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Magazines: Us Weekly, The New Yorker, Martha Stewart, Entrepreneur, GolfWeek & More

superherodude 1,023 3,388 April 11, 2013 at 06:26 PM in Audio Books (3) More Reward Survey Deals
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Promoted 08-18-2014 at 07:04 AM View Original Post
UPDATE (8/18): Us Weekly Magazine has been added along with a brand new survey and an opportunity to earn $20 more in Reward Points. [Free to Join] is offering $20 in reward points for taking their online survey. Thanks superherodude

Once you obtain your reward points. You may then choose your favorite magazine subscription from the list below.
  • $10 Reward Points
    • Details (10 Issues)
    • Fast Company (10 issues)
    • Inc. (10 Issues)
  • $12 Reward Points
    • W (10 issues)
    • Cosmopolitan en Espanol
  • $15 Reward Points
    • Entrepreneur (12 issues)
    • Essence (12 issues)
    • People en Espanol (11 issues)
    • Golf Digest (12 Issues)
    • Wired (12 Issues)
    • Better Homes & Gardens (24 Issue Digital Edition)
    • Family Circle (24 Issue Digital Edition)
    • Family Fun (20 Issue Digital Edition)
    • Parents (24 Issue Digital Edition)
    • Vanidades (11 issues)
  • $16 Reward Points
    • Brides (8 Issues)
  • $20 Reward Points
    • Cigar Aficionado (6 Issues)
    • Self (12 Issues)
    • Wine Spectator (15 Issues)
    • Fitness (20 Issue Digital Edition)
    • More (20 Issue Digital Edition)
    • Shape (24 issues)
    • TV y Novelas (12 issues)
  • $30 Reward Points
    • Martha Stewart (10 Issues)
    • Forbes (24 Issues)
    • New York Magazine (29 Issue Digital iPad Edition)
    • Siempre Mujer (12 issues)
  • $35 Reward Points
    • Golfweek (38 Issues)
  • $50+ Reward Points
    • The New Yorker (47 issues) (new)
    • Wall Street Journal (153 issues)
    • The Economist (25 issues)
  • $70+ Reward Points
    • Us Weekly (78 issues) (brand new!)
    • Wall Street Journal (228 issues)
    • The Economist (51 issues

Original Post

Edited August 14, 2014 at 04:58 PM by superherodude
Updated as of 8/14: US Weekly is back! (thanks barewitme)

Complete the current survey to earn a $20 credit for a subscription:
(new surveys added Thursdays/Fridays)

Current members can skip the survey and redeem here:

Refer 5 friends for additional $15 credit:
(this activity can be completed once per week)

Current List of Available Titles (updated 8/14/2014)
Details10 Issues$10 Reward Points
Fast Company10 Issues$10 Reward Points
Inc.10 Issues$10 Reward Points
Thuvia, Maid of MarsAudio Download$10 Reward Points
Cosmopolitan en Español Digital10 Issues$12 Reward Points
W10 Issues$12 Reward Points
Better Homes and Gardens Digital24 Issues$15 Reward Points
Entrepreneur12 Issues$15 Reward Points
Family Circle Digital24 Issues$15 Reward Points
Family Fun Digital24 Issues$15 Reward Points
Golf Digest12 Issues$15 Reward Points
Parents Digital24 Issues$15 Reward Points
People en Español Digital11 Issues$15 Reward Points
Vanidades11 Issues$15 Reward Points
Wired12 Issues$15 Reward Points
The Wolf HuntersAudio Download$15 Reward Points
Brides8 Issues$16 Reward Points
The Poison BeltAudio Download$18 Reward Points
Cigar Aficionado6 Issues$20 Reward Points
Fitness Digital20 Issues$20 Reward Points
More Digital20 Issues$20 Reward Points
Self12 Issues$20 Reward Points
Shape24 Issues$20 Reward Points
TV y Novelas12 Issues$20 Reward Points
Wine Spectator15 Issues$20 Reward Points
TriplanetaryAudio Download$20 Reward Points
Apologia pro Vita SuaAudio Download$25 Reward Points
The Lost StadivariusAudio Download$25 Reward Points
The Last Chron of BarsetAudio Download$29 Reward Points
Forbes26 Issues$30 Reward Points
Martha Stewart Living10 Issues$30 Reward Points
New York Magazine iPad Edition50 Issues$30 Reward Points
Siempre Mujer12 Issues$30 Reward Points
Golfweek45 Issues$35 Reward Points
Orley FarmAudio Download$35 Reward Points
Wall Street Journal153 Issues$51 Reward Points
ArmadaleAudio Download$59 Reward Points
The New Yorker47 Issues$69 Reward Points
Wall Street Journal228 Issues$71 Reward Points
US Weekly78 Issues$75 Reward Points
The Economist51 Issues$130 Reward Points

