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Viggle App - Movies Viggle Live Q&A (S-Z)

drlux 897 August 2, 2013 at 04:29 PM
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MOVIES Viggle Live (S-Z)

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(The) Santa Clause (26 questions)
authors: dunja, BiBi_Ramone
clip: DawgFanForLife
"The Santa Clause" was one of Tim Allen's first fim roles - he'd previously starred in the TV show ___. Home Improvement
"The Santa Clause" was fillmed in ___ . Canada
"The Santa Clause" has ___ sequels. 2
Scott Calvin works for a ___ company. Toy
Tim Allen previously worked with "The Santa Clause" director John Pasquin on the movie "Jungle 2 Jungle," a remake of a ___ film. French
Where does Scott take Charlie for Christmas Dinner? Denny's
At the beginning of the movie, Santa fell ___ . off the roof
David Krumholtz, who plays Bernard in "The Santa Clause," played a math genius on the TV show ___. Numbers
Judge Reinhold, who plays Neil in "The Santa Clause" made his first TV appearance in a ___ episode. Wonder Woman
Laura's new husband, Neil, is a ___ . Psychiatrist
Bernard is the ___ elf. Head
The Santa Clause takes place in ___ . Chicago
Wendy Crewson, who plays Laura in "The Santa Clause," played first Lady in ___. Air Force One
At the beginning of "The Santa Clause," Scott read ___ to Charlie. The Night Before Christmas
The elite elves are known as ___. E.L.F.S.
In "The Santa Clause," the kids scream, "Let him go! Let Santa go!" which is a reference to the classic film ___. Miracle on 34th Street
After Scott put on the suit, he had until ___ before he had to return to the North Pole. Thanksgiving
According to Bernard, Scott agreed to be Santa when he ___. Put on the suit
Which famous athlete was listed near the top of Santa's list? Andre Agassi
Tim Allen was not the producers' first choice. Who was the role originally written for? Bill Murray
An elf named Judy knows how to make the perfect ___. Hot chocolate
Scott's diet eventually consists of ___. Milk and Cookies
Laura always wanted ___ for Christmas. Mystery Date
Tim Allen is currently starring in the TV series ___. Last Man Standing
Neil always wanted an Oscar Mayer ___ for Christmas. Whistle
When was the first "The Santa Clause" movie released? 1994

Scream (31 questions)
authors: verminator
clip: DawgFanForLife
"Scream" was released in? ~ 1996
The film pays homage to? ~ SCARY MOVIES
T or F: There is an upcoming "Scream" TV series? ~ TRUE
Which film spoofed "Scream?" - SCARY MOVIE
Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott) She also starred on which FOX drama? - PARTY OF FIVE
Who receives a call at the top of the film? - CASEY BECKER
The mystery caller asks Casey, "What's your favorite?" - SCARY MOVIE
Wes Craven directed the "Scream" films. He also created which horror franchise? - NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.
Who plays Casey Becker? - DREW BARRYMORE
Who finds Casey's body? - HER PARENTS
Who was Casey's boyfriend? - STEVE
How much money did the film make at the box office? - 173 MILLION
Who is mourning their mother's death? - SIDNEY
After Casey's death, Sidney started receiving mysterious? - PHONE CALLS
T or F: All of the students still have to go to school. - FALSE
Sidney, Dewey, Gale, and are the only characters to appear in every single "Scream" film? - GHOSTFACE
Gale makes ends meet as a? - REPORTER
Courtney Cox (Gale Weathers). In the '90s, she won everyone's hearts as which "Friend?" - MONICA
At the start of the film, Sidney and Billy are? - DATING
Who throws a party after school gets canceled? - STU
T or F: Gale & Dewey both attend the high school party? - TRUE
Tatum unfortunately gets offed by a? - GARAGE DOOR
Which two "Scream" actors wound up tying the knot? - COURTNEY COX & DAVID ARQUETTE
"Scream" is loosely based on the Ripper? - GAINSVILLE
Ghostface wears a? - MASK
Randy tells everyone the rules of surviving a horror film. One of the things to do is NEVER say? - "I'LL BE BACK"
Kevin Williamson ("Scream" screenplay) is responsible for which '90s TV show? - DAWSON'S CREEK
Who was slated to play Sidney before Neve Campbell got the part? - DREW BARRYMORE
Which MTV Movie Award did "Scream" win? - MOVIE OF THE YEAR
Gale and Dewey originally believe that Sidney's was the killer? - DAD
T or F: Ghostface is actually 2 different people? - TRUE

Scream 3 (31 questions)
authors: ruda225, sk8er
clip: clip author goes here
clip url goes here
The film series pays homage to ____. SCARY MOVIES
"Scream 3" hit the silver screen in ____. 2000
Neve Campbell plays Sidney Prescott. She also starred on which FOX family drama? PARTY OF FIVE
Ghostface wears a ____. MASK
Vigglers, this is a tough one. There is a ____-year gap between "Scream 3" and "Scream 4." 11
Wes Craven directed all of the "Scream" films. He was one of the masters of horror having created which other successful franchise? A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET
The film opens up with which major character? COTTON WEARY
What was the name of Cotton Weary's radio show? 100% COTTON
Which two "Scream 3" actors wound up tying the knot? COURTNEY COX & DAVID ARQUETTE
Who killed Cotton Weary? GHOSTFACE
True or False: Kevin Williamson, the man who penned the first two flicks, also wrote "Scream 3." FALSE
Dewey works as a consultant for which movie? STAB 3
Which network is behind the "Scream" series? MTV
Cotton lived in ____. HOLLYWOOD
Is "Scream 3" the highest-grossing film in the series? NO
Who plays "Stab 3" star Sarah Darling? JENNY MCCARTHY
Who was once wrongly convicted for having killed Sidney's mother? COTTON
After all of the murders in the 2nd film, Sidney went into hiding. What was she doing? SHE WAS A CRISIS COUNSELOR
Steven Stone is offed by Ghostface. Who is he? JENNIFER JOLIE'S BODYGUARD
Where does Sidney travel to after Ghostface finds her? HOLLYWOOD
Spoiler Alert! Which original "Scream" character is only shown through archival footage in "Scream 3?" RANDY
Who is the director of "Stab 3?" ROMAN BRIDGER
True or False: Earlier in the film, the crew celebrated Roman Bridger's birthday. TRUE
Heather Matarazzo plays Martha Meeks. She made a name for herself in which '90s indie film? DOLLHOUSE
Patrick Dempsey and Neve Campbell also shared the small screen on which ABC series? GREY'S ANATOMY
How many different endings did Wes Craven shoot? 3
One of the rules that Randy tells his friends is, "Anyone can die - even the ____." MAIN CHARACTER
Vigglers, is this Scott Foley's first film? YES
How many gallons of fake blood did "Scream 3" crew use? 10 GALLONS
Earlier in the film, we learned that Sidney's half-brother is ____. ROMAN

Sex and the City (32 questions)
authors: MajdelinaA, namenotimportant, FizzyPops, mez1, Starfire412, wldflowur1
clip: drlux
Which Spice Girl was offered a cameo role in the film __ Posh
True or False: This movie was filmed in the same studio as the original series __ TRUE
Carrie's "Sex and the City" column is published by __ The New York Star
Willie Garson, aka BFF Stanford, currently appears on the show __ While Collar
Sarah Jessica Parker used to date wild child __ Robert Downey Jr.
Kim Cattrell was born in __ England
The soundtrack from this movie debuted at __ on the Billboard charts __ #2
Charlotte's husband Harry is a __Divorce Lawyer
What is Big's nickname for Carrie __Kid
True or false: The tutu Carrie wears in the movie... True
Before Kristin Davis was Charlotte, she played Brooke on __ Melrose Place
According to costume designer... Dynasty
After the TV show wrapped, Carrie's desk was donated to __ The Smithsonian
Miranda is a __ Lawyer
When Sarah Jessica Parker was a kid, she appeared on Broadway as the infamous __ Lil' Orphan Annie
Who auditioned to play Louise __ Kelly Rowland
This movie made about __ at the Box Office __ $415 million
Sarah Jessica Parker met her husband __ when her brother introduced them __ Matthew Broderick
Not exact question: Miranda told Steve she forgave him on the____? Brooklyn Bridge
This movie spawned a sequel! When was it released __ 2010
Sarah Jessica Parker has vowed that she will again never star in a __ TV Series
At the beginning of the film, Samantha is dating ____. Smith
Who told Big that marriage ruined everything __ Miranda
At the beginning of the TV series, Carrie lived in the __ area of Manhattan __ Upper East Side
What does Carrie leave at her new apartment with Big? Her Shoes
Production on the movie was delayed while __ negotiated her deal __ Kim Catrell
Samantha has a __ firm __ Public Relations
What is Mr. Big's full name __ John James Preston
Who plays Louise __ Jennifer Hudson
Here's a tough one, "Sex and the City" fans. When Samantha was a teenager, she worked at __ Dairy Queen
According to Carrie, when she was new to the city, she bought __ instead of dinner __ Vogue
This movie was released __ after the TV series started __ A decade
Charlotte was a __ Art dealer
Carrie's custom wedding gown was designed by __ Vivenne Westwood

Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (30 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: clip author goes here
clip url goes here [clip url goes here]
Which weapon has been known to kill sharknados? Chainsaws
Which city was previously hit by a sharknado? New York
Tonight's sharknado targets which city? Washington D.C.
Jerry ___ has a special "Sharknado 3" cameo. Springer
Who plays the President in "Sharknado 3?" Mark Cuban
Which former child star has a special "Sharknado 3" cameo? Frankie Muniz
Who receives a presidential medal in tonight's film? Fin (Full name: Fin S. Harks)
Which 80's icon has a "Sharknado 3" cameo? David Hasselhoff
What is David Hasselhoff's famous nickname? The Hoff
Who is celebrating a pregnancy in "Sharknado 3?" April
Fin is a seasoned ___ . Surfer
Ian Zierling, aka Fin, famously appeared on which series? Beverly Hills 90210
Ian Zierling once worked for which dance troupe? Chippendales
April Wexler is Fin's ___ . Wife
Tara Reid, aka April, played a pop princess in which feature? Josie & the catcats
Claudia is April and Fin's ___ . Daughter
A "Sharknado 3" ___ was recently released online. Soundtrack
Which legendary actress plays April's mother? Bo Derek
Bo Derek famously appeared in which feature? 10 (Ten)
Featured actor, Anthony Weiner, is a former ___ . Congressman
Who played a flight attendant in "Sharknado 2?" Kelly Osbourne
Tara Reid is the former host of ___ . Wild On!
April once encountered a shark attack on a ___ . Plane
Which famous blogger had a cameo in "Sharknado 2?" Perez Hilton
A sharknado once destroyed the ___ . Statue of Liberty
Where did the first sharknado surface? Los Angeles
Chris Kirkpatrick of ___ has a special "Sharknado 3" cameo. *NSYNC
Nova Clark was ___ by a shark in the first film. Swallowed
Cassie Scerbo, aka Nova, previously appeared in which film franchise? Bring It On
A sharknado recently made an appearance in which comic strip? Archie

(The) Shawshank Redemption (32 questions)
author: drewdrew
clip: drlux
When was Shawshank released? 1994
Shawshank Redemption is adapted from a novella by___. Stephen King
The Shawshank Redemption was nominated for seven ___. Academy Awards
The Shawshank Redemption was directed by Frank Darabont, who is also known for his work on __. The Walking Dead
Which Shawshank Redemption actor had a long running relationship with Susan Sarandon? Tim Robbins
Which LA Laker star spoofed the Shawshank Redemption in the youtube video? Steve Nash
Which TV Show parodied The Shawshank Redemption in 2009 episode? Family Guy
Before Playing Heywood, William Sadler starred as ___ in "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey." The Grim Reaper
After playing Tommy, Gil Bellows starred opposite Calista Flockhart in ___. Ally McBeal
Which Shawshank Redemption actor played Lucius Fox in the Dark Knight film series? Morgan Freeman
Red finally gets paroled after serving __ years in Shawshank. 40
Which actress appears on the poster in Andy's cell at the end of the movie? Raquel Welch
Andy tells Red to "Get busy livin', or get busy__" after he's let out of a long stay in solitary confinement. Dyin'
Which Shawshank actor played John Cusack's nemesis in "High Fidelity"? Tim Robbins
Clancy Brown played the cruel prison guard Hadley. He also voiced the character Mr. Krabs on the animated hit __. Spongebob Squarepants
The novella that inspired the film was titled "___ and Shawshank Redemption." Rita Hayworth
Which oscar nominated actor auditioned for the role of Tommy in the Shawshank Redemption? Brad Pitt
When was Andy first imprisoned? 1947
Which movie siren does Andy ask Red to smuggle in for him? Rita Hayworth
The Shawshank prison is located in ___. New England
Andy received two __ sentences for the murder of his wife and her lover. Life
Andy claimed to have thrown his revolver into a __ on the night of the murders. River
(Something about betting cigarettes against Andy) 5
Shawshank's warden tells Andy he believes in 2 things : Discipline and ___. The Bible
What pet does Brooks keep in the library?Bird
What tool does Andy asks Red to Smuggle in for him? Rock hammer
Red and the prisoners get to drink ___ when they work on the prison's roof. Beer
Andy want to help teach Red to play ___. Chess
After helping out the Warden, Andy is sent to work in the ___. Library
After giving advice to capt. Hadley, Andy is forced to help the prison guards with their___. Tax returns
What music does Andy blast over the prison's loudspeaker? Opera
What does Andy give Red as a gift after he's rejected for parole? Harmonica
Andy launders the Warden's money via the alias ___. Randall Stephens

Sherlock Holmes (30 questions)
author: dunja, FizzyPops
clip: drlux
Holmes and Watson live at __ Baker Street. 221B
Watson's dog is named __. Gladstone
Watson served time in the British military in __. Afghanistan
Which actor appeared in a previous “Sherlock Holmes” series? Jude Law
Irene Adler is from __. New Jersey
Sherlock's trademark hat is called a __. Deerstalker
Irene Adler works as a professional __. Thief
Inspector Lestrade works for __. Scotland Yard
John Standish is an __ ambassador to the UK. American
Watson is a skilled __. Surgeon
Who is Mary Morstan's fiancée? Watson
Lord Coward works as the __. Home Secretary
"Sherlock Holmes" was the 1st movie to star the famous detective to be released in the United States in over __ years. 20
Mycroft is Sherlock's __. Brother
Along with being a writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was also a __. Physician
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born in __. Scotland
The character of Sherlock Holmes first appeared in __. A Study in Scarlet
Mrs. Hudson is Holmes's __. Landlady
Parts of "Sherlock Holmes" were also filmed in __. Brooklyn
Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu currently star in a “Sherlock Holmes” update named __. Elementary
The BBC recently created "Sherlock," a miniseries with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, that puts Sherlock Holmes in the __. Present Day
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle originally wrote 56 short stories and __ novels featuring Sherlock Holmes. 4
Most of the original “Sherlock Holmes” stories are narrated by __. Watson
Which medical show is a modern retelling of “Sherlock Holmes?” House
Robert Downey Jr. won a __ for Best Actor for his work in “Sherlock Holmes.” Golden Globe
Mark Strong, who plays Lord Blackwood, also appeared in another Guy Ritchie film, __. RocknRolla
Guy Ritchie's first film was __. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
Robert Downey Jr. made his first film appearance when he was __ years old. 5
Rachel McAdams is from __. Canada
The film's finale takes place in an unfinished __. Tower Bridge

(The) Shining (25 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
“The Shining” is based on a novel by…Stephen King
Jack Torrance is a…Writer
The Torrances get snowed in the...Overlook Hotel
Shelley Duvall appeared in __ with Robin Williams...Popeye
The haunted hotel is located in...Colorado
Which of the following is NOT a film directed by Stanley Kubric...Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
The famous line, "Here's Johnny!" was inspired by __ starring Johnny Carson...The Tonight Show
Dick Hallorann telepathically offered Danny...Ice cream
What is Jack Nicholson's most recent film...How Do You Know
Dick warns Danny not to go in which room...Room 237
The title of the film is a reference to...Telepathy
"The Shining" was among the first films to use the newly invented...Steadicam
Jack first meets Lloyd the Bartender in the...Gold Room
Shelley Duvall's father is Robert Duvall, who played gangster Tom Hagen in...The Godfather
Finish the quote: All work and no play makes Jack a...Dull boy
Every time Jack sees a ghost, there is a __ in the scene...Mirror
Stanley Kubric and Shelley Duvall had a famously __ relationship...Contentious
Danny writes REDRUM in __ on the bathroom mirror...Lipstick
Who urges Jack to "correct' his wife and son...Delbert Grady
What weapon does Wendy use to knock Jack unconscious...Baseball bat
Who lets Jack out of the pantry...Delbert Grady
Recognize Lloyd the Bartender? In 1982, actor Joe Turkel costarred with Harrison Ford in...Blade Runner
Which is NOT a film adapted from a Stephen King novel...The Ring
What is the name of Danny's imaginary friend...Tony
Where was the movie filmed...London

