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Viggle App - Movies Viggle Live Q&A (M-R)

drlux 716 897 August 2, 2013 at 03:28 PM
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Man of Steel (47 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: clip author here
clip url here
True or False: Christopher Nolan, of "Dark Knight" fame, directed "Man of Steel." False
"Man of Steel" kicked off the ___ Extended Universe. DC
Which actor slipped into the blue spandex suit to become Superman? Henry Cavill
Superman's civilian name is ___ . Clark Kent
What was Clark's original name? Kal-El
"Man of Steel" hit theatres in ___ . 2013
This isn't director Zach Snyder's first foray into comic books. He helmed the 2009 movie ___ . Watchmen
Why did Kal-El's parents send him to Earth? Krypton was not safe (another Viggle understatement)
Clark's birth parents are named ___ and Lara. Jor-El
On Krypton, Jor-El is a what? Scientist
General Zod oversaw Krypton's ___ . Military
Who portrays Jor-El, Superman's biological father? Russell Crowe
True or False: Kal-El was the first natural-born Kryptonian in centuries. True
What did Jor-El infuse Kal-El with before shipping him off to Earth? A genetic codex
Who kills Jor-El? General Zod
General Zod and his minions were exiled to which zone? The Phantom Zone
Where does Kal-El's ship land? Kansas
True or False: Kal-El's adoptive parents are named Martha & Jonathan Kent. True
When did Clerk find out that he was an alien? When he was a teenager
Which of Clark's adopted parents passes away in a tornado? Jonathan
Vigglers, the movie was released in 2013, which also happed happened to be the ___ anniversary of Superman. 75th
What does Clark do after Jonathan dies? He becomes a nomad
In the Arctic, Clark finds a ___ . Spaceship
True or False: Clark carries around a control key from his spaceship. True
Clark gets to talk to his father via what? Hologram
Henry Cavill rose to fame on which Showtime series? The Tudors
Amy Adams plays Lois Lane. She once has a small role on which Superman TV series? Smallville
The "Man of Steel" sequel is set to hit silver screens in 2016. What's it called. Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice (it's actually "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice")
Vigglers, this is a tough one. What does the "S" on Superman's suit stand for? Hope
True or False: Henry Cavill is the first non-American to play Superman. True
Who has the same superpowers as Superman? General Zod
Lois Lane works for which newspaper? The Daily Planet
Before he was Superman's adoptive father, Kevin Costner made us believe in the impossible in which baseball flick? Field of Dreams
Diane Lane was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her role in 2002's ___ . Unfaithful
Who informs Clark about his Kryptonian past? Jor-El
Lois' editor is named ___ . Perry White
Zod and his crew locate Clark by a Kryptonian what? Distress signal
Who is Faora? Zod's second-in-command
Superman first hit the pop culture lexicon in ___ . 1938
The Daily Planet is located in ___ . Metropolis
Who played Superman in "Superman Returns?" Brandon Routh
Clark's adoptive parents made ends meet as ___ . Farmers
Which is NOT one of Superman's abilities? Invisibility
True or False: IGN once dubbed Superman as the #1 comic book hero in the world. True
Who created Superman? Jerry Siegel
Who plays Batman in the upcoming sequel? Ben Affleck
Which female superhero makes an appearance in the upcoming sequel? Wonder Woman

Marvel's The Avengers (46 questions)
author: starbucksfan4ever, tsling309
clip: DawgFanForLife
The Avengers is the ____ comic book film of all time. Highest grossing
What is S.H.I.E.L.D? A government agency
Who was originally slated to have a cameo in the film? Natalie Portman
Cobie Smulders, aka Agent Hill, previously appeared on which sitcom? How I Met Your Mother
What is Iron Man's real name? Tony Stark
Robert Downey Jr. once played which famous comedian? Charlie Chaplin
What is Captain America's real name? Steve Rogers
Director Joss Whedon created which series? Buffy the Vampire Slayer
What is Bruce Banner's alter ego? The Hulk
Mark Ruffalo recently scored an Oscar nomination for ____. Foxcatcher
What is Bruce Banner's area of specialization? Science
Loki teams up with which alien group? The Chitauri
What is the Tesseract? A power source
Who is hired to guard the Tesseract? Clint Barton
Jeremy Renner, aka Barton, also played a soldier in which film? The Hurt Locker
Dr. Selvig is a professional ____. Physicist
The Avengers earned a 2013 ____ Oscar nomination. Visual effects
Chris Hemsworth originally hails from ____. Australia
What is Captain America's signature accessory? A shield
Captain America is a ____ veteran. WWII
Which ability does Iron Man posses? Superhuman strength
Who originally created The Avengers? Stan Lee
Tom Hiddleston, Aka Loki, speaks fluent ____. French
Which rock band penned a song for the official soundtrack? Soundgarden
Black Widow is a former ____. Russian spy
Loki is Thor's ____. Adoptive brother
Where do Fury and Rogers meet up in the film? A boxing gym
What is Loki's menacing accessory? The Scepter
The Avengers typically travel by ____. Helicarrier
Which previous substance is on Loki's radar? Iridium
In the film, S.H.I.E.L.D. Is planning a secret line of ___. Advanced weaponry
What do Loki and Barton crash on their quest for iridium? A gala
What does Loki ask the gala guests to do? Kneel
Tony Stark's father helped create ___. Captain America
Hawkeye is an expert ____. Archer
In the film, Romanoff compares Loki to a ____. Monster
Which project is Stark pursuing throughout the film? Stark Tower
Explosive ____ are a part of Barton's arsenal. Arrows
Tony's father is named ____. Howard Stark
Who battles Hulk in the hull of the helicarrier? Thor
While planning an escape, Loki ___ Agent Coulson. Stabs
Before breaking free, Thor gets trapped in a ___ cage. Glass
Where is Stark Tower? New York
Who was considered for Tony Stark before Robert Downey Jr. was cast? Sam Rockwell
What does Loki use as a weapon? Mind control
Who helps Tony rebuild Stark Tower in the end? Pepper

Mary Poppins (28 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: clip author goes here
clip url goes here
“Mary Poppins” is based on a series of ___. Books
How many Oscar nominations did the film receive? 13
2014 is the ___ anniversary of the film’s release. 50th
A “Mary Poppins” ___ opened in 2006. Broadway Musical
Another musical beat out “Mary Poppins” for Best Picture in 1964. What was it? My Fair Lady
The ___ Brothers wrote all the songs in the film. Sherman
Who plays Mary Poppins? Julie Andrews
At the top of the film, Mary Poppins sits on a ___. Cloud
This movie is set in ___. London
Mary tends to which family? The Banks Family
Which street does the Banks family live on? Cherry Tree Lane
Jane and Michael requested a nanny with no ___ . Warts
Mary Poppins travels by ___. Flying umbrella
Who plays Bert in the film? Dick Van Dyke
Where does Mr. Banks work? A bank
Who is an activist? Mrs. Banks
Mary plays with a snow globe while singing which song? Feed the Birds
Bert tries to earn money by playing in a one-man ___. Band
“A Spoonful of ___” is a featured musical number. Sugar
Bert sings “Jolly ___” with Mary. Holiday
Who first uses the term “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?” Mary
Admiral ___ lives next door to the Banks family. Bloom
Which profession does Bert pursue in the film? Chimney sweep
Who causes panic at the bank? Michael
Which animal is on the end of Mary’s umbrella? Parrot
Who dances with a group of penguins at the café? Bert
Uncle Albert is related to ___ . Mary
What do the children do at the end of the film? Fly a kite

(The) Matrix (26 questions)
author: cookiemomma, BiBi_Ramone
clip: acesmuzic
The Matrix has __ sequels. 2
Neo's "civilian" name is ____. Thomas Anderson
Morpheus is the Greek god of ____. Dreams
One of Laurence Fishburne's earliest TV roles was on ____. One Life to Live
Laurence Fishburne currently stars on ___. Hannibal
He plays Jack Crawford, (edited) Carrie-Anne Moss had a recurring role on ____. Chuck
Recognize the actor who plays Mr. Smith? Hugo Weaving is also well known for playing _____ in The Lord of the Rings. Elrond
Hugo Weaving has worked with the directors of The Matrix several times. He also starred in their movie _____. Cloud Atlas
Joe Pantoliano, who plays Cypher, also appeared in the '80s cult classic ____. The Goonies
Agent Smith is accompanied by Agent Brown and Agent ____. Jones
The Wachowskis are currently working on another sci-fi film. What's it called ? Jupiter Ascending
Where was the majority of The Matrix filmed? Australia
The world inside the Matrix is tinted ____. Green
The Matrix won __ Academy Awards in 2000. 4
"Know thyself" is written in Latin over the Oracle's door - it's a reference to the Greek oracle of ____. Delphi
Neo hides his computer discs inside of a ____. Book
Neo works as a ____ at the start of the movie. Computer programmer
Morpheus's ship is names the ____. Nebuchadnezzar
Dozer is the ship's ____. Pilot
Those who want to leave the Matrix take the ____ pill. Red
Who is a human freed from the Matrix who regrets his decision? Cypher
Trinity tells Neo to "follow the white rabbit" - that's a reference to ____. Alice in Wonderland
Which A-Lister turned down the role of Neo? Will Smith
Who was approached to play Trinity? Janet Jackson
The actor who plays Agent Smith is no stranger to villainous roles. Hugo Weaving played the baddie in the 1st ___ movie. Captain America
In 2008, Keanu Reeves starred in the sc-fi remake ___ . The Day the Earth Stood Still

