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Viggle App - Movies Viggle Live Q&A (A-F)

drlux 716 897 August 2, 2013 at 03:27 PM
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2 Fast 2 Furious (45 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: clip author goes here
sound clip url goes here
"2 Fast 2 Furious" was released in ___ . 2003
Who directed the film? John Singleton
"2 Fast 2 Furious" was shot in the same location and time as ___ . Bad Boys II
Universal Studios had 2 scripts written for the film, in case ___ didn't want to return. Vin Diesel
Eva Mendes is ___ -American. Cuban
What is Cole Hauser's, aka Carter Verone, middle name? Kenneth
Ludacris has a daughter named ___ . Karma
Who is Ludacris' famous cousin? Katt Williams
Who plays Tej? Ludacris
Which rapper was considered for the role of Tej before Ludacris got it? Redman
Who did not have any driving experience before filming "2 fast 2 Furious?" Devon Aoki
Brian O'Connor used to be a ___ . Cop
Who did Brian help escape at the end of the first film? Domenic Toretto
Brian and Roman are ___ . Childhood friends
Who plays Monica Fuentes? Eva Longoria
The film is set in ___ . Miami
How does Brian survive while on the run? He enters street races
Devon Aoki, aka Suki, has a famous sibling. Who is he? Steve Aoki
Which rapper was supposed to play Roman's cousin? Fabolous
What does Roman's Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder license plate say? H8ter
Ja Rule turned down a role in the film because they wouldn't cast him as ___ . Roman
True or False: "2 Fast 2 Furious" is the only movie in the franchise where ___ . Vin Diesel isn't in it (Sorry, this is how Viggle answered the question)
Tyrese starred in another John Singleton flick called ___ . Baby Boy
What was Tyrese's first hit? Sweet Lady
True or False: Tej and Roman never showed up in another "Fast & Furious" flick. False
When does the next "Fast & Furious" flick hit the screens? 2015
How much did "2 Fast 2 Furious" make at the box office? $230 million
Sadly, Paul Walker passed away last year. What was the last film he completed? Brick Mansions
Earlier in the film, Brian is caught by ___ . U.S. Customs
Brian and Roman are on a mission to take down which drug lord? Carter Verone
Before Tyrese was in "2 Fast 2 Furious," he made his money as a ___ . Model
Tyrese and ___ are childhood friends. Brandy
Brian has a thing for ___ . Monica
True or False: "The Fast and the Furious" is the highest-grossing franchise in Universal Pictures history. True
Monica is a ___ . Federal agent
Tyrese has admitted that he is afraid of ___ . Owls
Tyrese wrote his first book with which rap legend? Rev Run
The third installment of the franchise was set in __? Japan
Who is Eve Mendes currently dating? Ryan Gosling
Eva Mendes studied ___ in college. Marketing
True or False: "2 Fast 2 Furious" was rapper Ludacis' first movie role. True
Devin Aoki plays Suki. Her father started which eatery? Benihana
Carter Verone is from ___ ? Argentina
Suki drives around town in a ___ car. Pink
What is Roman's last name? Pearce

8 Mile (37 questions)
author: akaLTD, mez1
clip: drlux
Though Eminem plays B-Rabbit on-screen, his real-life alter ego is named ____. Slim Shady
Jimmy goes by the stage name ____. B-Rabbit
B-Rabbit is to Jimmy Smith as Eminem is to ____. Marshall Mathers
Jimmy's ex-girlfriend is ____. Janeane
What does the film's title "8 Mile" refer to? The road along the northern edge of Detroit
Rabbit's mom is really into with ____ Bingo
In the opening of the film, Jimmy's nerves get the best of him and he ____. Vomits
Who plays Jimmy's mom in the film? Kim Basinger
Rabbit's little sister is named ____. Lily
Who plays Alex? Brittany Murphy
Stephanie's boyfriend is named ____. Greg
Jimmy has an unfortunate habit of being late to ____. Work
"8 Mile" refers to a ____ in Detroit. Road
"8 Mile" follows the life of an aspiring ____ Rapper
Jimmy is played by ____. Eminem
Alex is an aspiring ____. Model
Who accidentally shoots himself? Cheddar Bob
When Rabbit's crew is cruising, they shoot pedestrians with a ____. Paintball gun
Who has ties with WJLB? Wink
Which Eminem hit serves as the title track for "8 Mile"? Lose Yourself
Director Curtis Hanson also worked with Kim Basinger on ____ LA Confidential
Jimmy's crew burns down an abandoned ____ in the film. House
Alex cheats on Jimmy with ____. Wink
The group of rappers that rivals Jimmy goes by ____. Leaders of the Free World
Which popular rapper makes a cameo in the film? Xzibit
Future's real name is ___. Dave Porter
Eminem won Best Male Performance at ___ in 2002. The MTV Movie Awards
Jimmy gets fired from ____. Little Caesar's
Jimmy's sister Lily is thought to be modeled after Eminem's real life daughter, whose name is ____. Hailie
Mekhi Phifer plays a club MC known as ___. Future
Jimmy frequents The ___. Shelter
Who plays Wink in "8 Mile"? Eugene Byrd
How much weight did Eminem lose for his role as Jimmy "B-Rabbit" Smith, Jr.? 24 pounds
Scott SIlver, who wrote the screenplay, also wrote ___.The Fighter
"8 Mile" won how many Academy Awards? 1
Who appears as Jimmy's ex-girlfriend, Janeane? Taryn Manning
At The Shelter, each rapper gets ___ seconds in each battle. 45
"8 Mile" is set in ___. Detroit

13 Going On 30 (35 questions)
author: poppybear0
clip: DawgFanForLife
Jennifer Garner is married to which Hollywood star? Ben Affleck
What instument did jennifer garner play in high school? Saxophone
Mark Ruffalo played The Hulk in "The Avengers".
The article that young Jenna is reading is called 30, Flirty, and Thriving.
Which singer attended the movie premiere to thank the producers for using their song in the flick? Rick Springfield
In Australia, the title was changed to Suddenly 30 to make it more understandable.
What does 13-year-old Jenna end up playing at her party? 7 Minutes In Heaven
Young Jenna's photo of Madonna is also in her future apartment, but in the future it's Signed By Madonna.
True or False: Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo refused to improvise during filming. False
After Alex suggested they play raunchy games, Jenna quickly said they should dive into Battleship.
Director Gary Winick originally did NOT want to film the The Slumber Party scene
Jennifer Garner was the studio's 1st choice to play Jenna.
Who did the cast feel was the funniest person on set? Judy Greer
Jenna works at which magazine? Poise
Finish Jenna's quote: "Matty! It's Thriller!"
What did young Matt make for young Jenna as a gift? A Jenna doll-sized dream house
Christa B. Allen, aka young Jenna, has played a young Jennifer garner in which other flick? Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
Director Gary Winick has NOT helmed which movie? Lord of the Rings
Jennifer Garner gained fame for her role on TV's Alias.
Before he was Hollywood hotshot, Mark Ruffalo was a Bartender for 9 years.
Judy Greer regularly lends her voice to the cartoon Archer
Judy Greer starred in which '90's cult classic? Jawbreaker
What's the name of "Poise's" competitor? Sparkle
Finish Jenna's quote:"Can you tell I'm wearing Underwear? Cause I totally am."
What is the name of the popular girls clique in Jenna's school? The Six Chicks
Older Matt works as a Photographer
Jenna's last name is Rink
True or False: The New York scenes were filmed in Los Angeles. True
What did Jennifer Garner do to research for her role? Spent Time with Teenagers
True or False: The celebrities on "Poise's" wall of shame posed for real. True
Which character was actually wearing a fat suit while filming? Young Matt
Which scene was shot in one take? The Elevator Scene
Adult Jenna lives on 5th Avenue
Jenna was a teenager in the '80s
Young Jenna lives where? New Jersey

17 Again (38 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: DawgFanForLife
"17 Again" was released in ___ . 2009
In which decade does the film begin? The 1980s
Mike is a talented ___ . Athlete
Matthew Perry previously played which TV character? Chandler Bing
Zac Effron first starred in which Disney feature? High School Musical
Which song does the dance team perform to? Bust a Move
Which comedian plays Coach Murphy? Jim Gaffigan
What is the Hayden High mascot? The Warriors
Zac Effron once appeared on the MTV dating show ___ . Room Raiders
What is Ned's position on the basketball team? Water Boy
During the game, Scarlet reveals that she's ___ . Pregnant
Who does Mike live with as an adult? Ned
Zac Effron recently won which MTV award? Best Shirtless Performance
What does Mike smash in the office? A bluetooth
Mike forces his kids to go out for ___ . Ice cream
Who takes Mike to court? Scarlet
True or False: Tom Cruise taught Zac Effron how to ride a motorcycle? True
Matthew Perry is a native ___ . Canadian
What does Scarlet take up a a hobby? Landscape Architecture
Leslie Mann, aka Scarlet, is married to which famous director? Judd Apatow
Who does Mike cross on the bridge? The school janitor
After the transformation, Ned uses a ___ for self-defense. Medieval axe
What title does the school janitor earn? Spirit Guide
Which name does Mike adopt as a new student? Mark
Who does "Mark" idolize? Kevin Federline
During enrollment, Ned falls in love with the school ___ . Principal
During school, Alex gets duct-taped to a ___ . Toilet
What was the name of Maggie's boyfriend? Stan
What does Mike call Scarlet? Scar
Zac Effron played Link Larkin in which feature? Hairspray
Who catches on fire at the bowling alley? Alex
Which language does Principal Masterson speak? Elvish
What is Zac Effron's favorite movie? The Goonies
Who tries to seduce Mark at the party? Maggie
What does Mark recite in court? A letter from Mike
Ned wears a ___ to the basketball game. Cloak of Invisibility
Zac Effron famously dated ___ . Vanessa Hudgens
Who takes Mark's spot on the court? Alex

21 Jump Street (29 questions)
author: dunja, cookiemomma
clip: DawgFanForLife
Which 21 Jump Street" star helped write the movie? Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill played a demon-possessed version of himself in the 2013 comedy ___. This is the End
Which 21 Jump Street star was voted Sexiest Man Alive by "People"? Channing Tatum
Who did Jonah Hill play in "Superbad?" Seth
Ellie Kemper... appeared in __. Bridesmaids
When Jenko and Schmidt go undercover, they stay with __. Schmidts's parents
Channing Tatum had a very busy 2012 - he also had...__. Magic Mike
Jenko and Schmidt are sent undercover because Jenko forgot to __. read a suspect his rights
A sequel to ...Will Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum return? Yes
"21 Jump Street" won __ at the Teen Choice Awards.Choice Movie: Comedy
Which famous actor helped Jonah Hill land his first-ever role on the big screen? Dustin Hoffman
Jenko and Schmidt's commanding officer is played by Nick Offerman... __. Ron Swanson
When Jenko was in High School, he had __. long hair
Who played Captai Dickson ... who prepares Jenko and Schmidt for undercover duty? Ice Cube
Jenko and Schmidt attempt to bust played by an actor with a very famous brother. Who is the famous sibling? James Franco
Jonah Hill's 21 Jump Street look was inspired by ____. Eminem
Before...they knew each other from __.High School
T/F: In real life, Channing Tatum is a classically trained dancer. False
Before starring in ...Jonah hill Moneyball
"21 Jump Street" made about __ ...$200 million
Jonah Hill's brother manages which band? Maroon 5
Jenko and Schmidt go undercover at a high school with Jake Johnson as the principal. Jake is currently starring in ...__ New Girl
Which Oscar-nominated actress auditioned...? Jennifer Lawrence
Jonah Hill lost__...over 40 pounds
The movie version...a remake of a __. TV show
This version is a remake. Who played Tom Hanson in the original? Johnny Depp
SNL vet Chris Parnell...__sketch. Lazy Sunday
Channing Tatum showed off hi smoves on which 2012 movie? Magic Mike yes, very similar to a previous question!
Jonah Hill used to room with which Hollywood actor? Justin Long

27 Dresses (28 questions)
author: DawgFanForLife
clip: DawgFanForLife
Katherine Heigi famously appeared on ___. Grey's Anatomy
One of James Marsden's earliest TV roles was on ___. The Nanny
Peyton List, who plays young Jane, currently stars on ___. Jessie
Edward Burns, who plays George, is also a ___. Director
James Marsden played a Disney prince in ___. Enchanted
Krysten Ritten will appear in the upcoming ___ movie. Veronica Mars
Earlier in the movie, Jane left her ___ in a cab. Day Planner
Kristen Ritter played ___ on "Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23." Chloe
Tess falls in love Jane's ___. Boss
Tess hired Pedro to clean George's ___. Apartment
Jane has 27 ___ at her own wedding. Bridesmaids
Director Anne Fletcher also directed ___. The Proposal
Katherine Heigi is married to ___ Josh Kelley. Singer
Screenwriter Aline Bros McKenna also worked on ___. The Devil Wears Prada
James Marsden used to model for ___. Versace
Malin Ackerman was born in ___. Sweden
Malin Ackerman currently stars on ___. Trophy Wife
Kevin works as a ___. Reporter
Edward Burns, who plays George, starred in ___. Saving Private Ryan
Edward Burns, who plays George, also starred in ___. The Holiday
Finish the famous saying: "Always a bridesmaid, never a ___." Bride
Judy Greer, who plays Casey, had a recurring role on ___. Arrested Development
Katherine Heigl was a series regular on the sci-fi show ___. Roswell
Maulik Pancholy, who plays Trent, had a recurring role on ___. Weeds
Judy Greer starred in ___ alongside Jennifer Garner. 13 Going on 30
Melora Hardin, who plays Maureen, is known for her role on ___. The Office
James Marsden starred in the movie adaptation of ___. Hairspray
Krysten Ritter had a recurring role on ___. Breaking Bad

(The) 40-Year-Old Virgin (33 questions)
author: MajdelinaA
clip: drlux
Elizabeth Banks played Beth. Banks portrays __ in the "Hunger Games" films __ Effie Trinket
Paula promoted Andy to __ Floor Manager
In 2011, Seth Rogen attained superhero status when he played Cal. Rogen in __ The Green Hornet
Who ended up with the new stock employee, Bernadette __ David
Andy wanted to open his own __ store __ Stereo
Which "The 40 Year Old Virgin" cast member did not appear in "The Office" __ Leslie Mann
Trish's teenage daugter is named __ Marla
Andy sold his __ in order to save up for his own store __ Collectibles
Who did Steve Carell play on "The Office" __ Michael Scott
Which "The 40 Year Old Virgin" cast member starred in "The Guilt Trip" opposite Barbra Streisnad __ Seth Rogen
Josh Hill made an appearance as an eBay store customer. He was nominated for an Oscar for his role in __ Moneyball
Before he was David, Paul Rudd played Mike Hannigan, eventual husband to __ on "Friends" __ Phoebe
Mindy Kailing plays David's ex, Amy. One of Kailing's most memorable roles was __ on "The Office" __ Kelly Kapoor
Steve Carell played Evan Baxter in "Even Almighty." Who played Bruce in "Bruce Almighty" __ Jim Carrey
Where does "T40YOV" take place __ Los Angeles
What mode of transportation did Any use to get around __ Bike
Before Catherine Keener played Trish, she appeared as Maxine in Being __ John Malkovich
Paul Rudd plays David in the movie. Last year, he starred in __ This is 40
Andy works at a company called __ Smart Tech
What musician's concert/DVD does Paula play at the store constantly __ Michael McDonald
What game did Andy's co-workers invite him to play with them __ Poker
Before Jane Lynch played Paula, she won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of __ on "Glee" __ Sue Sylvester
Andy and his co-workers hung out with a __ at the club __ Bachelorette Party
What was Trish looking to buy when she first went to Smart Tech __ A VCR
What was the name of Trish's store __ We Sell Your Stuff on eBay
What singer's name did Andy scream out during his chest wax __ Kelly Clarkson
Who did Andy pretend to be when he got too nervous to talk to Trish on the phone __ A telemarketer
Earlier in the movie, Andy's co-workers asked him to lunch and then took him __ Speed dating
David ran into his __ when the guys went speed dating __ Ex
Beth, the freaky gal who had the hots for Andy, worked at a __ Bookstore
When Andy went to visit Trish at her store, a customer played by Josh Hill, attempted to buy sparkly __ Shoes
Trish had __ kids __ 3
Trish and Andy decided to wait __ dates until they were going to get __ 20

300 (40 questions)
author: cookiemomma
clip: clip author goes here
sound clip url goes here
300 is based on a ___. Comic Series
T/F: The events in the film are completely nonfiction. False
300 tells the story of which battle? Thermopylae
The actual Battle of Thermopylae took place in what year? 480 BC
When was 300 released? 2007
Who did Greece fight in the Battle of Thermopylae? The Persian Empire
David Wenham, aka Dilios, is best known for his role in which trilogy? The Lord of the Rings
Who is the King of Sparta? King Leonidas
How many Spartans battled the Persians? 300
Who plays King Leonidas? Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler is ___. Scottish
What is the name of the Persian god-King? Xerxes
Director Zack Snyder is also the man Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
Who is the film's narrator? Dilios
Queen ___ is rules over Sparta. Gorgo
After her role in 300, Lena Headley went on to play Queen Cersei... Game of Thrones
What is Sparta? A city-state
The state of Sparta was known for its ____ dominance. Military
Dilios is a _____. Soldier
What do the Persians demand when they arrive at the gates of Sparta? Earth & Water
T/F: The Spartans surrender to the Persians at the start of the film. False
Michael Fassbender, aka Stelios, has NOT starred in which Oscar winning film? The Imitation Game
Who are the Ephors? Spartan leaders
Who visits the Ephors in the beginning of the film? Leonidas
Dominic West, aka Theron, is best known for his role on which HBO series? The Wire
What does King Leonidas want to build to rid the Persian Army? A wall
The war takes place during which Greek festival? Carneia
T/F: The Ephors give Leonidas permission to go to war. False
The wall at Thermopylae is made of what? Stone
Theron is a corrupt Spartan ____. Politician
Stelios is a skilled ___. Soldier
Which Greek state teamed up with Sparta? Arcadia
In the film, the Oracle is named ____. Pythia
The king and queen have a ___ named Pleistarchus. Son
The Persian soldiers used war ___ during the battle. Elephants
Why does Leonidas reject Ephialtes request to join the Spartan army? He is a traitor
During battle, the Spartans use ___ to protect themselves. Shields
During the film, Ephialtes warns the Spartans of a secret _______. Path
Who kills Theron? Gorgo
Lena Headley, aka the Queen, was born in _______. Bermuda

(The) Adjustment Bureau (34 questions)
author: scamper879
clip: drlux
John Slattery, who plays Richardson, played Tony Stark's _____ in 'Iron Man 2.' Father
Philip K. Dick's 'Adjustment Bureau' was first published in ____. 1954
Which The Daily Show cast member makes a brief cameo in the movie? Jon Stewart
In early drafts of the movie, David Norris was a ____. Real estate salesman
Anthony Mackie, who plays Harry, made his film debut in _____. 8 Mile
Emily Blunt played Queen ____ in 2009. Victoria
John Slattery played Gabrielle's husband on ______. Desperate Housewives
Michael Kelly, who plays Charlie, starred in a spin-off of ______. Criminal Minds
Anthony Mackie opened a _____ in New York in 2011. Bar
John Slattery, who plays Richardson, currently stars on ____. Mad Men
Emily Blunt is related to her 'Devil Wears Prada' co-star ______ through marriage. Stanley Tucci
The Adjustment Bureau begins in ____. 2006
David runs for _____ at the start of the movie. Senate
The head of the Bureau is called the _______. Chairman
Composer Thomas Newman has been nominated for 11 _____. Oscars
Michael Kelly, who plays Charlie, had multiples appearances on _____ as a CIA agent. Person of Interest
The Adjustment Bureau is based on a _____. Short story
Anthony Mackie, who plays Harry, starred in Kathy Bigelow's _____. The Hurt Locker
Matt Damon is from _____. Massachusetts
Emily Blunt is as ________ actress. English
Michael Kelly, who plays Charlie, starred in the TV miniseries ______. Generation Kill
Terence Stamp was nominated for an Oscar in his film debut _______. Billy Budd
Richard Ashcroft, who contributed two songs to the movie, was a member of the band ____. The Verve
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck wrote the script for _____. Good Will Hunting
Matt Damon has an ongoing feud with late night talk show host ______. Jimmy Kimmel
Donnie Keshawarz, who plays Donaldson, had a recurring role on _______. 24
David and Elise meet on a _____. Bus
Jennifer Ehle makes a cameo as a ______. Bartender
Henry receives his orders to stop David at the beginning of the film in _____ Park. Madison Square
New York Mayor _____ makes a cameo as himself in the movie. Michael Bloomberg
How many films have been made based on Philip K. Dick's work? 10
Terence Stamp played the villainous ____ in two superman movies. General Zod
Director George Nolfi was the writer for _____. The Bourne Ultimatum
Philip K. Dick has written ____ published novels. 44

