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Pictures are not great, but beggars can't be choosers when "borrowing" from someplace else. Figure it's the least they can do when they "borrow" enough of our posts.

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Walgreens Balance Rewards Info/FAQ
Walgreens Coupon Policy []
Walgreens Chat
Walgreens Booklets Master List
Printable coupons
Walgreens August IVC Book
Walgreens August Monthly deals
Wags July 28 week
Wags August 4 week

Ad PDF from w/ Bonus Pages

Register Rewards

Colgate dental care $2.99 $1.50 Register Reward
-2in1 Total Care Toothpaste 4 or 4.6oz
-360 Surround, Floss tip, Optic White or Pro-Relief toohbrush
.50/1 any Colgate toothpaste 4oz+ x7/27/13 7/14SS

Colgate mouthwash Optic White 32oz; Total Advanced 33.8oz $5.99 $3 Register Reward
$2/1 any COLGATE Mouthwash 32oz or larger PRINT []

Crest Pro-Health rinse or mouthwash 15 or 33.8oz $4.49 $2 Register Reward
$1.10/1 CREST ProHealth Rinse 458mL or larger PRINT []
$1.10 Crest ProHeath rinse Print []
Crest $.75/1 Rinse 458mL+ [regional var. $1.50/2] ETS (7/31/13) P&G 7/7/13
Crest Rinse $1.50/1 coming in 7/28/13 insert per ad

Eucerin or Aquaphor spend $15 get $8 Register Reward
Eucerin Hand or Body $1.50/1 no trial (8/31/13) RP 5/5/13

Herbal Essences or Old Spice Body Wash 15.8-18oz 2/$7 $2 Register Reward wyb 2
Herbal Essences $1/1 body wash ETS (7/31/13) P&G 7/7/13
Herbal Essences $1/2 products ETS (7/31/13) P&G 7/7/13
Herbal Essences body wash ETS $1.00 (9/30/13) P&G 6/30/13

Nestle products spend $20 get $5 Register Reward
-Coffee-Mate 16oz pantry pack or refrigerated 2/$3
-DiGiorno pizza 12" 2/$10
-Purina Beneful or Pet Chow 3.15-4.4lbs; Friskies 3.15lbs; Tidy Cats Scoop 14lbs.
-Stouffers 9.6-12oz; Hot Pockets 2pk; Lean Cuisine 9oz or 10.5oz 2/$5
-Boost drink 6pk; high protein powder 17.7oz B1/G50%
Boost $1.50/1 product (9/23/13) RP#1 7/28/13
Hot Pockets/Lean Pockets $1/2 sandwiches 8-9oz (10/26/13) RP# 1 7/28/2013
Purina $1/2 dog snacks (10/28/13)
Purina $2/1 4lb+ Puppy Chow, Dog Chow, Active Senior 7+, Healthy Morsels or Little Bites (10/26//13)RP# 1 7/28/2013
Purina $3/1 4lb+ Dog Chow light & healthy (10/26/13)
Purina Friskies $1/2 dry cat food bags (10/28/13)RP# 1 7/28/2013
Purina Tidy Cats $1/1 cat litter 14lb+ (10/28/13)RP# 1 7/28/2013

P&G products $10 RR wyb $30 or more
-Duracell Batteries $9.99
Quantum AA or AAA,12pk
Coppertop AA or AAA,16
-Dawn Dish Liquid, 9 oz $.99
-Tide Laundry Detergent 48 to 64 Loads $11.99
-Pampers Jumbo-Pack Diapers 2/$19.50
-Bounty Paper Towels 8 Rolls $9.99
-Charmin Bathroom Tissue 16 double rolls $9.99
25? 1 Bounty towel or napkin (ets) x7/31/13 July P&G
25? 1 Charmin product (ets) x7/31/13 July P&G
$3/3 or $1.50/2 or 50? Tide detergent, Downy, Tide Boost, Tide to Go, Washing Machine Cleaner or Bounce x7/31/13 July P&G

Tide assorted coupons Print []

Prilosec OTC 42ct $24.99 $4 Register Reward
Prilosec OTC $1/1 ETS (7/31/13) P&G 7/7/13
Prilosec OTC Wildberry [limit one like coupon per household per day] $2/1 (7/31/13) P&G 6/30/13
Prilosec OTC, Pepto To Go, Pepto Caplets, ZzzQuil, Align [limit one like coupon per household per day] ETTS $1/1 (7/31/13) P&G 6/30/13
Prilosec OTC, Pepto To Go, Pepto Caplets, ZzzQuil, Align [limit one like coupon per household per day] ETTS $3/2 (7/31/13) P&G 6/30/13

