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Private Internet Access Discounts, Deals and Coupon Codes

Private Internet Access: 20% off VPN Service: $32/year or EXPIRED

oFlamingo 1,837 4,150 April 1, 2013 at 11:47 AM in Computers (3) More Private Internet Access Deals
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Promoted 04-04-2013 by yuugotserved at 01:39 PM View Original Post
Private Internet Access is offering 20% off their VPN Service. Thanks oFlamingo

Note, refer to the forum thread for additional information
  • $5.45/month for month to month plan
  • $31.95 for 1-year plan ($2.66/month)

Original Post

Edited April 1, 2013 at 04:27 PM by widgit
This was the weekend's giveaway banner promotion, but the links are still live today:

Private Internet Access:
$5.45/month for month to month plan
$2.66/month for 1 year plan ($31.95 for the entire year)

  • Secure VPN Account
  • Encrypted WiFi
  • P2P and VoIP Support
  • PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec
  • Multiple VPN Gateways
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • SOCKS5 Proxy Included
  • No traffic logs
  • Instant Setup

Link to Private Internet Access []
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Community Wiki

Last Edited by Deal2go May 2, 2014 at 07:53 PM
They have horrible customer service! Their product maybe cheap or good but the customer service is terrible.Deal has now ended. DEAD.

This is NOT an internet service provider.
More info on what a VPN is and why it is useful:
  • You may connect with up to 3 devices simultaneously with a single account.
  • A router that supports DD-WRT or Tomato can connect and counts as 1 single device.
  • The regular price of the service is $6.95/month or $39.95/year.
  • There are 263+ servers in 9 countries and growing.
  • Port forwarding is available in the application or with a script/API available on the PIA forum.
  • DNS Leak protection is available in the application's advanced settings
  • Internet kill switch kills any internet access in the event of a VPN connection drop and is available in the application's advanced settings.
  • A SOCKS5 proxy is also available.
  • Bitcoin and Ripple are available as payment methods. You can buy bitcoin on a Bitcoin exchange.
  • If you pay with any service other than Bitcoin or Ripple, you will be automatically charged the full $39.95 price next year. But you can unsubscribe at anytime and still use the remainder of the year you've paid for.
  • Every purchase includes a 7 day refund period.
  • In terms of security, OpenVPN>LT2P>PPTP.

You may also like to try a free alternative....

Here are some alternative VPN services that have large selection of servers (worldwide) is $5 month

Setting up BT software Vuze (used to be call Azureus) to only use VPN connection (won't connect if VPN connection not available.)
Here is a tutorial of it.
Here's a tutorial for utorrent:
(Remember to un-check make new firewall rule in utorrent settings/prefs)

Enter the interface identifier into the field next to "Bind to local IP address or interface" in the settings.
Note that the interface identifier is named different on every system, so make sure to check how exactly it is called on yours.
In their example, it is "eth15" for OpenVPN, "net2" for PPTP" and "net1" for L2TP.

Make sure the checkbox next to "Enforce IP bindings even when interfaces are not available" is checked;
otherwise it can happen that Vuze keeps downloading without using the VPN.

If the Vuze setup is done correctly, it will ONLY use your VPN connection. If you didn't login to your VPN service, Vuze won't work.

Rock...I bought it and went back without linking through here and price was back up to $3.33 per month. I now check and it is back down again. Get it while you can as it may change again.


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Quote from SlickDiu View Post :
Just signed up, my Tmobile 10Mbps DL sank to 2Mbps, let see what their customer service has to say...

Damn, it is so slow I double posted...
Try a different server. I occasionally have issues with a specific server and switching to one of the other ones, even if it's a bit further away, seems to resolve it. I've connected to Midwest, East, and Ohio within the past 2-3 weeks at one point or another.
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Will this service work to view local teams play home games on certain particular sports networks?
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Quote from xxxHolic View Post :
What is the point to use VPN if they can track me?
The VPN isn't supposed to be logged so you shouldn't be tracked.
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Big fan of PIA, Thank OP.

Quote from goraptors15 View Post :
Interested but not quite familiar with VPNs Smilie If I am using a secure SSL to access to a newsnet server, I don't think I will have any need for VPN, isn't it? ISPs should not be able figure out the content? isn't it?
I've seen a lot of UFC fight pulled from usenet servers that use secure SSL. I would recommend you look further into it. I personally use a VPN w/all my downloads (usenet & torrents).
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been using PIA for about a month (sub'd for 1 yr @ $38.95). Speeds have been ok.