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (41 questions)
author: pynkrosegrl
clip: DawgFanForLife
The KVWN team loves which soulful track? Afternoon Delight
What's the name of Ron's dog? Baxter
Which exclusive cologne does Brian Fantana wear? Sex Panther
Who plays Veronica Corningstone? Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate starred in which musical on Broadway? Sweet Charity
What is Ron Burgundy's license plate? IM #1
Brick reveals his ___ in the film IQ
What is Champ's signature catchphrase? Whammy
Who calls Veronica under a fake alias? Ron
What network rivals KVWN? KQHS
Which member of KVQN has a mustache? Brian
What is Champ's signature accessory? A cowboy hat
Ron is a talented Jazz flutist
Who plays club owner Tino? Fred Armisen
Who punts Baxter off a bridge? A motorcyclist
Director Adam McKay previously wrote for which TV show? SNL
What does Brick claim to love? Carpet
Ron Burgundy wears ___ to bed Headgear
What does Ron do in his office to impress Veronica? Lift Weights
In a fit of revenge, Veronica messes with Ron's Teleprompter
Champ threatens Wes Mantooth's ___ during their showdown Mother
Which Mexican restaurant does Veronica visit? Escupimos En Su Alimento
Brick kills a man with which weapon? A trident
The ___ Language News shows up for the newsroom battle Spanish
Which actor gets his arm cut in the movie? Luke Wilson
Veronica insults Ron's ___ in front of the newsroom Hair
How does Ron summon his news team? By blowing a shell
Veronica and Ron end up in a ___ at the San Diego Zoo Bear Pit
Who gives Ron a kiss on the head after he escapes the bear pit? Wes
True or False: Will Ferrell co-wrote "Anchorman" True
Who plays Ron Burgundy? Will Ferrell
Where is KVWN based? San Diego
Ed Harken is Ron's Boss
Ron reports on a ___ at the top of the movie Squirrel
Who is the KVWN meteorologist? Brick
Channel 4 follows a ___ pregnancy throughout the film panda
Ron thinks "diversity" is an old wooden ship
Which "SNL" alum plays Mr. Harken's assistant? Chris Parnell
Finish this famous Ron-ism: "I'm kind of a ___" Big Deal
Which actress was completely cut out of the film? Amy Poehler
Veronica Corningstone covers a ___ fashion show cat

Austin Powers in Goldmember (38 questions)
author: scamper879
clip: drlux
Michael York, who plays Basil, also played a Yale professor on...Gilmore Girls
Michael Caine has appeared in all of Christopher Nolan's ____ films. Batman
Robert Wagner, who plays Number 2, is known for starring in the spy TV show...It Takes a Thief
Beyonce was nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in....Dreamgirls
Dr. Evil and Mini Me's Hard Knock Life rap was inspired by....Annie
Austin's pad is on the top of the ....London Aquarium
Composer ____ appears in all 3 of the Austin Powers movies. Burt Bacharach
Mike Myers plays ____ characters in Goldmember. 4
Mike Myers voices ...Shrek
Mike Myers joined Saturday Night Live in ... 1989
Beyonce and her Destiny's Child band mates reunited earlier this year at the ...Super Bowl
Basil's last name is...Exposition
Seth Green co-created ____ on Adult Swim. Robot Chicken
Goldmember is...Dutch
Director ____ makes a cameo in the movie. Steven Spielberg
Seth Green voices ___ on Family Guy. Chris
Mindy Sterling, who plays Frau Farbissina, has a recurring role on Nickelodeon's ....iCarly
Verne Troyer, who plays Mini Me, starred in Terry Gilliam's...The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Fat Bastard now works as a ...Sumo wrestler
Doctor Evil asked for ____ equipped with laser beams in the 1st movie. Sharks
Clint Howard plays a ___ in all 3 movies. Radar Operator
Mr. Roboto is a parody of Mr. Osato, who appeared in ...You Only Live Twice
Austin's band is named ....Ming Tea
Michael Caine is 1 of 2 actors to be nominated for a ____ in every decade between 1960 and 2000. Oscar
Robert Wagner, who plays number Two, also played the father of ______ on NCIS. DiNozzo
Austin Powers comes from the swinging ____ era. 60s
Dr. Evil was raised in...Belgium
Number 2 is based on the James Bond villain Emilio Largo, who appeared in...Thunderball
Goldmember is the _____ film in the Austin Powers series. 3rd
Masi Oka, who makes an appearance in Goldmember, starred as Hiro on .... Heroes
Dr. Evil's real first name is...Douglas
Scott's mother is...Frau Farbissina
Dr. Evil and ____ went to school together. Number 2
Dr. Evil's cat is named Mr. _______ Bigglesworth
Fred Savage, who appears as Number Three, played Kevin Arnold on ______ The Wonder Years
Number Three has a prominent _______ Mole
In "Goldmember," Dr. Evil retrieves the title villain from the year ______ 1975
Dr. Evil relocates his lab to ______ during the film. Tokyo

Avatar (44 questions)
author: agmonte, Bibi_Ramone
clip: drlux
Avatar originally hit theatres in ____ 2009
From 2011 to 2013, Zoe Saldana romanced____ .. Bradley Cooper
Sam Worthington is originally from ____ Australia
In Hebrew, the word "na'vi" means _____. Prophet
The Resources Development Administration is led by a slimy executive named ___. Parker Selfridge
Which Avatar actor played a deranged man in Ted? Giovanni Ribisi
Which Avatar actor also had a minor role in the Pirates of the Caribbean series? Zoe Saldana
James Cameron specifically chose Sam Worthington to star in Avatar because he was __. Unknown
Avatar features a fictional alien race called the__. Na’vi
Many have compared the storyline of Avatar to that of ___. Pocahontas
The role of Jake Sully was originally supposed to be played by __ ? Matt Damon
Avatar takes place on the fictional planet of __. Pandora
Jake Sully’s love interest in named __. Neytiri
Which Hollywood bad boy has Michelle Rodriguez NOT dated? Johnny Depp
Neytiri’s mother ___ serves as the clans’s spiritual leader. Mo’at
Neytiri’s father is named__. Eytukan
Zoe Saldana currently has a major role in the __ film series? Star Trek
Sigourny Weaver originally worked with James Cameron on the set of __. Aliens
James Cameron originally planned to release Avatar in ___. 1999
The natives of Pandora gather at a sacred site called __. Hometree
Jake Sully ultimately gains the natives trust by taming a dragon-like creature called the ___. Toruk
Which Oscar-nominated actor did "Avatar" star Zoe Saldana date? Bradley Cooper
Which sacred site is capable of permanently transferring a human into a avatar? Tree of souls
Director James Cameron is perhaps best known for his work on the 1997 historical epic___. Titanic
Jake Sully lost the use of his ___ in a military accident. Legs
After starring in Avatar Sam Worthington became a major action star by appearing in __. Terminator Salvation
Which Avatar star once played a socially awkward gym employee in Dodgeball? Joel David Moore
Avatar is expected to be the first in a ___film series. 3
Sam Worthington has also done voice acting for the popular ___ video game series. Call of Duty
At one point, Sam Worthington nearly became the next James Bond, but lost out to __. Daniel Craig
James Cameron was convinced that CGI had advanced enough to make Avatar after watching Gollum in __. Lord of the Rings
In order to simulate the jungle environment of Avatar James Cameron took the films cast to train in ___. Hawaii
Avatar earned nearly __ billion dollars at the box office. 3
Which of James Cameron’s films earned the Academy Award for Best Picture? Titanic
Which of the following films was James Cameron’s first major commercial success? Terminator
The humans are obsessed with harvesting a substance called __. Unobtainium
Avatar was the first James Cameron sci-fi film whose story did not include __. Nuclear weapons
True or false: Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time. True
Who was originally considered for the role of Dr. Grace Augustine? Jodie Foster
The Na'vi differ from humans in that they have ___ fingers. 4
Dr. Grace Augustine's avatar wears a ___ University tank top. Stanford
Who is the head of the Avatar Program? Grace Augustine
The Na'vi tribe worships a goddess called __. Eywa
Michelle Rodriguez plays a __ in the movie. Helicopter Pilot
Avatar takes place in the year__. 2154
At the time of his Avatar audition Sam Worthington was living in ___. His car

Back to the Future (39 questions)
author: DawgFanForLife
clip: DawgFanForLife
"Back to the Future" was released in ____. 1985
True or False: The Universal Studios Florida theme park used to have a "Back to the Future" ride. TRUE
Steven Spielberg was the film's ____. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER
"Back to the Future" wasn't a huge success at first. The original script was rejected more than ____ times. 40
Who directed the film? ROBERT ZEMECKIS
True or False: "Back to the Future" is a trilogy. TRUE
** POLL **
Doc Brown's original name was ____. PROFESSOR BROWN
Director, Robert Zemeckis, is also known for directing which film? WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT
Who was originally cast as Marty McFly? ERIC STOLTZ
While he filmed "Back to the Future," Michael J. Fox was also filming the TV show ____. FAMILY TIES
Christopher Lloyd played which character in 1993 "The Addams Family" film? UNCLE FESTER
This year, "Back to the Future" will celebrate its ____ year anniversary. 30
Michael J. Fox suffers from which illness? PARKINSON'S DISEASE
How many Primetime Emmys has Christopher Lloyd won? 3
Michael J. Fox recently had a recurring role on which series? THE GOOD WIFE
At the start of the film, Marty McFly wants to become a ____. MUSICIAN
What is at the center of the film? A TIME MACHINE
Marty and his band end up auditioning for the Battle of the Bands. What's the band's name? THE PINHEADS
Dr. Emmett Brown is a ____. SCIENTIST
** POLL **
Marty is dating a girl named ____. JENNIFER
The time machine is built out of which type of car? DELOREAN
What is Marty's mother's name? LORRAINE
Who bullies Marty's father George? BIFF TANNEN
What fuels the time machine? PLUTONIUM
In the film, Marty amazes his peers when he makes his own ____. SKATEBOARD
How fast does the time machine accelerate? 88 MPH
Doc has a pet ____ named Einstein. DOG
Marty meets Doc in the parking lot of a ____. SHOPPING MALL
Marty time travels to which year? 1955
In 1955, Marty saves his father from an oncoming ____. CAR
** POLL **
Who has a crush on Marty? LORRAINE
What power source must be used to travel back to the future? A LIGHTNING BOLT
Vigglers, this is a tough one. What is the name of the 1950s diner featured in the film? LOU'S CAFE
What does Biff crash his car into during the great skateboard chase? A MANURE TRUCK
George and Lorraine share their first kiss at the ____. SCHOOL DANCE
During the storm, Doc's cable gets caught to a ____. TREE BRANCH
Who races the DeLorean at the end of the film? MARTY
What year does Doc say he's heading to at the end of the film? 2015
Finish this famous quote from the film: "Where we're going, we don't need ____." ROADS

Bad Santa (27 questions)
author: Skoodge
clip: DawgFanForLife
According to Forbes, Santa Claus' net worth is ___. Infinity
Bad Santa was the last live-action movie ___ acted in. John Ritter
Tony Cox played Marcus in “Bad Santa.” He also had a role in Eminem's video for ___. Just Lose It
Where did the poinsettia plant originally come from? Mexico
Which actor wanted to be the bad Santa in the film? Jack Nicholson
Why did Shirley Temple stop believing in Santa Claus after she went to see him at a mall? He asked for her autograph
What is the name of “the kid?” Thurman Merman
Before they were red and white, candy canes used to be ____. Pure white
Billy Bob Thornton was nominated for a ___ for his role in “Bad Santa.” Golden Globe
Bad Santa director Terry Zwigoff was nominated for an Oscar for his previous film ___. Ghost World
Which famous person was NOT born on Christmas day? Oprah
When was “Bad Santa” released? 2003
Which of these ghosts did NOT visit Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol?” Ghost of Christmas Hams
Lauren Graham plays Sue in “Bad Santa.” She is currently starring in the NBC series ___. Parenthood
How much did Americans spend during the holidays in 2012? $580 billion
Which pair of movie-making brothers helped rewrite the “Bad Santa” script? Joel and Ethan Coen
What Christmas classic was actually written for Thanksgiving? Jingle Bells
In “Bad Santa,” the Kid wanted a ___ for Christmas. Pink elephant
Happy Hanukkah, Vigglers! Where is the world's largest menorah? New York City
Candy canes were invented about ___ years ago. 350
The “Band Santa” screenwriters also wrote the script for the remake of ___. The Bad News Bears
On the 5th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me 5 ___. Golden rings
Who has an uncredited role as Granny in “Bad Santa?” Cloris Leachman
Which state was the last to declare Christmas a legal holiday? Oklahoma
Sue works as a ___ in the movie “Bad Santa.” Bartender
This is the last night of Hanukkah! Hanukkah is also known as the Festival of ___. Lights
What town calls itself the Christmas Pickle Capital of the World? Berrien Springs, MI

Batman Begins (37 questions)
author: joannej
clip: drlux
Who played the role of Batman in the 1989 “Batman” movie? Michael Keaton
When was “Batman Begins” released? 2005
Which former teen star plays the adult Rachel Dawes? Katie Holmes
What is Falcone’s first name? Carmine
What is another name for Dr. Jonathan Crane? Scarecrow
Before Morgan Freeman played Fox, he was God in the Jim Carrey movie _____. Bruce Almighty
Christian Bale has a thing for iconic roles. He played John Connor in the _____. Terminator Salvation
Way before she was Rachel, Katie Holmes was Joey Potter on _____. Dawson's Creek
Who plays Falcone? Tom Wilkinson
Who told Bruce that justice and vengence are not the same? Rachel
What trait does Bruce say separates him from criminals? Compassion
Rachel works at the ______. District Attorney's office
When Bruce meets him, Lucius Fox is head of _____ at Wayne Enterprises. Applied Sciences
Who plays Lucius Fox? Morgan Freeman
Bruce's great-grandfather was involved in the _____ during the Civil War. Underground Railroad
What was The Tumbler vehicle originally intended for? Building bridges in combat
What did Rachel find in Bruce's garden at the beginning of the film? An arrowhead
Before Christopher Nolan directed "Batman Begins," he created the mind-bender ______. Memento
Dr. Crane works at a mental institution called ______. Arkham Asylum
Who directed "Batman Begins"? Christopher Nolan
According to Alfred, we fail so that we can _____. Learn to pick ourselves up
Which role did Sir Anthony Hopkins turn down? Alfred
Christopher Nolan also directed Christian Bale in the movie _____. The Prestige
Cillian Murphy, the actor who plays Dr. Crane, is from ______. Ireland
Recognize the actor who plays Linus Roache, Bruce's father? He played Michael Cutter for 2 years on _____. Law and Order
Rachel's ______ worked at Wayne Manor. Mother
Who play's Ra's Al Ghul? Ken Wantanabe
The Batsuit is based on armor originally designed for members of the _____. Military
Ra's Al Ghul's organization is named the ______. League of Shadows
Who plays Ducard, Burce's mentor? Liam Neeson
Earlier in the movie, Bruce carried a _____ to the top of the mountain. Blue flower
Who plays Alfred, the faithful butler? Michael Caine
Bruce's father was a ______. Doctor
Earlier in the movie, Bruce struggled to conquer his fear of _____. Bats
Who played the police officer that comforted the young Bruce after his parents' death? Gary Oldman
Ducard taught Bruce how to be ______. Invisible
According to Ducard, Bruce must become more than just a ______ to his opponent. man

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown; A Charlie Brown Valentine (15 questions)
author: sally251
clip: DawgFanForLife
What item is Linus famous for carrying around? A blue blanket
"Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown" first aired on TV in ____. 1975
Who does Sally call her Sweet Baboo in "A Charlie Brown Valentine"? Linus
Charlie Brown has spent a lifetime trying to kick a ____. Football
Who puts on a Valentine's Day play in "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown"? Snoopy
The "Peanuts" universe is usually believed to be set in creator Charles M. Schulz's home state of _____. Minnesota
Sally has been trying to make a Valentine's Day card for _____. Linus
Nasa once nicknamed a lunar module ____. Snoopy
In "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown", Linus brought a Valentine for ____. His teacher
Who does Charlie Brown have a crush on in "A Charlie Brown Valentine"? A little redhead girl
Patty and Marcy are both fighting over ____ in "A Charlie Brown Valentine"? Charlie
Which Peanut character plays the piano? Schroeder
Who is Charlie Brown's sister? Sally
What does Marcie call Peppermint Patty? Sir
Peanut's creator has a ____ named after him. Airport

Big Daddy (38 questions)
author: ZahraC
clip: DawgFanForLife
Allen Covert, who played Phil, has appeared in__of Adam Sandler' movies. 16
Jonathan Loughran, who plays Mike, appeared in "Kill Bill" from director__. Quentin Tarantino
The role of Julian is played by__. Twins
Dyan and Cole Sprouse, who play Julian, starred in the Disney Channel's__. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Which Adam Sandler film did NOT star Drew Barrymore? Punch-Drunk Love
Rob Schneider, who plays Delivery Guy, is known for which famous line? You can do it!
Steve Buscemi, who plays the Homeless Guy, played Donny opposite John Goodman in__. The Big Lebowski
Leslie Mann appears with Emma Watson in the upcoming movie__. The Bling Ring
Reese Witherspoon played Adam Sandler's mother in__. Little Nicky
How many years was Adam Sandler with "Saturday Night Live?" 5
Adam Sandler's first acting gig was playing Smitty on__. The Cosby Show
Sonny's father is__when Sonny calls to tell him about Julian. Golfing
Kevin's girlfriend, Corinne, is a__. Podiatrist
Fill in the blank: "Microsoft went down__points, we gotta save some money." 3
Vanessa leaves Sonny for__. Sid
Sonny and Layla bond over__. Styx
Sonny got a settlement after a cab ran over his__. Foot
"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" was previously hosted by__until 1999. Craig Kilborn
Jon Stewart played Marion Stokes opposite Robin Williams in__. Death to Smoochy
Jon Stewart hosted the Academy Awards__times. 2
Scuba Steve's father, Scuba Sam, tells Julian to__. Study hard
Which is NOT one of the foods Julian asks for in the movie? Spaghetti
In the Kangaroo Song, the kangaroo comes from__. Far away
Josh Mostel, who plays Arthur, also played King Herod in the 1973 film__. Jesus Christ Superstar
Allen Covert, who plays Phil, gained 60 pounds for his role as Marty in__. Mr. Deeds
Kristy Swanson, who plays Vanessa, starred in 1992's__with Luke Perry and Hilary Swank. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rob Schneider plays Nazo the Italian Delivery Guy opposite Adam Sandler and Wynona Ryder in__. Mr. Deeds
Steve Buscemi, who plays Homeless Guy, plays a gangster on HBO's__. Boardwalk Empire
Which film was NOT directed by "Big Daddy" director, Dennis Dugan? The Wedding Singer
Joey Lauren Adam, who plays Layla, starred opposite Ben Affleck as a comic book artist in__. Chasing Amy
Leslie Mann, who plays Corinne, is married to__. Judd Apatow
Arthur Brooks' character is named after__. Brooks Arthur
Sonny has a__degree. Law
Sonny Koufax lives in__. New York City
Julian always__after his nap. Watch the Kangaroo song
Which is NOT one of the words the Delivery Guy has to read? Philadelphia
Adam Sandler co-starred with Tea Leoni and Paz Vega in__. Spanglish
The "Big Daddy" soundtrack does NOT feature a performance by__. Randy Newman