Shrek the Third (31 questions)
author: mrlocalhost
clip: DawgFanForLife
Which of these is a "Shrek" franchise character? - PUSS IN BOOTS
Rupert Everett voices Prince Charming. He hails from ___. - ENGLAND
Shrek The Third scored a 2008 Kids' ___ Award nomination. - CHOICE
Which Kingdom is at the center of the film? - FAR FAR AWAY
What is Prince Charming's job at the start of the film? - DINNER THEATER ACTOR
** POLL **
Eddie Murphy, Donkey, is no stranger to cartoon films. He voiced a ___ in "Mulan." - DRAGON
Who rides a wooden horse at the beginning of the film? - PRINCE CHARMING
Who steps in when King Harold falls ill? - SHREK
What is Shrek? - AN OGRE
Which famous singer voices a character in the film? - JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
Who scores a makeover in the film? - SHREK
** POLL **
Mike Myers, aka Shrek, played which famous spy? - AUSTIN POWERS
In the film, Fiona announces that she is ___. - PREGNANT
Which famous actress voices Princess Fiona? - CAMERON DIAZ
Mike Myers first found fame on which variety show? - SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE
During the film, King Harold ___. - PASSES AWAY
Eddie Murphy also popularized "The Nutty ___." - PROFESSOR
** POLL **
Who do Artie and Shrek meet after their shipwreck? - MERLIN
Artie is an heir to the ___. - THRONE
What does Shrek see in Merlin's magical smoke? - A BABY CARRIAGE
Eric Idle, Merlin, is a famous English ___. - COMEDIAN
Who teams up with a group of villains in the film? - CHARMING
** POLL **
Mike Myers famously played which super villain? - DR. EVIL
In the film, Shrek and Artie bond over their ___. - ESTRANGED FATHERS
Charming and his villains crash a ___. - BABY SHOWER
Who switches bodies with Puss In Boots during the film? - DONKEY
Which character sports a serious beard? - MERLIN
Who has a daughter named Eclair? - DONKEY
Donkey's ___ ultimately helps defeat Prince Charming in the end. - WIFE
Eddie Murphy also appeared in which movie musical? - DREAMGIRLS
Which iconic actress voices Fiona's mother, Queen Lillian? - JULIE ANDREWS

(The) Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (30 questions)
author: MajdelinaA
clip: drlux
The famed pants are __ Levi's
Before Alexis Bledel played Lena, she was Roxy for 7 seasons on __ Gilmore Girls
Blake Lively plays Bridget in "SHOTTP" Who did she play on "Gossip Girl" __ Serena Van der Woodsen
Recognize Carmen's father? Bradley Whitford starred in the White House TV drama __ The West Wing
The "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" screenplay was written by Delia Efron. Her sister Nora wrote __ When Harry Met Sally
Earlier in the movie, Kostas lent Lena a __ which Lena's grandmother later found __ Shirt
Earlier in the movie, Carmen stormed out of a store after trying on a __ that didn't fit __ Bridesmaid dress
Bridget headed to __ camp in Mexico for the summer __ Soccer
Lena traveled to __ for the summer __ Greece
Who had the pants first for the summer __ Lena
When Lena is abroad, she spends a ton of time __ Sketching
What happened when Lena first wore the pants __ She almost drowned
What did Tibby end up calling her documentary __ Bailey
Lena's studly Green love interest was named __ Kostas
Carmen's father's fiance had __ kids __ Two
When the girls needed to make rules about the pants and their sisterhood, they went to the studio where __ Their moms met
Tibby worked at Wallaman's so she could save money for __ Video equipment
Where did Carmen's father live __ Charleston, South Carolina
Bridget had a crush on her __ Coach
What sport did Carmen practice in hopes of playing with her father __ Tennis
On the way to Carmen's dad's wedding, Bridget involved the 11th sisterhood rule: The pants needed to go to the sister __ In need regardless of the schedule
What was the 10th rule of the Sisterhood __ Remember: Pants=Love
Which girl called herself a writer __ Carmen
Which one of the girls is the oldest __ Bridget
Carmen is played actress America Ferrera. Is America her real first name __ Yes
Kostas lived in __ with his parents until they passed away __ Chicago
Before Amber Tamblyn played Tibby, she was Joan in the beloved TV series "Joan of __ Arcadia
Carmen's soon-to-be stepmom is named __ Lydia
The father of Blake Lively's character is played by __ Her real dad
America Ferrera, aka Carmen, also starred on the TV comedy "Ugly __ Betty

Sixteen Candles (28 questions)
author: lilyflowers
clip: DawgFanForLife
Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall were members a group of actors known as __. The Brat Pack
"Sixteen Candles" was directed by __. John Hughes
Who covered the song "Gloria" on the film's soundtrack? Patti Smith
True or False: The movie was written by Hilton A. Green. FALSE
The movie actually featured over __ songs, despite the EP only listing 5 tracks. 30
John Hughes passed away in __. 2009
Sam's sister __ is getting married the day after her birthday. Ginny
In the VHS version, Anthony Michael Hall is credited as "The Geek," while the TV movie and film versions list him as __. Farmer Ted
Gedde Watanabe, who plays Long, played Yosh Takata on __. ER
"Sixteen Candles" first hit theatres in __. 1984
Marlene is nicknamed __. Lumberjack
Which movie did John Hughes NOT direct? Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
Sam is "saving herself" for __. Jake
Which Billy Idol song appeared in the movie, but was NOT included on the soundtrack EP? Rebel Yell
The license plate on Jake's car reads "21850," which also names whose birthday? John Hughes
Who did NOT appear in "The Breakfast Club," which was also directed by John Hughes? Alfonso Ribeiro
What is Long's nickname? The Donger
Ted and his gang accidentally knock over the jocks' __ pyramid. Beer can
The movie grossed over __ at the box office. $23 million
Sam is a __ in high school. Sophomore
True or False: John Hughes styled Dong's hair. TRUE
Which band recorded "16 Candles" for the film's soundtrack? Stray Cats
John and Joan Cusack were raised in __. Illinois
Before Michael Schoeffling was cast, the role of Jake nearly went to __. Viggo Mortensen
Who was NOT considered to be a member of the Brat Pack? Robin Williams
Which picks up the phone when Jake calls Sam at home? Sam's grandparents
True or False: Molly Ringwald was 18 when "Sixteen Candles" premiered. FALSE
Who auditioned for the role of Ted? Jim Carrey

(The) Social Network (42 questions)
authors: BiBi_Ramone
clip: DawgFanForLife
Which rockstar helped to write the music for "The Social Network?" Trent Reznor
"The Social Network" was released in ___ . 2010
Justin Timberlake plays ___ creator Sean Parker. Napster
"The Social Network" follows the rise of which social media network? Facebook
True of False: "The Social Network" won Best Picture at the Oscars. False
Aaron Sorkin adapted the screenplay for "The Social Network." He created the TV shows ___ and "The Newsroom." The West Wing
The film starts out in the year ___ . 2003
In the beginning of the film, Mark gets dumped by his girlfriend. Who plays his ex, Erica Albright? Rooney Mara
True or False: Jesse Eisenberg's little sister is "the Pepsi girl" from the early 2000s. True
It took Rooney Mara and Jesse Eisenberg ___ takes to perfect the opening breakup scene. 99 (ninety-nine)
"The Social Network" is based on a book called ___ . The Accidental Billionaires
True of False: Before making the film, Jesse Eisenberg, aka Mark, had never seen a single Facebook page. True
Armie Hammer plays the ___ twins. Winklevoss
Sean Parker suggests to Mark and Eduardo to drop ___ . The the
How old is Mark in the beginning of the film? 19 years old
What year did Facebook go public? 2012
What social network does Mark create after getting dumped by his girlfriend? Facemash
Which college do Mark, Eduard, and the Winklevoss twins attend? Harvard
Who does Mark ask to fund his new project, "Thefacebook?" Eduardo
How many months of academic probation does Mark get after crashing Harvard's network? 6 (six)
True or False: Mark first creates Facebook for the entire world. False
Mark first created Facebook for ___ . Harvard students
The Winklevoss twins hire Mark to help them out with their social network called ___ . Harvard Connection
Who introduces Mark and Eduardo to Sean Parker? Christy
Mark first expands Facebook to how many schools? 3
Who convinced Mark and Eduardo to move the company's headquarters to Palo Alto? Sean
Does Eduard go to Palo Alto with Mark? No
Who sues Mark for intellectual property? The Winklevoss twins
Mark scores a $500,000 investment from a ___ investor. Angel
Eduardo's share of the company gets whittled down from ___ to 0.03% 34%
True or False: Throughout the movie, Eduardo and the Winklevoss twins are giving their depositions. True
Facebook currently has about how many active users? 1.23 billion
The Social Network isn't Justin Timberlake's 1st film role. That honor goes to __. Longshot
Who is worth more: Andrew Garfield or girlfriend Emma Stone? Emma
Justin Timberlake tied the knot with which actress in 2012? Jessica Biel
Andrew Garfield plays Eduardo, but he's also known for being ___ . Spider-Man
Who is Andrew Garfield dating in real life? Emma Stone
He plays a foreign exchange student in the film, but actor Andrew Garfield was raised in England
Why did Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears reportedly break up? She cheated
How much is singer-turned-actor Justin Timberlake worth? $100 million
Facebook recently celebrated its __ anniversary. 10th
Who directed “The Social Network?” David Fincher