Reach toothbrush $2.99 $2 Register Reward
$1/1 any REACH Toothbrush (except Crystal Clean) PRINT []
$2/1 any REACH Brand 2pack (except Crystal Clean) PRINT []

Allegra 24 hour 45ct $23.99 4000 points
$5/1 ALLEGRA Allergy 30ct or higher (exp 8/3/13)
$4/1 ALLEGRA Allergy 30ct or higher PRINT []

Baby Care $4.99 2000 points wyb 3
-Desitin 4oz; Johnson's Lotion 27oz; babywash 28oz; washcloths 14pk
75? Desitin ets Print []
Johnson's Baby $.50/1 product excluding 1-4oz sizes, hand & face wipes and buddies and kids 1ct sudzing bar (8/25/13) SS 6/30/13
Johnson's Baby $1/1 washcloths (8/25/13) SS 6/30/13

Johnson's baby assorted coupons []

Benadryl Allergy Relief 24ct or Children's 4oz $4.99 1000 points

Clean & Clear skin care B1/G50%

Dental Care B1/G50% 2000 points wyb2
-Reach Total Floss 30yds; Listerine: Smart Rinse 500ml, Ultra Clean or Total Care 1liter, Whitening 16oz

Digestive Health $18.99 2000 points ----->Sat.7/21ad $10 off IVC Wags Omperazole 42ct.
-Culturelle 30ct; Orevacid 28ct; Miralax 17.9oz; Walgreens 4x Probiotic 28ct; Omperazole 42ct

Digestive Relief $5.99 500 points
-Alka Seltzer fruit chews 36ct; Ex-Lax or Walgreens anti-diarrheal 24ct; Dulcolax 25ct

Dove or Degree antiperspirant/deodorant 1.7-2.7oz B1/G50% 2000 points wyb 2

Feminine Care B1/G50% 1000 points wyb 2 ----->Sat.7/21ad Stayfree maxi pads 28-36pk; Carefree pantiliners 92-120pk; O.B. tampons 40pk, 2/$8
-Stayfree maxi pads 14-36pk; Carefree pantiliners 20-120pk; O.B. tampons 40pk

Finest Nutrition gluxcosamine B1/G50% 2000 points wyb 2

First Aid products 2000 points wyb 2 -----> Sat.7/21 check all of these products well, lots of possibility here.
-Band-Aid bandages or J&J wrap,pads or gauze $2.99
-Neosporin .5oz or Benadryl 1oz $3.99

First Response pregnancy test $14.99 1000 points

Foster Grant or Studio 35 sunglasses BOGO 1000 points wyb 2

Gillette 3000 points wyb $20 ----->Sat.7/21ad Gillette Venus, Mach 3 or Fusion Proglide razor $9.99 2000 points
-Venus or Proglide cartridges 3 or 4pk
-Venus or Fusion Proglide razor $9.99
Gillette $3/1 Fusion ProGlide razor ETS (7/31/13) P&G 7/7/13
Gillette $3/1 Fusion ProGlide razor or styler ets (7/31/13) RP 6/16/13
Venus $3/1 razor excludes disposables ETS (7/31/13) P&G 7/7/13
Venus $5/1 razor excludes disposables and trial (7/31/13) RP 6/16/13

HP black ink cartridges 21, 60, 61, 74, 92 $15.99 1000 points

Motrin 100ct; PM 20, 40, 60ct B1/G50% 1000 points

Neutrogena cosmetics, bath care or skin care B1/G50%

Nice! nuts $2.79 1000 points
-walnuts 5oz
-cashew haves & pieces 8 or 9.25oz
-mixed 13.3oz
-peanuts 16oz
-trail mix 9oz

Nivea body wash or skin care B1/G50% 2000 points wyb 2 -----> Sat7/27 should DD July points

Schick Hydro disposable razors 3 pk or razor system $7.99 1000 points ----->Sat.7/21 (monthly deal) Spend $20 get 5000 Link []

Schick Hydro cartirdges 4pk 25% off 5000 points wyb 2

Therabreath dental care exc gum B1/G50% 1000 wyb 2

Visine eye drops .5 or 1oz 1000 points wyb2

Zantac 24 or 30ct; Walgreens Walmucil 160ct or powder 114 doses $8.99 1000 points ----> Sat.7/27 $2 July IVC