(The) Big Lebowski (26 questions)
authors: FluffyHaze
clip: DawgFanForLife
What is The Dude's first name? Jeffrey
Avid fans of The Big Lebowski call themselves ______. Achievers
The Big Lebowski originally premiered at the _____ in 1998. Sundance Film Festival
A religion which follows the philosophy & lifestyle of the Dude was founded in 2005. What is it called? Dudeism
Through the website, The Church of the Latter Day Dude has ordained more than ____ Dudeist priests around the world. 150,000
What is The Dude's drink of choice? White Russian
Which Oscar winner was considered for the role of Bunny? Charlize Theron
The Dude claims to have been a roadie for _____. Metallica
Many years after its release The Big Lebowski spawned a fan convention called _______. Lebowski Fest
Entertainment Weekly ranked The Big Lebowski as #8 on their _______. Funniest Movies of the Past 25 Years
Who is NOT on the Dude's bowling team? Jesus Quintana
Before Steve Buscemi was Donny he appeared in the Coen Brothers film _____. Fargo
How many times does the word Dude appear in the movie? 161 Times
Which future Oscar winner plays The Big Lebowski's assistant Brandt? Phillip Seymour Hoffman
The Dude writes his landlord a check for ______. $0.69
US fans celebrate the movie at Lebowski Fest every year. What is the British version of the fest called? The Dude Abides
What did the Dude take from the Big Lebowski's mansion? A Rug
Which musician has a cameo as Kunkel's girlfriend, the 9-toed nihilist in the diner? Aimee Mann
True or False: There is an entire store in NYC devoted to The Big Lebowski memorabilia. True
The original score for The Big Lebowski was composed by _____. Carter Burwell
Four characters inspired by The Dude, Jesus Quintana, Walter, & Donny appeared in _____. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Which American Pie cast member plays Bunny? Tara Reid
John Goodman recently appeared in the Oscar nominated _____. Argo
The Big Lebowski co-writers Ethan & Joel Coen are _____. Brothers
The Big Lebowski star Jeff Bridges won an Oscar for _______. Crazy Heart
True or False: Jeff Bridges wrote a book about the zen of being the Dude. True

Billy Madison (39 questions)
authors: BiBi_Ramone
clip: DawgFanForLife
What year was “Billy Madison” released? 1995
Adam Sandler became famous as a cast member on ___ . Saturday Night Live
What does Billy sing to in his pool? Sunscreen
Billy chases away an imaginary ___ around the gardens of his house. Penguin
Adam Sandler’s production company is called ___ . Happy Madison
How many siblings does Billy have? 0 (zero)
Billy’s friend asks him if he would rather bone Meg Ryan or ___ . Jack Nicholson
On “SNL,” Adam often sang the news as ___ . Opera Man
Billy’s father says his company owned ___ hotels. 650
Who does Billy’s father appoint to take over Madison Hotels? Eric
TRUE/FALSE: Billy graduated from high school. True
As a child, Billy misspelled “rock” on a spelling bee competition. How did he spell it? Rok
Bradley Whitford plays Eric in “Billy Madison.” He was a regular cast member on which TV drama? The West Wing
How much time is Billy given to pass each grade? 2 weeks
Billy travels to his 1st day back at school by ___ . Car
In “Little Nicky,” Adam Sandler once again played someone trying to take over his father’s business. His father was ___ . The Devil
Bradley Whitford, aka Eric, starred in which 2012 horror flick? Cabin in the Woods
Billy tries to trade his banana for a ___ during lunch. Snack Pack
Billy passes 2nd grade by spelling what word correctly? Couch
Veronica Vaughn is Billy’s ___ grade teacher. 3rd
Bridgette Wilson, aka Veronica, married which professional tennis player? Pete Sampras
Who does Ernie call on the phone for Billy? Veronica
Which funnyman plays the school bus driver? Chris Farley
How much bank did “Billy Madison” make at the box office? $26 million
Adam Sandler played another underdog in which football comedy? The Waterboy
Who interrupts Billy’s 1st kiss with Veronica? Carl
Adam Sandler starred in which P.T. Anderson film? Punch Drunk Love
Principal Anderson used to be a wrestler called ___ . Revolting Blob
In high school, Billy learns about ___ . Chlorophyll
”Billy Madison” features a cameo from which “Boardwalk Empire” cast member? Steve Buscemi
Principal Max Anderson claims Billy gave him a bribe of ___ . $5,000
Billy competes against Eric in a ___ . Academic decathlon
Someone fills Billy’s high school locker with ___ . Manure
Last year, Adam Sandler starred alongside Andy Samberg in the comedy ___ . That’s My Boy
O’Doyle’s car veers off the road when it hits a ___ . Banana peel
Who saves Billy from being shot by Eric? Max
Who does Billy give Madison Hotels to at the end of “Billy Madison?” Carl
At graduation, Billy announces he wants to become a ___ . Teacher
Adam Sandler followed up “Billy Madison” with the sporting comedy ___ . Happy Gilmore

Blades of Glory (42 questions)
authors: dunja, acesmuzic
clip: DawgFanForLife
Which famous funny guy produced Blades of Glory but didn't appear in it? Ben Stiller
Who plays Chazz Michael Michaels? Will Ferrell
Jon Heder plays a talented figure skater named __. Jimmy MacElroy
When did Blades of Glory hit theaters? 2007
The "Blades of Glory" directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon also made "The Switch," starring Jason Bateman and ____. Jennifer Aniston
Who broke his ankle while learning to figure skate for the movie? Jon Heder
Earlier in the movie, Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy tied for gold at the _____. World Winter Sports Games
Which legendary actor plays Coach Robert in the movie? Craig T. Nelson
Who was originally supposed to play Chazz Michael Michaels? Ben Stiller
Jimmy MacElroy's skating style and costumes are based on real-life figure skater _____. Johnny Weir
The reigning U.S. National Pairs Champions are a sibling duo called the ______. Van Waldenbergs
Chazz and Jimmy are banned from men's singles skating after ______. Getting into a fight
Which of the following professional figure skaters did NOT make a cameo appearance in "Blades of Glory?" Tanya Harding
Throughout "Blades of Glory," a crazed fan named ____ stalks Jimmy. Hector
In "Blades of Glory," Chazz Michael Michaels is a talented figure skater that suffers from a crippling case of ______. Sex addiction
The Von Waldenbergs' sinister... Nancy Kerrigan
"Blades of Glory" co-directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon also created the _____ commercials.Geico Caveman
In addition to being a world-class figure skater, "Blades of Glory's" Jimmy MacElroy speaks fluent _____. Japanese
On their "Watch the Throne" album, Jay Z and Kanye West sampled quotes from _____. Chazz Michael Michaels
Will Ferrell first hit the big time on ______. Saturday Night Live
Will Ferrell played a police accountant in the 2010 buddy cop comedy ______. The Other Guys
Jimmy MacElroy's father is an ultra-competitive ______. Billionaire
Who plays the villainess Fairchild Van Waldenberg? Amy Poehler
Before he was Coach Robert, Craig T. Nelson played the iconic Hayden Fox in the football series ______. Coach
Katie Van Waldenberg starts up a traitorous romance with ______. Jimmy MacElroy
Coach Robert's mystery technique is known as the _____. Iron Lotus
Blades of Glory star Jenna Fisher plays _____ on The Office. Pam
Craig T. Nelson, aka Coach Robert, is currently the star of NBC’s comedy series _____. Parenthood
“Blades of Glory” wasn't Jenna Fisher's only comedy in 2007. She also co-starred with John C. Reilly in _____. Walk Hard
Earlier in the movie, Jimmy worked at a _____ after being banned from men’s figure skating. Sporting Goods Store
Stranz and Fairchild Van Waldenberg are a _____ figure-skating duo. Sibling
Earlier in the movie, Chazz reacted to his ban from men’s figure skating by ________.Gaining weight
Who tells Jimmy MacElroy about pair skating loophole earlier in the movie? Hector
During Blades of Glory, Chazz Michael Michaels breaks his ankle after tripping over ____. Pearls
Earlier in the movie, the Van Waldenbergs sent _____ to spy on Jimmy and Chazz. Katie
Coach Robert first attempted the "Iron Lotus" technique while coaching in ______. North Korea
Earlier in the movie. Stranz Van Waldenberg accidentally shoots _____ with a crossbow. A Mascot
Before he was in "Blades of Glory" Jon Heder broke out as the star of the indie comedy ____. Napoleon Dynamite
In 2006, Jon Heder portrayed a clumsy little league baseball player in ______. The Benchwarmers
Besides Will Ferrell, which "Blades of Glory" star was also a SNL cast member? Amy Poehler
Who Will Arnett played on "Arrested Development"? G.O.B.
In 2004, Will Ferrell portrayed the ridiculous Ron Burgundy in _____. Anchorman

(The) Blind Side (46 questions)
authors: ruda225
clip: DawgFanForLife
The Blind Side was released in ___. 2009
Sandra Bullock was the first actress to win an Oscar and a ___ in the same week. Razzie
Who directed the movie? John Lee Hancock
T/F The Blind Side was inspired by a true story. True
Sandra Bullock has one of the cutest kids ever – what’s her son’s name? Louis
In the beginning of the flick, Michael is seen talking to a ___ investigator. NCAA
The Blind Side was nominated for an Academy Award for ___. Best Picture
Tim McGraw teamed up with Taylor Swift and ___ for the hit Highway Don’t Care. Keith Urban
Who wrote the book version of The Blind Side? Michael Lewis
This movie is the highest grossing ___ of all time. Sports drama
Sandra Bullock won a ___ for her work on this film. Oscar
Where is the movie set? Tennessee
Sandra Bullock starred opposite ___ in the sci-fi film Gravity. George Clooney
The Blind Side hit #2 during its opening weekend. What movie was #1? Twilight: New Moon
Leigh Anne is a ___. Interior Designer
Sandra Bullock starred in The Heat opposite which Bridesmaid actress? Melissa McCarthy
Miss Sue is Michael’s ___. Tutor
Who plays Michael Oher? Quinton Aaron
Which Oscar willing actress turned down the role of Leigh Anne? Julia Roberts
Kathy Bates won a Academy award for her role in ___. Misery
Tim McGraw is married to which country star? Faith Hill
Leigh Anne and Sean are both Alumni of ___. The University of Mississippi
Sandra Bullock once dated ___. Ryan Gosling
Sean Tuohy made bank by owning what? Fast food franchises
Michael needs a GPA of ___ to qualify for a football scholarship. 2.5
You can also call Michael what? Big Mike
Sandra Bullock’s mom was an accomplished ___. Opera singer
According to Miss Sue, the FBI buries ___ under the football stadium. Bodies
The real Sean Tuohy is a former what? Basketball player
Sandra Bullock grew up speaking ___. German
Michael’s mother was a ___. Drug addict
In real life, Michael Oher has gone on play for the ___. Baltimore Ravens
What is Sean Jr’s nickname? S.J.
T/F The real Sean Tuohy is a broadcaster for the New York Knicks. False
Kathy bates recently starred in American Horror Story Coven. Her character based on real-life Delphine LaLaurie. Serial Killer
In While You Were Sleeping, Sandra Bullock played a transit worker who pretended to be ___. Engaged
Sean and Leigh Anne tied the knot in the ___. 1980s
Who is responsible for the film’s score? Carter Burwell
The movie adapted from a ___. Book
T/F Former LSU coach Nick Saban plays himself in the flick. True
Sandra Bullock’s most successful film was ___. The Proposal
Michael wanted something with this name on it. What did he get? A driver’s license
T/F Sandra Bullock turned down the role of Leigh Anne 3 times. True
Michael is not a fan of ___ movies. Horror
The real-life player this movie is based on, Michael Oher, currently plays for the ___. Tennessee Titans
How many children – besides Michael – do the Tuohys have? 2

(The) Bodyguard (37 questions)
authors: anita44
clip: DawgFanForLife
Before Frank came along, Rachel's bodyguard was __. Tony
Last year, Kevin Costner played "Devil" Anse Hartfield in the mini-series "Hatfield & McCoys" ....Bill Paxton
When did "The Bodyguard" first hit theaters ....1992
Which "Singin in the Rain" actress made a cameo in "The Bodyguard" ....Debbie Reynolds
Which Whitney Houston song is NOT on "The Bodyguard" soundtrack ....It's not right, But it's ok
Rachel was up for Best Actress at the ....Oscars
Rachel hired Frank after discovering a ....Bomb in her dressing room
Whitney Houston was married to the R&B singer ....Bobby Brown
Where was Whitney Houston born ....New Jersey
Whitney Houston starred with "American Idol" winner __ in the 2012 film "Sparkle" ....Jordin Sparks
In the comedy "Swing Vote", Kevin Costner played a New Mexico resident whose sole vote ultimately decided the ....Presidential Election
Alan Silverstri composed "The Bodyguard" score. He also composed the music for the trilogy ....Back to the future
"The Bodyguard" was written in the 1970's. Which performers were originally slated to play the leads ....Dianna Ross and Steve McQueen
When did Whitney Houston perform her legendary rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" at Super Bowl ....1991
Frank used to work for Presidents ....Reagan and Carter
Kevin Costner won the Oscar for Best Director for his 1990 film ....Dances with Wolves
In 1995, Whitney Houston starred in the romantic drama ....Waiting to Exhale
Who originally recorded the song, "I'm every woman" ....Chaka Khan
True or False: The soundtrack to "The Bodyguard" is the top-selling soundtrack of all-time ....True
Whitney Houston released her first studio album in ....1985
How many Grammy's has Whitney Houston won ....Six
Whitney Houston's cousin is "I say a little prayer" ....Dionne Warwick
The soundtrack to "The Bodyguard" was #1 for __ weeks ....20
"I have nothing" from "The Bodyguard" was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song, but didn't win. What song beat it ....A Whole New World from Aladdin
In a spoof of the movie during "The Simpsons", Homer carried __ in the classic "Bodyguard" pose ....Mark Hamitt
Rachel was nominated for Best Actress for her role in the film __. Queen of the night
"The Bodyguard" was Whitney Houston's __ movie role. First
Who was Whitney's costar in "The Preacher's Wife?" Denzel Washington
Whitney Houston's daughter is named __. Bobbi Kristina
What famous singer/songwriter wrote the hit "I Will Always Love You"? Dolly Parton
Rachel's son likes to play with a toy __. Boat
Who is Rachel's son? Fletcher
Whitney Houston's mother, Cissy, was a background singer for __. Elvis Presley
Frank is a former __ agent. Secret Service
Rachel's mansion was also a filming location for the 1972 classic film __. The Godfather
Last year, Kevin Costner played 'Devil' Anse Hatfield in the mini-series "Hatfields & McCoys". Which "Twister" actor played his rival Randall McCoy? Bill Paxton
What instrument does Kevin Costner play? Guitar

(The) Bourne Identity (37 questions)
author: miome
clip: drlux
The 1988 mini-series adaptation of The Bourne Identity starred _______. Richard Chamberlain
The Bourne Identity was directed by ______. Doug Liman
Who was originally offered the role of Jason Bourne? Brad Pitt
The film won ______ Academy Awards. 0
The Bourne Identity originally began as a ______. Novel
At the beginning of the film, Bourne is rescued by a group of ______. Fishermen
The Bourne Identity has no ______. Opening Credits
Bourne’s signature duffle bag is ______. Red
Clive Owen appears as ______ in the film. The professor
Franka Potente, who plays Marie, starred in the foreign thriller _______. Run Lola Run
The alias of Jason Bourne was created for Operation _______. Treadstone
After leaving the U.S. Consulate, Bourne meets _______. Marie
At the beginning of the film, Bourne has been shot _______ times. 2
Giancarlo finds a _______ hidden beneath Bourne’s skin. Laser Pointer
In Zurich, Bourne takes down two officers after they catch him sleeping in a _______. Park
Chris Cooper plays _______. Alexander Conklin
Treadstone ops all suffer from _______. Headaches
Which public figure survives a failed assassination attempt? Nykwana Wombosi
What is the name of the bank that Jason Bourne visits in Zurich? Gemeinschaft
Bourne offers Marie _______ to drive him to Paris. $20,000
On the road, Bourne reveals to Marie that he suffers from _______. Amnesia
John Michael Kane is _______. Another alias of Bourne’s
Before his alleged death, John Michael Kane was staying at _______. The Hotel Regina
While meeting with Conklin, it is revealed that Bourne couldn’t kill Wombosi because his _______ were present. Children
Ultimately, Bourne defeats three assassins: Castel, The Professor and _______. Manheim
At the end of the film, Bourne reunites with Marie in _______. Greece
In Paris, Marie and Bourne visit the alleged John Michael Kane in the ______. Morgue
Who successfully kills Wombosi? The Professor
Bourne discovers that, prior to his amnesia, he used to be a _______. Assassin
While in Gemeinschaft, Bourne rediscovers his name by looking at a _______. Passport
Eamon is Marie’s _______. Stepbrother
Who ambushes Bourne and Marie in the Paris apartment? Castel
Bourne fends off Castel with a _______. Ballpoint pen
Who cuts Marie's hair? Jason
At Eamon's, Bourne shoots a _______ to distract The Professor. Propane tank
Bourne calls _______ with The Professor's cell phone. Conklin
In the last scene of the film, Bourne's red duffle bag reappears as a ______. Flower planter

(The) Bourne Supremacy (31 questions)
author: DawgFanForLife, drlux
clip: drlux
True or False: Matt Damon's middle name is Esther. False
When was "The Bourne Supremacy" released? 2004
At the start of the movie, Bourne is in _____? India
Matt Damon dropped out of _____ to pursue acting. Harvard University
What was the first "Bourne" movie? The Bourne Identity
Who did Kirill kill at the start of the movie? Maria
True or False: "The Bourne Supremacy" was the 3rd film in the series? False
Before he played Kirill, Karl Urban was Eomer in the _____ movies. Lord of the Rings
The movie is loosely based on a novel of the same name by _____. Robert Ludlum
How many Bourne movies have been released, so far? 4
Bourne suffers from _____. Psychogenic amnesia
The movie earned over _____ at the domestic Box Office. $288 million
Earlier in the movie, Bourne visited a hotel where he _____. Carried out an assassinated
Who did Abbott kill earlier in the movie? His assistant
Before Julia Stiles played Nicky, she was Kat in _____. 10 Things I Hate About You
Bourne goes to Moscow to find the _____ of the man he assassinated. Daughter
Which movie WAS not helmed by "Bourne" director Paul Greengrass? As Good As It Gets
Earlier, when Bourne escaped from Goa, his next stop was in _____. Italy
Bourne records flashbacks he experiences about his former life as an assassin in a _____. Notebook
Bourne originally met Marie when he _____. Commandeered her car
As a child, Julia Stiles lost out the role of Claudia in "Interview with a Vampire" to _____. Kirsten Dunst
Bourne wants more information about which shadowy organization? Treadstone
Recognize the actor who plays Kirill? Karl Urban played _____ in the "Star Trek" reboot. Bones
Earlier in the movie, Kirill framed Bourne by planting his _____. Fingerprints
Julia Stiles received an Emmy nod for her work on _____. Dexter
True or False: Earlier in the movie, Kirill believed Bourne was dead. True
Pamela Landy paid _____ for the Neski files. $3,000,000
Matt Damon recently played the longtime lover of _____ in HBO's "Behind the Candelabra." Liberace
John Allen has earned ____ Oscar nominations. 3
Michelle Monaghan, who plays Kim, appeared opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in the 2011 thriller _____. Source Code
True or False: During the filming, Matt Damon accidentally knocked out Tim Griffin, who played CIA interrogator John Nevins. True