(The) Sound of Music - 1965 (43 questions)
authors: yuzjvwa, poppybear0
clip: ....
..... [.]
"The Sound of Music" received 10 Oscar nominations.
In 2010, the cast reunited on which show? The Oprah Winfrey Show.
Marla is a Nun.
What does Sister Berthe make Marla kiss for punishment? The Floor.
Before playing Marla, Julie Andrews starred in which feature? Mary Poppins.
Marla tends to The Von Trapps.
Where do the Von Trapps live? Austria.
Who plays Captain Georg von Trapp? Christopher Plummer.
Which literary hero did Christopher Plummer aka Captain Von Trapp once play? Sherlock Holmes.
Finish this famous phrase: "The Hills are alive with the sound of music."
In 2012, Christopher Plummer, aka Captain Von Trapp, became the oldest Oscar Winner in history.
Which famous actress auditioned for the role of Liesl? Liza Minnelli.
Julie Andrews is an accomplished Author.
All von Trapp children wear Uniforms.
The film takes place right on the cusp of which war? WWII.
How many Von Trapp children are there? 7.
Marla requests a pink parasol for Her Birthday.
Who is Frau Schmidt? A Housekeeper.
Which Von Trapp sings "Sixteen Going on Seventeen?" Liesl.
How does Captain von Trapp summon his children? By Whistle.
During filming, Debbie Turner, who played Marta, had to wear false Teeth.
Christopher Plummer learned to play Guitar for the film.
What does Maria teach children about Music.
What comes after "mi" in "Do-Re-Mi?" Fa.
Part of the film was shot on location in Austria.
Which famous actor auditioned to be a von Trapp child? Kurt Russell.
In The Princess Diaries, Julie Andrews played a royal.
Who is the youngest von trapp? Gretl.
What is a schnitzel? Food.
"The Sound of Music" was the Last musical written by Rodgers & Hammerstein.
Director Robert Wise also directed which film? West Side Story.
Captain von Trapp is initially engaged to Baroness Schraeder.
Mother Abbess encourages Maria to "Climb every Mountain".
Which of these is NOT one of Maria's favorite things? Monkeys on Leashes.
Which country songstress recently played Maria? Carrie Underwood.
"The Sound of Music" opened on Broadway Before the film was released in theaters.
Who openly disliked working on the film? Christopher Plummer.
In the film, "the Lonely Goatherd" features Marionettes.
Maria and the captain share a Ländler. What is a Ländler? A Dance.
Who wants Maria to leave the von Trapps behind? Elsa Schraeder.
When Maria and the Captain marry, she wears an extra long Dress Train.
Max Detweiler is a Family Friend.
Who betrays the von Trapp family? Rolf.

Spider-Man 3 (26 questions)
authors: yuzjvwa, taronga
clip: drlux
True or False: Bryce Dallas Howard is the daughter of Shemp Howard. FALSE
Downtown ___ was closed down for filming of this movie, and pavement had to be repainted to resemble New York City. Cleveland
To prepare for his role as the Sandman, Thomas Haden Church lost 10 pounds of fat and gained ___ pounds of muscle. 28
Topher Grace said he based his performance as Venom on ___. Alcoholics and drug addicts
Originally, director Sam Raimi vehemently opposed including ___ as a villain in the film. Venom
True or False: "Spider-Man 3" was the highest-grossing movie of 2007. TRUE
Which college has James Franco NOT attended? Oberlin College
Thomas Haden Church broke ___ during the subway scene. 3 knuckles
True or False: The release date for the film was set before "Spider-Man 2" was even released. TRUE
Tobey Maguire has a son named Otis and a daughter named ___. Ruby
True or False: Bryce Dallas Howard knew she was pregnant during filming. FALSE
Earlier in the movie, Mary Jane made her debut ___. On Broadway
A meteorite crashes near Peter and Mary Jane in ___. Central Park
Peter returns to Harry's estate to ask for his help after ___ is held hostage by Venom and the Sandman. Mary Jane
Early in the movie, Peter planned on proposing to ___. Mary Jane
Wearing his new black suit, Spider-Man locates Marko and fights him in a ___. Subway tunnel
To make Mary Jane jealous, Peter brings ___ to the nightclub where Mary Jane works. Gwen
Brock turns into ___. Venom
Cliff Robertson, who plays Uncle Ben, won a Best Actor Oscar for his work in ___. Charly
True or False: Marko tells Peter he never intended to kill his uncle. TRUE
Peter is eager to capture Flint Marko, who has transformed into ___. The Sandman
Peter's suit turns ___ and greatly amplifies his powers. Black
Who was NOT considered for the role of Gwen Stacy? Kelly Rowland
When the symbiote attaches to Peter's motorcycle license plate, it takes on the shape of a ___. V
Harry, out for revenge against Peter, takes up the mantle of his late father's persona as ___. The New Goblin
True or False: At 140 minutes this is the shortest of the original three Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies. FALSE

Star Trek - 2009 (37 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: FluffyHaze
Who plays Kirk's father? Chris Hemsworth
Kirk's father's ship is called ___ . USS Kelvin
Eric Bana plays ___ . Nero
Nero is searching for ___ . Spock
Who played Captain Kirk in the original "Star Trek" television series? William Shatner
J.J. Abrams is directing a new installment of which sci-fi series? Star Wars
Nero is a ___ . Romulan
True/False: The "Star Trek" sequel is called "Star Trek Into Lightness." False
Jennifer Morrison plays Kirk's mother. She's known for her role on which ABC series? Once Upon a Time
What song plays during the scene where young Kirk steals his stepfather's car? Sabotage
Spock is from ___ . Vulcan
Spock is half-Vulcan, half- ___ . Human
Who plays Spock's mother, Amanda Grayson? Winona Ryder
In the 1990s, Winona Ryder dated which Hollywood heartthrob? Johnny Depp
What is Dr. McCoy's nickname? Bones
Actress Rachel Nichols plays Kirk's love interest Gaila. She currently stars on which SyFy series? Continuum
Zoe Saldana's 1st big break came when she starred as a ballerina in which film? Center Stage
Last year, Zachary Quinto played a murderous doctor on ___ . American Horror Story
Which actor-director has a cameo in "Star Trek?" Tyler Perry
To get Kirk aboard the Enterprise, Bones gets him ___ . Sick
Kirk has an allergic reaction to Bones' medication, which makes his ___ swollen. Hands
Which "Star Trek" actor stars in the "Harold & Kumar" movies? John Cho
Chekov is from ___ . Russia
Who is the youngest member of the Enterprise crew? Chekov
What kind of combat training did Sulu have before joining the Enterprise? Fencing
True/False: Zachary Quinto had to have his fingers glued together to get the Vulcan salute just right. True
The film starts off in the year ___ . 2233
"Star Trek" was released in ___ . 2009
"Star Trek" is a how much did the studio shell out to make the big budget film? $150 million
The Vulcan catchphrase is "Live long and ___ . Prosper
Vulcans are known for their ___ . Pointy ears
Who kisses Uhura on the Enterprise? Spock
What planet does Nero destroy? Vulcan
Scotty has the ability to beam people while in ___ . Hyperspace
Spock relinquishes control of the Enterprise to ___ . Kirk
Which "Star Trek" star appeared in the sci-fi series "Heroes?" Zachary Quinto
Eric Bana is from ___ . Australia
What is Captain Kirk's full name? James Tiberius Kirk

Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back (37 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
The final battle takes place on…Cloud City
Darth Vader works directly for…Emperor Palpatine
What is Han Solo's weapon of choice...Blaster
Han Solo owes a debt to a gangster named…Jabba The Hutt
Who captioned the “Millennium Falcon” before Han Solo…Lando Calrissian
Carrie Fisher is the daughter of __ and Eddie Fisher…Debbie Reynolds
"The Empire Strikes Back" is the __ film in the original "Star Wars" trilogy...Second
Which character from "The Empire Strikes Back" is also a main character in the 2nd "Star Wars" trilogy...Obi-Wan Kenobi
Which of the following actors provided Darth Vader's voice...James Earl Jones
Han Solo was "frozen in __" because Harrison Ford had yet to sign on for a 3rd movie...Carbonite
Han Solo's spaceship is called the...Millennium Falcon
Who serves as Han Solo's second-in-command...Chewbacca
Chewbacca is a member of the alien race called the...Wookiees
George Lucas dated __ in 80s...Linda Ronstadt
Which character is forced to flee from a giant asteroid worm...Han Solo
Obi-Wan Kenobi was originally portrayed by...Sir Alec Guinness
Billy Dee Williams initially auditioned for the role of...Han Solo
Darth Vader's real name is...Anakin Skywalker
Yoda lives on the planet of...Dagobah
Who became the only non-Jedi/Sith in the entire original trilogy to use a lightsaber...Han Solo
"The Empire Strikes Back" was directed by...Irvin Kershner
Luke Skywalker trains under Jedi master...Yoda
The story behind "The Empire Strikes Back" was crafted by...George Lucas
"The Empire Strikes Back" initially hit theatres in...1980
Frank Oz, who voices Yoda, also played __ on "Sesame Street"...Grover
Which of the following actors had never appeared in a movie before the "Star Wars" series...Mark Hamill
Who is secretly working for Darth Vader...Lando Calrissian
Boba Fett's father is named...Jango
Which "Star Wars" actor would later have a recurring role on "Family Guy"...Carrie Fisher
Billy Dee Williams, who plays Lando, appeared as himself earlier this year on...Modern Family
When Princess Leia first says "I love you" to Han Solo, how does he respond...I know
“The Empire Strikes Back” takes place __ years after the events of “A New Hope.”…3
Luke Skywalker fights for the...Rebel Alliance
Darth Vader is part of an evil group known as the...Sith
Boba Fett works as a...Bounty Hunter
The Rebel Alliance's hidden stronghold is located on...Hoth
Who served as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order...Yoda

Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi (37 questions)
author: taronga
clip: drlux
Warwick Davis, who played Wicket the Ewok, also appeared in the ___ series. Harry Potter
The Ewok tribe believe that ___ is their god. C-3PO
During their lightsaber duel, Luke cuts off Darth Vader's.. Hand
The Emperor wants Luke to be his... Apprentice
Luke and Leia are the children of Anakin and... Padme Amidala
Portions of the partially completed Death Star model resemble the skyline of... San Francisco
"Return of the Jedi" composer John Williams is famous for writing the music for... Jaws
Luke and Leia are... Siblings
Jennifer Aniston dressed up as Princess Leia on... Friends
Jabba the Hutt sentences Luke and his friends to be devoured by the.. Sarlacc
Jabba the Hutt's sidekick is... Salacious Crumb
True or False: Boba Fett falls to his death into the Sarlacc pit. TRUE
Who says, "It's a Trap!" Admiral Ackbar
"Return of the Jedi" was directed by... Richard Marquand
"Return of the Jedi" was released in... 1983
The original planned title for the film was... Revenge of the Jedi
Who runs the planet Tatooine? Jabba the Hut
The rebels learn that Darth Vader is hard at work on the construction of a new.. Death Star
"Eastern Promises" director ___ was rumored to have been offered the chance to direct "Return of the Jedi." David Cronenberg
After escaping Jabba's clutches, Luke and R2-D2 head to... Dagobah
Luke travels to ___ to save Han Solo. Tattooine
Who delivered a frozen Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt? Boba Fett
After he is unfrozen, Han suffers from... Blindness
Jabba the Hutt throws Luke into a pit containing... Rancor
Harrison Ford has said that he wished his character would have... Died
Who played a young Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episodes 1 through 3? Ewan McGregor
"Twin Peaks" director ___ turned down the chance to helm "Return of the Jedi." David Lynch
George Lucas recently sold the "Star Wars" franchise to... Disney
Which animated TV comedy spoofed "Return of the Jedi" in a 2011 episode? Family Guy
A Jedi's strength flows from... The Force
Rumor has it that Lucas originally planned to have Endor populated by... Wookies
Which "Attack of the Clones" actor appears in the ending of the re-release of "Return of the Jedi"? Hayden Christensen
Luke learns that ___ is his father. Darth Vader
Yoda is ___ years old. 900
Who tells Luke that he has a twin sister? Obi-Wan
Where is the Death Star’s shield generator located? Moon of Endor
After getting knocked off a speeder bike, Leia is discovered by... Wicket

Step Up (30 questions)
authors: BiBi_Ramone
clip: DawgFanForLife
Which "So Yo You Think You Can Dance" alum has appeared in 3 of the "Step Up" flicks? tWitch
"Step Up" danced its way into theatres in ___ . 2006
Who plays Tyler Gage? Channing Tatum
True or False: Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are married. True
Who breaks into the Maryland School of Arts at the top of the film? Tyler
Anne Fletcher directed "Step Up." Which movie did she choreograph? Bring It On
What is Tyler's punishment for breaking into the performing arts school? Community service
"Step Up" was originally going to be titled ___ . Music High
Who is Nora's boyfriend? Brett
Mario plays DJ Miles Darby. He rose to fame with his hit single ___ . Just a Friend 2002
Who spies Tyler dancing with his friends on the school's property? Nora
Who injured his ankle early in the movie? Andrew
Nora is gearing up for what? Her senior showcase
Channing Tatum went on to showcase his moves in which 2012 feature film? Magic Mike
True or False: Nora confesses to Tyler that she wants her senior showcase to be an ensemble piece. True
Which character has appeared in the most "Step Up" flicks? Moose
Before he was Brett, actor Josh Henderson played Austin McCann on which ABC show? Desperate Housewives
Where is the film set? Baltimore
Brett scores a ___ in the film. Record deal
Which rap icon playes Omar? Heavy D
Lucy is Nora's ___ . Best friend
True or False: In real life, Channing Tatum is a classically trained dancer. False
Who is Camille's foster brother? Tyler
Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum appeared in the music video for Clara's ___ . Get Up
Tyler ends up ditching Nora and leaving her without a partner. Who is his initial replacement? Andrew
Earlier in the film, Lucy and ___ showcased their talents at a club. Miles
Jenna Dewan once went on tour with which pop icon? Janet Jackson
Who passes away earlier in the film? Skinny
The original "Step Up" sequel is titled "Step Up 2: The ___ ." Streets
Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum welcomed a baby girl in 2013. What's her name? Everly

