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Callaway Strata Plus Golf Clubs Package Set with Bag and Putter EXPIRED

thelnel52 2,541 May 6, 2013 at 02:36 PM in Deal of the Day (2) More eBay Deals
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Promoted 05-06-2013 at 10:06 PM View Original Post
Budget Golfer via eBay has Men's 2013 Callaway Strata Plus Golf Clubs Package Set with Bag and Putter (Left Handed or Right Handed) for $230. Shipping is free. Thanks thelnel52 & Skewd Atom

Original Post

Edited May 6, 2013 at 03:53 PM by thelnel52
budgetgolfer via eBay has a 2013 Callaway Strata Plus Golf Clubs Package Set Brand New with Bag and Putter [] (This is right-handed) for $230 shipped. The same set is $300 plus shipping direct from Callaway.

Link to left-handed version [] (thanks to Skewd Atom)

Set includes:
Driver (with headcover)
3 wood (with headcover)
5 wood (with headcover)
4 hybrid (with headcover)
5 hybrid (with headcover)
6 iron
7 iron
8 iron
9 iron
pitching wedge
sand wedge
Stand bag


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Quote from incantor1 View Post :
Buy directly from Callaway for the SAME set $199.99 with free shipping.,pd.html
no bag included when buying from
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Not going to lie...for a beginner the set really wont do much as long as you have all the essential clubs. I've been playing for more than 15 years now and I have to say that I rarely use my entire club set. I've actually used these clubs and they are great. Wouldn't recommend them to advance players but anyone who is beginning or has been looking to upgrade from hand-me-downs this would be a great buy. BUT if you are a serious golfer you should really invest elsewhere. This is strictly in my opinion for brand new starters and casual (might play two or three times a year) kind of players.
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Quote from rdubbs View Post :
Going to have to disagree with you there. I find the driver much easier to hit and have not at all figured out what to do with a wood. Nice, big head with a bigger sweet spot, higher ball placement, and a long, wobbly shaft that quickly tells me if I'm swinging correctly or not (sadly, often no).

Granted, I am a total nubcake, but that's the target audience here.

And distance is far off from what you say too. I can hit a 5-iron ~170 ish on a good shot, but usually don't use it because I'm inconsistent. My driver is consistently 200+, up to 250, with the problem being that inconsistency means I've shot it 200+ yards into the wrong fairway.

I think you have to distinguish between players - I'm young, reasonably fit, and have lots of power that I have no idea how to control. So I'm going to hit the driver far no matter what -just in the wrong direction, and sometimes straight up into the sky. This might be less true of someone in their 30s, 40s, or 50s.

TL;DR don't hate on drivers for all people
Fair enough...but someday you should bag the driver for an entire round and hit the 3 wood...just an idea! You may be surprised. My point is that you will probabyl have 90-110% as much power...and much straighter. Just give it a shot!

I am a long ball hitter and love hitting driver as much as possible (but I don't care about score anymore at all).

And I would venture a guess that you are on a short list of beginners that find the driver much easier to hit. Most beginners have the most trouble with longer irons & driver. Most - is the key word there.
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Quote from riphamilton View Post :
no bag included when buying from
You should recheck, stand bag is included.
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Does anyone know how many cans of beer the bag can hold?
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What's the difference?

$199 for 13piece, $299 for 18piece but includes only 13 pieces? Bag looks nicer in $299 set, which matches ebay picture...

Edit: Was previously discussed: bag is the same just red, gold set has 5 wood and sand wedge included, head covers, and possibly better clubs
Last edited by funnyguy84 May 6, 2013 at 11:25 PM
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I've wanted a good basic set of clubs for awhile. I went with the nicer Strata Plus as listed in the OPs post. They are nicer clubs when compared to the regular strata if you check out Callaway's site in the non shopping section look over the specs for each club.
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Quote from incantor1 View Post :
Buy directly from Callaway for the SAME set $199.99 with free shipping.,pd.html
No. the set for $199 at Callaway is the 13 piece set. Fewer clubs and the clubs are not the exact same ones. I know because I checked out both sets before just recently purchasing the 13 piece set ($199) at for $170, 15% off using a coupon plus free shipping.

I would have liked the 18 piece Strata set but since I a brand new beginner this set should do fine to start with.
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Looks like a terrific set for someone starting out or who doesn't get to play much. I've ordered a few clubs before from Budget Golf and have been happy with them.
I guess one word of warning on Callaway - they are starting to branch out into "non-premium" clubs. If you have noticed your local Target store has most likely replaced the old brands they used to carry with all Callaway items. I wouldn't say this is a bad thing as Wilson, Ram, Olimar, Top-Flight, and many others have done the same in the past - but if you are one of those people who care about having the most "impressive" name brand clubs to show off to your friends then don't let the Callaway name fool you.
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What size length are these?

Im 6'5" will anything work for me?
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Budgetgolf is a very good retailer. This package is very good for someone who's starting out and just want to have a decent and complete set. Callaway's customer service is second to none in the golf industry. There are a lot of great golf equipments out there (Titleist, Ping, Mizuno, etc.), but I will always stick with Callaway because of their customers and products support.
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Quote from riphamilton View Post :
you're not really incorrect - strata is callaway's cheap line of equipment. to call these clubs 'callaways' is like calling old navy clothes gap clothes.

callaway owns odyssey, top-flite, strata and ben hogan. there will be no 'callaway' branding on these clubs - i'm sure that matters to at least some of the people interested in buying.
Thats where I was originally coming from. I find it weird that Callaway doesnt have their brand on these at all, like Strata by Callaway or something.
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Is this better than that Diablo set that was on sale a lot last year? Does a beginner need to upgrade his driver immediately? There are some pretty good ones for some decent prices if you buy them used like the Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0 and Taylormade RBZ.
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This weekend I picked up a 13 pc. strata set (red) from an Academy Sports in the San Antonio area on clearance for 149.99. I originally accidentally grabbed a lefty set and had to call back to see if any stores in the area had a righty set. Most stores in the area had 1-2 sets left (the salesman did an area search). It may be worth calling around to save an extra $25-50 and not wait for shipping, if you have some Academy sports in your area. I was actually set on the 18pc set until I saw the 13pc. set for such a low price.

Overall impressions after a couple trips to the driving range... The clubs are pretty solid for a beginner set. The clubs/bag look nicer than they appear in ebay ad for the 13 pc. set. They seem to be pretty forgiving, compared to other clubs I have used (early 2000's callaway big bertha irons, taylormade burner woods). The main weak point is the driver (hits straight, but doesn't seem to have that "pop" to it) and lack of a sand wedge. It was my first time using a hybrid, but they seemed to hit pretty nice and straight. I'm not an avid golfer by any means, so take all of this with a grain of salt...

Note: The Callaway brand name is not present anywhere on the clubs. You'll just have to be happy with the trickle down technology in the clubs themselves and Callaways aweosme customer support/warranty.
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FYI, I ordered a set from callaway $199 + free shipping with code Zeroship12 + Tax .. Bag is included.
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