(The) Bourne Ultimatum (37 questions)
authors: asjsk3, HouseGuest
clip: drlux
The Bourne Ultimatum is based on a novel by... Robert Ludlum
Who plays Jason Bourne?... Matt Damon
Damon shed his Bourne-esque burliness for which HBO film? Behind the Candelabra
“The Bourne Ultimatum” is based on a novel by ___. Robert Ludlum
Who plays Jason Bourne? Matt Damon
Who plays the always-haunting Dr. Hirsch? Albert Finney
There are ___ films in the Bourne franchise, so far. 4
After she appeared in “The Bourne Ultimatum,” Julia Stiles appeared on ___. Dexter
In the New York chase scene, Bourne steals a ___. Police Car
Jason Bourne suffers from ___. Amnesia
Who directed “The Bourne Ultimatum?” Paul Greengrass
“The Bourne Ultimatum” won ___ Academy Awards: 3
The Bourne Ultimatum revovles around Operation... Blackbriar
Paz is a... Assassin
Simon Ross met with ______ in Turin... Neal Daniels
After Simon is shot, Bourne retrieves ____ from his bag... Notes
When Vosen presents Nicky with a coded ID challenge, Nicky's reponse is "___"... Everest
The CIA finds out that Daniels is in _____ after fleeing from Madrid... Tangier
After escaping the CIA assassin, Nicky dyes her hair ____... Black
After Tangier, Bourne travels to... New York
Where is Sewell & Marbury located?... Madrid
In the beginning of the film, Neal Daniels is stationed in... Spain
In Madrid, Bourne finds a photo in Daniels' office of Daniels ... Dr. Albert Hirsch (weird phrasing?)
Jason Bourne reunites with ____ in the Madrid office... Nicky Parsons
What is Jason Bourne's real name?... David Webb
Who plays Pamela Landy in The Bourne Ultimatum?... Joan Allen
Matt Damon stars in how many Bourne films?... 3
In the beginning of The Bourne Ultimatum, Jason Bourne is in... Moscow
David Straitharn, who plays Noah Vosen, was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his role in... Good Luck, and Good Night
Bourne suffers from a ____ at the beginning of the film... Gunshot wound
Marie Kreutz was Bourne's... Girlfriend
CIA target Simon Ross is a... Reporter
Jason Bourne and Simon Ross meet at... Waterloo Station
In Waterloo Station, Bourne communicates with Simon Ross by... Phone Call
In the rooftop chase, Bourne told Paz, "Look at us. Look at what they make you ___"... Give
Scott Glenn plays ____ in The Bourne Ultimatum... Ezra Kramer
Damon shed his Bourne-esque burliness for which HBO film?... Behind the Candelabra

Brave (31 questions)
authors: disneychrista
How much did Brave gross at the box office? $538 Million
How many Oscars did Brave take home? 1
Which Princess is at the center of the film? Merida
Brave was originally released with which short film? La Luna
Merida is a part of which clan? DunBroch
Who was once considered for the role of King Fergus? Sean Connery
Brave is the first Pixar film to feature a Castle
What is Mor'du? A villain
What late night host voiced a Brave character? Craig Ferguson
Poll – Did you see Brave in theatres?
A Pixar employee inspired Meridas Hair
Brave takes place in the > Past
Which of the following is a Scottish accessory? A kilt
Merida is the first Disney Princesses to NOT have a Love Interest
Who is Brave dedicated to? Steve Jobs
What is Merida's specialty? Archery
Who gives Merida her first set of bows and arrows? Her Father
What does King Fergus lose in the bear fight? His Leg
What Cheers alum voiced a Brave character? John Ratzenberger
How many little brothers does Merida have? 3
Who does Merida often confide in? Her Horse
Merida's suitors compete in the _____________ Games. Highland
Poll – Is Merida your favorite Disney Princess
What does the witch display in her cottage? A magic broom
Brave is the first Pixar film to feature a villan with no Dialogue
What does Merida give the witch? A necklace
A Brave ______________ was released in June 2012. Video Game
What does this witch give Merida? A Tart
Queen Elinor transforms into a Bear
Which is on Elinor's tapestry? Her Family
Which creatures roam around the forest? Wisps
A Toy Story ________________ truck briefy appears in the film. Pizza Planet
What does Merida mend to get her mother back? A Tapestry

(The) Breakfast Club (32 questions)
authors: namenotimportant, FizzyPops
clip: drlux
Judd Nelson famously played Bender in the movie. In the 1990's, he was a regular on ___, which starred Brooke Shields. Suddenly Susan
John Hughes wrote TBC. He also wrote a movie about a dog named after a classical musician called ___. Bethoven
Which John Hughes film did Molly Ringwald NOT appear in? Home Alone
After Ally Sheedy played Allison, she starred in a film about a smart robot called ___. Short Circuit
Which subject was Brian failing? Shop
The actors in TBC were nicknamed the ___ pack. brat
Emilio Estevez played Andy in TBC. Who is his famous brother? Charlie Sheen
Claire got detention because she ditched class to go ___. Shopping
After Emilio Estevez played Andy, he was Coach Gordon Bombay in the movie ___. The Mighty Ducks
Andy was on the ___ team. wrestling
After Anthony Michael Hall played Brian, he became the youngest-ever cast member on ___ Saturday Night Live
Earlier in the movie, Allison said she could write with her ___. toes
Carl told Principal Vernon he wanted to be __ when he grew up. John Lennon
Earlier in the movie, Claire asked Andy if he would drive to school in his birthday suit for a ___. million bucks
Before Molly Ringwald played Claire, she appeared on the show ___. The Facts of Life
What year did TBC come out? 1985
Who bites their nails very, very loudly? Allison
John Hughes defined the '80s. In addition to directing TBC, he also created ___. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
After Paul Gleason played Principal Vernon, he costarred with Bruce Willis in ___. Die Hard
What did Allison do to get detention? Nothing
Who dropped Andy off at school? ___ His father
Earlier in the movie, Claire helped Allison put on ___. Makeup
What did Claire bring for lunch? Sushi
Who stole Brian's wallet? Allison
What nickname did Bender frequently call Andy? Sporto
Who said they were the eyes and ears of the institution? Carl
TBC opens with a quote from ___. David Bowie
The gang attends ___. Shermer High
Earlier in the movie, Mr. Vernon told the kids to create a ___ during detention. Essay
Complete the Mr. Vernon quote: "Don't mess with the bull, young man. You'll get the ___" horns
Earlier in the movie, Brian said he belonged to the ___ Club. physics
Who ended up writing the essay for TBC? Brian

Bridesmaids (32 questions)
author: lilyflowers
clip: DawgFanForLife
Rose Byrne, who plays Helen, is originally from __. Australia
From 2000-2007, Melissa McCarthy played Sookie St. James on __. Gilmore Girls
Kristen Wiig played a young Lucille Bluth in the 2013 season of __. Arrested Development
Ellie Kemper, who plays Becca, broke through playing Erin on __. The Office
Which of the following movies was NOT also produced by “Bridesmaids” producer Judd Apatow? The Hangover
True or False: Kristen Wiig cowrote the movie with Annie Mumolo. TRUE
Kristen Wiig played the sheltered and hilarious Ruth in “Paul,” a movie about a __. Alien on the run
Maya Rudolph left “Saturday Night Live” in __. 2007
Rose Byrne, who plays Helen, co-starred with __ on “Damages.” Glenn Close
Melissa McCarthy modeled the character of Megan after celebrity chef __. Guy Fieri
Rebel Wilson has a new show coming this fall called __. Super Fun Night
Melissa McCarthy won a __ for her role on “Mike & Molly.” Emmy
In the beginning of the film, Annie is working at a __. Jewelry store
Before he played the hunky cop in this movie, Chris O’Dowd was Roy Trenneman in which British comedy series? The IT Crowd
Which role made Jon Hamm famous? Don Draper
Which movie ALSO starred Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Chris O’Dowd and Maya Rudolph? Friends with Kids
Chris O’Dowd, who plays Nathan, appeared in “Dinner for Schmucks,” starring __. Steve Carell
What was the name of Annie’s failed bakery? Cake Baby
What reason does Officer Rhodes give for pulling Annie over? Broken Tail Lights
The film is set in both Milwaukee and __. Chicago
The plane to Vegas is forced to make an emergency landing in __. Wyoming
Jon Hamm’s character is named __. Ted
Rose Byrne played Moira in which X-Men movie? First Class
Annie moves in with __ after she’s kicked out of her apartment. Her mom
Helen’s wedding gift to Lillian is __. A trip to Paris
When does Lillian ask Helen to take over as maid of honor? After the flight debacle
Which movie did NOT feature Jill Clayburgh, who plays Annie’s Mom? Pitch Perfect
Ellie Kemper, who plays Becca, played Channing Tatum’s teacher in __. 21 Jump Street
Who shows up to give Annie a ride after her accident? Ted
Which bridesmaid is the mother of 3 teenage sons? Rita
Who is the only bridesmaid that doesn’t get food poisoning? Helen
Chris O’Dowd plays Thomas-John on the series “Girls,” which premiered in __. 2012

Bring It On (22 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: adenine135
True or False: "Bring It On" had sequels. True
"Bring It On" was adapted into a ___. Musical
Cliff wears ___ t-shirts throughout the movie. Rock
Peyton Reed, one of the film's directors, makes a cameo as a ___ . Mime
Kirsten Dunst made her film debut in a short directed by ___ . Woody Allen
Torrance is the ___ of the cheer squad. Captain
Kirsten Dunst was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in ___ when she was 12. Interview with the Vampire
Torrance leads a squad called the ___ . Toros
Who was the Captain of the Toros before Torrance? Big Red
Kirsten Dunst played ___ in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" movies. Mary Jane Watson
The Toros have been stealing from the ___ . Clovers
Before she was Missy, Eliza Dushku was on the show ___ . Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Torrance's college boyfriend is named ___ . Aaron
Eliza Dushku starred in ___, which also starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. True Lies (Additional trivia: Schwarzenegger means "black man of the mountain.")
Missy's brother is named Cliff
Lindsay Sloane, who plays Big Red, had a recurring role on ___ . The Wonder Years
Before Missy was a cheerleader, she was a ___ . Gymnast
The Toros hired a choreographer named ___ . Sparky
"Bring It On" ended up grossing about ___ at the US Box Office. $90 million
Lindsay Sloane, who plays Big Red, recently appeared in ___ . Horrible Bosses
When did "Bring It On" come out? 2000
Nathan West, who plays Jan, more recently appeared on ___ . Grey's Anatomy

(A) Bugs Life (37 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
Flik leads Hooper to a...Bird
A "Bug's Life" was produced by...Pixar
Flik is a...Ant
The music for the film was composed by...Randy Newman
"A Bug's Life" was released in 1998, the same year of an eerily similar film called...Antz
To scare away Hooper, Flik builds an artificial...Bird
The circus bugs were fired by their ringmaster...PT Flea
Kevin Spacey, who plays Hooper, recently appeared in the Netflix original series...House of Cards
John Ratzenberger, who plays PT Flea, played Cliff on...Cheers
The ants are led by...The Queen
The Grasshoppers are led by...Hopper
Who is crowned the new Queen by the movie's end...Atta
The circus bugs help __ fly...Heimlich
The movie was directed by...John Lasseter
"A Bug's Life" follows the story of...Flik
Bonnie Hunt, who voices Rosie, played Kate opposite Steve Martin in the 2003 remake of...Cheaper by the Dozen
The circus bugs save Princess Dot from a...Bird
Edie McClurg, who voices Dr. Flora, played Grace the secretary in the '80s classic...Ferris Bueller's Day Off
When the grasshoppers take control of the ant colony, they...Eat their food
Dot overhears Hopper's plans to kill...The Queen
Who lights the fake bird on fire...PT Flea
The ants live on...Ant Island
The role of Hooper was repeatedly turned down by...Robert DeNiro
The score for "A Bug's Life" won a...Grammy
"A Bug's Life" was the #1 movie in America for __ weeks. 2
Brad Garrett, who voices Dim, played Robert on the long-running sitcom...Everybody Loves Raymond
Dave Foley, who voices Flik, was part of the sketch group...Kids in the Hall
Julia Louis-Drefyus, who voices Atta, played Elaine Benes on…Seinfeld
Hayden Panettiere, who voices Dot, currently appears opposite Connie Britton on…Nashville
A group of ants is called a…Colony
Who rescues Flik from Hooper…Atta
When Pixar originally pitched the movie, the title was…Bugs
Madeline Kahn, who voices The Gypsy Moth, played Elizabeth in the iconic Mel Brooks movie...Young Frankenstein
Ashley Tisdale, who voiced the Lead Blueberry Scout, would later play Sharpay in the blockbuster Disney Channel franchise...High School Musical
The Queen is voiced by...Phyllis Diller
When David Hyde Pierce played Slim in 1998, he was doing double-duty playing Niles on...Frasier
The "big city" is actually located in a...Trash heap

Captain America: The First Avenger (36 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: DawgFanForLife
What is Captain America's real name? Steve Rogers
Captain America has an indestructible ___ . Shield
"Captain America: The First Avenger" first hit theatres in ___ . 2011
Tony Stark's ___ makes an appearance in the film. Father
Which actor also has a starring role in "The Hunger Games?" Stanley Tucci
Chris Evans has been around the superhero block once or twice before. Who else has he played? The Human Torch
"Captain America: The First Avenger" takes place during ___ . World War II
Who directed "Captain America: The First Avenger?" Joe Johnston
Hugo Weaving, aka Red Skull, also appeared in the hit sci-fi film ___ . The Matrix
Captain America is trying to take down a villian named ___ . Johann Schmidt
The mysterious, all-powerful blue cube in the film is known as the ___ . Tesseract
In the beginning of the film, Steve Rogers is living in which city? New York City
Steve's best friend is named ___ . Bucky Barnes
The Tesseract, the mysterious blue cube, also plays a huge role in which movie? The Avengers
What is the name of the doctor who created the Super Soldier Serum? Abraham Erskine
Peggy Carter is an ___ . British Agent
Chester Phillips is Captain America's ___ . Commanding officer
Tommy Lee Jones won the Academy Award for ___ in 1994. Best Supporting Actor
What is the name of the terrorist organization? HYDRA
Vigglers, Captain America was thought to have passed away in the comics in ___ . 2007
Captain America has been around since ___ . 1941
Which "Game of Thrones" actress makes a cameo appearance as a seductive soldier in the film? Natalie Dormer
True or False: Stan Lee created Captain America. False
"Captain America: The First Avenger" is very fancy blockbuster. It had a budget of ___ . $140 million (Phrasing is Viggle's)
Despite his newfound powers, the US government initially used Captain America to ___ . Sell war bonds
Who does NOT appear in "Captain America: The First Avenger?" Thor
Who plays Peggy Carter? Hayley Atwell
Who helped convince Chris Evans to play Captain America? Robert Downey Jr.
Talking about paychecks is never a classy thing to do, but how much was Chris Evans initial salary for the flick? $300,000
Vigglers, this is a tough one. Captain America uses a fighting technique that was developed by ___ . Bruce Lee
Who accompanies Steve Rogers when he tries to enlist at the future exhibit? Bucky Barnes
Chris Evans split up with his girlfriend ___ in 2013. Minka Kelly
The "Captain America: The First Avenger" sequel is called "Captain America: The___ ." Winter Soldier
Who serves as the Director of the S.H.I.E.L.D.? Nick Fury
Which is NOT one of Captain America's superpowers? Flight
At the start of the film, scientists are investigating a wreck in ___ . The Arctic

(A) Charlie Brown Christmas (19 questions)
author: dunja
clip: acesmuzic
When did "A Charlie Brown Christmas" first air? 1965
What beverage company was the original sponsor of "A Charlie Brown Christmas?" Coca Cola
The director of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was also the voice of __. Snoopy
"A Charlie Brown Christmas" uses the peanuts characters created by __. Charles Schultz
When the special was first aired, TV executives criticized its absence of a __.laugh track
Other than Snoopy, all the voices in a " A Charlie Brown Christmas" were performed by__. Children
What percentage of US viewers watched the 1st airing of " A Charlie Brown Christmas?" 50%
The actor who voiced Charlie Brown also was the voice of__. Pig-Pen
Linus recites a chapter from the Gospel of __ in a "Charlie Brown Christmas". Luke
Early in the special, Charlie Brown tells Linus that the __ of Christmas is depressing him. over-commercialization
What is Lucy and Linus' last name? Van Pelt
What is the name of Charlie Brown's little sister? Sally
What did Sally want from Santa? $10s and $20s
When network executives first saw " A Charlie Brown Christmas," they predicted it would be a huge__. flop
When Schroeder stops playing piano, the rest of the kids keep dancing. The tuneless dance break was__. A mistake
Lucy wanted Charlie Brown to get a " shiny __ tree. Aluminum
Charlie Brown is convinced he killed his little tree after __. hanging an ornament
What does Linus use to prop up the Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree? His security blanket
What carol do the kids hum at the end? Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

(A) Chipmunk Christmas (8 questions)
author: DawgFanForLife
clip: DawgFanForLife
"A Chipmunk Christmas" was released in ___. 1981
Which Chipmunk wears glasses? Simon
Who does the doctor visit at the beginning of the special? Tommy
Dave lets Alvin play his ___ before the recording session. Harmonica
What venue wants Alvin to play his harmonica on Christmas Eve? Carnegie Hall
Alvin and the Chipmunks debuted in ___. 1958
Alvin dresses up as ___ during this special. Santa
Who joins Alvin and the Chipmunks on stage? Tommy

Cinderella (27 questions)
author: dunja, disneychrista
clip: clip author goes here
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When was Cinderella released? 1950
Cinderella's dog is named __. Bruno
What is the real name of the Wicked Stepmother? Lady Tremaine
Cinderella won __ Oscars the year it was released. 3
Cinderella was Disney's 1st full length-feature since __. Bambi
What are the names of Cinderella's wicked stepsisters? Anastasia and Drizella
When the sales of all of the recordings of "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" are put together, the song is # __ on the "Cash Box" best-selling records chart. 7
What is the name of the Tremaines' pet cat? Lucifer
The American Film Institute named Cinderella the __ greatest film in the animation genre. 9th
What did Cinderella leave behind at the Royal Ball? A slipper
"Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo" was analyzed by Mr. Garrison in an episode of __. South Park
Who are Suzy and Perla? mice
Who sings "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" in Disney's "Cinderella?" Cinderella
Who was in the remake of Cinderella with Whitney Houston? Brandy
According to Cinderella's Fairy Godmother, her magic spell will wear off at the stroke of __. Midnight
Cinderella's slippers are made of __. Glass
How many actresses tried out for the part of Cinderella? 310
Who visits every house in the Kingdom after the royal ball in Disney's "Cinderella"? The Grand Duke
Who cleans the entire house where Cinderella lives? Cinderella
Who sings the working song? The Mice
Prince Charming is NEVER referred to as "Prince Charming" in the film? True
Disney's Cinderella is based on the fairy tale by which author? Charles Perrault
Who voiced the title character in Disney's Cinderella? Ilene Woods
Who dances with Cinderella at the ball? Prince Charming
Cinderella loses her shoe __ times in the movie. 3
The Prince finds Cinderella the day after the ball: True
Who helped Cinderella with a new dress for the ball...? Fairy Godmother

