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Kirkland Signature Allergy Relief: 120-Ct 180mg Aller-Fex $25.50, 365-Ct 10mg Aller-Tec $14, 365-Ct 10mg AllerClear

bjamm 250 April 16, 2013 at 06:36 PM in Health & Beauty (2) More Costco Wholesale Deals
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Edited April 17, 2013 at 08:22 PM by widgit
I posted this last year about this time. Stock up now for the summer seasonal allergies. I still have my supply from last year so I'm passing this time. Just passing the deal along so reps please! Smilie The Allerfex works best for me. Posted last month but the prices have been lowered again and are even cheaper than last year.

Manufacturer’s discount is valid 4/11/13 through 5/5/13. While supplies last.

Costco - Kirkland Signature™ Aller-Tec™ Cetirizine HCL/ Antihistamine Tablets 10mg. (Compare to Zyrtec) ( Amazon Zyrtec 70ct for $29.33) - $12.99 shipped.

Kirkland Signature™ AllerClear® Non-Drowsy* (Compare to Claritin) (Amazon has 45tablet for $24.43)
Loratadine 10 mg/Antihistamine - $9.99 shipped

Costco - Kirkland Signature™ Aller-Fex 180 mg 24 Hour Allergy Relief (Compare to Allegra Allergy) (Amazon has 45ct for $24) - $23.99

Add 5% surcharge for non members.


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Thanks OP. Got some last night and gave you rep. Seems like you haven't gotten as much rep as you should have for this heads up on a great deal. I bet it's because you mentioned it, which is a little annoying I guess. Thanks a bunch! My throat thanks you!
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Quote from seb101189 View Post :
My allergies have been kicking my butt so I could use a restock, as a half dozen zyrtec and a few allegra a day aren't even cutting it right now.
Like the other person said, unless your doctor is telling you to take that many, I would stop and look for a different way to treat your allergies. I think the labels for these say not to take more than 1 dose per day. They could be doing a lot of damage and almost certainly making your allergies worse and tolerance high.
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Quote from TCC11 View Post :
I recommend Alavert (lortadine), as it is free of lactose. My allergist for YEARS had me on Zyrtek, which has lactose monohydrate in it. As a result of using the product for more than 10 years, my lactose intolerance turned into a severe dairy allergy.

Roughly 70% medications (including asthma inhalers and benadyl) use lactose as a filler, consult with your pharmacist for exact inactive ingredients.
Isn't Loratadine the same as AllerClear/Claritin?
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Thank you, and repped!!
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What price it should be normally? Does it work?
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Quote from cteru View Post :
Zyrtec does cross blood brain barrier, which is in the medical textbook.
That would explain everything!
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Most people get allegies from pollens now. Ever want to live in Houston? Its all flat lands and no pine trees. Arizona too. Its just a thought. Southeast USA is bad for allegies suffers.
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Switching to allegra from claritin completely changed my allergy season from an itchy, congested mess into something that was at least 90% passable. Still working on my kirkland supply from last year, otherwise I'd jump on this in a heartbeat.
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Thanks OP. Ordered a year supply of the Generic Zyrtec ones.

FYI - your body can build up a resistance to the allergy pills which causes them to stop working. This can occur in as little as 3 months.

I usually switch out the types I take a couple times a year.
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BJ's had a similar deal that expired on the 17th. It was $14.99 in store - $3 coupon from the flyer for a 300 count Zyrtec knock off. I have been using it for a couple of years now, and it works.
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Tu and repped!
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Zyrtec or Cetirizine is probably the best OTC allergy medicine.

Yes, it acts slow, may be in about an hour after it has been taken. It does cause drowsiness to some people but not all.

But, it gives good 24-72 hour relief and have not had any side effects even after 4 years of use. The effectiveness does decrease after about 18 months of use, which is when I switch to levoCetirizine for a couple of months and back to Zyrtec.
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I should ask a doctor but with SD it's getting honest opinion Smilie

I have allergies from pollen so itchy eyes and sneezing. For sneezing I tried nasonex and it works for me and for eyes using Alaway drops that helps but not completely. Both are expensive so wondering if anyone has similar issue and recommend one tab that helps
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Quote from disneymommy View Post :
Wish I could take the generic Zyrtec....but the only thing that works for me is the Zyrtec-D. It is only 12 I take it each morning....and then Benadryl at night. I buy generic, but it still costs me $14 every 24 days for the generic Zyrtec-D.
For anyone looking to save a couple of bucks on an antihistamine (like Zyrtec) plus Sudafed (decongestant) - talk to your local pharmacist. There's a drug called Semprex-D out there, that you might just be able to get for free.

My insurance charges me a $35 copay for the Semprex-D every month. Semprex's website has a reusable coupon out for $35 off your copay. So, I pay $0. Your copays might be a bit higher, but you're still getting a hell of a deal. Call your local pharmacy and have them run a test claim on the drug to see how much you would be paying, then call your doctor and have him call you in a prescription.
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just texted my pharmacist buddy about this. zyrtec is stronger than claritin but is more sedating. so yeah, time to start taking it at night, since it takes an hour to start working anyway
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