Sweet Home Alabama (33 questions)
authors: FizzyPops, rokre6_fan
clip: drlux
Although the movie is based in Alabama, most of it was filmed in nearby…Georgia
Reese Witherspoon played a law student in…Legally Blonde
Which “Sweet Home Alabama” cast member has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame…Reese Witherspoon
Which “Sweet Home Alabama” cast member had a role in “American Psycho?”…Josh Lucas
Patrick Dempsey is a man of many interests. When he’s not acting, he likes to…Race cars
When “Sweet Home Alabama” was released to theaters…2002
Ethan Embry, who played Melanie’s friend Bobby Ray, recently had a short storyline on the ABC drama…Once Upon a Time
Reese Witherspoon won an Academy Award for her role in Walk the Line.
The first place Melanie goes when she arrives in Alabama is Jake's house.
Reese Witherspoon recently named her 3rd child after which southern state? Tennessee
Who played Young Melanie in the opening scene of "Sweet Home Alabama?" Dakota Fanning
Where is Melanie living at the beginning of the movie? New York City
Melanie changed her last name to Carmichael when she left Alabama.
Who is Andrew Henning's mom? The Mayor of NYC
Melanie has made a name for herself in New York as a successful Fashion designer .
How long does Melanie say it's been since she last went back to Alabama? 7 years
What is Jake's relation to Melanie? Husband
What are the names of Melanie's parents? Earl and Pearl
Before Candice Bergen played Mayor Hennings in "Sweet Home Alabama," she starred in "Boston Legal" as Shirley Schmidt.
Which Marvel movie did Josh Lucas appear in? Hulk
Patrick Dempsey is currently starring in the popular medical drama Grey's Anatomy.
What is the name of the small Alabama town were Melanie is from…Pigeon Creek
In real life, Patrick Dempsey recently beat out __ to buy a Seattle coffeehouse…Starbucks
Director Andy Tennant helmed a movie with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler in 2010. What was it called…The Bounty Hunter
In 2003, “Sweet Home Alabama” won a Teen Choice Award for…Choice Movie – Comedy
Who was originally cast as Melanie before Reese Witherspoon won the role…Charlize Theron
At the beginning of the movie, Andrew tells Melanie he wants to take her to…Ireland
Mary Kay Place, a.k.a. Pearl Smooter in “Sweet Home Alabama,” starred in the ‘70s cult TV show…Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
Patrick Dempsey appeared alongside Amy Adams in the Disney movie…Enchanted
What out-of-the-ordinary mode of transportation does Jake have in his yard…A plane
What was the name of Jake and Melanie’s dog…Bear
Melanie’s dad likes to take part in…Battlefield reenactments
Who is caught in a bad storm at the beginning of the movie…A young Melanie and Jake

Taken (36 questions)
author: dunja
clip: drlux
"Taken" star Liam Neeson took his role because he believed the movie would be a __. Straight-to-DVD release
When did "Taken" come out? 2008
Bryan Mills is a retired __. CIA operative
Who is Bryan's ex-wife? Lenore
In some countries, "Taken" was released under the title __. 96 Hours
Lenore Mills' new husband is named __. Stuart
Which FOX comedy series did a "Taken" parody episode? Family Guy
Who is Bryan Mill's daughter? Kim
At the beginning of "Taken," Kim is celebrating her __ birthday. 17th
What did Bryan buy his daughter for her 17th birthday? Karaoke Machine
What did Stuart buy Kim on her 17th birthday? Pony
Kim wants to become a __. Pop star
Famke Janssen plays Lenore Mills. Before "Taken," Famke was a__. Bond girl
When was the first sequel to "Taken" released? 2012
Before starring in "Taken," Famke Janssen was __ in "X-Men." Jean Grey
Earlier in the movie, Bryan Mills saved a pop star __ from a crazed attacker. Sheerah
Who accompanied Kim Mills on her trip to Europe? Amanda
Earlier in the movie, Kim Mills asked her father for permission to travel to __. Paris
Instead of traveling to Paris like they said, Kim and Amanda were really planning to follow __ on tour. U2
While i Paris, Kim and Amanda were tricked intp sharing a __ with a French criminal named Peter. Cab
Who did "Taken" star Liam Neeson play in "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace?" Qui-Gon Jinn
In 1993, Liam Neeson was nominated for an Academy Award for his role in the __. Schindler' List
Liam Neesin is no stranger to action roles. In 2005, he played __ in "Batman Begins." Ra's al Ghul
"Taken" star Liam Neeson starred as a man suffering from amnesia in the hit thriller ____. Unknown
"Taken" star Liam Neeson has a softer side. In 2003, he appeared in the classic rom-com __. Love Actually
Before starring in "Taken," Maggie Grace appeared in __. Lost
Earlier in the movie. Kim Mills attempted to avoid he kidnappers by hiding __. Under a Bed
The actress that plays Amanda has a famous father. Who is he? David Cassidy
According to his friend Sam, Bryan had __hours to find his daughter before she was gone for good. 96
What was kidnappers' only response to Bryan Mills' threatening phone call? Good luck
"Taken" star Maggie Grace is switching gears this year, with an upcoming role on the TV show __. Californication
Bryan Mills found his daughter's __ at a brothel. Jacket
What is the name of the Bryan Mills' French police contact? Jean-Claude
Amanda convinced Kim to stay at he Paris apartment by claiming that her __lived there. Cousins
The final climactic battle takes place on a __. Yacht
Finish the famous "Taken" quote: I have a very particular set of __. Skills

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (38 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
Ricky’s last name is…Bobby
Jean Girard is seen with…Elvis Costello
Ricky says __ won the Academy Award for “Best Movie Ever Made.”…Highlander
Amy Adams has been nominated for __ Academy Awards…4
Cal claims to have had a __ at his wedding…Nacho foundation
To provide extra motivation, Ricky’s team pretends that __ is dead…Glenn
Who wins the final race...Cal
John C. Reilly won a Grammy for a song from the 2007 film...Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
Ricky likes to imagine Jesus as a...Infant
Cal imagines Jesus singing lead vocals for…Lynyrd Skynyrd
“30 Rock” star __ plays Glenn…Jack McBrayer
Jean Girard plays __ on the jukebox…Jazz
Jane Lynch stars on...Glee
Leslie Bibb, who plays Ricky's wife, has appeared in the __ series...Iron Man
Ricky named his two sons after the TV show…Walker, Texas Ranger
Ricky rates his wife __ out of 100. 94
Jean breaks Ricky's __ for refusing to say, "I love crepes."...Arm
Sacha Baron Cohen played a Kazakh journalist in…Borat
Director Adam McKay and Will Ferrell first worked together on the movie…Anchorman
Ricky is a…NASCAR driver
True or False: Ricky wins his first race against Jean Girard…FALSE
Jean Girard is sponsored by…Perrier
Comedian Andy Richter plays Jean Girard’s…Husband
Michael Clarke Duncan, who plays Lucius Washington, was nominated for an Oscar for his role in...The Green Mile
John C. Reilly has a cameo in Sacha Baron Cohen's comedy...The Dictator
True or False: Ricky loses the use of his legs in a car crash...FALSE
Ricky comes home from the hospital to find Cal playing __ with family...Jenga
Ricky leaves 2 tickets for his __ at every race...Father
Which "SNL" alum plays Mrs. Dennit, the alcoholic wife of the owner of Dennit racing...Molly Shannon
Jean Girard is from...France
After Ricky quits driving, he works as a...Pizza deliveryman
Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly reunited with director Adam McKay in 2008 to star in...Step Brothers
Director Adam McKay and Will Ferrell are reuniting in 2013 for...Anchorman: The Legend Continues
Will Ferrell made his Broadway debut in a one-man show about...George W. Bush
Ricky's dad puts him in a car with a...Cougar
Gary Cole, who plays Reese Bobby, appeared in the David Gordon Green film...Pineapple Express
When Ricky returns to racing, he is sponsored by...Julio's Thongs for Men
Ricky celebrates his return to racing by taking his parents and sons to...Applebee's

Ted (39 questions)
author: ruda225
clip: clip author goes here
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True or False: Ted has a sequal in the works. True
Director Seth MacFarlane is the creator of which hit cartoon series? Family Guy
Ted hit theaters in ___. 2012
Mark Wahlberg has served as an executive producer for ___ HBO series. 3
True or False: Mark Wahlberg voiced Ted. False
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch was a ___. Hip-hop group
Which “Family Guy” character does Mila Kunis voice? Meg
Ted is a talking ___. Bear
Mark Wahlberg's brother Donnie, founded which boy band? New Kids on the Block
Mark Wahlberg hails from ___. Boston
Mark Wahlberg and two of his brothers own a ___ restaurant. Burger
Mila Kunis previously starred on which hit sitcom? That 70's Show
Ted received an Academy Award nominated for ___. Best Original Song
Who plays Rex, Lori's boss and stalker? Joel McHale
True or False: "Ted" takes place in Miami. False
Mila Kunis has a daughter with which one of her "That '70s Show" co-stars? Ashton Kutcher
John and Ted's favorite film is ___. Flash Gordon
Ted made over ___ million at the box office. 500
John and Ted are deathly afraid of ___. Thunder
What happens to Ted at Fenway Park? He rips in half
Ted is dating ___. Tami-Lynn
Ted was John's ___ gift. Christmas
At the beginning of the film, Ted gets a job at a ___. Grocery store
True or False: John's parents don't know Ted can speak. False
Who is John's girlfriend? Lori
Where did John and Lori meet? At a nightclub
Before they co-starred in "Ted," Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis starred in which action thriller? Max Payne
John and Lori work at a ___. Rental car agency
At the beginning of the film, Lori is frustrated with John because she wants to ___. Propose
Which famous singer is Ted's ex-lover? Norah Jones
In 2013, Seth MacFarlane hosted ___. The Oscars
Ted and John meet ___ at an apartment. Sam J. Jones
Who kidnaps Ted towards the end of the film? Donny
Where does John rescue Ted? Fenway Park
Lori's creepy boss is named ___. Rex
At the apartment party, Ted gets beat up by a ___. Duck
Donny gets arrested for ____. Kidnapping a plush toy
Donny's son Robert grows up to become which famous celebrity? Taylor Lautner
Ted comes back to life after wishing on a ___. Shooting star