Mean Girls (39 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone, cookiemomma
clip: DawgFanForLife
True or False: Rachel McAdams wore a wig while filming "Mean Girls." True
Amy Poehler is ___ older than Rachel McAams, who plays her onscreen mom. 7 years
Tina Fey said that Jonathan Bennett, aka Aaron, looks like which comedian? Jimmy Fallon
Lindsay Lohan was originally cast as ___ . Regina
Rachel McAdams was in a long-term relationship with which actor? Ryan Gosling
What does Kevin G. give Cady during math class? His business card
Glen Cocco" is actually Tina Fey's ___ . Good friend
Amanda Seyfried was originally supposed to play which character? Cady
The White House once tweeted a picture of Bo, the Obamas' dog, with the caption "Bo, stop trying to make ___ ." Fetch happen
Lindsay Lohan hosted the 2004 ___ . MTV Movie Awards
True or False: "Mean Girls" is based off of a musical. False
Which "Saturday Night Live" alum plays the school's principal? Tim Meadows
What does the name Regina mean in Latin? Queen
Cady lived in ___ for 12 years. Africa
Who plays Cady's friend Janis? Lizzy Caplan
The costume designer made the girls' skirts out of what material? Plastic
Mr. Duvall suffers from what? Carpal tunnel
Where is "Mean Girls" set? Illinois
Cady "actually recognizes" a song during the dance. The song is by Lindsay Lohan 's future girlfriend ___ . Samantha Ronson
Who is Cady's crush? Aaron
Where does Cady's mom teach? Northwestern University
Where does Regina write mean things about everyone? In her Burn Book
How many ladies are a part of the Plastics at the beginning of the film? 3 (three)
Cady's parents are ___ . Zoologists
Finish Karen's quote: "If you're from Africa, why are you ___ ? White
What did Gretchen's father invent? Toaster Strudel
Gretchen's hair is so big because it's full of what? Secrets
When someone yells, "Nice wig, Janis. What's it made of?" Janis yells ___ . Your mom's chest hair!
Who created the Plastics' iconic Christmas dance? Janis
What color do the Plastics wear on Wednesdays? Pink
What do the Plastics sing at the talent show? Jingle Bell Rock
Lindsay Lohan played twins in which film? The Parent Trap
Finish this Cady quote: "The limit does not ___ ." Exist
Amanda Seyfried had a recurring role in which UPN show? Veronica Mars
Where does Regina hook up with Shane Oman? The projection room above the auditorium
When the Plastics visit Regina's house, her sister is dancing to ___ . Milkshake by Kellis
What does Cady dress up as for Halloween? An ex-wife
Kevin G is on a team known as the ____. Mathletes
Cady has a theory that if you shave Regina's head she would look like a _____. British man

Men in Black (30 questions)
author: ruda225
clip: drlux
Who is NOT one of the "known aliens" shown on the screen at MIB headquarters? Julia Roberts
David Cross, who plays Newton the morgue attendant, played Tobias on the recently resurrected Netflix series...Arrested Devolopment
Siobhan Fallon Hogan, who plays Beatrice, was a cast member on ___ in the early 1990s. Saturday Night Live
Tiffany, the "little girl" figure at the shooting range, is holding a book about Quantum Physics
The movie contains several reference to Douglas Adams' sci-fi classic...The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Will Smith is married to...Jada Pinkett Smith
Which villain did Tommy Lee Jones play in 1995's "Batman Forever"? Two-Face
What color are the dragonfly's eyes in the opening scene? Green
K tells J that the MIB are funded by patens on certain products, including...Velcro
Before he was Agent J, Will Smith's character name was...James Darrell Edwards III
What artist does K play in his car's 8-track player during the tunnel scene? Elvis Presley
The Bug’s flying saucer lands on Edger’s…Truck
Rip Torn, who played Zed, played Arthur on ___ opposite Gary Shandling from 1992-1996. The Larry Sanders Show
Vincent D’Onofrio, who plays Edger, starred on ___ from 2001-2011. Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Who composed the music for “Men in Black?” Danny Elfman
Edgar Bug drops Dr. Weaver onto a ___ as he climbs the ladder…Tree
What is the name of the first alien we meet in the film, disguised as an immigrant? Mikey
Agent J was with the ___ when K recruited him. NYPD
What kind of coffee do the Worm Aliens pour for K? Viennese Cinnamon
J tells Edgar's wife Beatrice that she should hire a ... Decorator
What does Edgar Bug find inside the round box? Diamonds
What is Dr. Laurel Weaver's new identity? Angel L
Rosenberg, the Arquillian prince, owns a ___ store. Jewelry Store
Vincent D'Onofrio played Bill in 1988's ___ with Julia Roberts and Lili Taylor. Mystic Pizza
What is written on the side of the exterminator truck? Zap-'Em
Will Smith stars with his son Jaden in this year's...After Earth
Tommy Lee Jones grew up in...Texas
Tony Shaloub, who plays Jeebs, was also Adrian on...Monk
Will Smith started his rap career as The Fresh Prince alongside...DJ Jazzy Jeff
Tommy Lee Jones played Thaddeus Stevens in 2012's Oscar-nominated film...Lincoln

Men in Black 3 (30 questions)
author: anita44
clip: clip author goes here
clip url goes here
The men in black erase memories with the __. Neuralyzer
True or False: A fourth Men in Black movie is being planned. True
What did Tommy Lee Jones play in Batman Forever? Two-Faced
Before Tony Shalhoub dropped by Men in Black 3 for a cameo as a newsstand worker, he played famously fussy crime fighter __. Monk
Will Smith is married to The Matrix Reloaded actor __. Jada Pinkett
Which pop star had a cameo in Men in Black 3? Lady Gaga
Danny Elfman composed the film's music. He also wrote the famous theme song for __. The Simpsons
Recognize the actor who plays Griffen? In 2011, Michael Stuhlbarg appeared in the film about an orphan.....What was it called? Hugo
Bill Hader plays Andy Warhol in the movie. What weekend correspondent does he play on SNL? Stefon
Before Will Arnett played Agent AA, he was Gob on __. Arrested Development
Tommy Lee Jones just got an Oscar nomination for his work in __. Lincoln
Back in the day, Will Smith was the star of the show __. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Before Jermaine Clement played Boris, he starred on Flight of the __. Conchords
Nicole Scherzinger plays Boris's girlfriend. Which girl group did she front back in the day? The catcat Dolls Sorry it won't let me put Pcat dolls
Josh Brolin once played President __ in a film directed by Oliver Stone. George W. Bush
According to Agent K., the coffee tasted like__. Dirt
Boris was incarcerated at __ prison. Lunar Max
Before Alice Eve played young Agent O. She rubbed shoulders with NYC's most fashionable in the movie __. Sex and the City 2
Who had the ability to see multiple possible futures? Griffin
Boris is missing his __. Left arm
When did the first Men in Black film come out? 1997
True or False. Will Smith recorded the theme song for Men in Black 3. False
In 1969, Agent W posed as __. Andy Warhol
Agent J went back in time by jumping off the __. Chrysler building
Barry Sonenfeld directed all 3 Men in Black films. He also directed a movie based on a 60's TV show called __. The Addams Family
What beverage did Agent J crave due to a temporal fracture? Chocolate Milk
Boris killed Roman the __ at Coney Island in 1969. Faboulist
Before Emma Thompson played Agent O, she was in the classic holiday movie __. Love Actually
Agent J traveled back in time to the year __. 1969
If Agent K had died in the '60's, Agent J alternate partner would have been Agent __. AA

Miss Congeniality (33 questions)
author: namenotimportant
clip: DawgFanForLife
Before Candice Bergen was Kathy Morningside, she was badass journalist Murphy Brown
MC opened with flashback of young Gracie Hart. What year did that scene take place? 1982
Gracie works for the FBI
Earlier in the movie, Cheryl, aka Miss Rhode Island, brought Gracie some Hot chocolate for a late night chat.
Earlier in the movie, Gracie blasted some Salt'n'Pepa and took out her aggression on a punching bag
Gracie has a tendency to snort when she laughs.
What book was Gracie reading while on a mission to take down Russian mobsters? Essentials of Russian grammar
Gracie is undercover at the Miss United States pageant.
What is Victor Melling's job? Beauty pageant consultant
Eric gave Gracie a tony camera that was hidden in an American flag pin
What was Cheryl's talent in the pageant? baton twirling
Which tempting treat did Gracie bring the contestants to initiate girl talk? pizza
Stan asked miss Rhode Island to describe her perfect date. What did she say? April 25th
What is Gracie Hart's undercover pageant name? Gracie Lou Freebush
Which state is Gracie representing in the pageant? New Jersey
Earlier in the movie, Cheryl told Gracie she stole a pair of red underwear once.
Gracie's original talent for the pageant involved playing music on water glasses
During the pageant, Frank attached a bomb to the crown
What did the FBI call the terrorist they were on the hunt for? The Citizen
Who was the director of the Miss United States pageant? Kathy Morningside
William Shatner plays Stan Fields in MC. Which Star Trek character did he play back in the day? Kirk
Complete this lyric from the Miss United States pageant theme: She's beauty and she's grace. She's queen of 50 states
Earlier in the movie, Gracie disobeyed orders from her superiors and assisted a choking criminal.
Which state was not one of the 5 finalists in the pageant? Wisconsin
Her role in The Blind Side earned Sandra Bullock an Academy Award.
When was MC released? 2000
Heather Burns played Miss RI. She was also in another SB film, also starring Hugh Grant. Two Weeks Notice
In 2005, a sequel to MC was released titled MC2: Armed and Fabulous
True or False: The pageant's theme music was written by a 7-year-old. True
Donald Petrie directed MC. He also directed How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Who does Michael Caine play in Christopher Nolen's Batman Trilogy? Alfred
Benjamin Bratt has been popping up on primetime lately. He recently appeared on Modern Family as Manny's dad
True or false: Parts of the movie were filmed in Sandra Bullock's real house. True

Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol (49 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: clip author here
clip url here
This is the ___ installment in the "Mission Impossible" movie series. 4th
Which famed animated director helmed "Ghost Protocol?" Brad Bird
Vigglers, the name's Hunt. ___ Hunt. Ethan
True or False: This is Tom Cruise's highest-grossing film at the box office. True
The film starts out in ___ . Budapest
The first film in the series was released in ___ . 1996
How many kids does Tom Cruise have? 3 (three)
Before it was a film franchise, "Mission Impossible" was a what? Television series
Paula Patton plays Jane Carter. She used to be married to ___ . Robin Thicke
The courier at the top of the film was working for ___ . Cobalt
Hunt, Carter, and the rest of the crew work in which top-secret organization? IMF
At the beginning of the film, Ethan is stuck ___ . In a prison
Has Tom Cruise ever won an Academy Award? No
Tom Cruise famously slid across the floor in just a white button-down shirt and socks in the 1983 movie ___ . Risky Business
Earlier in the film, the team tried to infiltrate what?. Moscow Kremlin (not to be confused with the Detroit Kremlin)
Who is Tom Cruise's first wife? Mimi Rogers
Which "Mission Impossible" star once jumped on Oprah's couch? Tom Cruise
Who is the only other actor besides Tom Cruise to appear in all of the "Mission Impossible" movies? Ving Rhames
Which "Mission Impossible" film famously featured a flying doves scene? Mission Impossible II
Ethan Hunt is married to a woman named ___ . Jules
Which operation does the President green light? Ghost Protocol
Cobalt's real name is ___ . Kurt Hendricks
Do Simon Pegg's and Jeremy Renner's characters show up in the 5th "Mission Impossible" film? Yes
Who plays Hunt's wife, Jules? Michelle Monaghan
Hunt scales which building in the movie? Burj Khalifa
After running around Eastern Europe, Hunt and his team track down Cobalt to ___ . Dubai
True or False: Tom Cruise used a stunt double for the Burj Khalifa scene. False
Vigglers, this is a tough one. Did Tom Cruise have long hair in the first "Mission Impossible" film? Short hair
What is the code that Hunt used to accept the film's mission? 7362
Was any of this film shot in IMAX? Yes
True or False: The villain in "Ghost Protocol" is a former IMF agent. False
Who played the villain in "Mission Impossible III?" Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Which Hollywood star plays the cello in the movie's score? Dermot Mulroney
Simon Pegg starred in which trilogy? Three Flavours Cornetto
When he's not sharing the silver screen with Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner plays Marvel superhero ___ . Hawkeye
Who tells Hunt and the IMF squad that Hendricks will be in Mumbai? Bogdan
Tom Cruise played a futuristic police captain in which of the following films? Minority Report
Brandt's official title is IMF ___ . Secretary's Chief Analyst
The team needs to get a server override code from ___ . Brij Nath
Anil Kapoor plays Brij Nath. He is a well-known ___ star. Bollywood
The missile is set to land in ___ . San Francisco
45 Which cartoon character's appearance did Tom Cruise's facial features inspire? Aladdin
Vigglers, you won't believe this, but apparently Japan has a special day dedicated to Tom Cruise. What day is it? October 10th
Which producer was the DJ at Tom Cruise's wedding to Katie Holmes? Mark Ronson
Finish this Luther Sticknell quote, "You're still ___, Ethan." Corny
At the end of the movie, the team meets up in ___ . Seattle

