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Resetting a Charter Cable Modem.

BargainPhil 66 August 29, 2007 at 08:51 AM
Okay, I'm a novice at computers and computer related equip. I have Charter for my phone, TV, and 3gb internet service. Have had several power surges the last few days and this morning I had no internet service available. TV and phone were fine. I called Charter Cust. Ser. and a computer talked me through "resetting my modem" and it took about 10 minutes to regain my internet service. Is there an easier way for me to reset my Charter modem should this problem reoccur? Thanks.
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Unplug the power from the modem (& router if you have one) and leave it unplugged for a few mins, then plug the power back in.
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Sounds easy enough, even for this novice! I appreciate the quick reply and good info.
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"Powercycle" ...
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If you just want it to reboot, unplug and plug in quickly (about 5 seconds unplugged).
If you want to return it to factory default settings, do as tsuperwanker said.
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I have doubts that unplugging the modem, waiting 10 seconds, then plugging it back in will work. OP said he has voice service from Charter too, which is likely VoIP. If it is, then the modem may have an internal battery backup to allow phone use during a power outtage (like Comcast does).

OP, when you talked to Charter, describe as best you can what they instructed you to do.
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Yes, I do have a "back-up" battery in the big phone box in my garage to supply power to my phone should our power go out, which if often does. I don't think my phone is VOIP, just regular hard wire connection. The computer generated Charter service (and the voice was certainly a sweet sounding female) asked if I has VOIP and I said no, the reply was "good, that will make things easier". Asked if I had a wireless router (and I do, but is hard-wired to my wife's computer due to some internal concrete walls causing reception problems), voice told me to unpower my router, leave the small, cable modem (located on my desk next to my computer) plugged in, and she would "reset" my modem. Took about a minute, 5 or 6 of the small green lights on front of the modem flashed a few times, plugged the router supply back in, and then my internet service is once again working.
I have had this Charter service since March and it has never done this before. We have had some power surges where the power goes off for a few seconds and then comes back on. I think this is due to extreme power useage we're having during a major heatwave here. Over 100 degrees for 15 days thusfar in Aug. Could these surges cause the need for the modem to be reset?
Hope this is gives all the correct the info. you need. Thanx.
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Oh, OK. I sit corrected. It sounds like you do not have VoIP. In that case, unplugged the modem for several minutes (as discussed above) should take care of it.
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As a backup plan to ensure disconnection from the network and a full reboot, while the modem is disconnected from the power, disconnect the cable too. After a while, even modems with battery backup will figure out they're disconnected and will fully reset themselves. To see if a modem does this, disconnect just the cable, leaving the power plugged in. Watch the lights - when they all go out or otherwise signal a disconnection, reconnect the cable and watch the lights go through the pattern of discovery and connection. That's about as good as a powercycle.
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depending on the modem you can also do a software restart, is the address of surfboard modems.
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