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (30 questions)
author: dunja
clip: drlux
According to Sarah Connor, which person is most directly responsible for the development of Skynet? Miles Dyson
Arnold Schwarzenegger portrays a reprogrammed model __ robot. T-800
Arnold Schwarzenegger took a break from "Terminator" movies to be the Governor of __. California
At the start of "Terminator 2", John Connor is living in __. Los Angeles
At the time of its production, T2 was the __ film ever made. Most expensive
Earlier in the movie, the villainous T-100 assumes the identity of a __. Police officer
How much was Arnold Schwarzenegger for his role in "Terminator 2?" $15 million
James Cameron's original choice for the role of the T-1000 was 1908's music star __. Billy Idol
Linda Hamilton played the badass Sarah Connor and most recently appeared on the popular spy series __. Chuck
Sarah Connor's original plan is to escape with John to __. Mexico
Sarah Connor was sent to a mental hospital hospital after attempting to __. Bomb a factory
Scientist Miles Dyson works for a company called __. Cyberdyne Systems
"Terminator 2" earned a total of __ Academy Awards.4
"Terminator 2 " had the record for the highest grossing weekend for an R-rated movie until the release of __. Matrix reloaded
"Terminator 2" star Robert Patrick is no stranger to action flick sequels, having also appeared in __. Die Hard 2
"Terminator 2" takes places __ years after the events of the 1st "Terminator" film. 11
"Terminator 2" was directed and produced by __. James Cameron
"Terminator 2 " was originally released during __weekend in 1991. July 4th
The movie's climactic battle takes place in a __. Steel Mill
The villainous robot that is pursuing John Connor is a model __. T-1000
Throughout the "Terminator" series, the Connors are pursued by a robot controlled organization called __. Skynet
When did T2 come out? 1991
Which "Terminator 2" character did NOT appear in the original "Terminator" film? John Connor
Which "Terminator" film had the largest production budget? Salvation
Who has appeared is every "Terminator" film? Arnold Schwarzenegger
Who famously says', "Come with me if you want to live"? Terminator
Who played John Connor in "Terminator 2"? Edward Furlong
Who played John Connor in the in the "Terminator: Salvation" series reboot? Christian Bale
Who was responsible for reprogramming the Terminator sent to protect John Connor? John Connor
Who was Sarah Connor's doctor at the prison hospital? Dr. Silberman

There's Something About Mary (41 questions)
author: dunja
clip: drlux
Who directed TSAM? The Farrelly Brothers
The role of Mary's former football player boyfriend was originally written for __. Steve Young
The Farrelly Brothers' first movie was __. Dumb and Dumber
Cameron Diaz launched her career as a __. Model
The Farrelly brothers co-wrote the script for the __ episode of "Seinfeld." 50th
Ben Stiller is the son of two __. comedians
Ben Stiller is part of a comedy group that the media calls the __. Frat Pack
Tucker works as a __ delivery boy. Pizza
Matt Dillon was born and raised in __. New York
Lin Shaye, who plays Magda, has appeared in __ Farrelly Brothers movies. 4
TSAM was the __highest grossing Film of 1998? 4th
Markie Post, who plays Mary's mother, got her start working on __. Game shows
Keith David plays Mary's __ in the movie. Stepfather
TSAM starts out during Ted's __. Prom
Mary works as a __ surgeon. Orthopedic
Ted decided to go looking for Mary __ years after high school. 13
Mary now lives in __. Florida
Chris Elliot, who plays Dom, had a recurring role on __. Everybody Loves Raymond
Chris Elliott, who plays Dom, was a writer and performer on __. Late Night with David Letterman.
TSAM is narrated by a __. Guitarist
William Earl Brown, who plays Warren, played Dan Dority in HBO's __. Deadwood
William Earl Brown, who plays Warren, is a vocalist and guitarist in a __ band. Country
Earlier in the movie, Tucker told Mary he worked as an __. Architect
Dom has a problem with __. Hives
Earlier in the movie, Tucker resorted to drugging Magda's __ while trying to win Mary over. Dog
Pat Healy works as a __. Private detective
The only one of Mary's suitors who didn't try to deceive her was __. Brett
Tucker pretended to need __. crutches
Both Ben Stiller and his wife Christine Taylor have guest starred on __. Friends
Ben Stiller's production company, Red Hour Productions, after a __ reference. Star Trek
Matt Dillon made a guest appearance on __in 2011. Modern Family
Willie Garson makes an appearance on the movie - he's currently on the show __. White Collar
Richard Jenkins, who plays the psychiatrist, played the head of the Fisher family in __. Six Feet Under
Earlier in the movie, Ted brings Warren a baseball autographed by Tony Conigliaro, who played for the __ in the 60's. Boston Red Sox
Who revealed she was the body being carried by the hitchhiker? Cameron Diaz
The Farrelly brothers are from __. Rhode Island
Mary and Ted's discussion about about meat on sticks was originally written for an episode of __. Seinfeld
Cameron Diaz's __ makes a cameo appearance in the prison scene. Father
The hotel Ted stays at in Miami is a real one owned by __ . Gloria Estefan
Brett Favre, who appears as Mary's previous boyfriend, played for the __ at the time of the movie. Green Bay Packers
Ted's best friend Dom has a thing for women's __. Shoes

Think Like a Man (36 questions)
author: yuzjvwa, Skoodge
clip: yuzjvwa, DawgFanForLife - ALT []
Think Like a Man is based on a book by ___. Steve Harvey
True or False: Steve Harvey used to star in "The Steve Harvey Show." True
Kevin Hart plays Cedric. Besides being an actor and standup comedian, he's a 2-time ___ Celebrity All-Star Game MVP. NBA
Which "Entourage" actor plays Jeremy? Jerry Ferrara
Dominic is known as the what? The Dreamer
Regina Hall plays single mom Candace, but you might remember her as Brenda from the horror film spoof series ___. Scary Movie
Who is the only "happily married man" at the start of the flick? Bennett
Before he was Michael, Terrence J. made a name for himself as a ___. TV host
Jeremy is afraid of ___. Commitment
Who does NOT make an appearance in "Think Like a Man?" Drake
True or False: Cedric is divorced. True
Michael Ealy starred in Beyonce's video for ___. Halo
Think Like a Man had a budget of ____. $12 million
Lauren is ____ when she first comes across Steve Harvey's dating advice. Working out
Who plays Mya's friend, Sonia? La La Anthony
When was "Think Like a Man" released? 2012
Who has vowed to NOT sleep with anyone for 90 days? Mya
Before he was Zeke, actor Romany Malco played Conrad Shepard on the Showtime series ___. Weeds
Earlier in the film, Steve Harvey is a guest on a talk show called ___. Vicki
Gabrielle Union rose to fame in "Bring It On." Her character was the head cheerleader of a squad called ____. The Clovers
Jeremy is dating ____. Kristen
Who is Lauren's ex-boyfriend? James
Which "Think Like a Man" cast member is engaged to NBA superstar Dwayne Wade? Gabrielle Union
True or False: The men are the ones who get their hands on Steve Harvey's book first. False
Taraji P. Henson starred on the CBS procedural ____, where her character, Joss Carter, met a gruesome end. Person of Interest
Who is constantly calling Mya the wrong name? Alex
Michael is trying to woo ___. Candace
Who directed "Think Like a Man?" Tim Story
How many dates do Mya and Zeke have before she invites Zeke for a nightcap? 5
Which former WNBA superstar makes a cameo in the flick? Lisa Leslie
Who got rid of all the memorabilia that Jeremy had in his place? Kristen
Jennifer Hudson is featured on the soundtrack. What song does she belt out for the film? Think Like a Man
Who narrates the film? Kevin Hart
Earlier in the film, Lauren thought that Dominic owned a what? A Lamborghini
Kelly Rowland appears in the film as Brenda. She was part of the girl group ___. Destiny's Child
Taraji P. Henson nabbed an Oscar nomination for her role as Brad Pitt's mom in "The Curious Case of _____." Benjamin Button