Moneyball (30 questions)
author: rebeccaboo
clip: VigNYC
Oakland A’s have a rivalry with the ______. San Francisco Giants
Moneyball was nominated for ____ Oscars. 6
Jonah Hill had a cameo appearance in Quentin Tarantino’s ____. Django Unchained
Philip Seymour Hoffman has won _____ Tony awards. 3
Director ____ has a cameo as Alan, Sharon’s husband. Spike Jonze
In 2012, Chris Pratt starred in ______. The Five-Year Engagement
Brad Pitt was nominated for his first Academy Award for ________. 12 Monkeys
The approach Billy and Peter take to baseball is known as ____. Sabermetrics
Brad Pitt also owns a ____ company. Production
Moneyball is based on a ___ of the same name. Book
Billy takes his daughter to buy a ____. Guitar
Brad Pitt last appeared on TV as a voice on ____. King of the Hill
Jonah Hill recently attended the roast of _____. James Franco
One of Philip Seymour Hoffman's earliest appearances was on _________. Law and Order
Chris Pratt is well known for his work on ____. Parks and Recreation
Jack McGee, who plays one of the Oakland A's scouts, is well known for his role on ____. Rescue Me
Billy made his MLB debut playing for the _____. New York Mets
Jonah Hill made his film debut in ____. I Heart Huckabees
Stephen Bishop, who plays David Justice, also appeared on ____. Lost
Billy meets Peter while visiting the _____. Cleveland Indians
Philip Seymour Hoffman won the Oscar for Best Oscar for ______. Capote
Kerris Dorsey, who plays Casey, starred on _____. Brothers & Sisters
Chris Pratt plays Scott Hatteberg, the A's ____ baseman. 1st
Nick Searcy, who plays Matt Keough, currently stars on _____. Justified
Moneyball was the first baseball movie to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar since ______. Field of Dreams
Brad Pitt appeared in ____movies that were nominated for Best Picture in 2011. 2
Robin Wright is still well known for her role in ____. The Princess Bride
The Oakland A's have won ____ World Series. 9
The Oakland A's uniform has a ____ on the sleeve. Elephant
Robin Wright recently starred in the Netflix series _____. House of Cards
In the movie, the A's win ____ consecutive games. 20
Actor Arliss Howard makes a brief appearance as the owner of the ___. Boston Red Sox
Comedian ____ was originally cast to play Paul DePodesta. Demetri Martin
The Oakland A's were originally founded in ____. Philadelphia
Connie Mack was the A's first owner and manage for ____ years. 50
The Oakland A's last went to the World Series in _____. 1990

Monsters Inc. (38 questions)
author: ZahraC
clip: drlux
Frank Oz, who voices Fungus , provided the voice for the popular "Star Wars" character__. Yoda
James Coburn, who voices Mr. Waternoose, won an Academy Award for__. Affliction
The CDA's #1 is__. Roz
Sulley and Mike work at__. Monsters, Inc.
Mike and Sulley's boss is__. Henry J. Waternoose
Boo calls Sulley__. Kitty
True or False: Roz is voiced by a man. True
Celia is voiced by Jennifer Tilly, who earned an Oscar nomination for her work in__. Bullets Over Broadway
Recognize Randall's voice? He's voiced by__. Steve Buscemi
CDA stands for__. Child Detection Agency
Sulley hides Boo's toys in locker number__. 193
Mike and Celia dine at__restaurant. Harryhausen's
Boo causes a power cut in Mike and Sullivan's apartment by__. Laughing
True or False: Randall can turn invisible. True
After being banished, Mike and Sulley encounter__. The Abominable Snowman
John Goodman (who voices Sulley) and Steve Buscemi (who voices Randall) have been in__other movies together. 3
To sneak her into work, Mike and Sully disguise Boo as a__. Monster
Randall's assistant is__. Fungus
Who is the top scarer at Monsters, Inc.? Sulley
The monsters scare children to collect their__. Screams
In the "Monsters, Inc" TV commercial, Mike is covered up by__. The Monsters, Inc. logo
"Monsters, Inc." is the__feature film from Pixar. 4th
Director Pete Doctor also directed__. Up
True or False: Mike is a scarer at Monsters, Inc. False
Mike's girlfriend is__. Celia
The Monsters, Inc tagline is "We Scare__." Because we care
The monsters live in__. Monstropolis
Abominable Snowman actor John Ratzenberger voices__in "Toy Story." Hamm the Piggy Bank
John Ratzenberger regular role on__. Cheers
Billy Crystal, who voices Mike, starred in the romantic comedy__. When Harry Met Sally
Sulley's full name is__. James P. Sullivan
John Goodman, who voices Sulley, starred on the sitcom__. Roseanne
Randall wants Boo to test his__machine. Scream extractor
Mike and Sulley will be returning to the big screen this summer in__. Monsters University
When Boo returns to her room, she hands Sulley a__doll from "Toy Story 2." Jessie
Mike and Sulley appear on the cover of__magazine. Business Shriek
A child's__is 10 times more powerful than screaming. Laughter
The end credits to feature a song by__. Randy Newman

Mulan (21 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
Before Ming-Na Wan was the voice of Mulan, she played Dr. Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen on the medical drama...ER
Which of the following songs is NOT featured in “Mulan"?...Be Our Guest
Which pop star recorded a version of "Reflection"?...Christina Aguilera
Which "Ms. Doubtfire" actor, known for his gruff voice, was the voice of Yao...Harvey Fierstein
The First Ambassador was voiced by an actor known for his work as Sulu in "Star Trek." Who was it...George Takei
Mulan's beloved pet is a...Dog
Who sang "I'll Make a Man Out of You" for the film...Donny Osmond
"Mulan" was released in 1998, one year after Disney released "Hercules." Which animated film did Disney release in 1999...Tarzan
Which "Karate Kid" actor was the voice of the Emperor...Pat Morita
Which former SNL cast member was the voice of Mushu...Eddie Murphy
True or False: "Mulan" was originally developed as a short film..TRUE
Mulan's dog Little Brother appeared in a brief cameo in...Tarzan
Mushu was demoted to __ by the First Ancestor...Gong ringer
Earlier in the movie, the troops sang "I'll Make a __ Out of You" as they trained for battle...Man
The ancestors wanted Mushu to awaken the...Great Stone Dragon
Mulan made up a boy's name for herself on the spot. What was it...Ping
Mushu is a...Dragon
Mulan's soldier pals infiltrated the palace by dressing up as...Women
Captain Li Shang's father was...General Li
“Reflection” was one of the songs on the soundtrack. Who sang the single version? Christina Aguilera
Which insect did Mulan's grandmother give her for luck...Cricket
Mulan was evaluated by a __ at the beginning of the film...Matchmaker

(The) Mummy (44 questions)
author: Gatormomma
clip: DawgFanForLife
Which is your favorite film in "The Mummy" franchise? The Mummy
The Mummy was released in ___. 1999
The flick starts off in ___. Egypt
In addition to sequels, the film also spawned a ___. Rollercoaster ride
Brendan Fraser made a cameo in which blockbuster 2009 film? G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra
"The Mummy" earned over ___ million at the box office. 400
Recognize the actor who plays Jonathon Carnahan? John Hannah is famous for his role opposite Hugh Grant in ___. Four Wedding and a Funeral
"The Mummy" is based on the original 1932 film which starred ___. Boris Karloff
According to the film, Imhotep is in love with the mistress of the ___. Pharaoh
Rick serves the ___. French Foreign Legion
Ankh-su-Namun kills herself so that Imhotep would ___ her. Resurrect
During the beginning of the film, Anck-su-Namun's soul is sent to the ___. Underworld
To punish Imhotep, the Pharoah's guards bury him ___. Alive
What did the Seti's guards put in Imhotep's coffin? Scarabs
"The Mummy" primarily takes place in ___. 1926
Rachel Weisz earned an Oscar for her role in which film? The Constant Gardner
Evelyn and John Carnahan are ___. Siblings
What is Evelyn's nickname? Evie
Where does Evelyn work? The Museum
Evelyn's boss thinks she is a ___. Catastrophe
Hamunaptra is also known as ___. The City of the Dead
The Medjai are a secret order of bodyguards sworn to protect the Mummy's what? Tomb
The Mummy's sarcophagus is buried underneath a statue of ___. Anubis
Which "Fast & Furious" star appeared in a "Mummy" spin-off film? The Rock
John Hannah plays Evelyn's brother, but he played a wealthy gladiator owner in which Starz series? Spartacus
Jonathan is a ___. Thief
Evelyn wants to be a what? Egyptologist
In order to show them the way to Hamunaptra, Evelyn must get Rick out of ___. Prison
Rachel Weisz is married to which "James Bond" star? Daniel Craig
To get to the lost city, Rick and his crew are forced to ride ___. Camels
Evelyn discovers that the mysterious box is actually a ___. Key
Evelyn thinks Rick is a what? Scoundrel
The director cast Brendan Fraser after seeing him in___. George of the Jungle
The Mummy is afraid of ___. Cats
What book can be used to kill Imhotep? The Gold Book
Which Canadian hero did Brendan Fraser play on the big screen? Dudley Do-Right
Oded Fehr, aka Ardeth Bay, appeared in which Rob Schneider comedy? Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo
Sacred jars hold Imhotep's ___. Organs
Who does the Mummy need in order to resurrect Ankh-su-Namun? Evelyn
Rick enlists his friend to take the gang to the City of the Dead in a ___. Plane
To save Rick's plane from crashing, Evelyn ___ Imhotep. Kisses
In the sequels, Rick and Evelyn have a son named ___. Alex
Imhotep's last words are ___. Death is only the beginning
How many sequels has "The Mummy" spawned? 2

