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Xbox 360 Live 12-Month Gold Membership Card EXPIRED

DJ3xclusive 80,229 June 27, 2013 at 09:01 AM in Free Shipping (5) More eBay Deals
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Promoted 06-27-2013 at 09:32 AM View Original Post
Newegg via eBay has Xbox 360 Live 12-Month Gold Membership Subscription Card for $34.99 with Free Shipping. Thanks DJ3xclusive

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Edited June 27, 2013 at 05:35 PM by widgit


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Dead dead dead
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This deal is DEAD!! Frown. Now at $46.99. Oh we'll, I guess it was a sign regarding my continuation with Xbox, smh.
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Quote from ewiz06 View Post :
Thanks for your great reply. I have a current Family Pack and I want to make sure I don't get messed up. My current Gold Family Pack expired in March of 2014. If I go in at any time before that and remove one of the members (I do have one that is not used often), then add 2 separte one-year memberships to that account, wait 7 days, then re-add that member to the Gold Family Pack---my plan should then be extended by one year, right?? My biggest question is are you sure that I can still add to my existing Gold Family Pack now even though you technically can't renew your membership? I don't want to waste 2 one-year Xbox Live cards on an member account that is not used.
I appreciate your help!
Hey, I DO NOT KNOW and only Microsoft can give the definitive answer on that. My problem wasn't that they wouldn't renew me (they would have) but I disabled the auto-renew option, it was that they wouldn't allow me to re-join once the membership expired.

What could have taken a few minutes to clear up, provided the representative knew the correct answer, if only I could have reached someone by phone, took over an hour via chat. If I were you I would do the chat with Xbox live staff (not the Xbox ambassadors) so at least I had some documentation of what they say. It took a VERY LONG time before the person I was chatting with admitted and finally said I couldn't re-join the Family Pack. The put me on hold several times (checking on things - and finally after coming back from one of these, someone must have told them the Family Pack was no more, because prior to that she was explaining how I could continue & renew). IDK if that was because of the agent I was speaking to not knowing it themselves or she was just in robot response mode or what?!? but at first I was hopeful, only to finally get some correct / straight answers.

So I'd make sure your question is clearly understood (meaning that the representative understands the Family Pack can't be purchased anymore for starters) and that they assure you if you drop a member add the gift cards, that in 7 days you will be able to bring them back and that FOR SURE, it will extend your Family Pack by another year.

I did read elsewhere about people having some issues re-adding members to the account. But I don't know the time frame (as in whether that was before the Family Pack option was cancelled or after it was). At the end of the day, if it's uncertain, then as long as they would do the auto-renewal for ~$99 that would still be a better price than having to buy four Xbox Live gift cards even at $35. Especially if you sold your two gift cards for $40 - $45 on Craigs List and made sure you had a valid CC on file with them and that you have Auto-Renewal turned on in the account.

If anyone else has a second please hit the feedback button next time you are on your computer @ the Xbox Live site and ask them to please bring back the Gold Family Pack Option. If they decide to terminate the program for everyone in the future it's going to be very unpopular; most don't know it was cancelled at this point & that they are riding in on the fumes. And I really don't understand it, since it seems like Xbox One is moving to a Family style Live Gold option.
Last edited by Bdubslawman June 28, 2013 at 11:18 AM
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Bought and repped. I don't play my xbox at all but if they're giving away free games, why not.
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Quote from UnstableChimp View Post :
Here is my reason, which I'm sure people will disagree, but keep in mind, this is MY REASON for getting one.

Reason 1:
I actually like the idea of having the Kinect included with every Xbox One, and I look forward in seeing how developers/designers will implement this into games, since they know it is part of the console, and not an add-on. I think developers ignore it for good reason now; it's an accessory, low resolution, not very accurate, etc. Now developers will be able to read facial expressions, etc. Some critics are stating they don't want to flail their arms when playing, but that may not be necessary. For instance, I could be interacting with a character in Mass Effect or Bioshock, and simply nod or shake my head in response to a yes/no question. Heck, I could even face palm.

I also have family living across the country, and having Skype built into our consoles is a very nice feature. I know I can use a PC, but everyone I plan to use this with, including their kids will be able to easily make use of it.

Reason 2:
Cloud computing from the launch sounds awesome. Persistent worlds, dedicated servers, advanced AI, etc. Sure the PS3 had cloud storage, but that is not even at the same level as cloud computing. Of course they could add it..., but things like this don't appear overnight. I hope Sony eventually adds this, because this means multiplatform games are more likely to make use of it.

Reason 3:
The controller. Personally, I like the Xbox controller better, and I'm happy to see they didn't make any significant changes to it. Again, it's a personal preference, and I'm sure others prefer the PS4, which I'm glad they do! It's nice we all have options.

Reason 4:
MS knows software fairly well, and their dashboard updates have never hampered my gaming, nor has Xbox Live. It's not a knock against Sony, but Microsoft has not given me a reason to abandon their online service, nor their dashboard.

Reason 5:
I like Halo, and really look forward to Titanfall. The Last of Us does really have me wishing I had a PS3. If/When that sequel comes out, I may grab myself a PS4 as well, so I can enjoy that, and MLB The Show.

Reason 6:
I can afford a PS4 too, should I decide I want that as well, so why pick one, when I can have both.
Thanks for the reply.
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Thanks OP! Got my card today and already redeemed the code online.
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will this work on xbox one?
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Quote from timtim2008 View Post :
will this work on xbox one?
Yes, Xbox Live subs now will work on Xbox One.
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Quote from Illuminati View Post :
Why is this front page? Oh wait... Because its posted by a mod and what's that? Oh yeah they also get a affiliate commission. NVM I answered my own question. Horrible price, regular slickdeals price is $30

Around 2 weeks ago on eBay.
With 137+ votes warranted the FP nod Prior FP deals were always between $32 to $38 and once in awhile you would a rare low price like the $20 deal awhile back Smilie
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i need xbox live. mine expires in 3 days! im crossing my finger something comes up
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bumping an old thread.... anyone know the thread on SD that shows how to get free 1 month codes for xbl?
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