Community Wiki

Last Edited by jlv2 December 29, 2015 at 11:36 AM
Here's some of the more popular mags available:
Click image for larger version

Name:	untitled.GIF
Views:	495
Size:	148.2 KB
ID:	2636804

Quote :
Use of Information []
RewardSurvey- We may use your information including email for selecting for future surveys, marketing and other commercial purposes including renting or selling data on an individual or aggregated basis. RewardSurvey will share data with its parent company and any subsidiaries or affiliated companies owned by the same parent company.
For those who are not familiar with RewardSurvey, here are a few informative Q&As from their FAQ page []:
Quote :
Q. What is RewardSurvey?
A. RewardSurvey is tool to help shape content, products, and policy by contributing your opinion. It is also a way to get real rewards for answering short surveys.

Q: Do my Reward Points expire?
A: Our current policy is not to expire Rewards Points, but RewardSurvey maintains the right to expire Reward Points for account inactivity, misuse, or at the sole discretion of RewardSurvey.

Q: Can I save points?
A: You can redeem points right away or save them and take more surveys and/or refer more family and friends to acquire more Rewards Points and redeem for higher level rewards.

Q. How can RewardSurvey afford to give me these free rewards?
A. Rewards are brought to you through the generosity of publishers and our survey sponsors who value your opinion.

Q. Do I have to buy something or sign-up for something else to earn rewards.
A. No you don’t. No fees. No obligations. You earn rewards simply by sharing information and opinions.

Q. Can I give my reward as a gift?
A: You can give your RewardSurvey selections as gifts simply by inputting the name and address of the person you would like to receive it on the Delivery Information page.
WSJ is only good for new subscriptions and not renewals.
Quote :
The Wall Street Journal fuels your ambitions and gives you all the resources you need to stay ahead with breaking financial, political, technology and world news.

Offer is for the print version only. Offer available to residents of the Continental United States only. NEW subscribers only -- renewal orders and gift orders will not be honored. Wall Street Journal subscriptions are non-transferrable.


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Playboy mag is no longer available.
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Joined Feb 2012
a/k/a Smiley Guy
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Original Poster
Quote from superherodude View Post :
Men's Fitness or Shape Magazine now available for $20 RewardSurvey points
I started this topic as a new thread as the existing RS thread was rather old and the OP is not updating it. Now it seems an admin has lumped it in with all these existing posts. Appropriate action? look around
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I agree with you, Super. It wasn't until I read several pages, that I even looked at the date. This should definitely be a new thread.
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Quote from theimage13 View Post :
"It don’t care how people spend their time or money"

Is this site legit?
This is a good site. I was a bit hesitated when I first started a while back but had nothing but good things to say. I received many great mags from them and some even arrive faster than RG.

Thanks op for the heads up with mens fitness...had wanted to get me one.
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Cool...was a good experience as well even i was hesitant at the start, but its pretty ok now.
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Great, got subscription!
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Thank you!!!
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Vogue and a few others on there now too. < $20
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Yes Vogue is awesome, got it thanks. Now how can I get some other magazines? Thanks op.
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Got Vogue. Thanks so much!!
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My husband has playboy through 2019 lol
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New survey is up [].

Anyone know anything about the difference in quality between Golf Digest & Golfweek? I'm thinking about getting a sub of one those for my BIL. Noticed Golf Digest is 12 Issues ($15 in Rewards Points), Golfweek is 45 Issues ($35 in Reward Points). BIL is not a golf fanatic, especially b/c he lives in New England.

Anyway, any thoughts?
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Quote from WindySummer View Post :
New survey is up [].

Anyone know anything about the difference in quality between Golf Digest & Golfweek? I'm thinking about getting a sub of one those for my BIL. Noticed Golf Digest is 12 Issues ($15 in Rewards Points), Golfweek is 45 Issues ($35 in Reward Points). BIL is not a golf fanatic, especially b/c he lives in New England.

Anyway, any thoughts?
Go for Golf Digest , more comprehensive and has lessons if you need it.
Golf week is more of a news magazine and has a few tips here and there
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Thx & Rep'd ZacharyA ...
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Thanks got Mens Fitness.
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