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (29 questions)
author: Giga_T, babyspice, rokre6_fan, imccallusa
clip: DawgFanForLife
"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" is based on a short story in National Lampoon magazine titled Christmas '59
The Griswolds live in the suburb of Chicago.
Which "Seinfeld" star also appeared in "national Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?" Julia Louis-Dreyfus
What is Chevy Chase's actual name? Cornelius Crane
Clark's boss gave his employees a ___ of the month club membership as a gift. jelly
Cousin Eddie's dog is named ____. Snot
Doris Roberts starred as Francis. You might recognize her from her role on "Everybody loves Raymond."
When she was asked to say grace in, Aunt Bethany _____. Recited the Pledge of Allegiance
Chevy Chase recently announced that he's leaving the comedy show Community.
How many twinkle lights did Clark use on the house in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”? 25,000
Clark wanted to buy a __with his Christmas bonus. Swimming pool
There's a town called Chevy Chase in Maryland.
Clark put lights on the house with ___. Staples
What is Ellen's nickname for Clark? Sparky
Clark got into a bit of a situation with a truck carrying ___. Logs
"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" written by iconic filmmaker John Hughes.
Who played Clark's cousin Eddie in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?" Randy Quaid
Brian Doyle-Murray played Clark's boss in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Since 1999, he's voiced a recurring character on Sponge Bob Square Pants.
"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" director Jeremiah Chechik went on to direct "Benny & Joon," starring Johnny Depp.
Clark had trouble reading "People" in bed cause His fingers were covered in sap
Frank Capra III was an assistant director on "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." His grandfather was director of another iconic holiday film ___. It's a Wonderful life.
What is Eddie drinking while he empties his septic tank? Beer.
This year, the stars of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" have reunited in a commercial for Old Navy
Rusty is played by an actor Johny Galecki, who is currently on the show The Big Bang Theory
Do you recognize the Griswolds' neighbor's house? That house also appears in the hit movie series Lethal Weapon.
"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" was #2 at the box office the weekend it opened. What was #1? Back to the Future II
"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" was the only National Lampoon's movie NOT to feature the song __ by Lindsey Buckingham. Holiday Vacation
Chevy Chase wears the same __ cap in all the "National Lampoon's" movies. Chicago Bears
"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" ends on Christmas Eve.

National Lampoon's Vacation (28 questions)
author: KawhiLeonardMVP
clip: drlux
National Lampoon began as a _____. Magazine
Director Harold Ramis is also an actor, having played Egon Spengler in 1984's _____. Ghostbusters
Chevy Chase wears a _____ in all 4 "Vacation" movies. Ball cap
Which is NOT a sequel of "Vacation?" National Lampoon's Club Med
The first city the Griswolds visit is _____. St. Louis
The hot woman who flirts with Clark drives a red _____. Ferrari
Poor Cousin Eddie lost his job at the _____ factory. Asbestos
The Griswolds settle down for the night at Kamp Komfort in _____. Colorado
Jane Krakowski, who plays Cousin Vickie, also played Elaine Vassal on _____ from 1997-2002. Ally McBeal
Beverly D'Angelo, who plays Ellen, also played Patsy Cline in the 1980 Loretta Lynn biopic _____. Coal Miner's Daughter
The clerk at Kamp Komfort comes out to eat the Griswolds laugh out loud eating _____. Watermelon
Aunt Edna's dog is named _____. Dinky
What's the name of the first roller coaster the family rides at Walley World? Screamy Meemy
Anthony Michael Hall, who plays Rusty, appeared opposite Johnny Depp and Wynona Ryder in _____. Edward Scissorhands
Jane Krakowski, who plays Cousin Vickie, played Jenna Maroney opposite Tina Fey on _____. 30 Rock
Randy Quaid, who plays Cousin Eddie, starred in the 1996 bowling movie _____. Kingpin
Chevy Chase played Pierce Hawthorne on _____. Community
True or False: The "W" in Clark W. Griswold stands for Wazoo. False
What mascot is mentioned in the Walley World national anthem? Marty Moose
What song did the Griswold family NOT sing in the car? Cotton-Eyed Joe
Imogene Coca, who plays Aunt Edna, appeared opposite Sid Caesar on _____. Your Show of Shows
What's the last postcard shown in the opening montage? Chicago
When we first see Clark, he's wearing a _____-colored suit. Powder blue
What color is the Wagon Queen Family Truckster? Metallic pea
In what other movie do the passengers sing "Mockingbird" on a road trip? Dumb and Dumber
Christine Brinkley, who plays the girl in red car, played Mrs. Jerry Gergich on _____ with Amy Poehler. Parks and Recreation
Brian Doyle-Murray, who plays the Kamp Komfort clerk, also played Clark's boss in "National Lampoon's _____. Christmas Vacation
Anthony Michael Hall, who plays Rusty, was NOT in the cast of _____. Pretty in Pink

National Treasure (32 questions)
author: scamper879
clip: drlux
National Treasure actor Nicholas Cage earned an Academy Award for his performance in ____. Leaving Las Vegas
What is Benjamin Gate's middle name? Franklin
Which National Treasure actor had a starring role in 'The Hangover'? Justin Bartha
Benjamin Gates' sidekick is named ____. Riley Poole
Which National Treasure star had a starring role in Inglorious Bastards? Diane Kruger
Sean Bean also appeared in The Lord of the Rings. Who did he play? Boromir
Every member of the Gates family is named after one of the _____. Founding Fathers
National Treasure producer Jerry Bruckheimer was also the mastermind behind the ____ TV series. CSI
When was National Treasure originally released? 2004
National Treasure was directed by Jon Turteltaub, who also directed Cool Runnings, and movie about a Jamaican ____. Bobsled team
National Treasure star Harvey Keitel once played a bank robber in _____. Reservoir Dogs
Ben Gates officially works as a ______. Historian
According to an early clue, the secret lies with ____. Charlotte
Nicholas Cage is related to famous film director ____. Francis Ford Coppola
The National Treasure series consists of ___ films. 2
The sequel to National Treasure focuses on the President's mythical _____. Book of Secrets
In addition to being Ben Gates' assistant, Riley Poole is a ____ expert. Computer
At the start of the movie, Ben Gates went on an expedition to _____. The Arctic Circle
According to Ben Gates, the Declaration of Independence is actually a ____. Treasure Map
Dr. Abigail Chase works at the _____. National Archives
In Game of Thrones, Sean Bean played ____. Ned Stark
Which of the following cities is NOT featured in National Treasure? Los Angeles
Ben Gates is looking for a set of documents called the ___ Letters. Silence Dogood
Jon Voight is the biological father of actress _____. Angelina Jolie
Despite her perfect American accent, Diane Kruger was born in ____. Germany
Which iconic American icon is NOT featured in National Treasure? Gettysburg Address
National Treasure star Justin Bartha currently stars in the hit NBC series ____. The New Normal
Which National Treasure star has played a villain in a James Bond movie? Sean Bean
Which National Treasure actor owns an island in real life? Nicolas Cage
According to National Treasure, the Freemasons are descended from an order of warriors known as ____. Knights Templar
The Gates family has been chasing the elusive freemasons since ___. 1832
According to National Treasure, the Freemasons' treasure has existed since the times of the ______. Ancient Egyptians

Never Been Kissed (37 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
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"Never Been Kissed" was released in ___ . 1999
Drew Barrymore produced the film. What's the name of her production company? Flower Films
Josie works for a ___ . Newspaper
Drew Barrymore plays ___ . Josie
Joe's boss wants her to go undercover as a what? High school student
T/F Josie has to go back to her old high school. True
Josie's brother is named ___ . Rob
In high school, Josie was a ___ . Nerd
Who is the most popular guy in school? Guy
Who invites Josie to join the Denominators? Aldys
After starring in "Never Been Kissed," LeeLee Sobieski had a memorable role in ___ . The Wicker Man
Josie has a big crush on ___ . Her English teacher
The kids go to South Glen ___ High School. South
What sport did Rob play in high school? Baseball
Back in her initial high school run, all of her peers called Josie what? Josie Grossie
Who plays Sam, the English Teacher? Michael Vartan
Most of the kids hang out at ___ . The Court
Which actress plays one of the popular girls? Jessica Alba
David Arquette plays Rob Geller. He was once married to which "Friends" star? Courtney Cox
During class, Josie reads a ___ poem. Shakespeare
What was the film's budget? $25 million
Back in the day, Josie's prom date threw ___ at her. Eggs
Josie has never been what? Kissed
Before she was Josie, Drew Barrymore rose to fame as the cute kid in which Steven Spielberg flick? E.T.
Who plays Josie's editor, Gus? John C. Reilly
After partying at The Court, Josie wakes up with the word ___ stamped on her head. Loser
Who helps Josie infiltrate the popular clique? Her brother
Which future thespian plays one of the cool high school guys? James Franco
Who is not a fan of Josie befriending the popular kids in school? Aldys
Josie works for the Chicago ___ Times. Sun
Vigglers, this is a tough one. Which Madonna tune was playing when Josie flashes back to her very first prom? Like a Prayer
Drew Barrymore comes from a Hollywood royalty. Who is her godfather? Steven Spielberg
This prom's theme is ___ . Couples throughout history
Who asks Josie to her current prom? Guy
Guy & Josie go to the prom as which Shakespearean couple? Rosalind & Orlando
The popular girls in school want to throw ___ on Aldys. Dog food
T/F: Sam does NOT care that Josie has lied to him. False

