
The two included straps are for the bottom on the vest, and when strapped snugly the vest does not flop at all, yet still stretches to allow for lots of breathing.
I added a weight each to the bottom front outer pockets, near the tops of my pelvic bones. Although they the bottom of those weights did contact the bone-tops just a a bit, they didn't seem to bump into them. I'm pretty thin, so those bones are more accessible on me. I'm 5' 9.5". The bouncing of the weights/weight vest on my shoulders was more noticeable than any incidental contact with the tops of my pelvic bone.
I found that running more smoothly (i.e. stomping less) greatly reduces the weight vest's repeated sudden landings on my shoulders.

I just put the vest on with the lower front weights in place and did a bunch of squats with a bar. The lower, front, outer two weights did press into my thighs a bit uncomfortably, enough so that I would not want to do 10 squats that way with a heavy weight on the bar.
**BUT**, when I shifted the weight vest such that the front weights were higher and the back weights lower, the pressure on my thighs was much less and I was able to do 15 more reps w/o any irritation.
I did my squats down to where there was a bit less that 90 degrees between my lower & upper legs.
Also, the vest did not interfere with the bar on my neck/shoulders. I then re-did the experiment with my manta ray [], and the vest actually caused the manta ray to move forward a bit, but not much.

It was a good, well-fitting workout just to walk upstairs & downstairs in my house. I plan on putting on some ankle & wrist weights and do some hill walking while listening to podcasts.
When there are weights in the lower front pockets and I squat low, they do press some into my thighs. This may interfere with my plans to rollerblade with the vest (or to use less weight).

It still has the factory-yuck smell (chemical/petroleum-y), so I'm gong to let it off-gas some more before I do anything that would make me breathe heavily while wearing it. After each time I put it on to test it or measure it, I start getting a headache, which I'm currently blaming on the smell. Stick Out Tongue


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I just did it. Seems to work hope they ship. I got in on this deal with the 60lbs to wear walking the dogs. I've adapted too much to 60 and now need to add more. Tried an old book bag but the weight distribution was terrible. Wearing two vests at once would be easier I think. If the high weight vests weren't so stupidly expensive I'd just get a new higher weighted vest but they wanted $300+

Quote from getthesenets View Post :
OK bumping a thread from over 8 months ,rather than starting a new thread

I used an opening/flaw/mistake on the MIR website in April of 2013 to pick up a vest that I'd been looking at for about 6 months.

Apparently the loophole is back.

Special Offer With any Weighted Vest Purchase

MiR Vest is now having its Weekly Special. We offer two special, one special is our bonus item, and the other is our free items. Both are eligible when you order a weighted vest, belt, or shorts.

The bonus items consist of getting another MiR product at a discounted price. You can buy one for yourself, and get another item w/o weights for a great price. You can workout with your friends and family while using the same weights from your vest to their vest.

As for our free item, you are eligible with any order of weighted vest, shorts, or belt. These free items are accessories to compliment your workout, and it can be added to cart at the time of checkout. Sales can not be combined, surcharges may apply. If not added at the time of check out, this offer will be invalid. These items shipping and handling is not included. Warranties does not apply to bonus,discounted, or free items.

The only special offer this year, for a limited time only.
Check out the Great price!
Simply add it to cart!

What I did last time was order the cheapest possible item,

Mir Weights- Mir 1.5 lb Weights (2 pieces) for $8.99
and selected the MIR F.A.I. vest as the free item

the total was about $37 shipped

Mir dragged their feet shipping the item, and when I called with order number....the manager reluctantly approved the sale.

exact same loophole exists under the current promo....I added the items to cart...added the mir fai as the FREE item, declined the bonus item offer and cart said 37 with usps shipping

Cool way to get a very high quality vest that is pretty versatile.
the F.A.I. stands for "Fits All Items"
I wrote a review for the vest on amazon, obviously not a verified amazon purchase review....but it explains how I use the vest. and how I managed to load 50lbs of weight into it and the pros and cons

it's a short vest, comes WITHOUT weights with two wide pockets on front,,,,,,and two wide pockets and reflective strip on the back

It was cheaper for me to purchase this vest and figure out how to load 50lbs into it than it would have been to purchase a vest of similar quality with weights included

they run promos involving this vest all the time so no need to rush into this promo

if you're into crossfit, standard calisthenics, power walking, can use this

running with any amount of real weight on your body goes against everything I've ever been taught about exercise(seems like the pounding would do more damage than good) but I guess you can jog in this too
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hope it goes through for you.

and oh yeah, been there done that with weighted bookbags...never again

my body has adapted to the vest I got in April.....use it for calisthenics...gonna get some heavy duty resistance bands next.

Tempted to just try and add a bit more weight into the 50 lb rated fai vest, as it seems sturdy enough .but not worth the effort. also not worth contacting mir as they make an excellent product but pretty bad in terms of answering product questions.

to anybody else reading's almost never worth it long term to get vests or most other fitness equipment from walmart,k mart,etc those things are all junk that won't last 3 years no matter what brand is stamped on the product
better off getting "entry level" "starter level" products from companies that cater to hardcore lifters when there is a sale
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Last edited by getthesenets January 8, 2014 at 12:01 PM
Quote from 79merlin View Post :
swimming + weight vest = worse workout ever. Smilie
Haha, drown much?
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exact same loophole exists again to get the MIR FAI vest for cheap

not a standard weight vest, and you can't load it with the standard plates/bags designed for weights vest but I love this vest
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