Clueless (29 questions)
author: scamper879
clip: drlux
Josh wants to be a ...Lawyer
According to Cher, a Baldwin is a ...Super hottie
When was Clueless released? 1995
Complete the Clueless quote: That was way ___, Tai. Harsh
During the movie, Cher and Josh watch an episode of _____. Beavis and Butt-head
Which famous musician auditioned to play Dionne? Lauryn Hill
After she starred in Clueless, Alicia Silverstone played ____ in Batman + Robin. Batgirl
According to Cher, Amber is a ____. Monet
Dionne is dating ____. Murray
Clueless is based on the novel Emma by ____. Jane Austen
The movie features 53 varieties of ____. Plaid
Cher tries to set Tai up with...Elton
The gang attends ______ High School. Bronson Alcott
At the beginning of the film, Cher played matchmaker for her....Teachers
Cher tells her dad that her first report card was a ...Starting point for negotiation
Complete the Clueless quote: She could be a ____ in those clothes. Farmer
Cher's nemesis is named _____. Amber
Tai has a thing for skater boy....Travis
What does Cher call Josh? Granola Breath
The gang passes a credit card around in a very germy game called....Suck and Blow
Cher's dad Mel is a ...Lawyer
Alicia Silverstone famously appeared in 3 music videos for...Aerosmith
Cher totally failed her ,..Driver's test
Complete the Clueless quote: That's Ren + Stimpy. They're way...Existential
Which actor is older in real life? Stacey Dash, aka Dionne
According to Cher, a very attractive lady is a total...Betty
Where does Cher live? Beverly Hills
Reese Witherspoon auditioned to play...Cher
Which classic '90s band plays in a party scene in the movie? The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Coming to America (40 questions)
author: empiregirl
clip: yuzjvwa
Coming to America stars ___. Eddie Murphy
Akeem Joffer rules over which country? Zamunda
Akeem Joffer is a ___. Prince
Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole Murphy, is a cast member on which VH1 reality show? Hollywood Exes
Prince Akeem is upset because his parents arranged a ___ for him. Wedding
Who composed the music for “Coming to America?” Nile Rodgers
True or False: Eddie Murphy came up with story for “Coming to America.” True
Who is Prince Akeem’s BFF? Semmi
Eddie Murphy alongside ___ played an African king in Michael Jackson’s 1993 video for “Remember the Time.” Iman
What do the servants throw as Prince Akeem is walking to talk to his parents? Rose petals
True or False: In the beginning of the film, Prince Akeem said he has never tied his own shoes. True
Finish this famous Semmi line: “Apparently, these are the best women ___ has to offer. Pick one and let’s go home.” Queens
Vigglers, this is a tough one. When Prince Akeem first meets his queen-to-be, all of the dancers are doing a rendition of ___. The Thriller dance
Prince Akeem turns ___ years old at the beginning of the film. 21
Where is the fictional country of Zamunda taken from? A Richard Pryor skit
Where does the NYC cabbie drop Prince Akeem and Semmi off when they first enter the city? Long Island City
The first time there’s a barbershop scene, the gentlemen are all talking about boxing. Which actor plays a guy getting a haircut? Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Samuel L. Jackson plays a ___ in “Coming to America.” Robber
True or False: This is the first flick that Eddie Murphy plays multiple characters. True
What do the barbers call Prince Akeem? Kunta Kinte
What year did “Coming to America” steam roll into theaters? 1988
The producers originally wanted ___ to play King Jaffe Joffer. Sidney Poitier
Semmi and Akeem find work at a restaurant called ___. McDowell’s
Which “Coming to America” star went on to host his own late night talk show? Arsenio Hall
Prince Akeem falls in love with ___. Lisa
Mr. Townsend is Akeem and Semmi’s ___. Landlord
After playing Darryl, actor Erik LaSalle went on to portray Dr. Peter Benton on which NBC medical series? ER
Darryl makes ends meet as an heir and a what? Model
What is Soul Glo? A hair product
What was “Coming to America’s” working title? The Quest
Who is Lisa dating during the start of the flick? Darryl
Earlier in the film, Darryl said “___ must be a new experience for you” to Akeem. Wearing clothes
True or False: Semmi loves living a normal, poor life. False
Eddie Murphy and director John Landis linked up again to work on which 1994 flick? Beverly Hills Cop III
James Earl Jones voiced which iconic sci-fi villain? Darth Vadar
Earlier in the film, Darryl threw a ___ at Akeem. Milkshake
Throughout the film, Akeem and Semmi pretend to be what? Poor
Who asks Akeem’s dad for money earlier in the film and inadvertently makes the King come to NYC? Semmi
Earlier in the flick, Akeem told Lisa that he was a ___. Goat herder
King Jaffe utters the following line to ___: “Confine yourself to our royal suite in the Waldorf-Astoria.” Semmi

Coyote Ugly (30 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: DawgFanForLife
Where is the real Coyote Ugly located? New York
Who plays Violet? Piper Perabo
Violet suffers from ___. Stage fright
Piper Perabo plays Violet, but she's also known for playing CIA agent on ___ . Covert Affairs
All the girls dance on top of the ___ . Bar
Before moving to New York, Violet quit her job at a ___ . Pizza shop
Violet is originally from ___ . New Jersey
Violet moved to New York to pursue a career as a ___ . Songwriter
Who plays Violet's dad, Bill? John Goodman
John Goodman plays Violet's protective papa. He is known for his role on ___ . Roseanne
Before moving away, Violet told her father that she would be back home every Sunday to ___ . Do laundry
Melanie Lynskey plays Violet's best friend, Gloria. She also plays Rose in which CBS comedy? Two and a Half Men
LeAnn Rimes was featured on "Coyote Ugly" soundtrack. She told us that we "Can't Fight the ___ ." Moonlight
Violet meets her future boyfriend Kevin at ___ . A bar
Violet first encountered the bartenders of Coyote Ugly in a ___ . Diner
Bridget Moynahan, who plays Rachel, has a son with which NFL quarterback? Tom Brady
Coyote Ugly owner Lil gives Violet the nickname ___ . Jersey
Zoe leaves her job at Coyote Ugly to attend ___ . Law school
Tyra Banks, aka Zoe, created which TV show? America's Next Top Model
At her 2nd Coyote Ugly audition, VIolet doused the Fire Warden in water resulting in a fine of ___. $250
The morning after their 1st date, Kevin and Violet visit a ___ . Fish Market
TRUE/FALSE: Violet's apartment was robbed. TRUE
Kevin parted ways with his valuable "Spider-man" comic so Violet could perform at ___ . The Elbow Room
To break up a fight, Violet sings which Blondie song? "One Way or Another"
Violet's father finds out the truth about her job when he ___ . Sees her picture in the paper
TRUE/FALSE: Violet is fired from Coyote Ugly after Kevin starts a fight. TRUE
Violet's father is hospitalized after a ___ . Car accident
John Goodman, aka Violet's dad, stars alongside "The Dude" in which Coen Brothers flick? The Big Lebowski
Violet's big break comes when she plays at the ___ . Bowery Ballroom
"Coyote Ugly" features a cameo from which country singer? LeAnn Rimes

Crazy, Stupid, Love. (36 questions)
author: RoadWarrior1972
clip: DawgFanForLife
When was "Crazy, Stupid,Love" first released to theaters? 2011
What was Ryan Gosling's first non-"Mickey Mouse Club" television role? Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Where does Cal meet Jacob? At a bar
True or False. Hannah agreed to go out with Jacob as soon as she met him. False
True or False: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone publicly dated. False
Josh is played by musician ______. Josh Groban
Robbie is in ______. 8th grade
Emily has been romancing a guy played by ______. Kevin Bacon
Back in the day, Steve Carell was a correspondent on _______. The Daily Show
True or False. Emma Stone was once on a TV talent show. True
Emma Stone grew up living on a _______. Golf Course
Hannah just graduated from ____________. Law School
How many pop songs has Ryan Gosling released? 1
Steve Carell played _____ on "The Office". Michael
Is Emma Stone a stage name? Yes
Robbie is trying to win the heart of his what? Babysitter
Emma Stone once auditioned for the role of the _____ on "Heroes". Cheerleader
Ryan Gosling also plays in a band that had ______ as an opening act for their 2009 tour. A Talent Show
What does Jessica the babysitter want to send to Cal? Nude photos
True or False. Steve Carell can play the fife. True
Jacob decides to get relationship advice from ______. Cal
Emma Stone played Jules in "Superbad" romanced the character played by ______. Jonah Hill
When Ryan Gosling was a kid, he appeared with several other superstars on the rebooted_______. Mickey Mouse Club
Cal decides to woo Emily back by making a _____ in his backyard. Mini golf game
Julianne Moore earned her first Oscar nomination for her work on ________. Boogie Nights
How many times has Emma Stone hosted SNL? 3 times
Ryan Gosling has a band called _____. Dead Man's Bones
True or False. Cal is thrilled that Jacob and his daughter are dating. False
True or False. Julianne Moore is a natural redhead. True
In the beginning of the movie, Hannah thought her boyfriend was going to. Propose
Emma Stone played ______ in the "Spider-Man" reboot. Gwen Stacy
Cal picks up Kate at a _____. Bar
Steve Carell won a Golden Globe for his work on _____. The Office
Which co-star has Ryan Gosling NOT dated? Emma Stone
Who finds Jessica's nude photos? Her mother
After Jacob takes off his shirt, Hannah famously says "It's like you're _____. Photoshopped

(The) Dark Knight (41 questions)
author: dunja, BiBi_Ramone
clip: drlux
Maggie Gyllenhaal replaced __...Katie Holmes
Who is Gotham City's new DA? Harvey Dent
What was Havery Dent's campaign slogan? I believe in Harvey Dent
What is the name of the DK sequel? The Dark Knight Rises
What does the Joker use as a business card? A playing card
Harvey Dent is considered Gotham City's __. White Knight
Earlier in the movie, Bruce Wayne turned to __ when he needed a new Batman suit. Lucius Fox
Earlier in the movie, batman traveled to ...__. Hong Kong
Early in the movie, the Joker robbed a __? Bank
The Joker's criminal accomplices wear__. Clown masks
Who almost played Harvey Dent instead of Aaron Eckhart? Matt Damon
Batman director Christopher Nolan is moving on to another superhero! He's also producing...__Superman
Heath...Academy Award
Gary Oldman...Sirius Black
The Dark Knight reached __in just 2 days. $100 million
Christian Bale kept Batman's __. Mask
Christopher Nolan wanted Aaron Eckhart ...__Thank you for smoking
"The Dark Knight" and "Wanted" filmed in Chicago at the same time Who starred in both films? Morgan Freeman
Who flips a coin to make decisions? Harvey Dent
Christopher wrote the script ...with his __. Brother
Christian Bale won Best Supporting Actor for __.The Fighter
Who did Christian Bale play in American Psycho? Patrick Bateman
Bruce Wayne and Rachel Dawes are __.childhood friends
Nestor Carbonell... Richard
Who is Maggie Gyllenhaal's famous sibling? Jake
Who played the Joker in Tim Burton's 1989 version of Batman? Jack Nicholson
Michael Caine and Christopher Nolan have made several movies together, including __. Inception
Morgan Freeman played Bruce Almighty
The mob Boss, Sal Maroni, is played by actor__. Eric Roberts
In "The Dark Knight," Bruce Wayne lives in a __. Penthouse
The Dark Knight introduces a new method of transportation for Batman. What is it? The Batpod
How old was Christian Empire of the Sun? 14 years-old
Morgan Freeman played Nelson Mandela in __.Invictus
Morgan Freeman won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for...__.Million Dollar Baby
What comic book company owns Batman? DC Comics
In the comic books, Batman is part of the __... Justice League
What is another name for Batman? The Caped Crusader
Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's __.Butler
Cillian Murphy had a cameo in The Dark Knight as __. Scarecrow
What was Heath Ledger final film? The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Which character in NOT included in the Batman comic books? Rachel Dawes
Lau is a Chinese accountant working for __. The Mob
What award-winning Disney movie did Batman composer Hans Zimmer work on? The Lion King

(The) Dark Knight Rises (45 questions)
author: mc0107
clip: clip author goes here
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Who plays Catwoman? Anne Hathaway
Christopher Nolan is producing the upcoming ______ movie. Batman v. Superman
Christopher Nolan directed which Oscar nominated film? Interstellar
Christian Bale kept Batman's _____. Mask
Don't let the muffled voice confuse you, Vigglers. Bane is played by British actor _____. Tom Hardy
Batman's real name is _____. Bruce Wayne
Which villain never shows up in "The Dark Knight" trilogy? The Green Goblin
The Dark Knight Rises grossed over $1 _____ at the box office. Billion
Heath Ledger played The Joker in "The Dark Knight". He posthumously won a _____ for his role in the film. Academy Award
Batman resides in _____. Gotham City
Who plays Lucius Fox? Morgan Freeman
True or False: Harvey Dent is alive at the start of the film. False
What bill allows Gotham PD to put an end to all organized crime? The Dent Act
Who was ready to resign from their position at the beginning of the film? Gordon
Selina Kyle is a known _____. Thief
True or False: At the beginning of the film, Bruce had hung up his Batman persona. True
Who does Selina kidnap in the beginning of the film? A congressman
Selina is ordered to steal Bruce Wayne's _____. Fingerprints
Who betrays Selina? Stryver
Earlier in the film, Gordon is captured by _____. Bane
John Blake is played by _____. Joseph Gordon Levitt
Who promoted Blake to detective? Gordon
True or False: Wayne Enterprises is profitable at the start of the film. False
Who intended to marry Harvey Dent? Rachel
Bane wears a _____. Mask
Who is Bane's boss? Daggett
Who does Bruce ask to run Wayne Enterprises? Miranda Tate
Who attacks the Gotham Stock Exchange? Bane
Who is responsible for Dagget's death? Bane
Bane specifically wants access to Bruce's _____. Fusion reactor
Who recruited Bane into the League of Shadows? Ra's al Ghul
Batman is knocked out and taken to a _____. Prison
Who is the only person to ever escape the inescapable prison? Ra's al Ghul's child
Who famously says, "When Gotham is ashes, then you have my permission to die"? Bane
Does Bruce escape prison? Yes
Who kills the Mayor of Gotham? Bane
Bane makes Dr. Pavel do what? Create a nuclear bomb
Who tell the city of Gotham the truth about Harvey Dent? Bane
Who stabs Batman? Miranda
Miranda is really _____. Talia al Ghul
Selina uses the handy _____ to put an end to Bane. Batpod
Where does the bomb explode? The bay
Christian Bale nabbed an Academy Award for his portrayal of a down and out boxer in which film? The Fighter
True or False: Batman dies at the end of the film. False
Who is Bruce seen with at the end of the film? Selina

(The) Departed (36 questions)
author: miome
clip: drlux
The Departed came out in 2006. Which Leonardo DiCaprio film was also released in 2006? Blood Diamond
Matt Damon grew up 2 blocks away from which celebrity BFF? Ben Affleck
Jack Nicholson most recently won an Oscar for which film? As Good as it Gets
Who executive produced the film? Brad Pitt
The Departed won how many Oscars? 4
Mark Wahlberg was once a _____. Rapper
Martin Sheen played President Josiah Bartlet on which TV show? The West Wing
A young Leonardo DiCaprio played Luke Brower on which TV show? Growing Pains
Jack Nicholson once played this Batman villain _____. Joker
Vera Farmiga currently appears on Bates Motel, which is a prequel to: Psycho
Director Martin Scorsese was raised in which Manhattan neighborhood? Little Italy
Martin Sheen is Charlie Sheen’s _____. Father
Alec Baldwin just wrapped his final season as which TV character? Jack Donaghy
Alec Baldwin starred in which Tim Burton classic? Beetlejuice
Vera Farmiga received an Oscar nod for her role in which film? Up In the Air
How many Oscars has Leonardo DiCaprio won? 0
Matt Damon donned short shorts and appeared in “Behind the Candelabra,” a film about which musician? Liberace
How much money did “The Departed” gross at the box office? Over $250 million
Jack Nicholson starred in which classic horror film? The Shining
Which film was NOT directed by Martin Scorsese? Stuart Little
Which Academy Award did The Departed NOT win? Best Supporting Actor
The Departed follows a sub-culture of _____. Gangsters
Which Boston-based band appears on the soundtrack for the film? Dropkick Murphys
Which foreign film inspired The Departed? Internal Affairs
The film opens with the song “Gimme Shelter” by _____. The Rolling Stones
The Departed features a song by which classic country artist? Patsy Cline
Who composed the film score for The Departed? Howard Shore
What does Costigan’s mother die of? Cancer
In the film, the cops play the ____ in a rugby match. Firemen
The Departed was set in _____. Boston
Billy Costigan goes to _____ to build credibility as a gangster. Prison
Earlier in the movie, Costello gave Sullivan the envelope in a _____. Theatre
After their Chinatown chase, how does Sullivan try to locate Costigan? Traffic Camera footage
What does Costigan order at the bar that starts a fight? Cranberry juice
Costello references which famous writer in the film? James Joyce
What are the stolen computer chips used to make? Missiles
Who knocks the bookie’s teeth out in the film? Costigan
What is Costello’s mistress reading a book about? Pregnancy
Which one of Mark Wahlberg's brothers has a small role in "The Departed?" Robert
At the end of the film, a ____ is seen crawling. Rat

Despicable Me (27 questions)
author: sally251
clip: drlux
Which fabulous funny lady provided the voice for Miss Hattie? Kristen Wiig
True or False: "Despicable Me" has spawned a sequel! True
Before Steve Carell was the voice of Gru, he was a regular cast member on ____. The Daily Show
Which hip-hop artist produced the soundtrack for "Despicable Me"? Pharrell Williams
Mr. Perkins is the President of the _____. Bank of Evil
"Despicable Me" was the 2nd highest-grossing animated film of 2010 in the U.S. and Canada. What was the #1 of that year? Toy Story 3
What did Gru tell Margo about the minions? They're his cousins
Who will play Gru's nemsis in "Despicable Me 2"? Al Pacino
Russell Brand, the voice of Dr. Nefario, married the quirky pop star ___ in 2010. Katy Perry
Before Will Arnett voiced Mr. Perkins in "Despicable Me", he played George Oscar "Gob" Bluth II on _____. Arrested Development
Which iconic star voiced Gru's mom? Julie Andrews
Jason Segal, aka Vector, is currently dating ____. Michelle Williams
Who is Vector's father? Mr. Perkins
Which "Flight of the Conchords" star voices Jerry the Minion? Jemaine Clement
Who is NOT one of the little orphan girls? Alexa
At one point, Gru's first name appears on some papers. What is it? Felonious
What is the name of the story Gru read to the girls at bedtime? Sleepy Kittens
Earlier in the movie, Gru told Miss Hattie that her face was "como un burro". What does that mean? Like a donkey
Margo's t-shire features the beloved Dr. Seuss' character ____. The Lorax
Before Steve Carell was Gru in "Despicable Me", he played ___ on "The Office". Michael
Earlier in the movie, Vector showed off a gun that shoots _____. Live piranhas
What did the girls plan to perform for their ballet recital earlier in the movie? Swan Lake
Earlier in the movie, Vector described himself as a villain with _____. Direction and magnitude
In a flashback earlier in the movie, Gru showed his mom a spaceship model that he made out of ______. Macaroni
Earlier in the movie, Agnes said a ____ was fluffy at the fair. Unicorn
Who did Gru call after Agnes' toy was vaporized? Tim, Mark, Phil
Earlier in the movie, Vector stole the _____. Great Pyramid of Giza
Despicable Me had a budget of _____. $69 million
True or False: The Minions will be getting their own spin-off movie. True
Who voices the oldest orphan, Margo? Miranda Cosgrove

(The) Devil Wears Prada (37 questions)
author: hula_jes
clip: drlux
"The Devil Wears Prada" is based on a Book
In 2011, "the Devil Wears Prada" star Emily Blunt appeared with Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau
"The Devil Wears Prada" screenwriter Ailen McKenna also penned the hit 2007 rom-com 27 Dresses
"The Devil Wears Prada" star Meryl Streep has earned a record _____ Academy Award nominations. 17
When was "TDWP" initially released to theaters? 2006
"TDWP" features a cameo by model Heidi Klum
"TDWP" was directed by David Frankel, who also directed Marley & Me
Andrea Sachs is a recent graduate of _____ University. Northwestern
"TDWP" star Anne Hathaway recently won an Oscar for her role in Les Miserables
Andrea Sachs is an aspiring Journalist
Andrea's boyfriend works as a Chef
Miranda's daughters are named Caroline and Cassidy
Miranda Priestly is supposedly based on famous Vogue editor Anna Wintour
The part of Andrea Sachs was nearly given to _____ before the producers decided on Anne Hathaway. Claire Danes
In real life, Stanley Tucci is married to th esister of one of his "TDWP" co-stars. Who is it? Emily Blunt
The author of "TDWP" novel makes a cameo appearance in the film as a Nanny
"TDWP" was filmed in a lightning-fast ____ days. 57
True or False: When it was filmed, "TDWP" featured the most expensive wardrobe in film history. TRUE
Miranda Priestly is the editor-in-chief of _____ Magazine. Runway
Miranda hired Andrea to be her Personal Assistant
In "TDWP," the character of Christian Thompson is played by actor Simon Baker
Who is the Art Director at "Runway Magazine?" Nigel
Andrea works alongside another assistant named Emily Charlton
"TDWP" was filmed in New York and Paris
Which famous pop star contributed several tracks to the movie's soundtrack? Madonna
The most expensive wardrobe item used in "TDWP" was a necklace worn by Miranda Priestly
During "TDWP," Andrea flirts with a magazine writer named Christian Thompson
"TDWP" director David Frankel and Meryl Streep worked together again on 2012's Hope Springs
Which actress won a Golden Globe for their performance in the film? Meryl Streep
"TDWP" actor Adrian Grenier is best known for starring in HBO's Entourage
Which famous model appears in the movie as a member of the "Runway" staff? Gisele Bundchen
Andrea's best friend _____ runs an art gallery. Lily
Earlier in the movie, Emily Charlton was devastated when Andrea was invited to attend Fall Fashion Week in ____ instead of her. Paris
Miranda's twin daughters are huge fans of the _____ book series. Harry Potter
In "TDWP" Miranda's main career rival is Jacqueline Follet
Anne Hathaway recently appeared in the popular superhero film The Dark Knight Rises
What was Anne Hathaways first ever feture film? The Princess Diaries