(The) Nightmare Before Christmas (19 questions)
author: acesmuzic
clip: DawgFanForLife
"The Nightmare Before Christmas" is based on a ______ written by Tim Burton. Poem
One of the first Disney films "The Nightmare Before Christmas" producer Tim Burton worked on was ______. The Fox and the Hound
Jack Skellington makes a guest appearance in ______. James and the Giant Peach
When was "The Nightmare Before Christmas" released in theaters? 1993
Sally is a _______ woman. Rag doll
"The Nightmare Before Christmas" takes over Disneyland's ______ from September to January. Haunted Mansion
Jack opened the portal to _______. Christmas Town
Danny Elfman wrote the music for "The Nightmare Before Christmas." He also wrote the title theme for ______. The Simpsons
Sally is voiced by Catherine O'Hara, who also stars in the other classic holiday movie _______. Home Alone
Chris Sarandon is the voice of Jack but he's also well known for playing _____ in the Princess Bride." Prince Humperdinck
True or False: "The Nightmare Before Christmas" inspired a theme Jenga edition. True
"The Nightmare Before Christmas" is an example of ______ animation. Stop motion
Jack is the ______ King of Halloween Town. Pumpkin
Oogie Boogie's lair has a ______ theme. Casino
Santa is kidnapped by Lock, Shock and _____. Barrel
Jack's pet ghost dog is named _______. Zero
The Mayor of Halloween Town has _____ faces. 2
True of False: Tim Burton directed "The Nightmare Before Christmas." False
The residents of Halloween Town think Santa Claus is called _____. Sandy Claws

Ocean's Eleven (38 questions)
author: Gatormomma
clip: DawgFanForLife
The original "Oceans 11" movie premiered in 1960 and starred ____. Frank Sinatra
The role of Linus Caldwell was originally meant to go to ____. Mark Wahlberg
Who directed "Oceans Eleven"? Steven Soderbergh
"Oceans Eleven" was so successful at the box office that it produced ___ sequels. 2
The "Oceans Eleven" remake originally hit theaters in ____. 2001
The majority of the film takes place in ____. Los Angeles
How many members of the "Oceans Eleven" cast have been named "Sexiest Man Alive" by People Magazine? 3
Danny Ocean and his team of crooks conspire to rob ____. Casinos
Before he was Terry Benedict Andy Garcia starred in ____. The Godfather Part III
Danny decides to rob Terry Benedict during a highly publicized ____. Boxing Match
Who was originally cast as Danny Ocean? Bruce Willis
Who plays Rusty Ryan? Brad Pitt
Brad plays Rusty Ryan in the film, but in real life he's engaged too____. Angelina Jolie
Danny plans the heist to settle a score with his rival, ____. Terry Benedict
Danny Ocean's estranged wife is named ____. Tess
Which member of Danny Oceans crew is a demolitions expert? Basher
Who is a master of impersonations and disguises? Saul
The crew disables the casino's electricity using a device known as a ___. Pinch
Which '90's hearthrob makes a cameo in "Oceans Eleven"? Joshua Jackson
Danny recruits Linus after seeing him ____ a stranger on the train. Pickpocket
Recognize the actor who plays Basher? Don Cheadle recently starred in which of the following superhero movies? Ironman 3
Danny and the rest of the team rob 3 casinos: The Mirage, Bellagio, and ____. The MGM Grand
Who breaks his hand? Yen
Danny slipped a cell in Tess' ____. Coat
Virgil and Turk are the Malloy ____. Brothers
Danny and Rusty approach ____ in hopes that he'll finance their heist. Reuben
Who is in charge of electronics and surveillance? Livingston
How much money does Danny hope to steal from Terry Benedict? $150 Million
Who threatens to quit the operation when he learns of Tess' involvement? Rusty
Danny pays off Benedicts ____ to pretend to beat him up. Thug
Who posed as an employee at one of the Benedicts casinos? Frank
Danny was____ for violating his parole. Arrested
Who plays Frank? Bernie Mack
The crew pretended to be _____ at the end of the film. A S.W.A.T. team
The Amazing Yen is an ____. Acrobat
Who is Casey Afflecks (Virgil Malloy) big brother? Ben Affleck
While the team is transporting Saul's fake jewels into the casino, Saul has a ____. Heart attack
Tess and ____ pick up Danny from jail at the end of the flick. Rusty

Old School (xx questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
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editor's note: missing the first 20 min of questions
In the film, the trio starts a ___ . Fraternity
What is Will Farrell's nickname in the film? The Tank
In 2004, Will Farrell portrayed the ridiculous Ron Burgundy in ___ . Anchorman
How does Mitch make a living? He's an attorney
Who plays Mitch's ex-girlfriend, Heidi? Juliette Lewis
Who get's hitched at the start of the film? Frank
Frank & Marissa share a wedding dance to The Dan Band's rendition of which song? Total Eclipse of the Heart
Who is Mitch's high school crush? Nicole
Ellen Pompeo plays Nicole in the film. She is best known for her role on which hospital drama? Grey's Anatomy
Mitch's new house is located on a ___ . College campus
Bernard throws a party at Mitch's house named ___ . Mitch-A-Palooza
At Mitch's party, Frank gets drunk and goes ___ . Streaking
Jeremy Piven stars as Dean Pritchard. He went on to play a hothead talent agent on which series? Entourage
Which rapper makes a cameo in the film? Snoop Dogg
Frank's wife is named ___ . Marissa
POLL (Psst: It's Luke)
What is the university at the center of the film? Harrison University
Before you are an official brother of a fraternity, you are a ___ . Pledge
In the film, the frat gets in trouble for ___ . Hazing
Who is known as The Godfather? Mitch
Who is the oldest member of the frat? Blue
Who does Dean Pritchard bribe to take down the frat? The student council president
Who moves in with Mitch? Frank
Vigglers, this is a tough one. What does Frank re-gift throughout the film? A bread mixer
In order to prove their legitimacy, the frat must participate in a ___ . Debate
Which brother rocks a mullet? Peppers
Sean William Scott, aka Peppers, is best known for his role as ___ in the "American Pie" franchise. Stifler
In the film, Frank jumps through a ring of fire while dressed as ___ . The school mascot
Does the frat pass gymnastics? Yes
Will Ferrell played a convicted hedge fund manager in the 2015 buddy comedy ___ . Get Hard

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (29 questions)
author: taronga
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Bootstrap Bill is Will's.. Father
Stellan Skarsgard played Dr. Selvig in Marvel's.. Thor
Johnny Depp was nominated for an Oscar for which "Pirates" movie? The Curse of the Black Pearl
The original "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride can be found at.. Disneyland
"Yo Ho (A Pirates Life for Me)," was inspired by a song found in Robert Louis Stevenson's.. Treasure Island
What is the monkey's name? Jack
Famous rocker ___ makes an appearance as Jack's father. Keith Richards
Calypso's name is taken from ___ mythology. Greek
Bill Nighy appeared in "Harry Potter and the ___." Deathly Hallows Part 1
Sailors refer to the bottom of the sea as Davy Jones's.. Locker
Before he was Norrington, Jack Davenport appeared opposite Matt Damon in.. The Talented Mr. Ripley
Davy Jones's ship is known as the ___ Dutchman. Flying
Both Jack and Barbossa are looking for.. The Fountain of Youth
Johnny Depp first became popular in the '80s on.. 21 Jump Street
Johnny Depp and ___ have made 8 films together. Tim Burton
Orlando Bloom plays ___ in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Legolas
Each pirate captain identifies themselves with a Piece of.. 8
Love Ragetti? You can currently catch the actor who plays him, Mackenzie Crook, on HBO's.. Game of Thrones
Keira Knightley recently played the title role in.. Anna Karenina
Who was the original captain of the Black Pearl? Jack
Keira Knightly was the body double for Natalie Portman in.. Star Wars: Episode I
Geoffrey Rush was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for 2010's.. The King's Speech
Orlando Bloom recently starred in a film adaptation of.. The Three Musketeers
The flag flown by pirates is known as the Jolly.. Roger
Hans Zimmer, who composed the score for all the "Pirates" movies, did the same for.. The Lion King
The crew of the Dutchman play a dice game called.. Liar's Dice
Bill Nighy played an aging rocker in.. Love Actually
Jack Davenport, aka Norrington, recently starred in the TV series.. Smash
Sao Feng is the pirate lord of the.. South China Sea

Pitch Perfect (29 questions)
author: tsling309
clip: tsling309
Which fictional school is at the center of the film? Barden University
A Capella groups typically perform without _____. Music
What is the name of the all-female Barden team? The Bellas
Who do the Bellas rival? The Treblemakers
Which competition do the Bellas and Trebles train for? The ICCAs
Brittany Snow, aka Chloe, previously appeared in which movie musical? Hairspray
Who was once considered for an ICCA commentator role? Kristen Wiig
Elizabeth Banks, aka Gail, also served as a “Pitch Perfect” _____. Producer
Anna Kendrick, aka Beca, recently played Cinderella in which film? Into The Woods
Ester Dean, who plays Cynthia-Ross, is an accomplished _____ in real life. Songwriter
At 12 years old, Anna Kendrick was nominated for which award? The Tony
Which “Pitch Perfect” actress is the former star of “Super Fun Night?” Rebel Wilson
Skylar Astin, aka Jesse, won a 2013 _____ Award for his role in “Pitch Perfect.” Teen Choice
Anna Kendrick scored an Oscar nomination for which 2009 feature? Up in the Air
Skylar Astin appeared in the original cast of which Broadway musical? Spring Awakening
Which Barden Bella has a vomiting problem? Aubrey
Beca’s dad is a _____. College professor
What is Beca’s dream job? DJ
Beca and Jesse first cross paths while working at the _____. Radio Station
What do the Treblemakers have in their house? A hot tub
Beca is discovered while singing in the _____. Shower
Which Bella struggles with nodes? Chloe
Who is a Bella? Fat Amy
Where was Rebel Wilson, aka Fat Amy, born and raised? Australia
Who is ruthlessly rejected by the Treblemakers? Benji
What does Beca play during her Bellas audition? A cup
Aubrey is a big fan of _____. Traditional music
Which workout does Fat Amy invent? Horizontal running
Which signature accessory do the Bellas eventually shed? The neck scarf
Hana Mae Lee, who plays Lilly, first found fame as a _____. Model
Which song is Beca’s signature anthem? Titanium
Jesse is an avid fan of which film? The Breakfast Club
The annual “Riff-Off” is held in an abandoned _____. Pool
The “Riff-Off _____” is a featured accessory. Wheel
What do the Trebles throw at Amy on the way to Semi-Finals? A burrito
Who eventually falls for Fat Amy? Bumper
Adam Devine, who plays Bumper, stars on which sitcom? Workaholics
Which of the following songs do the Bellas sample at Nationals? Give Me Everything
Who performs with The Trebles at Nationals? Benji