ZzzQuil 12ct or 6oz $4.99 1000 points ----->Sat.7/27 should DD July monthly

Accu-Chek Nano Blood Glucose monitor $7.99; $7.99 in-box MIR 3000 points

Buy $50 get $20 from
-Olay Fresh Effects cleansers 5-6.5oz $6.99
- Age Defying or Fresh Effects skin care .5-4oz $12.99
-select Regenerist moisturizers or treatments .51-1.7oz; Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal $23.99

Advil 160 or 200ct; PM 120ct $3 off w/ IVC ----->Sat.7/21 ad LiquiGels 160ct; caplets 200ct; tablets 200 or 300ct $4off w/ IVC

Angel Soft 9 big rolls $3.99

Axe shower gel 16oz; detailer tool; St. Ives body wash 24oz B1/G50% ----->Sat7/21 25% off St. Ives B2/G2000 pointsItems []

Bayer aspirin select B1/G50% -----> Sat.7/21ad Bayer low dose 300ct $4 IVC

Ben & Jerry's pint BOGO
$2.50/3 Ben&Jerry pints Print []

Beverages 2/$3
-Starbucks Iced coffee 11oz; Lipton Pure Leaf Tea 16.5oz
$1/1 STARBUCKS Iced Coffee (exp 3/31/14) TP

Beverages 3/$3
-Smart Water; Vitamin Water 20oz

Beverages $3.99
-Starbucks Double Shot or Frappuccino 4pk; Lipton Green tea 12pk
$1/2 STARBUCKS 4pk (exp 131/14) TP

Centrum or Caltrate $9.99 ----->Sat.7/21 ad Caltrate 50-120ct, Centrum: Pro Nutrients 50-120ct, Specialist 60ct, Ultra 100ct, Silver 125ct, Flavor Burst 120ct, $4 off. July IVC $2 off
$2/1 Centrum Multivitamins, 100 to 220 ct July IVC
$3/1 CENTRUM, Centrum Silver 65ct or larger, Centrum Specialist Multivitamin, or Centrum Flavor Burst Multivitamin (exp 8/24/13) RP 7/14/13
$2/1 any CALTRATE Calcium & Vitamin D3 Supplement (exp 8/4/13)

Cerave Skin care B1/G50%

Chex Mix 5.5oz-8.75oz; Bugles 7.5oz; Gardettos 5.5oz 2/$3

Clairol Nice 'N Easy or Root Touch Up 2/$12

Clean & Clear B1/G50% ----> Sat. 7/27 $1 July IVC Morning Burst 3-8oz

Coke or Pepsi products 12 pack 3/$10
$1- three 12packs 12oz cans OR two large packs 12oz cans(20/24/28pk) any Diet Coke x8/11/13 7/14SS

Covergirl cosmetics B1/G50%
Covergirl $1.50/1 excludes accessories ETS (7/31/13) P&G 7/7/13
Covergirl $1/1 nail product excludes accessories ETS (7/31/13) P&G 7/7/13
Covergirl $4/2 Lip Perfection, Jumbo Gloss Balm or Lipslicks Smoochies products excludes accessories ETS (7/31/13) P&G 7/7/13
CoverGirl $1/2 cosmetic items excludes nail polish and trial RP# 1 7/28/2013

Crayola art supplies B1/G50%

Dasani 16.9oz 24pack 2/$7; drops 1.9oz

Dawn dish liquid 9oz .99
25? 1 Dawn product (ets) x7/31/13 July P&G

Dove, Caress, Lever2000 bar soap or body wash, ets B1/G50% ----->Sat7/21 Dove/Caress(monthly points) Link [] ----->Sat7/21 ad Caress, Lever 2000BW $2.99

Dr. Pepper, 7Up, A&W, Sunkist, Canada Dry or Hawaiian Punch .88

Duracell hearing aid batteries 16pk $9.99

Edge, Skintimate or Schick Hydro shave gel 7 or 8.4oz 2/$5 ----->Sat.7/21 (monthly deal) Spend $20 get 5000 Link []

Elmer's Glue: school 4oz; sticks 2 pack .49

Ensure Clear, Muscle, High Protein; Glucerna Hunger Smart 4pk; Ensure Original 6pk $7.99

Fabric softener Downy, Bounce $3.99

Folgers Black Silk 10.3oz; Classic Roast 11.3oz $2.99

Frito Lays Doritos 10.5-11.5oz; Cheetos 8-9.75oz 2/$5

Gatorade 32oz .69

Hershey's miniatures, Kisses or Nestle miniatures 19.75oz 2/$9

Household Cleaners 2/$5
-Shout 22oz; Windex 26oz; Windex wipes 28pk; Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom 22oz