Die Hard (45 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: DawgFanForLife
"Die Hard" first hit theatres in ___ . 1988
Where does "Die Hard" take place? Los Angeles
John McClane is a cop from ___ . New York
What is the name of McClane's wife? Holly
A group of terrorists takes over ___ . Nakatomi Plaza
As of 2014, the "Die Hard" series consists of ___ movies. 5 (five)
Which "Die Hard" movie came first? Die Hard with a Vengeance
"A Good Day to Die Hard" -- the series' 5th flick -- hit theatres in ___ . 2013
Director Tim McTiernan helmed which other classic action movie? Predator (Viggle error: The director should be John McTiernan.)
"Die Hard" takes place on ___ . Christmas Eve
When the terrorists first took over his wife's building, McClane was armed with only a ___ . Handgun
Who is leading the terrorist group? Hans
Who plays the villain, Hans? Alan Rickman
McClane's limo driver is named ___ . Argyle
Who does McClane keep updating on his progress? Al Powell
Actor Reginald VelJohnson plays Sgt. Al Powell. Back in the day, Reginald starred as Carl Winslow in ___ . Family Matters
How many kids does McClane have? 2 (two)
Bruce Willis was married to which Hollywood star? Demi Moore
In 1994, Bruce Willis played a boxer in the Quentin Tarantino drama ___ . Pulp Fiction
Bruce Willis starred opposite ___ in the 1998 flick "Armageddon." Ben Affleck
In 2003, Alan Rickman appeared in the ensemble rom-com ___ . Love Actually
True or False: "Die Hard" was Alan Rickman's first film. True
How many people are in the terrorist group? 12 (twelve)
Hans tells his men to shoot the glass in order to injure McClane's ___ . Feet
True or False: Hans and his crew demolish a police submarine. False
Finish this famous McClane line: "Yippee-ki- ___ motherfluffer." Yay
Where are the terrorists from? Germany
Who has an obsession with Twinkies? Powell
What is Holly's maiden name? Gennaro
Holly keeps getting hit on by a co-worker named ___ . Harry Ellis
How much did "Die Hard" score at the box office? $140 million
Bruce Willis' ex-wife, Demi Moore, used to be married to ___ . Ashton Kutcher
How much money do Hans and his cronies want to steal? $640 million
Who is a television reporter? Richard Thornburg
Bruce Willis had a recurring role on which famous sitcom? Friends
How much did Bruce Willis score for his role in "Die Hard?" $5 million
Holly's boss is named ___ . Joseph Takagi
Bruce Willis was the studio's ___ choice for the role of John McClane. 6th (sixth)
"Die Hard" is based on a ___ . Book
"Die Hard" was originally supposed to be a sequel to which 1985 film? Commando
Vigglers, this is a tough one. How far into the movie is the very first shot fired? 18 minutes in
Who officiated Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's wedding? Little Richard
The Christmas party guests are all listening to a ___ recording at the beginning of the flick. Bach
Every single "Die Hard" flick has a pivotal scene in a ___ . Elevator
Finish this McClane line: "You'd have made a pretty good ___ yourself, Hans." Cowboy

Dirty Dancing (25 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
When was "Dirty Dancing" first released to theaters…1987
Many of exterior scenes in "Dirty Dancing" were actually filmed in...North Carolina
Cynthia Rhodes, aka Penny, also appeared in the 1983 dance movie…Flashdance
Recognize Mrs. Houseman? The actress who plays her, Kelly Bishop, appeared on…Gilmore Girls
"Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" was __ to "Dirty Dancing"...A prequel
What song does Lisa want to sing at the talent show…I Feel Pretty
"I've Had the Time of My Life" won an Oscar for...Best Original Song
Choreographer Kenny Ortega also directed Michael Jackson’s 2009 rehearsal film…This Is It
The movie opened with the song "Be My Baby" performed by…The Ronettes
"Dirty Dancing" takes place in the summer of 1963 in the…Catskills
Dr. Houseman isn’t Jerry Orbach’s only iconic role. He also played Lennie Briscoe in...Law & Order
Recognize the actor who plays Stan the Comedian? Wayne Knight was the neurotic mail carrier __ on "Seinfeld"...Newman
Where is Baby going to college in the fall…Mont Holyoke
What is Johnny’s last name…Castle
What song is playing the first time Johnny first asks Baby to dance…Love Man
Whose mother kicked her out when she was 16…Penny
Who called himself the "catch of the county"…Neil
Where did Baby see Penny crying…In the kitchen
Which book does Robbie try to give Baby…The Fountainhead
Where does Johnny say is the best place to practice lifts...In the water
Jennifer Grey, aka Baby, played Matthew Broderick's sister in the 1986 flick…Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Who was the older woman who wanted extra "dance lessons" with Johnny...Vivian Pressman
Patrick Swayze appeared in the 2001 cult hit __ with Jake Gyllenhaal...Donnie Darko
Who was NOT one of Patrick Swayze's co-stars in "Ghost"…Keanu Reeves
Complete the phrase: "Nobody puts Baby __"...In a corner

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (29 questions)
author: uscbrad
clip: drlux
The younger version of Patches O'Houlihan is played by Hank Azaria, who voices Moe the Bartender on… The Simpsons
In "Dodgeball", Globo Gym is owned by… White Goodman
Peter owns and runs... gym. Average Joe's
Which "Dodgeball" team member dreams of being a cheerleader? Justin
Average Joe's team member Steve likes to dress as a… Pirate
Peter will lose his gym if he can't pay how much money to cover his mortgage? $50,000
Average Joe's second mortgage is bought by… White
Justin Long initially hit it big when he appeared in commercials for… Apple
Which magazine does Gordon read? Obscure Sports Quarterly
To earn some cash, Peter and the gang organize a… for charity. Car wash
The annual dodgeball tournament is held in which city? Las Vegas
At their qualifying match, the Average Joe's team squares off against a group comprised of… Girl Scouts
Who volunteers to coach the Average Joe's team? Patches O'Houlihan
To hone the Average Joe's team skills, Patches has the team dodge which object? Wrenches
Which "Dodgeball" character played high school softball? Kate
Kate's apartment is filled with… Unicorns
The annual dodgeball tournament airs on… ESPN8
The tournament and cash prize is presented by the… ADAA
At their first game, the Average Joe's wear… gear. S&M
Who coaches the German National dodgeball team? David Hasselhoff
What is the name of Globo Gym's dodgeball team? Purple Cobras
Owen falls in love with… Fran
The Chancellor of the ADAA is played by… William Shatner
Which "Dodgeball" co-star is married to Christine Taylor in real life? Ben Stiller
Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller teamed up once again in the 2012 comedy… The Watch
Justin Long had a supporting role in which Vince Vaughn film? The Break-Up
"Dodgeball" actor Alan Tudyk plays dentist Noah Werner on the sitcom… Suburgatory
Vince Vaughn first came to fame playing a girl-crazy actor in… Swingers
Which "Arrested Development" funny man plays ESPN8 co-host Pepper Brooks? Jason Bateman

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas - 1966 (14 questions)
author: CarlitosKid, PattyM
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When did the animated version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" debut? 1966
Who starred as the Grinch in the 2000 live action film version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"? Jim Carrey
Who wrote the original "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" book? Dr Seuss
Was Dr. Seuss originally on board with the idea of an animated version of his book? No
Dr. Seuss opposed the casting of the legendary Boris Karloff as the Voice of the The Grinch because he thought he was _____. Too scary
What is the name of the town that the Grinch chooses to terrorize on Christmas? Whoville
At the beginning of the movie, the Grinch's heart is ____ times too small. 2
"Grinch" director Chuck Jones based the villain's distinctive green color on his _____. Rental Cars
The Grinch lives at the top of ___. Mount Crumpit
What is the Grinch's least favorite part of Christmas? The singing
In "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," we only get to meet Who. What's her name? Cindy Lou
What did The Grinch tie to Max's head? A tree branch
What is the centerpiece of a Whoville Christmas feast? Roast Beast
What was the first thing that the Grinch stole? Stockings

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas - 2000 (31 questions)
author: poppybear0
clip: DawgFanForLife
"How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" was originally published in 1957.
The Grinch lives on Mount Crumpit.
The movie was nominated for 3 Oscars.
"How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" was the 1st Dr. Seuss book to be made into a full-length film.
Who narrates the film? Anthony Hopkins.
True or False: "The Grinch" is the highest-grossing holiday film of all time. False.
The Grinch looks down upon the people of Whoville.
Cindy Lou has 2 brothers.
Bryce Dallas Howard has a small role as a Who in this movie. She is director Ron Howard's Daughter.
Dr. Seuss was born in 1904.
How many books did Dr. Seuss publish. 46.
How old is Cindy Lou? 8.
Who is the postmaster's daughter? Cindy Lou.
The Grinch isn't a big fan of Christmas.
Where does Cindy Lou first spot the Grinch? At the Post Office.
When he was younger, the Grinch had a crush on Martha May.
How did the Grinch end up in Whoville? A Wrong Wind.
Jim Carrey, aka The Grinch, played The Riddler in "Batman Forever."
Before playing Betty Lou Who, Molly Shannon made a name for herself on what TV show? Saturday Night Live.
Which child star played Cindy Lou Who? Taylor Momsen.
Augustus May Who is the Mayor of Whoville.
Cindy wants the Grinch to take a part of what Whoville event? Whobilation.
Taylor Momson (Cindy Lou) is the lead singer for the band The Pretty Reckless.
Director Ron Howard has been in the film business for decades. He even starred in the '70s TV Show? Happy Days.
What character does Bill Irwin aka Lou Lou Who play on "Sesame Street"? Mr. Noodle.
What does Augustus May Who gift the Grinch at Whobilation? An Electric Shaver.
True or False: "The Grinch" was released in 2000. True.
The Grinch Steals all of the Christmas gifts in Whoville.
Who wishes the Grinch a merry Christmas? Cindy Lou.
Who turned down Augustus May's proposal? Martha May.
The Grinch and the citizens of Whoville celebrated Christmas in his Cave.

Dumb and Dumber (36 questions)
author: taronga
clip: drlux
Jeff Daniels currently plays Will McAvoy on ... The Newsroom
Jeff Daniels starred in the Woody Allen film, "The Purple Rose of ___." Cairo
The prequel to this film was called ... Dumb and Dumberer
Charlies Rocket, who plays Nicholas, famously dropped an uncensored F-bomb on ___ in 1981. Saturday Night Live
Karen Duffy, who plays Shay, was known as "Duff" when she worked as a VJ on ... MTV
The Farrelly brothers directed a 2012 film about which comedy act? The Three Stooges
Which other actor was initally up for the role of Harry? Rob Lowe
Which of these is NOT a Farrelly Brothers film? Fargo
Jim Carrey followed "Dumb and Dumber" by playing ___ in "Batman Forever." The Riddler
Mary's stepmother, Helen, is played by ... Teri Garr
When Harry and Lloyd pick up Mental, they perform the song ___ for him. Mockingbird
At the same time Lauren Holly played Mary, she was co-starring as a deputy sheriff on ... Picket Fences
Harry and Lloyd have a poster on their living room wall of Bo Derek in an iconic shot from ... 10
Which of the following was NOT spawned by the film? A Broadway musical
Harry describes an atomic pepper as "more ___ than hot." Tingly
Harry and Lloyd share a cry over ... A telephone company commercial
Lloyd initially works as a ... Limousine driver
During a montage that mirrors a Julia Roberts film, Harry and Lloyd get makeovers while the song ___ plays. Oh, Pretty Woman
Upon seeing a beautiful woman at the Snow Owl benefit, Harry quotes a line from the movie ... The Silence of the Lambs
Harry gets his tongue stuck to a frozen pole, just like Flick in the classic holiday film ... A Christmas Story
When Lloyd leaves the bar after finding out where Mary lives, he sees a newspaper headline that reads ... Man Walks on the Moon
After the boys realize how flat The Rocky Mountains are (since it's Nebraska), Lloyd criticizes ... John Denver
Jeff Daniels earned a Golden Globe nomination for his work in ... Something Wild
In 2005, Jeff Daniels earned accolades for his role in "The Squid and the ___." Whale
The same year he played Harry Dunne, Jeff Daniels was Harry Temple in ... Speed
Jim Carrey auditioned, but was not chosen, to join the cast of ___ in 1980. Saturday Night Live
Which Jim Carrey film was NOT made into an animated series? The Truman Show
In 1993, Lauren Holly played Linda, the wife of a martial arts legend ___ in "Dragon." Bruce Lee
Lloyd and Harry are sitting ___ when Harry tells him about getting a "John Deere letter" from Freda Fletcher. In a heart-shaped hot tub
Production was shut down in Salt Lake City for a week when Jim Carrey had surgery for a ... Gallstone
Which New England state is the frequent setting for Farrelly brothers films? Rhode Island
Lloyd's last name is ... Christmas
Harry and Lloyd are saving their money to open a ... Pet store
Cam Neely, who plays Sea Bass, is best known for playing which pro sport? Hockey
The sign on Harry's van reads ... Mutt Cuts
Lin Shaye, who plays Mrs. Neugeboren, also played the memorably well-tanned Magda in ... There's Something About Mary

Eat Pray Love (36 questions)
author: ruda225
clip: DawgFanForLife
Who plays Liz in the film? Julia Roberts
James Franco played hopeless hiker Aron Ralston in 127 Hours
At the beginning of the film, Liz is riding a…Bicycle
Liz is visit a ___ early in the film. Medicine man
Ketut tells Liz she will have 2 Marriages
Early in his career, James Franco played which classic film star? James Dean
Which musician was briefly married to Julia Roberts? Lyle Roberts
Who does Liz stay with when she separates from Stephen? Delia and Andy
Who appears as an actor in Liz's play? David
What does David call Liz at the laundromat? My Queen
Julia Roberts is the ___ of teen starlet Emma Roberts. Aunt
Delia tells Liz that "having a baby is like getting ___ on your face." A Tattoo
What does Liz buy at the bookstore? An Italian dictionary
Julia Roberts once played Erin Brokovich
Which country star shared the screen with Julia Roberts in "Steel Magnolias"? Dolly Parton
Who represents Stephen in the initial divorce proceedings? Stephen
At dinner, Andy accidentally compares David to a Dog
Liz keeps a box of back issues of ___ magazines. National Geographic
Where does Liz travel first on her journey? Italy
Julia Roberts is married to Fanny Moder, who is a Cameraman
Who does Liz meet first in Italy? Sofi
"Eat Pray Love" was initially a Memoir
Julia Roberts romanced Richard Gere in Pretty Woman
Wayan is a Healer
Which nickname does Richard give Liz? Groceries
During Tulsi's wedding, Liz imagines Stephen
Where does Liz go after Italy? India
Who plays Stephen in the film? Billy Crudup
Which fellow American does Liz meet in India? Richard
Liz and ___ reunite in Bali. Ketut
Who celebrates a birthday in the film? Liz
Viola Davis received an Oscar nomination for The Help
Liz meets Luca in the Barbershop. What is his tasty last name? Spaghetti
Who calls Liz while she is in India? David
After binging on pizza earlier in the movie, Liz and Sofi go shopping for Jeans
Director Ryan Murphy created Glee

Elf (27 questions)
author: MzTredecim
clip: DawgFanForLife
What colour tights does Buddy wear? Yellow
Elf star Zooey Deschanel is currently starring in the hit show ____. New Girl
How tall is Will Ferrell? 6'3"
"Elf" Star James Caan's son Scott in currently appearing in the show ____? Hawaii Five-O
What did Will Ferrell say was the most fun part of his role as Buddy? Being happy all the time
Who was originally supposed to star in "Elf?" Jim Carrey
How did Buddy end up at the North Pole? He crawled in Santa's bag
Which famous funny lady plays Walter's assistant, Deb? Amy Sedaris
Papa Elf is playing by _____. Bob Newhart
What was the name that Santa and the elves originally gave to Buddy? William
"Elf" star James Caan did NOT appear in the movie _____. Anchorman
Miles Finch is played by Peter Dinklage, who is currently rocking ____. Game of Thrones
"Elf" was adapted into a _____. Musical
Where does Buddy's father work? The Empire State Building
Buddy originally went to ____ Dept Store to find Santa? Gimbel's
Buddy helped Michael defeat bullies in a ____. Snowball fight
Buddy ended up in jail after fighting with _____. The Santa at Gimbel's
Will Ferrell has said that the cotton balls that Buddy ate at the doctor's office were actually ____. Cotton candy
Buddy's first job after leaving the North Pole was ____. In the mailroom
Buddy said that the mailroom at his father's offic smelled like _____. Mushrooms
What is NOT one of the 4 food groups that Buddy said elves stick to? Milk
On his way to New York, Buddy did NOT travel through the _____. Subway
Buddy got pointers on how to ask Jovie on a date from ______. Michael
Miles Finch rejected the idea to write a children's book about ___. Farms
What powers Santa's sleigh? Christmas spirit
Buddy fell for Jovie when he heard _____. Her singing
Where did Santa's sleigh crash? Central Park
Buddy answered the phone at his father's office by asking _____. What's your favourite colour?
What is the name of Jovie and Buddy's daughter at the end of the movie? Susie

(The) Expendables (37 questions)
author: kjemti, taronga
clip: drlux
Christmas received a ____ in the middle of the gunfight with Somali Pirates. Text Message
Eric Roberts, who plays Munroe, is the ____ of actress Emma Roberts. Father
Which "Expendables" actor was nominated for an Oscar in 1986? Eric Roberts
Sylvester Stallone wrote and directed which John Travolta movie? Staying Alive
At the start of the film, the Expendables are in a standoff with___. Pirates
Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren appeared in ___ together. Rocky IV
Sylvester Stallone earned an Oscar nomination for his work on ___. Rocky
"The Expendables" earned a worldwide gross of about ___ at the box office in 2010. $274 million
The film marks the first Sylvester Stallone film that he starred in since "Rocky IV" to gross ___ on in the US. $100,000,000
After completing their mission against the Somali pirates, which member of "The Expendables" is kicked out of the group? Gunner
Charisma Carpenter, who plays Lucy, played Cordelia on ___. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Tool runs a ___. Tattoo Shop
Both Tool and Christmas are expert ___. Knife Throwers
Mr. Church is played by ___. Bruce Willis
Barney learns about a new mission from Mr Church and ___. Trench
Toll Road is sensitive about the way his ___ look. Ears
Which "Expendables" star directed the film? Sylvester Stallone
What city do "The Expendables" call home base? New Orleans
In addition to Bruce Willis, which action hero also appears uncredited in the film? Arnold Shcwarzenegger (Viggle spelling Smilie )
According to Yin Yang, he wants to take a new job to earn money for his ___. Family
While doing recon on Vilena, Barney and Christmas pose as ___. Ornithologists
Which "Expendables" actor appeared in "Iron Man 2"? Mickey Rourke
James Munroe is played by ___. Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts is related to ___. Julia Roberts
Christmas tells Sandra that he and Barney are named ___. Buda and Pest
Mickey Rourke was nominated for an Oscar for his role in ___. The Wrestler
In addition to acting, "The Expendables" villain Steve Austin is also a popular ___. Wrestler
Caesar has a ___ with his name printed on it. Razor
Mr. Church is a ___ operative. CIA
Jet Li appeared opposite ___ in "Romeo Must Die." Aaliyah
Which dropkicking action star plays the villain in "The Expendables 2"? Jean-Claude Van Damme
On "Everybody Hates Chris," Terry Crews played the father of a character based on ___. Chris Rock
Jason Stratham is no stranger to action, having starred in ___ series. The Transporter
Munroe's second in command is ___. Paine
Bruce WIllis has starred in ___ "Die Hard" movies. 5
"The Expendables" drive ___. Motorcycles
Randy Couture is a champion ___. Fighter