Pocahontas (35 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
Linda Hunt, who voices Grandmother Willow, is also the narrator of the __ video game series…God of War
You can spot some children playing __ at the beginning of the movie...Lacrosse
The Virginia Company set sail in...1607
Ratcliffe's dog is named...Percy
A pre-"Dark Knight" Christian Bale voices...Thomas
David Ogden Stiers, who voices Ratcliffe, also voiced __ in "Beauty and the Beast."...Cogsworth
Judy Kuhn, the singing voice of Pocahontas, earned a TONY nomination for her work in...Les Miserables
Lyricist Stephen Schwartz also worked on Disney's...The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The song __ was originally cut from the film, but was restored in 1997...If I Never Knew You
David Ogden Stiers, who voices Ratcliffe, also voiced __ in "Beauty and the Beast."...Cogsworth (repeat question, credit again)
Judy Kuhn, the singing voice of Pocahontas, earned a TONY nomination for her work in...Les Miserables (repeat question, credit again)
Lyricist Stephen Schwartz also worked on Disney's...The Hunchback of Notre Dame (repeat question, credit again)
The song __ was originally cut from the film, but was restored in 1997...If I Never Knew You (repeat question, credit again)
"Pocahontas" won __ Oscars at the 68th Academy Awards...2
Flit is a...Hummingbird
The first person to find out about Pocahontas's relationship with John Smith is...Nakoma
Gordon Tootoosis, who voices the shaman Keakata, also voiced a character in...Open Season
Ratcliffe named the new settlement...Jamestown
Linda Hunt, who voices Grandmother Willow, can be seen on the series...NCIS: Los Angeles
Billy Connolly, who voices settler Ben, recently did voice work in...Brave
After "Pocahontas" was released in 1995, Disney debuted __ the following year...The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Alan Menken worked on Disney's more recent animated feature...Tangled
Pocahontas's necklace belonged to her...Mother
"Pocahontas" was the __ Disney film to be based on a real historic character...1st
David Ogden Stiers, who voices Ratcliffe, also voices...Wiggins
In an earlier version of the film, there was a __ named Redfeather...Turkey
Stephen Schwartz, the lyricist for "Pocahontas," was also the composer and lyricist of the Broadway musical...Wicked
Before "Pocahontas," the first Disney movie Alan Menken worked on was...The Little Mermaid
The world premiere of "Pocahontas" was in...Central Park
Including "Wreck-It Ralph," there have been __ films released by Walt Disney Animation Studios...52
Ratcliffe's manservant is named...Wiggins
Walt Disney provided the original voice for...Mickey Mouse
The last movie Walt Disney was actively involved in was...The Jungle Book
Alan Menken, who wrote the music for "Pocahontas," recently won a TONY for his work on...Newsies
Russell Means, who voices Chief Powhatan, also appeared in...The Last of the Mohicans

(The) Polar Express (30 questions)
author: Skoodge
clip: DawgFanForLife
The Polar Express first began as a _____. Book
Which technique was used to make the film? Performance capture
Tom Hanks voices ___ roles in the film. 6
Tom Hanks graced a giant piano in which feature film? Big
Which song is a “Polar Express” original? Believe
Robert _____ directed “The Polar Express.” Zemeckis
How many Academy Awards has Tom Hanks received? 2
What is the Polar Express? A train
The film picked up ___ Oscars nominations. 3
What does Hero Boy doubt at the top of the film? The existence of Santa
Lonely ____ is a fellow Polar Express passenger. Boy
Which accessory does Know-it-All sport? Glasses
Eddie Deezen, aka Know-it-All, appeared in which movie-musical? Grease
The Polar Express travels to _____. The North Pole
The flick earned over ____ at the box office. $300 million
Daryl Sabara, aka Hero Boy, appears in which film franchise? Spy Kids
The Conductor rocks a signature _____. Mustache
Which “Hunger Games” star performed motion capture for the film? Josh Hutcherson
Robert Zemeckis also directed which film franchise? Back to the Future
The train travels to “the other side of the _____.” Tracks
Who stops the train with the emergency break? Hero Boy
Which holiday treat do the waiters serve on the train? Hot chocolate
Who gives Lonely Boy hot chocolate? Hero Girl
Nona Gaye, aka Hero Girl, was raised by a famous _____. Musician
Which nickname does the Hobo give himself? King of the North
A pack of ____ delay the train. Caribou
Which legendary rocker voices an elf in the film? Steven Tyler
Who receives Santa's first gift? Hero Boy
Which of Santa's gifts does Hero Boy choose? A bell
Tom Hanks also voices which “Toy Story” character? Woody

Pretty Woman (40 questions)
authors: dunja, anita44, FizzyPops
clip: drlux
Julia Roberts and Richard Gere starred in "Pretty Woman" together. They reunited for the movie in __ 1999. Runaway Bride
Julia Roberts won an Oscar for her performance in __. Erin Brockovich
Julia Roberts had a memorable guest role on which popular sitcom? Friends
Julia Roberts is originally from ___. Atlanta, GA
"Pretty Woman" star Julia Roberts is actress Emma Roberts' __. Aunt
Richard Gere was named "People" magazine's __ in 1999. Sexiest Man Alive
Richard Gere was married to supermodel __in the 1990s. Cindy Crawford
"Pretty Woman" star Richard Gere won a Golden Globe award for his role in __. Chicago
Richard Gere starred in the movie __, based on the book by Nicholas Sparks. Nights in Rodanthe
"Pretty Woman" premiered in __. 1990
"Pretty Woman" director Garry Marshall also directed Julia Roberts in __. Runaway Bride
"Pretty Woman" is arguably the most successful rom com of all time. It made more than __ at the box office. $400 million
Was Julia Roberts the studio's first choice to play Vivian? No
How old was Julia Roberts when she played Vivian in "Pretty Woman?" 21
What kind of car does Edward drive in "Pretty Woman?" Lotus Esprit
One of the tiny stars of __ caused controversy last year after she dressed up as pre-makeover Vivian. Toddlers and Tiaras
The studio originally wanted Vivian's infamous red opera dress to be __. Black
Jason Alexander plays Phillip in "Pretty Woman," but he is most well-known for his role in the sitcom __. Seinfeld
Which young actress channeled Vivian Ward last Halloween and donned the infamous black boots and mini skirt? Emma Roberts
The title of "Pretty Woman" was inspired by the song, "Oh, Pretty Woman." Finish this lyric, "Pretty woman, walking down the __.Street
Edward originally asked Vivian for __. Directions
Edward was staying at the __. Beverly Wilshire Hotel
Earlier in the Movie, Edward told Vivian that he hadn't spoken to his __ in 14 years. Father
Earlier in the movie, Edward took Vivian to a __ Match. Polo
In the beginning of the movie, Edward borrows a __. Sports car
What classic TV show did Vivian watch in Edward's room earlier in the movie? I Love Lucy
Earlier in the movies, Vivian said that __ was her favorite name in the whole world. Edward
Vivian and Edward had a "romantic interlude" on a __ earlier in the movie. Piano
Edward Lewis is scared of __. Heights
How much money was Vivian's week worth? $3000
Edward broke down the bathroom door to find Vivian__. Flossing her teeth
Vivian and Edward match wits by playing __. Chess
Who originally coached Vivian on manners? The hotel manager
Kit is Vivian's __. Friend
Edward's original plan was to buy a company and dismantle a __. Shipyard
Phillip asked Vivian to __ when Edward was finished. Keep him company
How did Edward get Vivian to the opera? Private Plane
In the second half of the movie, Vivian returned to a__ that had rejected her earlier. Store
Which show do Vivian and Edward see in San Francisco? La Traviata
At the end of the movie, Edward climbs a fire escape with __ in his teeth. Roses

(The) Princess and the Frog (38 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
The animators based the style of the movie on...Lady and the Tramp
Michael-Leon Wooley, who voices Louis, appeared in the 2003 Broadway revival of...Little Shop of Horrors
Jim Cummings voices Ray in the movie. He's also the voice of...Tigger
Walt Disney Animation Studios was founded in...1923
Jennifer Cody, who voices Charlotte, started her career in a touring production of...Gypsy
Jenifer Lewis, who voices Mama Odie, also voices a character in Pixar's...Cars
Jenifer Lewis, who voices Mama Odie, once worked at...Disneyland
Lawrence's character design was inspired by __ from "Peter Pan."...Smee
John Goodman, who voices "Big Daddy" La Bouff, was nominated for 7 Emmys for his work on...Roseanne
You can spot the carpet from __ in the opening scene of the movie...Aladdin
Anika Noni Rose, who voices Tiana, starred in the movie version of the musical...Dreamgirls
John Goodman, who voices "Big Daddy" La Bouff, also voiced __ in "Monsters, Inc."...Sulley
The La Bouff's dog is named...Stella
Oprah Winfrey voices Tiana's __ in the movie...Mother
Walt Disney Animation Studios' logo is Mickey Mouse from the classic short...Steamboat Willie
"The Princess and the Frog" takes place in...Louisiana
Terence Howard, who voices James, played DJay in the movie...Hustle & Flow
Anika Noni Rose, who voices Tiana, won a Tony for her work in the show...Caroline, or Change
Bruno Campos, who voices Naveen, appeared on the cult him...Nip/Tuck
The first Disney Park was located in...California
Louis plays the...Trumpet
Terrence Howard, who voices Tiana's father James, played an attorney in two of the __ franchises...Law & Order
"The Princess and the Frog" is the first traditionally animated Disney film since...Home on the Range
Ron Clements and John Musker directed both "The Princess and the Frog" and...The Little Mermaid
All the music for the movie was composed, arranged and conducted by...Randy Newman
Before he designed Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney created a cartoon...Rabbit
Tiana names her restaurant Tiana's...Palace
Which is NOT a song title by Randy Newman, who composed the music for the film...Hey Leonardo
You can spot a float based on __ during the Mardi Gras scene...The Little Mermaid
The steamboat at Disneyland is named after author...Mark Twain
Celebrity chef __ makes a guest appearance in the movie...Emeril Lagasse
The movie is based on "The Frog Prince," a fairy tale from...The Brothers Grimm
"The Princess and the Frog" was nominated for __ Oscars...3
The first film Ron Clements and John Musker directed together was...The Great Mouse Detective
Dr. John sings during the opening number of the film. He's won __ Grammy awards throughout his career...6
Keith David, who voices Facilier, won an Emmy for his narration of Ken Burns's...The War
The next animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios will be...Frozen
Tiana wants to turn an old __ mill into her restaurant...Sugar