Household Products 25% off
-Swiffer, Febreze, Cascade, Mr. Clean or Tide
50? 1 Cascade product (ets) x7/31/13 July P&G
$1/1 Cascade rinse aid (ets) x7/31/13 July P&G
$3/2 Swiffer Sweeper, Wetjet or Duster Starter kits (ets) x7/31/13 JulyP&G
$1 Swiffer refill or Wetjet solution (ets) x7/31/13 July P&G
$1 1 Febreze Fabric Refresher or Air Effects (ets) x7/31/13 July P&G
$1 1 Febreze Noticeables refill (ets) x7/31/13 July P&G
75? Febreze car vent clip, Set & Refresh or Stick & Refresh (ets) x7/31/13 July P&G
$3/2 Febreze products (ets) x7/31/13 July P&G

Tide assorted coupons Print []

Huggies baby wipes 56 or 64 pack $1.99

Huggies jumbo pack diapers or Pull-Ups; Natural Care baby wipes 320 or 400pk $8.99

I-Caps B1/G50%

- Pop Tarts or Rice Krispies Treats 8pk.
$.50/1 KELLOGG'S Pop Tarts Oatmeal Delights toaster pastries PRINT []
- Select Cereal 8.7 to 13.7oz
$.50/1 KELLOGG'S Special K Multigrain Cereal 12oz (exp 8/25/13) RP 7/7/13
$.50/1 KELLOGG'S Cinnamon Jacks Cereal 10oz (exp 8/25/13) RP 7/7/13
$.50/1 KELLOGG'S Scooby-Doo! Cereal 12oz or larger (exp 8/25/13) RP 7/7/13
$.50/1 KELLOGG'S Froot Loops Treasures Cereal 10.5oz (exp 8/25/13) RP 7/7/13
$.70/1 KELLOGG'S Froot Loops Treasures Cereal PRINT []
$1/2 KELLOGG'S Frosted Mini-Wheats Cereals PRINT []
$.75/1 KELLOGG'S Raisin Bran Omega-3 with Flaxseed Cereal PRINT []
$.70/1 KELLOGG'S Special K Multi-Grain Cereal PRINT []
$.70/1 KELLOGG'S Cinnamon Jacks Cereal PRINT []
$.70/1 KELLOGG'S Scooby-Doo! Cereal PRINT []
SAVE $2 on MILK wyb any 2 KELLOGG'S Crunchy Nut Cereals PRINT []

Kraft American cheese 12oz; Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh 9oz 2/$5

L'Oreal Advanced shampoo or conditioner 12.6oz $3.99
$2/1 Advanced hair care product ets x9/7/13 7/14RP

L'Oreal cosmetics B1/G50%
$1 L'Oreal eye product x9/7/13 7/14RP
$2 any cosmetics face product x9/7/13 7/14RP

L'Oreal Excellence Cr?me or Healthy Look Sublime $6.99
$5/2 any Preference x9/7/13 7/14RP
$2 any Preference x9/7/13 7/14RP

Nabisco cookies & crackers 3.8oz-5oz .99

M&Ms 8 or 12.6oz 2/$6]

Metamucil 100ct or powder 72 doses $10.99

Nature's Bounty or Osteo Bi-Flex B1/G2nd for $3
Osteo Bi-Flex, any$3.00 off, WAGS Answers Vitamins & Supplements
Natures Bounty, Any$1.00 off, WAGS Answers Vitamins & Supplements
$2/1 any NATURE'S BOUNTY Vitamin or Supplement PRINT []

Nature Made B1/G50%
Nature Made, Any$2.00 off, Wags Answers Vitamins & Supplements
Nature Made, Any Sam-E or CoQ10$5.00 off, Wags Answers Vitamins & Supplements
$2/1 any NATURE MADE Fish Oil PRINT []
$1.75/2 any NATURE MADE Vitamins PRINT []

Nescafe Taster's Choice 7oz $6.99

Nestle Drumstick 4pk; Chocolate Chip cookie sandwich 6oz; Haagen Dazs Bars 3pk 2/$6

Neutrogena suncare $3off
$1/1 NEUTROGENA Sun Protection product (ets) PRINT []

Nicoderm CQ patches 14pk; Nicorette gum 100 or 110; lozenges 72 or 81 $39.99

Nicorette $10/1 lozenge 72ct+, NicoDerm CQ 14ct+ or gum 100ct+ (9/8/13) RP# 1 7/28/2013

Old Spice, Secret or Gillette antiperspirant or deodorant 2pk 2.6oz-4oz $7.49
$1/1 GILLETTE Deodorant (ets) (exp 8/17/13) --blinkie--