(The) Fantastic Four (35 questions)
author: angie744
clip: DawgFanForLife
"Fantastic Four" hit theaters in ____. 2005
True or False: A "Fantastic Four" reboot is scheduled for release this summer. TRUE
Chris Evans, aka Johnny Storm, is no stranger to superhero roles. He also doubles as which Marvel hero? CAPTAIN AMERICA
Which publisher created "Fantastic Four?" MARVEL
Who is NOT a member of the Fantastic Four team? THE FLASH
The film's 2007 sequel was called "Fantastic Four: Rise of the ____." SILVER SURFER
** POLL **
Which Hollywood starlet plays Sue Storm? JESSICA ALBA
Sue and Johnny Storm are ____. SIBLINGS
The Fantastic Four gained their powers after being exposed to what? A COSMIC STORM
Ioan Gruffudd, aka Mister Fantastic, is ____. WELSH
Who created the Fantastic Four comics? STAN LEE & JACK KIRBY
Dr. Reed Richards is a ____. PHYSICIST
** POLL **
Does Dr. Doom look familiar? Julian McMahon played a doctor on which plastic surgery series? NIP/TUCK
Producer Avi Arad is also the founder of ____. MARVEL STUDIOS
Johnny Storm's superhero alter ego is ____. THE HUMAN TORCH
Vigglers, this is a tough one. Dr. Victor Von Doom hails from which country? LATVERIA
Kerry Washington plays Alicia Masters. She is a ____. BLIND ARTIST
Michael Chiklis, aka The Thing, most recently starred in "American Horror Story: ____." FREAK SHOW
True or False: The Fantastic Four was the first superhero team. TRUE
** POLL **
At the start of the film, the team boards a ____ to test human evolution. SPACE STATION
In the film, Ben Grimm is a ____. ASTRONAUT
Who receives full exposure to the cosmic storm? BEN
Jessica Alba is married to ____. CASH WARREN
What is Reed's superpower? HE CAN STRETCH LIKE RUBBER
Von Doom's arm turns to ____ after the cosmic storm. METAL
Before she was Invisible Woman, Sue Storm was a ____. GENETICS RESEARCHER
** POLL **
Ben's new super power includes turning into a ____ with superhuman strength. ROCK
Throughout the film, the team must fight off which villain? DR. DOOM
Who is Ben's ex? DEBBIE
Where is the Fantastic Four headquartered? BAXTER BUILDING
Why does Von Doom want revenge? HE LOST HIS COMPANY
Von Doom's mutation allows him to generate blasts of ____. ELECTRICITY
Jessica Alba is more than just an actress. Which company did she start? THE HONEST COMPANY
Who goes into thermal shock at the end of the film? DR. DOOM
Who proposes to Sue at the end of the film? REED RICHARDS

Fast & Furious 6 (xx questions)
author: Bella_482
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Vigglers, do the events in "Fast & Furious 6" happen before or after "Tokyo Drift"? BEFORE
Dom is short for ____. DOMINIC
"Fast & Furious 6" hit the big screens in____. 2013
Dom, Brian, and the rest of the crew are coming off a successful what? HEIST
What is Roman's last name? PEARCE
Dom is currently shacking up with ____. ELENA
Tyrese has admitted that he is afraid of _____. OWLS
Mia and Brian are ____. MARRIED
Vin Diesel named one of his daughters after which cast member? PAUL WALKER
Post-Rio, Gisele and Han are living in _____. HONG KONG
Dwayne Johnson first rose to fame as a wrestler. What's his famous nickname? THE ROCK
What is Hobbs' first name? LUKE
Hobbs' partner is ____. RILEY HICKS
True or False: Hobbs asks Dom and h is crew to help him capture Owen Shaw. TRUE
Letty was thought to have died in which installment? "FAST & FURIOUS"
Besides playing Tej, Ludacris is also an award-winning what? RAPPER
Hobbs works for the ____. DDS
True or False: Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez once dated in real life. TRUE
Gal Gadot plays Gisele. She plays _____ in "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice". Wonder Woman
The 3rd film in the franchise is set in _____. Japan
Who directed the film? JUSTIN LIN
True or False: In exchange for taking down Owen Shaw, Dom, Brian, & the rest of the team will get amnesty. TRUE
Tyrese is also a singer. What was his 1st big hit? SWEET LADY
Vigglers, this is a tough question, which "Fast & Furious 6" character was 1st featured in a previous Justin Lin project? HAN
The team traveled to ____ to defeat Shaw. LONDON
Earlier in the film, Shaw and his crew infiltrated a _____ building. INTERPOL
Who is Ludacris' famous cousin? KATT WILLIAMS
Gisele is usually seen riding what? A MOTORCYCLE
Who shows up to help Shaw escape from Dom and the rest of the crew after the Interpol incident? LETTY
Who does Letty shoot? DOM
When does the next "Fast & Furious" flick hit the screens? 2017
True or False: Letty remembers exactly who she is. FALSE
Shaw has ties to which "Fast & Furious" criminal? BRAGA
Brian is a former what? FBI AGENT
Who travels back to the US to question Braga? BRIAN
What does Dom return to Letty? HER CROSS NECKLACE
Gina Carano plays Riley Hicks, a DDS agent working with Shaw. She's a former what? MMA FIGHTER
Earlier in the film, Tej figures out that Shaw plans to attack the _____ NATO base. SPANISH
Who does Shaw kidnap? MIA
The films final chase scene involves what? AN AIRCRAFT
Elsa Pataky plays Elena. Who is her famous husband? CHRIS HEMSWORTH
Dom considers _______ "home". LOS ANGELES
Who dies saving Han? GISELE
Which pop star has a cameo in the film? RITA ORA
Vigglers, this is a tough one. What was Brian's alias in the 1st film? BRIAN EARL SPILNER
Sadly, Paul Walker passed away in 2013. What was the last film he completed? * It went too fast sorry...I'll get the answer in the Mountain time zone. But I think his last film was "Brick Mansion"

Fast and Furious - 2009 (32 questions)
author: WSBruins
clip: DawgFanForLife
"Fast and Furious" first hit theaters in _____. 2009
"Fast and Furious" is the ______ installment of the franchise. 4TH
"Fast and Furious" director Justin Lin first joined the film franchise for _____. TOKYO DRIFT
"Fast and Furious" takes place ____ years after the events of the series' original film. 5
During its original theatrical run, "Fast and Furious" scored the highest-grossing ___ debut in movie history. APRIL
Vin Diesel made his feature film debut as a young soldier in ____. SAVING PRIVATE RYAN
In 2002, Vin Diesel starred as Xander Cage in the movie ______. XXX
Which "Fast and Furious" film does NOT feature an appearance by actor Paul Walker? TOKYO DRIFT
Before joining the FBI, "Fast and Furious"' Brian O'Conner worked for the ____. LAPD
When he isn't racing or hijacking fuel trucks, "Fast and Furious" character Dom Toretto works as a _____. MECHANIC
Dom Toretto's younger sister is named ______. MIA
At the start of "Fast and Furious," Dom Toretto and his crew are hiding out in ______. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Which "Fast and Furious" character did NOT appear in the series' original film? ARTURO BRAGA
Paul Walker broke out in the 1999 sports movie ______. VARSITY BLUES
In 2006, Paul Walker starred as an Antarctic guide in the hit Disney film _______. EIGHT BELOW
Which "Fast and Furious" star also appeared in James Cameron's monster hit "Avatar?" MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ
Fenix Calderon is a _______. HIT MAN
Which member of Dom's new crew also appeared in "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift?" HAN SEOUL-OH
In 2010, Michelle Rodriguez returned to her action roots alongside Danny Trejo in _______. MACHETE
Which "Fast and Furious" star also had a key role in the show "Lost?" MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ
At the start of "Fast and Furious", Dom Toretto is making ends meet by hijacking _______. FUEL TRUCKS
Which of the following characters is NOT a member of Dom's crew in the Dominican Republic? BRIAN
Earlier in the movie, Dom fled to _____ to avoid arrest in the Dominican Republic. PANAMA CITY
Jordana Brewster has also starred in the show _______. DALLAS
Before appearing in the "Fast and Furious" series, Jordana Brewster got her start in the long-running soap opera ______. AS THE WORLD TURNS
In "Fast and Furious," Dom and _____ manage to track down David Park at the exact same time. BRIAN
Who convinces David Park to cooperate by dangling him out a window? DOM
Here's a tough one, Vigglers. Dom shows up to Park's street race driving a ______. CHEVROLET CHEVELLE
Gisele Yashar is ______. BRAGA'S ASSISTANT
Crime lord Arturo Braga is attempting to expand his empire from ______ to the United States. MEXICO
Who wins Braga's street race through Los Angeles? DOM
How does Brian manage to secure a spot in Braga's drug-transport ring? HE ARRESTS A DRIVER

(The) Fast and the Furious - 2001 (32 questions)
author: agmonte, BiBi_Ramone
clip: drlux
The Fast and the Furious first hit theatres in __. 2001
As of today, how many Fast and Furious films have been released to theaters? 5
Paul Walkers character Brian O’Connor works for___. LAPD
Dom’s sister is named__. Mia
Fast and the Furious was directed by ___. Rob Cohen
Vin Diesel made his feature film debut as a young soldier in ___. Saving Private Ryan
Who is NOT a member of Dom’s crew? Johnny Tran
What color car does Letty drive? Red
Brian goes undercover to infiltrate a group of illegal __. Street racers
In 2002 Vin Diesel starred as Xander Cage in the hit action thriller__. XXX
Dom’s girlfriend Letty is played by? Michelle Rodriguez
Brian has a cover job at __. The Racer’s Edge
Dom Toretto’s younger sister is named __. Mia
Who showed up at Brian’s first race earlier in the movie? The cops
Paul Walker starred in the hit 1999 sports movie __. Varsity Blues
The second Fast and the Furious sequel is called The Fast and the Furious ___ Drift. Tokyo
In Brian’s first illegal street race earlier in the movie he drove a __. Mitsubishi Eclipse
The role of Mia was originally written for which actress? Eliza Dushku
In 2006 Paul Walker starred as an Antarctic guide in the hit Disney film ___. Eight Below
In his 1strace earlier in the movie, Brian overheated his car’s engine after using too much ___. Nitrous oxide
Which The Fast and the Furious star also appeared in James Cameron’s monster hit Avatar? Michelle Rodriguez
In 2010 The Fast and the Furious star Michelle Rodriguez returned to her action roots alongside Dabby Trejo in __. Machete
Which rapper has a role in The Fast and the Furious? Ja Rule
Which The Fast and the Furious star also had a key role in the hit ABC series Lost? Michelle Rodriguez
Which famous musician was considered for the part of Brian O'Connor before Paul Walker was cast? Eminem
The Fast and the Furious star Jordana Brewster currently stars in the TNT’s hit series ___. Dallas
Before appearing in the Fast and the Furious series Jordana Brewstar got her start in the long running soap opera __. As The World Turns
What color car does Dom’s sister Mia drive? Blue
Prior to filming The Fast and the Furious Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez did not know how to ___. Drive
The Fast and the Furious director Rob Cohen also directed a few episodes of the 80’s classic ___. Miami Vice
The fast and the furious and tis many sequels have earned more than __ worldwide. $1 billion
The 6th Fast and the Furious sequel will be released in __. May
=1 What does Brian give Dom after his 1st Race? ______ His Car
=2 At the end of the film, Brian helps _____ escape the cops. Dom
=3 The Fast and the furious is based on a ______? Magazine Article
=4 What does Vin Diesel's mom do for a living? Astrologer - This ? was also word for word in Fast Five Viggle Live but since they asked it here...
=5 Dom and Mia are ___. Siblings Another word for word from Fast Five's Viggle Live

(The) Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (30 questions)
author: MJKrat
clip: ScottTampa
Nikki Griffin, who plays Cindy, had a recurring role on ____. The OC
Vin Diesel voiced the title character in ____. The Iron Giant
Vin Diesel's first role was as an uncredited orderly in ____. Awakenings
Vin Diesel has appeared in ____ "Fast and Furious" movies. 5
4000, ____ were donated for the movies. Tires
Racers are competing to be Drift ____. King
True or False: Vin Diesel earned the nickname "Diesel" because he was a bus driver for a short amount of time. False
In "The Fast and the Furious," Dominic owns a ____. Garage
"Tokoyo Drift" is actually the ____ movie in the timeline. 6th
Parts of ____ doubled as Tokoyo. Los Angales
Chris Morgan, The writer of "Tokyo Drift" also wrote the screenplay for ____. Wanted
Gary Scott Thompson, who helmed the ____ reboot on TV, created the characters in "Fast and Furious". Knight Rider
Nathalie Kelley, who plays Neela, appeared in the music video for Bruno Mar's ____. Just the Way You Are
Bow Wow, who plays Twinkie, released his first album when he was __. 13
Brian Goodman, who plays Major Boswell, Currently stars on ____. Rizzoli & Isles
"Tokyo Dirft" was the ____ "Fast and Furious" movie that Justin Lin directed. 1st
Sean is sent to live with his ____ in Tokyo. Father
Susan Kang, who plays Han, also plays a character named Han in ____. Better Luck Tomorrow
Lynda Boyd, who plays Ms. Boswell, currently stars on the Canadian TV series ____. Republic of Doyle
In 2011, Lynda Boyd who plays Ms. Boswell, joined a ____ team to compete at St. John's. Crew
The "Fast and Furious" series is based on a ____. Magazine article
Zachery Ty Bryan, aka Clay, played a basketball player on ____. Veronica Mars
The first "Fast and Furious" movie was released in ____. 2001
Bow Wow, who plays Twinkie, appeared in 5 episodes of ____. Entourage
"Tokyo Drift" starts out in ____. Arizona
Way before Zachery Ty Bryan played Clay, he was on the classic 90's show ____. Home Improvement
Over 100 cars were ____ during the making of the movie. Wrecked
"Tokyo Drift" is the only "Fast and Furious" film where ____ doesn't appear. Paul Walker
"Tokyo Drift" is the ____ movie in the "Fast and Furious" series. 3rd
Brian Tee, who plays DK, wil be appearing in the upcoming ____ movie. Wolverine

Fast Five (38 questions)
author: Tuvix
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Fast Five is the ___ flick in the "Fast & Furious" saga. 5th
Fast Five zoomed into theaters in ___. 2011
At the end of the previous flick, Dom was on a ___ on his way to server a 25-year jail sentence. Bus
Dom, Brian and Mia are currently on the run ____. Brazil
Who did Brian and Mia reunite with at the start of the film? Vince
What did Brian and Mia discover on the train? DEA Agents
Roman first made an appearance in which "Fast & Furious" flick? 2 Fast 2 Furious
True or False: Jordana Brewster produced "Fast Five." False
What does Vin Diesel's mom do for a living? Astrologer
How many cars does Dom drive in the film? 5
Zizi only has one car on his mind during the train heist. Which one is it? A Ford GT40
Who ends the lives of the DEA agents at the top of the film? Zizi
Hobbs tells the police chief that he wants Elena Neves on his team. What reason does he give him? He likes her smile
Tego and Rico are part of Dom and Brian's crew, but in real life Tego Calderon and Dom Omar are what? Musicians
Crime boss ___ is after Dom and Brian. Reyes
True or False: Dom's 1970 Dodge Charger was originally his his mom's car. False
Mia reveals she is ___ earlier in the film. Pregnant
Finish the Hobbs line: "You know I like my ___ first". Dessert
What is in the car that Reyes wants? A computer chip
Which member of the squad is known for riding a motorcycle? Gisele
Han first showed up in "The Fast and the Furious: ___ Drift." Tokyo
Gal Gadot, aka Gisele, is portraying ____ in the upcoming "Superman vs. Batman" flick! Wonder Woman
Dom and Mia are ___. Siblings
If the heist is successful, Dom and his crew will be splitting ___. $100 million
Earlier in the flick, Dom kicked ___ out of the "family." Vince
True or False: Dom is NOT arrested in this film. False
Who is a former FBI agent? Brian
Tego and Rico mostly hurl insults at each other in ___. Spanish
Gisele gets Reye's handprints on her ___. Bikini
Which other blockbuster was Tyrese filming while he worked on "Fast Five?" Transformers: Dark of the Moon
How much money did "Fast Five" make at the box office? $626 million
Who munches on chips throughout the film? Han
Han is crushing on ____ throughout the flick. Gisele
The Rock is a former professional ____. Wrestler
Who directed "Fast Five"? Justin Lin
How many actual races are in the movie? 1
Vigglers, this is a tough one - think back to the first flick. What was Brian's alias? Brian Spilner
True or False: Tej is the muscle in the crew. False

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (19 questions)
author: DawgFanForLife
clip: drlux
Ferris, Sloane and Cameron visit _____ on their day off . Wrigley Field
Many of the actors who appeared in director John Hughes's films were nicknames "The _____ Pack." Brat
Alan Ruck, who plays Cameron, appeared on an episode of _____ last year. Hawaii Five-0
Ben Stein, who plays Ferris's economics teacher, had a recurring role on _____. The Wonder Years
Ferris sings "Danke Schoen" - that's "thank you" in _____. German
A "Ferris Bueller" _____ ran in the '90's. TV show
A young _____ plays the boy Jeanie meets at the police station. Charlie Sheen
Ferris, Sloane and Cameron take the day off in _____. Chicago
Cameron's dad's car is a _____. Ferrari
This is the _____ "sick day" Ferris has taken. 9th
Ferris's ______ is one of the few people who doesn't buy that he's sick. sister
Cameron has a staring contest with a girl in a painting by _____. Seurat
Rooney is the school's _____. Dean of students
Matthew Broderick was the voice of ______ in "The Lion King." Simba
Matthew Broderick is the _____ actor to win the Tony for Best Featured Actor in a Play. youngest
Matthew Broderick is married to _____. Sarah Jessica Parker
Ferris claims to be the _____ King of Chicago. Sausage
Jennifer Grey, who plays Jeanie, won Season 11 of _____. Dancing With The Stars
Ferris's parade moves were choreographed by Kenny Ortega, who did the same for _____. High School Musical

(The) Fifth Element (40 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: VigNYC
Who directed "The Fifth Element?" Luc Besson
"The Fifth Element" is a ___ film. Sci-Fi Action
Which action star is the film's lead? Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis was once married to ___ ? Demi Moore
True or False: Luc Besson initially thought of "The Fifth Element" when he was 16 years old. True
"The Fifth Element" is a ___ film. French
Was the film shot in France? No
The movie starts out in ___ . 1914
What type of aliens arrive in Egypt at the top of the film? Mondoshawans
The Mondoshawans find ___ stones in Egypt. 4 (four)
The 5th and final element is stored in a ___ . Human
Who is protecting the element stones in 1914? A priest
The movie jumps to which year? *
Who does Bruce Willis play in the "Die Hard" films? John McClane
What was the film's budget $90 million
Which featured designer handled all of the costuming for "The Fifth Element?" Jean-Paul Gaultier
The great evil happens to appear every ___ . 5,000 years
Leelu is a ___ . Humanoid
Korben Dallas makes ends meet as a what? Cab driver
Vigglers, this is a very serious question here -- does Bruce Willis have hair in the film? Yes
Which "Beverly Hills, 90210" actor has a role in the film? Luke Perry
What language does Leelu speak? The Divine Language
Gary Oldman plays Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg. Who did he play in the "Harry Potter" series? Sirius Black
Who created the Divine Language spoken in the film? Luc Besson
True or False: In the film, there is a President of Earth. True
Who hired the Mangalores to attack the Mondoshawans? Zorg
Vigglers, this is a tough one. How many seconds does the President of Earth give Vito Cornelius to talk? 20 seconds
What color is Leelu's hair? Orange
Who plays Ruby Rhod? Chris Tucker
Milla Jovovich is the star of the ___ franchise. Resident Evil
True or False: There are no flying cars in the film. False
Ruby Rhod is a ___ . Talk show host
Earlier in the film, the Mondoshawan had ___ protect the four element stones. Diva Plavalaguna
Korben is a former what? Soldier
Korben and Leelu try to meet up with the Diva on a what? Intergalactic cruise (to Phloston Paradise!)
After filming was done, Milla Jovovich wound up marrying the ___ . Director
Bruce Willis played himself in which sequel? Ocean's 12
Chris Tucker counts former president ___ as one of his friends. Bill Clinton