(The) Princess Bride (35 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
Buttercup was supposed to marry Prince...Humperdinck
Buttercup was raised in the country...Florin
The legendary Wallace Shawn plays Vizzini in "The Princess Bride." Who did Shawn voice in "Toy Story?"...Rex
Chris Sarandon plays Prince Humperdinck in "The Princess Bride." In the late '90s, he appeared in a show starring Keri Russell called...Felicity
When Westley worked at Buttercup's farm, she referred to him as...Farm boy
What did Westley always say to Buttercup after she bossed him around...As you wish
Before Peter Falk played the Grandfather, he was the famous TV Lieutenant…Columbo
Who tells the Grandson the story of “The Princess Bride?”…His grandfather
Inigo Montoya was on the hunt for a man with…Six fingers
Finish the epic quote: My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father…Prepare to die
Billy Crystal played Miracle max in “The Princess Bride.” He also famously starred opposite Meg Ryan in…When Harry Met Sally…
Inigo dedicated his life to the study of __ so he could get revenge on his father’s killer…Fencing
Earlier in the movie, Vizzini and Westley engaged in a battle of wits involving…Poisoned wine
Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 terrors of the Fire Swamp…Angry ghosts
What does R.O.U.S. stand for...Rodents of Unusual Size
Before Carol Kane played Miracle Max’s wife, she was “Ghost of Christmas Present” in the Bill Murray comedy…Scrooged
Humberdinck ordered that the __Forest be cleared before his wedding…Thieves’
Inigo asked his __ to lead him to safety…Sword
Before the wedding, Humperdinck ordered Yellin to assemble a __ to empty the forest…Brute Squad
The legendary director Christopher Guest plays Count Rugen in the film. In 1984, he helped to pioneer the “mockumentary” by creating…This is Spinal Tap
Inigo and Fezzik took “mostly dead” Westley to __ to revive him…Miracle Max
Robin Wright played Buttercup. In 2011, she starred in the baseball drama...Moneyball
Westley was tortured in the Pit of...Despair
How many men were guarding the castle gate...60
When Inigo remarked he didn't know what to do with his life, Westley asked him if he had considered...Piracy
What did Fezzik take from the prince's stable...4 white horses
"The Princess Bride" was released in...1987
Rob Reiner directed "The Princess Bride." He also directed a thriller starring Kathy Bates called...Misery
Grandfather read that there had only been __ of the most passionate kisses before Westley and Buttercup's smooch...5
Mandy Patinkin played Inigo Montoya. These days, he is CIA agent Saul Berenson on...Homeland
Buttercup dreamed she was being __ by an old woman in a crowd...Booed
Who was the six-fingered man Inigo was looking for...Count Rugen
Miracle Max's wife was...Valerie
Cary Elwes played Westley. He also played the title character in the Robin Hood spoof...Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Earlier in the movie Westley had to scale the rock face known as The Cliffs of...Insanity

(The) Princess Diaries (35 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
Julie Andrews played the title role in Disney's...Mary Poppins
Before she played Mia's BFF, Heather Matarazzo had a breakout role in...Welcome to the Dollhouse
In the "Princess Diaries" book, Mia and her mom live in...New York City
Hector Elizondo, aka Joe the security guru, appears in every movie directed by...Garry Marshall
Julie Andrews is best buddies with...Carol Burnett
Mandy Moore plays a mean girl in the movie, but she started as a musician. What was her first big single? Candy
Before he played Joe, Hector Elizondo won an Emmy for his role on...Chicago Hope
Mia hits a __ when her car fails…Cable car
Mandy Moore and Heather Matarazzo both appeared in…Saved!
Mia and her mom live in…San Francisco
Meg Cabot has written __ “Princess Diaries novels…10
“The Princess Diaries” was the film debut of…Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway recently won an Oscar for her work in…Les Miserables
Sandra Oh, who plays Vice Principal Gupta, currently appears on…Grey’s Anatomy
Who leaks the news to the press that Mia is a princess…Paolo
Who is the first person that Mia tells about being a princess…Lilly
Before he was Josh, Eric von Detten starred in the remake of the classic TV show…Leave It to Beaver
Hector Elizondo played __ in “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three.”…Mr. Grey
Mandy Moore lent her voice to the Disney animated movie…Tangled
Mia and her mom live in a renovated…Firehouse
Robert Schwartzman, who plays Michael, is the __ of the band Rooney…Lead vocalist
Robert Schwartzman, who plays Michael, is the cousin of director…Sofia Coppola
Clarisse appoints a policeman and a trolley driver to the Genovian Order of the __ during the film...Rose
Anne Hathaway won an Emmy for her voice-over work on...The Simpsons
Mia is having her __ fixed up at the garage where Michael works...Car
"The Princess Diaries" book series was written by...Meg Cabot
"The Princess Diaries" book series includes a __ novel written by Mia...Romance
Sandra Oh starred opposite Thomas Haden Church and Paul Giamatti in...Sideways
Mandy Moore, who plays Lana, is married to rocker...Ryan Adams
Anne Hathaway won the role of Mia because Garry Marshall's granddaughters thought she had the best "princess __."...Hair
Michael's band is called...Flypaper
Director Garry Marshall is the creator of...Happy Days
Paolo is a __ hairdresser...Italian
Mia often gets around via...Scooter
Which actor appears in the second "Princess Diaries" movie...Chris Pine
"The Princess Diaries 2" takes place in...Genovia

(The) Proposal (33 questions)
authors: joannej, scamper879
clip: drlux
In the summer of 2012, Denis O’Hare appeared in Shakespeare in the Park’s production of ______. Into the Woods
“The Proposal” ended up grossing over _____ worldwide. $300 million
In “The Proposal” Denis O’Hare plays Mr. Gilbertson, an ______ agent. Immigration
Oscar Nunez is best known for his work on ______. The Office
Sandra Bullock’s mother, Helga D. Meyer, was ______. an opera singer
Betty White has won _____ Emmy’s over the course of her career. 7
In 2012, Malin Ackerman appeared in the film version of the Broadway musical _____. Rock of Ages
Recognize Margaret’s boss Bergen? The actor who plays him, Michael Nouri, appeared in the iconic film _____. Flashdance
Craig T. Nelson starred in the classic horror movie _____. The Poltergeist
In the movie, Aasif Mandvi plays Bob, Bergen’s assistant. More recently, he’s been on TV in _____. The Daily Show
Andrew’s family lives in _______. Alsaka
Malin Ackerman plays Gertrude, Andrew’s ______. Ex-Girlfriend
Margaret is trying to avoid being deported back to ______. Canada
The director of “The Proposal”, Anne Fletcher, started working in the film industry as a _______. Choreographer
Earlier in the movie, Margaret and Gammy performed a rousing rendition of “Get Low” by ______. Lil Jon
The Paxtons have a puppy named ______. Kevin
Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her work in _____. The Blind Side
Andrew is Margaret’s _______. Assistant
Which cast member starred in the film version of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch?” Ryan Reynolds
Margaret and Andrew work at a _____ company. Book publishing
Craig T. Nelson, who plays Joe Paxton, lent his voice for Pixar's ______. The Incredibles
While Sandra Bullock plays a Canadian in the movie, _____ was born in Canada. Ryan Reynolds
Mary Steenburgen, who plays Grace Paxton, was discovered by _____. Jack Nicholson
"The Proposal" was filmed in _______. Massachusetts
Denis O'Hare recently starred in Ryan Murphy's ______. American Horror Story
Andrew's grandmother, Annie, is known as _______ Gammy
Craig T. Nelson currently stars in the TV dramedy _______. Parenthood
In 2012, Mary Steenburgen appeared in multiple episodes of _______. 30 Rock
In 2009, Malin Ackerman appeared in the superhero film ______ Watchmen
Mary Steenburgen won an Oscar for her work in _____ Melvin and Howard
Betty White currently stars in the sitcom ______ Hot in Cleveland
Michael Nouri, aka Margaret's boss, had a recurring role as Ziva's father on ______ NCIS
Betty White holds the record for the longest span between Emmy nominations, at ______ 61 years

P.S. I Love You (36 questions)
author: dunja, BiBi_Ramone, thinkbeforeyouspeak, cookiemomma
clip: DawgFanForLife
"P.S. I Love You" was released in ___ . 2007
Which P.S. I love You actor starred in the movie "300?" Gerard Butler
Before Kathy Bates...Titanic
Where is Gerard Butler from? Scotland
In 2009, Hillary Swank played ...__Amelia Earhart
Harry Connick Jr., who played Daniel,...___awards. Grammy
How old was Holly when she married Jerry? 19
When Gerry and Holly first met, ... An Irish killing dog
Holly's a huge fan of the __. NY Yankees
Before Jeffrey Dean Morgan played William...__.Grey's Anatomy
True or False: P.S. I Love You is based on a book? TRUE
Hillary Swank played Carly Reynolds in...__. Beverly Hills 90210
Which P.S. I Love You actor played Grace's husband in "Will and Grace?" Harry Connick Jr.
What did Holly tell Gerry she studied at college? Art
Before Richard LaGravenese directed "P.S. I Love You", he wrote the script for the '90's drama ____. A Little Princess
Denise asked potential dates 3 things...if they were single, straight and __. Working
Holly's sister is named__. Ciara
In 2010, Kathy Bates appeared in ...__. Valentine's Day
Holly's mother owns a __. Bar
Lisa Kudrow plays Holly's friend Denise...Phoebe
At the beginning of the film, Holly was working as a __. Real Estate Agent
What did Gerry do for a living? Drove limos
Where did Holly and Gerry live at the beginning of the movie? New York City
Earlier in the movie Gerry put a message about .... 30th birthday cake
Hillary Swank has won 2 Oscars...Boys don't Cry and ...__.Million Dollar Baby
Earlier in the movie, Holly told Gerry she got her designer duds from __. eBay
Holly knows Daniel because he's __. A bartender at her mom's bar
Earlier in the movie, Gerry sent Holly on a trip to __. Ireland
Gerry and Holly met when he helped her when she was __. Lost on the side of the road
Who came with Holly When Gerry sent her to Ireland? Denise and Sharon
What happened when Holly went fishing...? They were stranded
Gerry knew William because they __. Played in the same band
What iten of clothing played an important role in Holly and Gerry's relationship? Leather jacket
Holly wants to be the classic film star __. Bette Davis
When Gerry and Holly met,...__... An Irish killing dog repeat, but not first question
Earlier in the movie, Holly accidental told William that he was __ when she first met him. Beautiful