Palmolive dish liquid 25oz $1.99

Pampers Jumbo 2/$19.50

Paper products $9.99
-Bounty 8roll; Charmin Ultra 15 double roll

Planters peanut butter 12oz; Welch's Concord Jelly 32oz 2/$4

Pond's, Noxzema or Simple skin care 25% off
$2/1 POND'S BB Cream PRINT []

Puffs 56 or 96 sheets .99

Purell hand sanitizer 8oz $2.99

Quaker Oatmeal: Real Medleys 2.64oz; Quick 1 minute 18oz 2/$3

Raid insect control 20% off
Raid Product $0.55 (8/3/13) SS 6/23/13

Roc Skin Care B1/G50% ----> Sat.7/27 $5 July IVC

Sally Hansen Complete Salon or Fuzzy Coat nail color 2/$10

Tampax 16-20pk; Liners 54pk; Always select Maxi pads 12-18pk; pantiliners 64pk $3.99
$1/1 ALWAYS Pad or Pantiliner product (ets) (7/31/13)
Always/Tampax $1/2 items RP#1 7/28/2013

Tide 48-54 load $11.99

Trident, Stride, ID gum 14-18piece .99

Twizzlers 2/$3 ---->Sat.7/27 Should DD July monthly

U by Kotex 14-18pk $3.99

Wet 'n Wild $1.49

Wonderful almonds 7oz 2/$4


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Quote from hollyhousewife View Post :
yep, hot pockets are a nestle product.
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Quote from yesiamblonde View Post :
Thanks and Repped! and Thumbup

Eucerin or Aquaphor spend $15 get $8 Register Reward
I"m so happy about this one!! Last time the RR was offered I bought 2 Eucerin lotions and LOVE this lotion. I used to use Lubriderm lotion but Eucerin is my favorite now.
There are $1.50 Eucerin mqs on the bay right now and $3/2 mqs as well. They look like Tearpad mqs. But I grabbed 20 of them. bounce Finally a product I will use!!

I haven't seen the HE Bodywash anywhere. I'd really like to use that $5/2 mq on them.
The mq does NOT beep on HE shampoo/stylers,etc... at Wags. I guess it'd be a major pita to try to use on BW but we could show cashiers Clairol's response on Facebook stating they'll honor it on HE products.
It didn't beep on the shampoo and conditioner at my grocery store, BUT did on the BW.
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I'm not so sure, but for the I-Caps, will the $5.00 off I-CAPS Multi Vitamin or Lutein/Omega-3 q in the Vitamins & Supplements (WIC #258539) work? TIA!
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Tested Clairol $5/2 on the HE body wash today and coupon would not go through.

Also, not sure if body wash says Clairol or not so YMMV.
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Quote from lamyke View Post :
Tested Clairol $5/2 on the HE body wash today and coupon would not go through.

Also, not sure if body wash says Clairol or not so YMMV.
Yes, the body wash has clairol in tiny print above the HE circle on the front (or at least they do at Publix).
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Original Poster
Anyone interested in the J&J baby points deal; there are three coupons right now on []

Quite a few Scrubbing Bubbles coupons []right now too, probably good for something at Wags at some point.
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I've never edited a Wiki before but there is $1/2 Purell 8 oz it is a Bricks coupon.

If someone wants to include that there for me. I'm afraid I'll break something LOL
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Also looks like the Wags ad is showing there should be a $1.00/1 Purell coupon in this coming Sundays paper. Love some cheap Hand sanitizer Big Grin
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Thank you all for all the work you've done on the ad, coupons, and matchups. You're appreciated!
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heart Absolutely the best deal I've ever found. heart
Adopt a shelter pet (or two). heart They're waiting for you.
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Last edited by yesiamblonde July 26, 2013 at 07:09 AM
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Last edited by hollyhousewife July 26, 2013 at 08:45 AM
my other car is a shopping cart.
i'd rather be couponing.
honk if you love moneymakers.

thank you to HollyGolightly for getting me to 1k, celestialdigs for getting me to 2k, gandara.m for getting me to 3k, and peter26&UsinQs for getting me to 4k. heart
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Last edited by bschaef July 26, 2013 at 06:48 PM
Accu-check Nano machines are $7.99 w/ rebate but there's also the $5Q in the DAY book. Buy 1 and get 3k points. This is a good way to reach the $10 or $20 needed to use the BR store Q's.
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delete i need a new brain laugh out loud
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Last edited by hollyhousewife July 26, 2013 at 04:26 PM
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