I mainly use the NL servers, high ping, but as long as it gets the job(s) done, its all g00d. drool

make sure to use to make sure there are no leaks showing your isp.
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Quote from Eagles89 View Post :
FYI, I have had their service in the past and I don't like it because their VPNs IPs are shared among the pool of users. This means that every secure site you visit, you will be flagged because other people have used the same IP to visit the site. On the good side, it is extremely easy to use and for the most part, I could connect to each of their gateways at full speed.

No VPN is truly anonymous because the IP you use to connect to the VPN is always logged.
Actually that's not entirely true.

BT Guardian and This company shown here do not log anything.
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For anyone who already has this, can you still connect to your computer running TeamViewer while VPN is enabled?

And can the VPN client be run from multiple devices simultaneously?
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Quote from colorme View Post :
I've been using their service since September, and I have no complaints. I don't know what their bandwidth limitation is, but it's faster than my 6mbit AT&T U-Verse DSL, because I experience absolutely no slowdown.
I do have ATT universe and I get less than 2mbs all the time. I have OOMA as a VOIP, if I switch to this can I hook my OOMA to this ? Thanks for the info
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What are you guys using this for mainly? Torrenting without worrying about a letter? I don't see a reason to do this with usenet (no letters! just missing articles).

Is there a way to make it so just uTorrent uses the service and not the rest of my computer (like web browsing)? Can 2 computers use the same account at the same time?
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Quote from utyankee View Post :
Great VPN, been using for over a year without issue. Just reupped on this deal.
How did you reup? I don't see any way to take advantage of another year at this price with my existing account.
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Quote from executivedealer View Post :
I'm interested in purchasing this and would like to use bitcoins to do it, but having never done anything with bitcoins before, with everything I'm reading, it looks like coinbase is the place to buy bitcoins. How can something that's linked to your bank account and done online really be anonymous? Is there a way to buy bitcoins quick without having to link your bank account? I'd like to purchase this service while the promotion lasts!
I'd be interested in this too.

Things about the VPN agreement that concern me:
1.) They, in all likelihood, keep a log of who are their users based on payment (hence maybe bitcoin would be an added layer of security if you have isolating yourself from your bitcoin(s)/bitcoin account)

2.) the VPN Agreement

under Conduct
"You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in connection with use of this service. You must also agree that you nor any other user that you have provided access to will not engage in any of the following activities:
Uploading, possessing, receiving, transporting, or distributing any copyrighted, trademark, or patented content which you do not own or lack written consent or a license from the copyright owner;
Accessing the service to violate any laws at the local, state and federal level in the United States of America or the country/territory in which you reside."

under Breach
" abides by a ZERO TOLERANCE policy relating to any activity which breaches or violates our terms and conditions.

Along with the ZERO TOLERANCE policy, Clients who materially breach the terms and conditions will have their account removed without any refund. Additionally, Client understands that expressly reserves the right to hold the Client or any third-party using the service on Client’s behalf responsible for any and all financial damages and losses which may be incurred arising out of said breach or breaches, including, but not limited to attorneys fees, fees for expert witnesses, court costs, and other charges."

All that being said, I don't know how if ever the above has ever come into play. Someone noted that people are most likely using this service for the above reasons and another said that if the service was not anonymous they would not be in business for long. Any degree of enforcement of those limitations under the agreement may also adversely affect their business, but so does gov't heat.

In the end, I can't recommend a better service. One would think it at least makes it a little harder to track an individual.

*sigh* I miss the days before all these crackdowns on everyday Joes and Janes.
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Joined Sep 2008
i Build synology, hacktos
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Quote from travfar View Post :
Ein mein gott!!!!! It's up over $100 per bitcoin now.
omg! this is awesome!!! so glad that i bought my rig a few years ago and let it rip Smilie that and eBay bucks fiasco Smilie. Funny on here everyone was bashing.
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Quote from Royal2000H View Post :
What are you guys using this for mainly? Torrenting without worrying about a letter? I don't see a reason to do this with usenet (no letters! just missing articles).

Is there a way to make it so just uTorrent uses the service and not the rest of my computer (like web browsing)? Can 2 computers use the same account at the same time?
A few reasons I can think of for possible uses:
1. Secure connection when using open wifi (such as at a coffee shop).
2. Anonymity such as during torrent activities.
3. Bypass network restrictions/firewalls.

As for the utorrent question, no, VPN will become your sole internet connection once connected so all services will utilize it.
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Joined May 2006
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Quote from travfar View Post :
Ein mein gott!!!!! It's up over $100 per bitcoin now.

Beware, charts that look like that almost always come crashing down.
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Joined Jul 2005
King of World Republic
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Quote from namlook View Post :
Beware, charts that look like that almost always come crashing down.
laugh out loud so true...
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