Raiders of the Lost Ark (39 questions)
author: mountainkitty
clip: drlux
When was "Raiders of the Lost Ark" released? 1981
Which 80s hunk was originally offered the role of Indiana Jones? Tom Selleck
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" lost out to ___ for Best Picture in the 1981 Academy Awards. Chariots of Fire
Indiana Jones always wears a ___. Fedora
Harrison Ford famously played which "Star Wars" character? Han Solo
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" was directed by ___. Steven Spielberg
We know (and love) him as Indiana Jones, but Indy's last name was originally supposed to be ___. Smith
In late 2012, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" was re-released on ___. IMAX
John Rhys-Davies is famous for playing a bearded dwarf in which blockbuster fantasy film series? Lord of the Rings
George Lucas named the Indy character after his ___. Dog
Which "Raiders of the Lost Ark" actor also appeared in 2004's "Spider-Man 2"? Alfred Molina
Which cartoon comic inspired the boulder scene at the start of the film? Uncle Scrooge
What is Indiana Jones' #1 fear? Snakes
When he's not traveling the globe in search of adventure, Indy works as a ___. College professor
To get Indy's attention, an enamored student wrote the words "Love You" on her ___. Eyelids
What does Indy always carry around with him on his belt? Whip
How many films has Indiana Jones appeared in? 4
The Ark of the Covenant is said to have contained ___. The Ten Commandments
Indy is searching for the Ark. Who else wants it? Nazis
Indy met up Marion at a bar in ___. Nepal
What object is believed to reveal the location of the Ark? Staff of Ra
The Ark is buried in a secret chamber called the ___. Well of Souls
The Nazis tried to force Marion to give up the ___. Headpiece
In addition to "Raiders of the Lost Ark," Sallah appeared in which Indiana Jones sequel? Last Crusade
Indy fended off an attack from a masked swordsman using ___. His gun
In a Cairo market, Marion hid from the Nazis in a ___. Basket
Who ate the poisoned dates in Sallah's home? Monkey
Indy discovered the Ark in a room filled with ___. Snakes
After the Nazis escaped with the Ark, Indy chased them on ___. Horseback
Composer John Williams provided the score for the film. He's famous for writing the music for which superhero blockbuster? Superman
In 1982, which company released a video-game version of the film? Atari
Indy threatened Belloq and the Nazis with a ___. Bazooka
Indy told Marion to ___ when the Ark is opened and it's power is unleashed. Shut her eyes
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" writer Lawrence Kasdan is famous for directing which 1980s film? The Big Chill
Indy's hat and leather jacket are currently on view at ___. The Smithsonian
After entering the South American temple, Indy and Satipo found themselves covered in ___. Tarantulas
Earlier in the movie, Indy swapped the Golden Idol with a ___. Bag of sand
After grabbing the Golden Idol earlier in the movie, Indy triggered a trap and was forced to outrun a ___. Giant boulder
After escaping the Temple, Indy was forced to give the Idol over to ___. Belloq

Ratatouille (29 questions)
author: lilyflowers
clip: kevs888
Remy is a __. Rat
How many Oscars did “Ratatouille” win? 1
Remy is voiced by Patton Oswalt, who also starred in which 2011 comedy? Young Adult
What is Remy’s father’s name? Django
The legendary Peter O’Toole voices Anton Ego in this film. He also starred in which biopic? The Last Emperor
What is the proper name of the tall chef’s hat? Toque
Colette is voiced by Janeane Garofalo, who appeared in which Ben Stiller film? Reality Bites
Peter O”Toole, who voices Anton Ego, is best known for which classic film? Lawrence of Arabia
“Ratatouille” won an Oscar for which category? Best Animated Feature
Brad Garrett, the voice of Gusteau, also voiced __ in “Finding Nemo.” Bloat
The “Ratatouille” trailer debuted before which feature? Cars
Gusteau is voiced by Brad Garrett. Brad famously played Robert on which sitcom? Everybody Loves Raymond
Anton Ego is voiced by Peter O’Toole, who has been nominated for __ Oscars. 8
Will Arnett, the voice of Horst, played __ on “Arrested Development.” Gob
Which film did “Ratatouille” director Brad Bird NOT direct? Hop
In the film, Gusteau’s is a __. Restaurant
Linguini is originally hired as a what? Garbage Boy
What is the first thing Remy cooks at the restaurant? Soup
Ian Holm, who appeared in “The Lord of the Rings,” plays __. Skinner
Before he voiced Horst, Will Arnett played a __ in “Blades of Glory.” Ice Skater
Skinner tries to sell __ with the Gusteau’s brand name. Frozen Food
Remy controls Linguini by pulling his __. Hair
What is the name of Gusteau’s cookbook? Anyone Can Cook
Skinner invents Gusteau’s Frozen __. Burritos
What does Remy roast over a chimney? A Mushroom
Remy’s dad gave him which job? Poison Checker
The rat band does NOT include a __. Thumbtack
Linguini is voiced by Lou Romano, who also voiced Snot Rod in __. Cars
What does Linguini wear when he waits on Ego? Roller Skates

Remember the Titans (29 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
Jerry Bruckheimer produced "Remember the Titans." He's also the mastermind producer responsible for ___ . CSI
Director Boaz Yakin also helmed __ with Brittany Murphy in 2003. Uptown Girls
Denzel Washington is the __ African-American actor to receive 2 Academy Awards. 1st
Hayden Panettiere, who plays Sheryl Yoast, currently appears opposite __ on "Nashville." Connie Britton
Which movie was NOT also produced by "Remember the Titans" producer Jerry Bruckheimer? Manhattan Murder Mystery
The movie is set in ___. Virginia
The soundtrack features the song "Fire and Rain" as performed by ___. James Taylor
The film's producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, is also responsible for the __ franchise. Pirates of the Caribbean
Denzel Washington directed the 2002 movie ___. Antwone Fisher
When did "Remember the Titans" come out? 2000
The soundtrack features the song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" performed by __ and Tammi Tarrell. Marvin Gaye
Kate Bosworth, who plays Emma Hoyt, played Lois Lane in ___. Superman Returns
The actual name of the opponent in the championship game was ___. Andrew Lewis High School
In real life, Herman Boone graduated from ___. North Carolina Central University
Denzel Washington appeared opposite Whitney Houston in ___. The Preacher's Wife
In preparation for "Remember the Titans," director Boaz Yakin ___. Attended football camp
Ryan Gosling, who plays Alan Bosley, appeared opposite Emma Stone in ___. Crazy, Stupid, Love.
Denzel Washington attended Fordham University, where he received a degree in ___. Journalism
Which character is based on a real person? Herman Boone
In real life, Bill Yoast has __ daughters, not just 1. 4
Donald Faison, who plays Petey, played Murray in the movie and TV spinoff of ___ . Clueless
In 1966, Herman Boone's football team was recognized by __ Magazine as "The Number One Football Team in America." Scholastic Coach
The school used for TC Williams is actually Druid Hills High School, which is located in ___ . Georgia
For his role in "Remember the Titans," Denzel Washington won a __ Award. BET
Kate Bosworth, who plays Emma Hoyt, appeared opposite Michelle Rodriguez in ___. Blue Crush
True or False: Kip Pardue, who plays Ronnie, played college football. TRUE
Denzel Washington is a spokesperson for ___. The Boys and Girls Club of America
In real life, Herman Boone has ___ daughters. 3
Coach Boone works at ___. TC Williams High School

Rio (30 questions)
author: Jedsnow
clip: DawgFanForLife
Which "Rio" actor is an Oscar winner? Jamie Foxx
What type of animals is Blu? A bird
Blu lives in ___ at the top of the film. Minnesota
Where is Rio de Janeiro? Brazil
Which artist recorded an exclusive "Rio" theme song? Taio Cruz
Who takes Blu in as a pet? Linda
Leslie Mann, aka Linda, is married to which famous director? Judd Apatow
What is Blu unable to do? Fly
What kind of business does Linda own? A bookstore
While learning to fly, Blu gets trapped in a string of ___. Christmas lights
Jesse Eisenberg, who voices Blue, starred in which tech-savy feature? The Social Network
What does Tulio study? Birds
Blu meets Pedro and ___ on his way to Rio. Nico voices Pedro. He is a part of which musical group? The Black Eyed Peas
Who released special edition "Rio" cookies? Oreo
In Rio, Blu shares a habitat with ___. Jewel
Anne Hathaway, aka Jewel, appeared in which movie-musical? Les Miserables
What kind of bird is Nigel? A cockatoo
Jemaine Clement, aka Nigel, is a part of which comedic act? Flight of the Concords
Fernando and Nigel attempt to ___ Blu and Jewel. Kidnap
What do Blu and Jewel share? A leg chain
Luiz is a ___. Bulldog
Tracy Morgan, aka Luiz, first appeared on which variety show? Saturday Night Live
A "Rio" ___ was released in 2014. Sequel
What do Linda and Tulio dress as for the parade? Macaws
Nigel recruits a gang of ___ to seek revenge. Monkeys
What does Blu use to free the birds in the airplane? A fire extinguisher
Who saves Jewel when she falls from the airplane? Blu
Linda and Tulio eventually ___ Fernando. Adopt
Who loses his feathers at the end of the film? Nigel

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (25 questions)
author: dencio22, kema, ruda225, imccallusa
clip: DawgFanForLife
“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” debuted in ___. 1964
“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” originally aired on ___. NBC
During the premiere of "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer", the elves that appeared in the special were also featured in commercials for__. General Electric
All of the animation in Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer were filmed in ___. Japan
Which “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” came first: the song or the animated special? The Song
When Yukon Cornelius throws his pickaxe into the ground and then tastes it, he is checking for ___. Peppermint
In the first draft of “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer,” Rudolph was delivered to his parents by ___. A Stork
Who is the only “Misfit Toy” to be given an actual name? Charlie in the box
After its original airing, the creators of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” added an additional scene featuring ____. The misfit toys
“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” narrator Burl Ives also provided the voice for ___. Sam the Snowman
Since its release, “Rudolph” characters have appeared in commercials for all of the following companies EXCEPT. Target
The Island of Misfit Toys is ruled by ___. A winged lion
Which of the following toys is NOT present on the Island of Misfit Toys? Swimming Train
In 2006, the original “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” puppets were evaluated on ___. Antique Road Show
Which classic “Rudolph” song was returned to the film in 1997, after not airing for 30 years? We’re a Couple of Misfits
Who sings the classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” song “We're a Couple of Misfits?” Hermey & Rudolph
Why is Hermey considered an outcast by Santa's other elves? He's a dentist
Which of Santa's reindeer is Rudolph's father? Donner
Who is Rudolph's coach during the Reindeer Games? Comet
Which “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” character sings “Silver & Gold”? Sam the Snowman
What is Cornelius nickname for the Abominable Snow Monster in “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”? Bumble
From 1965-1997, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” was re-edited to replace the song “We’re a Couple of Misfits” with __. Fame and Fortune
A 1976 sequel to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” explored Rudolph's adventures during __. New Year's Eve
Which character from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is a parody of Rudolph the Reindeer? Zero the ghost dog
Who is the doe that has a crush on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Clarice



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On P.S. I Love You VL, there's a question missing between:

What did Holly tell Gerry she studied at college? Art
Denise asked potential dates 3 things...if they were single, straight and __. Working

I don't remember the question, but the answer is A Little Princess
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