Final Destination (30 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: DawgFanForLife
Which "Final Destination" actor starred in Emiinem's music video for "Stan?" Devon Sawa
Before Devon Sawa and Ali Larter were tapped to play Alex and Clear, the casting department wanted Tobey Maguire and ___ to play the roles. Kirsten Dunst
All the students are headed to ___ on a school trip. Paris
"Final Destination" was released in ___ . 2000
True or False: "Final Destination" was actually a spec script for '90s sci-fi series "The X-Files." True
Who has a vision of the plane crashing? Alex
Who did Devon Sawa, aka Alex, play in the 1995 film "Casper?" Casper
Alex gets into a fight with ___ on the airplane. Carter
There are ___ days between the plane crash and the memorial service. 39 (thirty-nine)
Who dies in a tub after the memorial? Tod
Earlier in the film, Alex and ___ visited a funeral home to look at Tod's body. Clear
Mr. Bludworth tells Alex and Clear that they had wrecked what? Death's design
Who has a plan to escape from death? Alex
Ali Larter, aka Clear, had a breakout role in which movie? Legally Blonde
Sean William Scott has a major role in which coming-of-age franchise? American Pie
There are ___ films in the "Final Destination" franchise. 5 (five)
What number did Alex spot on a luggage cart before boarding the dreadful flight? 666
Who does Tod quote during the memorial service? Marcel Proust
Who is hit by a bus earlier in the film? Terry
Alex is being investigated by ___ . FBI agents
True or False: Devon Sawa, aka Alex, fell asleep while filming the opening sequence. True
Which of these characters show up in the sequel, "Final Destination 2?" Clear
Earlier in the film, Alex's clock goes from 1:00 a.m. to ___ . 180 (one-eighty)
Ms. Lewton's house ___ earlier in the film. Explodes
True or False: All of the survivors are dying in the order that they were supposed to die on the plane. True
How much did "Final Destination" gross at the box office? $112 million
Who is Alex's BFF? Tod
Who almost kills himself earlier in the film? Carter
Billy passes away earlier in the film. How did he go? Flying shrapnel
Clear and the gang are trying to avoid death in a secluded cabin. That very same cabin was used in which 1999 flick? Lake Placid

Finding Nemo (40 questions)
author: disneychrista
clip: clip author goes here
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Finding Nemo is a ______ animated feature - Pixar
Last year, Pixar announced a sequel was in the works. What is it called - Finding Dory
Finding Nemo landed in theaters in 2003. How much did it gross in its initial run. - $867 million
True or False: Finding Nemo won an Oscar for Best Animated Film. - True
Poll: In 2012, Finding Nemo was re-released in 3D. Did you see it in theaters?
How many times does Dory actually get Nemo's name right? 7
Which talk show host voices Dory? Ellen DeGeneres
What kind of fish is Marlin? Clownfish
The beginning of the film takes place where? The Great Barrier Reef
Which comedian voices Marlin? Albert Brooks
According to Marlin, Nemo has a lucky_____ Fin
True or False : Nemo is a reference to Captain Nemo from a famous novel. True
Nemo's friend Sheldon is _____ intolerant. - H2O
What does Nemo touch to prove he is brave? A Boat
Dory suffers from ______ Memory Loss
What kind of fish is Dory? Blue Tang
What does the fisherman leave behind after he captured Nemo? His goggles
Who is able to read the name tag on the fisherman's goggles? Dory
Bruce the Shark is a recovering ______ . Fish-eater.
Poll: Are you excited for the upcoming sequel film? Not Really I can't wait.
Nemo is taken to which city? Sydney
Nemo is placed in a fish tank after he is captured. Where is the fish tank? A dentist office.
Like Nemo, Gill has a bad ______. Fin
What is Dory's advice when life gets you down? Keep Swimming
What does Jacques, the shrimp, like to do more than anything else? Clean
Which member of the Tank Gang love bubbles? Bubbles
What does Gill rename Nemo during his initiation ceremony? Shark Bait
What must Dory do when she encounters a trench? Swim through it
In the film, Dory refers to a jellyfish as _______ Squishy
What is Crush's nickname for Marlin? Jellyman
How old Crush the Sea Turtle? 150
Poll: Is Finding Nemo your favorite Pixar Film Yes or No
Crush and Squirt have a special _____. Handshake.
The Tank Gang is terrified of _____ Darla
To begin their escape plan, Gill tells Nemo to swim through the ______. Filter
What is the name of Deb's reflection? Flo
After leaving the current, Marlin and Dory get trapped inside a ______. Whale
What is the only word the seagulls know how to say? Mine
Who gets caught in a net with a school of Grouper? Dory
Which former Cheers actor voices the school of fish in the film? John Ratzenberger
Which Australian actor voices Anchor, the hammerhead shark? Eric Bana
Which Pixar character swims across the screen during the closing credits? Mike Wazowski

Flowers in the Attic (31 questions)
author: Gatormomma
clip: DawgFanForLife
"Flowers in the Attic" is based on a ___. Novel
Which classic rock remake appears in the film's official trailer? Sweet Child O' Mine
The ___ siblings are at the center of the film. Dollanganger
Who plays evil grandma Olivia? Ellen Burstyn
How many siblings live in the attic? 4
Heather Graham plays Corrine and has appeared in which film series? Austin Powers
When was the 1st "Flowers In The Attic" film released? 1987
Ellen Burstyn, aka, Olivia, appeared in which classic horror film? The Exorcist
V.C. ___ wrote the original novel. Andrews
Ellen Burstyn plays old granny Olivia Foxworth. She is also an accomplished what? Broadway Star
Before she played Corrine, Heather Graham once guest starred on which sitcom? Growing Pains
Mason Dye plays Chris. He first appeared in "Secret Diary of an American ___." Cheerleader
Which character grows up to be a novelist? Cathy
Kiernan Shipka plays big sister Cathy, but she is also known as Don Draper's daughter in ___. Mad Men
Which director was once slated to direct the original film? Wes Craven
The twins, Cory and Carrie, are ___ years old. 5
How many books are in the Dollanganger series? 5
Dylan Bruce plays Bart Winslow. Dylan is currently starring in which BBC America show? Orphan Black
Kiernan Shipka, aka, Cathy, was recently named a "Style Star" by___. Vogue
What is Corrine's maiden name? Foxworth
What is the name of Corrine's father? Malcolm
What is the name of the "Flowers In The Attic" sequel? Petals in the Wind
Who marries Bart Winslow? Corrine
What happened to the Dollanganger's father? He died
Corrine was neglected by her family because she ___. Married Christopher
Who first convinces the children to stay in the attic? Corrine
Bart is a ___. Attorney
Who is the oldest Dollanganger? Chris
Who does Cathy have an affair with? Her Brother
Cathy Dollanganger is a talented what? Dancer
Who receives a traumatic haircut in the film? Cathy

Footloose - 1984 (31 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: clip author goes here
clip url goes here
The original "Footloose" received an Oscar nomination for ___ in 1984. Best Original Song
Diane Wiest, aka Vi, appeared opposite Johnny Depp in the 1990 ___ . Edward Scissorhands
The film was shot in various locations around ___ . Utah
After he played Shaw, John Lithgow was Dr. Dick Solomon on ___ . 3d Rock From the Sun
Which artist/group does NOT appear on the "Footloose" soundtrack? Pat Benatar
After she played Ariel, Lori Singer appeared in this 1985 comedy thriller with Tom Hanks ___ . The Man With the One Red Shoe
Which actress turned down the role of Ariel? Elizabeth McGovern
Which "Dancing With the Stars" regular starred in the remake of "Footloose?" Julianne Hough
Kevin Bacon's role in the 1982 movie ___ helped him land the part of Ren. Diner
the actor who played Williard, Christopher Penn, was the younger brother of ___ . Sean Penn (R.I.P)
After Sarah Jessica Parker played Rusty, she appeared with Johnny Depp and Bill Murray in ___ . Ed Wood
Sarah Jessica Parker did a 180 from Rusty when she played ___ In "Sex and the City." Carrie
John Lithgow, aka Shaw, voiced Mike Myers' nemesis in ___ . Shrek
When was the "Footloose" remake released? 2011
The song "Footloose," is sung by ___ . Kenny Loggins
The movie opened with a montage of ___ . Feet
Ren is originally from ___ . Chicago
Ren's job at the mill involves lifting what? Sacks of flour
What sport does Ren excel at? Gynmastics
What do Ren and Chuck drive for their chicken race? Tractors
Which bibilical figure does Ren say "danced before the Lord? David
What has the city council banned in Bomont? Dancing
Kevin Bacon is currently starring in the show ___ . The Following (canceled, YAY!)
Which "Risky Business" actor was almost cast as Ren? Tom Cruise
Which singer auditioned to play Ariel Moore? Madonna
Over ___ pairs of feet were filmed for the opening sequence. 150
Which actor auditioned 3 times to play Ren? Rob Lowe
What song is playing during the chicken race? Holding Out For a Hero
What kind of car does Ren drive? Volkswagen
What song is playing while Willard learns to dance? Let's Hear It For the Boy
Kevin Bacon broke out in hives before shooting the ___ City council scene

Footloose - 2011 (30 questions)
author: cookiemomma
clip: clip author goes here
clip url goes here
The original Footloose received an Oscar nominations for ___ in 1984. Best Original Song
Andi MacDowell, aka Vi, appeared opposite Bill Murray in the 1993 ____. Groundhog Day
The film was shot in various locations around ____. Georgia
After he played Rev Shaw Moore, Dennis Quaid was Sheriff Ralph Lamb on ___. Vegas
The city council has banned ____ in Bomont. Dancing
Which High School Musical director almost helmed the Footloose remake? Kenny Ortega
Ren, Ariel and the rest of the crew live in ____. Bomont
Who does NOT appear in this movie's soundtrack? Hannah Montana
The movie opens with a scene of _____. People partying
Which Footloose 1984 actor declined a cameo in the film because he didn't like the role? Kevin Bacon
Ariel's dad, Shaw Moore, is a what? Pastor
Ren and Willard are ____ in high school. Seniors
Julianne Hough, aka Ariel, appeared with Josh Duhamel in which 2013 romantic film? Safe Haven
Ren is originally from ____. Boston
Ren's job at the mill involves lifting what? Sacks of flour
Which actor was NOT considered for the role of Ren? Justin Bieber
Which Sex and the City regular played Rusty in the original Footloose? Sarah Jessica Parker
T/F: Kenny Wormald, aka Ren, began dancing at the age of 6. True
Ren lives with his aunt and _____. Uncle
Who is Ariel's boyfriend during the beginning of the flick? Chuck
Miles Teller, aka Willard, co-starred in The Spectacular Now and Divergent with actress ____. Shailene Woodley
Ren and Chuck drive ____ for their chicken race. Buses
Before Ray McKinnon played Wes, he appeared with Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw in ___. The Blind Side
What kind of car does Ren drive? Volkswagen
What does Ariel whip off to signal the start of the race? Her shirt
When was the original Footloose released? 1984
The song Footloose is sung by ___ in the film. Blake Shelton
Which Biblical figure does Ren say 'danced before the Lord'? David
Which singer auditioned to play Ariel Moore in the remake? Miley Cyrus
Earlier in the film, the crew heads to ____ to dance. Cowboys

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (31 questions)
author: imccallusa
clip: DawgFanForLife
Peter is usually video chatting with whom? His step brother
Russell Brand went through a very public divorce with _____. Katy Perry
Which Hollywood heavyweight produced "FSM"? Judd Apatow
Dwayne the Bartender knows the names of over 200 kinds of _____. Fish
Hawaii state bird is called the humuhumunukunukuapua'a. True
Part of Aldous Snow was originally written for which actor? Charlie Hunnam
Jason Segel's character plays piano but in real life he works with_____. The Muppets
Sarah and Jason Bateman star in a fake preview for which show? Animal Instincts
What is the name of the "FSM" spin-off flick? Get Him To The Geek
Aldous Snow's band Infant Sorrow was taken from the title of a William Blake _____. Poem
Which movie quote does Peter scream in his sweatpants? You shall not pass!
To forget Sarah Marshall, Peter goes to a resort in ______. Hawaii
Paul Rudd's character famously observers, "You sound like you're from ______!" London
Who does NOT work at the resort? Sarah
What character from "Sex and the City" does Peter drunkenly imitate? Samantha
Aldous Snow sarcastically pleads, "Take my eyes but not this _____!" Shirt
What is the collective name for Adous Snow's groupies? The Sorrow Suckers
Sarah Marshall stars in the fictional TV show ________ Crime Scene:Scene of the Crime
What real-life television show does Sarah Marshall's show spoof? CSI
What is Rachel's job at the resort? Concierge
Which of these is NOT an Aldous Snow song? It Stings (When I Pee)
Jason Segel plays ______ on "How I Met Your Mother." Marshall
True or False:Milan Kunis and Ashton Kutcher recently got engaged. True
Kristen Bell caused a stir on the internet because of her love of ______. Sloths
Paul Rudd and Jason Segel teamed up for which buddy flick? I Love You, Man
Peter is crying so loudly in his suite that other patrons think he's a what? Crying Woman
Peter Bretter is a ____. Music Composer
Jonah Hill recently picked up his _____ Oscar nomination. 2nd
What does Matthew slip Aldous Snow? His demo
Milan Kunis lends her voice to which cartoon show? Family Guy
True or False: Nicholas Stoller said the film was about 30%-40% improv. True

Forrest Gump (31 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: DawgFanForLife
"Forrest Gump" is based on a popular ___. Novel
"Forrest Gump" was directed by ___. Robert Zemeckis
Gary Sinese would later star in the crime drama ___ . CSI
"Forrest Gump" first hit theaters in ___. 1994
Robin Wright, aka Jenny, currently stars in the Netflix political drama ___. House of Cards
According to Mama Gump, "Life is like a ___." Box of Chocolates
Robin Wright who plays Jenny was once married to ___. Sean Penn
As a child, Forrest Gump inadvertently taught ___ his patented dance move. Elvis Presley
Mrs. Gump repeatedly tells her son that "stupid is as stupid ___." Does
When he was a kid, Forrest Gump was forced to wear ___ due to a medical condition. Leg braces
What is the name of Forrest' shrimping company? Bubba Gump
While fighting in the war, Forrest Gump received a gunshot wound in his ___. Buttocks
What is the name of Forrest Gump's commanding officer in Vietnam? Dan Taylor
In the movie, Forrest and Jenny are from a town called ___, Alabama. Greenbow
During the movie, Forrest Gump has a brief run-in with which member of the Beatles? John Lennon
Who played the role of Forrest Gump's mother? Sally Field
During one key scene in the movie, Forrest and Jenny have an emotional reunion at the ___. Washington Monument
Forrest Gump nearly toppled the U.S. president when he accidentally uncovered the ___. Watergate Scandal
While recovering from his war wounds, Forrest discovers that he is a ___ prodigy. Ping Pong
What does Forrest Gump name his first shrimping boat? Jenny
Who served as the first mate on Forrest Gump's shrimping boat? Lieutenant Dan
During the movie, Forrest Gump becomes a multimillionaire when he invests his shrimping money into the company ___. Apple
During his Medal of Honor ceremony, Forrest found himself in an embarrassing situation after drinking too many ___. Dr. Pepper's
Who was the studio's first choice to play Forrest Gump? John Travolta
Which "Forrest Gump" actor won an Academy Award for their perfomance in the film? Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks is currently starring the 2013 drama film ___. Captain Phillips
Forrest attended the University of ___. Alabama
In college, Forrest Gump was a ___ star. Football
In the movie, Forrest Gump fights in ___. The Vietnam War
What was the name of Forrest Gump's best friend in the Army? Bubba Blue
Finish the legendary quote: "Run, Forrest, ___." Run

Four Brothers (32 questions)
author: joannej
clip: drlux
Which cast member was nominated for MTV Movie award for best breakthrough Performance in “Four Brothers”? Andre Benjamin
Andre Benjamin, aka Jerry, recently filmed a role as ____ in a biopic called “All is By My Side”. Jimi Hendrix
“Four Brothers” is loosely based on a 1965 Western movie called _____. The Sons of Katie Elder
Which brother was known as the “Michigan Mauler” during his hockey days? Bobby
A sequel was rumored to be in development for “Four Brothers”. What was the proposed title? Five Brothers
Before she played Evelyn Mercer, Fionnula Flanagan was Eloise Hawking on the show _____. Lost
What is Jerry’s real name? Jeremiah
What nickname does Bobby coin for Sofi, Angel’s girlfriend? LaVida Loca
How many times is the “F-word” used in this movie? 62 times
At the beginning of the movie, Evelyn Mercer scolds a young boy for trying to shoplift a _______. Tootsie Roll
Josh Charles, a.k.a. Detective Fowler in “Four Brothers”, currently stars on the show ______. The Good Wife
Who is the youngest Mercer brother? Jack
What holiday did the Mercer brothers celebrate together after their mom’s funeral? Thanksgiving
Who is Lt. Green’s cop partner investigating Evelyn Mercer’s murder? Det. Fowler
Andre Benjamin is known as _____ in the band OutKast. Andre 3000
Who is the actress that plays Sofi, Angel’s girlfriend? Sofia Vergara
Tyrese Gibson, aka Angel, stars in the popular franchise ______. The Fast and the Furious
Which actor from “Four Brothers” appeared in the “Transformers” trilogy? Tyrese Gibson
Garrett Hedlund recently starred I the indie film ______ with Kristen Stewart. On the Road
Which of the following “Four Brothers” actors is NOT a musician-turned-actor? Garrett Hedlund
TRUE or FALSE: A lot of Mark Wahlberg’s lines in this movie are improvised. TRUE
Which actor turned down the role of Bobby? Matt Damon
Terrence Howard, a.k.a. Lt. Green, was nominated for an Oscar in 2005 for his role in ______. Hustle & Flow
What was Mark Wahlberg’s rapper name? Marky Mark
Mark Wahlberg’s equally famous brother, Donnie, is on the show _____. Blue Bloods
Not all of “Four Brothers” was filmed in Detroit. What other city was used? Toronto
The brothers have vowed to take down the gangster ______. Victor Sweet
What branch of the military did Angel join right after high school? Marines
In “Four Brothers”, Taraji P. Henson plays Jerry’s wife. She currently stars on the show ______. Person of Interest
How many Oscars has Mark Wahlberg been nominated for? 2
What city is Mark Wahlberg from? Boston
Where do the brothers stay after their mother’s funeral? Evelyn’s house

Frosty the Snowman (32 questions)
author: imccallusa, cookiemomma
clip: yuzjvwa
Frosty carries a __ in Frosty the Snowman. Broom
Frosty the Snowman artist Paul Coker was also an illustrator for __ magazine. Mad
Frosty the Snowman spawned __ sequels. 4
Frosty the Snowman was narrated by Jimmy Durante
Frosty the Snowman was produced by Rankin/Bass, the team behind __. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Frosty the Snowman writer Romeo Muller also wrote comedy material for Jack Benny
In Frosty the Snowman, a ticket to the North Pole costs $3,000.04 (including tax)
In Frosty the Snowman, Frosty has a ___ for a nose. Button
In Frosty the Snowman, Frosty is made out of Christmas snow.
In Frosty the Snowman, the actor who voiced Frosty was best known as __. A comedian
The original version of Frosty the Snowman was sung by Gene Autry
The Traffic cop accidentally swallowed his ___ in "Frosty the Snowman". whistle
The voice of __ was replaced in recent airing of Frosty the Snowman. Karen
What actor was the voice of Professor Hinkle in Frosty the Snowman? Billy De Wolfe
What are the first words Frosty says in "Frosty the Snowman?" Happy birthday!
What beverage company was the original sponsor of "A Charlie Brown Christmas?" Coca-Cola
What brought Frosty to life in "Frosty the Snowman"? A magic hat
Who was the magician in Frosty the Snowman? Professor Hinkle
The _____ took place the same year "Frosty the Snowman" was first shown. First moon landing
Karen is always wearing ____ in "Frosty the Snowman" Earmuffs
A _____ is attached to the side of Frosty's hat in "Frosty the Snowman." Flower


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