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Harman Kardon HARKAR-BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - $125 plus tx - MSRP $250 - In-Store Best Buy Clearance - B&M - YMMV

lodit 318 April 25, 2013 at 05:20 AM in Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) (5) More Best Buy Deals
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Last Edited by lodit April 25, 2013 at 05:30 AM

Best Buy In-Store Clearance has these Harman Kardon HARKAR-BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones on sale for $125, a 50% savings from their MSRP of $250.

Change the strId=1446 in the link to your store's id. []

Amazon Link Here - currently $185 []

Apple Store reference link for Iphone aficionados - $249.99 []

These are my thoughts on the product after purchase:

1. Bluetooth Wireless - no need to be corded into your source, mobility is awesome, single charge lasted me over 10 hours before I decided to recharge, though they would have lasted longer I didn't try to use them until the battery died, and I walked away from my desk about 30 ft before any sort of communication issues or loss of signal.
2. Sound quality via BT - great, once you EQ the output to your tastes. Even straight out of the box with no EQ-ing, the response seems fairly flat (a good thing before you EQ) throughout, bass is actually quite decent without sounding too boomy or overly exaggerated, mids and highs are balanced, not much artificial augmentation of any specific frequency was noticed prior to tweaking the sound to my liking
3. Sound quality via cable - stronger and better sounding signal than BT, and as good, if not better than many other headphones around the price point (yes, even better than the $200 - $300 celebrity-endorsed ones (think Beats by Dre, Soul by Ludacris) and perhaps even some Sennheisers or Audio-Technica that were on sale recently. I admit I bought a few of those to try, but either sold or returned most of them)
4. Portability - headphones rotate flat, fit into a sleek vinyl/leather sleeve, packs into your laptop bag or travel case easily because of the flat profile
5. Comfort - depending on the size of your noggin, there are two included headbands, though these appear to fit smaller melons better than larger ones, and though the square design of the earcups is different than the norm, for me they sealed fairly well, such that I even felt a little moisture on the earcups after wearing them for a half hour or more. They did make their presence known after extended periods, could be the snugness of using the smaller headband, but otherwise, it was not readily apparent to me that I was wearing them (people caught me singing out loud at times in the
6. Functionality - audio playback, can also use these for BT phone calls as there's a built-in mic on the headset, volume and remote control ability on the left earcup (independent of your mp3 player controls), sound isolation is ok (if you turn up the volume, it does well enough to block out exterior noise without disturbing those around you), but these are not noise-cancelling (that's another model, the HARKAR-NC, but those don't have BT and cost more). Also, the earcup foam grilles are removeable (like speaker grilles), as they are attached via magnets to the frame, a nice consideration for replacement if they ever get damaged.

1. Look - styling is subjective, so these may not float your boat. Perhaps not street-cred worthy, low bling factor (no flashing lights, chrome or celebrity endorsements) but definitely great for office or home use if portable sound quality is important to you (using BT there's no wires to connect, did I mention the freedom of movement without worrying about tangles, accidental disconnections or hitting the cord awkwardly that results in your mp3 device hitting the floor?).
2. Charging cable - USB to proprietary jack, instead of a typical mini or micro-USB, and no included wall charging USB adapter. Not a huge deal, just gotta carry the charging cable with you in the sleeve. And the battery lasts quite long, so charging between use will occur less frequently.
3. Annoyances - very minor - accidentally touching or knocking the headband resonates in the earcups, an included hard case for travel protection would have been nicer than the sleeve, the seal caused some moisture build up on the foam pads (good and bad, I guess)

Overall, for what you get, I think it's a great deal. Quality sound reproduction (via included BT or cable), freedom of movement, plenty of features and functionality for everyday use, and doesn't punch a hole in your wallet that will result in buyer's remorse.

Disclaimer: I'm not an audiophile, and do not claim to be a headphone expert. These are just my opinions and experience provided for reference. But I like them. A lot. Even though I am not overly enamored with the design, I cannot argue against the sonic bliss for the price. Are there better headphones out there? Yes, absolutely, but not currently at the same price point having the same features as this model. If you give them a try, please comment back here with your thoughts. It would be great for me and fellow SDers to know what you think about them.


p.s. There are also the HARKAR-CL on clearance for $99.99, but I would forego those in a heartbeat and step up to the HARKAR-BT for the extra $25. Try them out at the store and you'll understand why.



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seems like they are clearing out a bunch of the harman kardan stuff. I just picked up an open box SB16 and couldn't be happier. They wanted around 465 for it but I was able to chew it down to under 400 and the thing is practially mint.
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do you have beats headphone
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Can you give me some thoughts on the size of the earcups relative to one's head?
I've been on the fence about getting either the CL or BT because to be honest the BT earcups look ginormous.
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Quote from mbeatstech View Post :
do you have beats headphone
Quote from stream01 View Post :
Can you give me some thoughts on the size of the earcups relative to one's head?
I've been on the fence about getting either the CL or BT because to be honest the BT earcups look ginormous.
I had tried the top of their lines, beats by dre studio and the soul by ludacris SL300s, sold em cause I didn't find them to my liking overall, even for the price paid.
Style of both definitely mated well with hip-hop culture, but in terms of honest, uncolored sound reproduction, they didn't deliver for me.
Then again, that probably wasn't the intention of the sound designers, because of the overemphasized bass relative to the mids and highs.
I believe coloring the sound should be up to the listener, not the headphones.
And that's why we have EQs.

As for earcup size on the HARKAR-BT, they're just a little wider, shorter and maybe double the thickness (pads and outer cover) of a Blackberry Torch 9800. Definitely shorter than an Iphone 5, but thicker (between 2-3x) and slightly wider. The earpads are not that thick, but comfortable enough that I wore them for about 10 hours during work and only had to remove them a couple of times to relieve pressure and moisture build up.
It's the rectangular shape that makes them look bigger than the typical rounded style.

Soundwise, the BTs are much better than the CLs. With or without the cord. The CLs earcups are different in design as well, though shaped similarly. Looking and listening to both, it's an easy choice.
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They had them 3 of the BT ones at the bestbuy in midtown manhattan. I tried the wired ones and they sound pretty good (although I am no audiophile). The sound was clean and no heavy bass like the Beats. I've been looking for a pair of wireless over-the-hear headphones so picked up a pair to try out. I figure worse case I can just return them or sell them if I dont like it. The style is subject to ones liking, but they work for me.
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Nice... I wonder how well they perform. Might have to hit up BB and check it out.
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Picked up a pair; rang my local best buy after searching stock from the link... They were nice enough to hold it for me; they made it easy. Great sound; using themon lenovo laptop and att gs3...
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I grabbed a pair of these, love them! I think they look incredible, and the sound was surprisingly good.
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I bought some of these before I saw this thread Smilie

They sound much better than the Beats Studio, which simply sound muddy. The Beats Pro have a much better sound, and these are comparable -- but these are also Bluetooth and 1/3 the price.

Styling is certainly subjective.

These have a great seal, and I plan to use them for travel -- wireless when bouncing around the airport, then being able to 'jack in' if a flight attendant makes a fuss. With the microphone, wired/wireless option, and good sound reproduction, I can only find two nitpicks:

1) The cups swivel, but this is probably for storage -- not for comfort when around the head. The band is tight enough, and the cups are square, which results in their corners pressing into your neck. They're not uncomfortable in the "normal" position around the neck, but it would have been nice if the swivel wasn't just for storage.

2) There's no "monitor" method -- you can't swivel or fold a cup away from one ear. You can always just push one behind an ear, but it's always nice to have (like the Beats Pro).
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