Thor (38 questions)
author: Giga_T
clip: DawgFanForLife
Which "Thor" actress earned an Academy Award in 2011? Natalie Portman
Thor's friends are known as Sif and the Warriors ___. Three
Jane and Erik are chasing electric storms in what state? New Mexico
What is Jane's profession in "Thor?" Astrophysicist
Agent Coulson works for ___? S.H.I.E.L.D.
Darcy is Jane's ___. Intern
Jane first encounters Thor when she ___. Hits him with her car
Who attempts to steal the casket from Odin? Frost Giants
Where is Thor from? Asgard
Thor and his friends travel to ___ to confront the Frost Giants. Jotunheim
Who rescues Thor and his friends in Jotunheim? Odin
For his disobedience, Odin ___ Thor. Banishes
After running Thor over with their car, Darcy ___. Tasers him
Loki is Thor's ___. Brother
Which comic book legend makes a cameo in "Thor?" Stan Lee
Mjolnir is the name of Thor's ___. Hammer
Thor earned over ___ at the domestic Box Office. $400 million
Chris Hemsworth played a ___ in the film "Rush." Racecar driver
When Jane and Darcy first meet Thor, they think he is ___. Crazy
In "Thor", Kat Dennings plays Darcy. Kat currently stars on which hit sitcom? 2 Broke Girls
After ___ falls ill, Loki declares himself King. Odin
Which Avenger makes a cameo in "Thor?" Hawkeye
Loki visits Earth and tells Thor that their father is ___. Dead
Sif and the Warriors Three ride a gateway back to ___. Earth
Heimdall guards and controls the ___. Bifrost Bridge
After firing Heimdall, Loki puts him in a ___. Deep-freeze
Thor tells Jane that if she helps him find his ___, he'll return her confiscated research. Hammer
What does Loki send to Earth to kill Thor? The Destroyer
How many realms are there in the universe? 9
True or False:Thor destroys the Bifrost Bridge to save Jotunheim. True
Which actor makes a cameo after the end credits of "Thor?" Samuel L. Jackson
Which acclaimed actor directed "Thor?" Kenneth Branagh
Anthony Hopkins plays Odin, Thor's ___. Father
Actress Renee Russo plays Thor's mother, Frigga. She's best known for her role in which action film series? Lethal Weapon
What did Odin lose in a battle with the Frost Giants? His eye
Anthony Hopkins earned an Oscar for his role as which movie villain? Hannibal Lector
Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, was made ___. From a dying star
Chris Hemsworth also played Thor in which 2012 superhero flick? The Avengers

Titanic (38 questions)
author: FizzyPops, BiBi_Ramone
clip: drlux
Kate Winslet gave birth to a baby boy recently and she named him what?! Bear
Leonardo di Caprio dated a slew of gorgeous models since joining Hollywood's A-list -- but who is his current main squeeze? Toni Garrn
Which actress was NOT considered to play the role of Rose...Julia Roberts
Leonardo DiCaprio recently played Jay Gatsby in the film based on the novel by...F. Scott Fitzgerald
Bill Paxton also appeared in James Cameron's...Aliens
James Cameron was married to director __ from 1989-1991...Kathryn Bigelow
Which was NOT among the artifacts that elder Rose is shown...Ivory earrings
Bill Paxton, who plays Brock Lovett, played Bill Henrickson on...Big Love
Which 2008 film reunited 3 of the stars of "Titanic"...Revolutionary Road
Kate Winslet played the bright-haired Clementine in the 2004 film...Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Leonardo DiCaprio appeared opposite Johnny Depp in...What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Billy Zane appeared opposite Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei in...Only You
When he lived in Santa Monica, Jack sold portraits for __ each...10 cents
James Cameron's most recent film was...Avatar
At 14 nominations, "Titanic" is the most Oscar nominated film to NOT win for...Best Actress
Kathy Bates played literary legend __ in Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris"...Gertrude Stein
Kate Winslet played the young Iris Murdoch in “Iris." Who played the older Iris...Judi Dench
The film's undercover working title was...Planet Ice
Victor Garber, who is Thomas Andrews in the movie, played Jennifer Garner's father on...Alias
Molly Brown tells Jack he shines up "like a new __" in her son's tuxedo...New penny
After her father left them, Rose's mother had to work as a...Seamstress
What is Jack's famous line uttered at the prow of the ship...I'm king of the world!
In which film does Leonardo DiCaprio NOT play an aviator...Gangs of New York
Titanic was called the "Ship of Dreams," but Rose calls it a...Slave ship
Jack wins tickets on the Titanic and brings his friend...Fabrizio
In the 1964 movie, "The Unsinkable Molly Brown," the title role was played by...Debbie Reynolds
Jack and Fabrizio see __ from the ship's prow...Dolphins
One of Jack's drawings features __ seated at a bar wearing all her jewelry...Madame Bijoux
Bernard Hill, who plays Captain Edward Smith, was __ in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy...King Theoden
The name of the small underwater robot that scours the ocean is...Dunkin
The Titanic actually sunk at...2:20 AM
Studio execs initially wanted __ to play the role of Jack...Matthew McConaughey
Gloria Stuart, who plays elder Rose, played Queen Anne in the 1939 version of...The Three Musketeers
Brock and his crew are looking for a famous diamond called the...Heart of the Ocean
What is the elder Rose doing when she first hears the news of the expedition...Pottery
Kate Winslet appeared opposite Johnny Depp in...Finding Neverland
"Titanic" was one of the most expensive movies made at the time, with a budget of...$200 million
Who was NOT one of the famous First Class passengers pointed out by Rose...Lord Grantham
Rose survives by clinging to a...Door
“My Heart Will Go On” is performed by…Celine Dion

CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story (42 questions)
author: imccallusa, clipandshare, DawgFanForLife
clip: DawgFanForLife - ALT []
TLC's first record was called ___. Ooooooohhh... On the TLC Tip
The band name TLC was inspired by ___. The members' names
True or False: TLC recorded the theme song to the Nickelodeon show "All That." True
TLC's manager was nicknamed ___. Pebbles
Way before Keke Palmer played Chilli, she was on the Disney Channel show ___. True Jackson, VP
True or False: Lisa Lopes earned her nickname after a guy complimented her left eye. True
Chilli had a long relationship with ___. Usher
Finish the legendary lyric: "No, I don't want no ___." Scrubs
T-Boz has ___. Sickle-cell anemia
Who plays Left Eye in this movie? Lil Mama
What did the group file for in 1995? Bankruptcy
TLC's album "FanMail" debuted at ___. #1
True or False: T-Boz won "The Apprentice." False
Which song was NOT featured on "FanMail?" MMMBop
According to TLC, you should not go chasing ___. Waterfalls
TLC was first signed to ___ Records. LaFace
How many copies did TLC's 2nd album, "CrazySexyCool," sell worldwide? 23 million
Unfortunately, Left Eye passed away before the group released their 4th album. What was it called? 3D
True or False: TLC is the best-selling female group of all time. False
TLC originated in ___. Atlanta
What was the name of Chilli's VH1 dating show? What Chilli Wants
Who performed with TLC at the 2013 American Music Awards? Lil Mama
TLC recently signed with which label? Epic
T-Boz's move to California was chronicled on a ___ series. TLC
Before Drew Sidora portrayed T-Boz, she played Chantel on ithe Disney Channel Show ___. That's So Raven
True or False: TLC has never won a Grammy. False
Chilli has a son with former collaborator ___. Dallas Austin
TLC formed in ___. 1990
Left Eye was working on a new album under the pseudonym ___ before she passed away. N.I.N.A.

(The) Town (42 questions)
author: RoadWarrior1972
clip: DawgFanForLife
The Town was released in _______. 2010
Before it was a film, “The Town” was a _____. Book
Chuck Hogan wrote the novel that “The Town” is based on and he’s also responsible for which FX series? The Strain
Who directed “The Town”? Ben Affleck
True or False. Ben Affleck produced and co-wrote screenplay for “The Town”. True
Which “The Town” actor earned an Oscar nomination for their role in the film? Jeremy Renner
The movie is set around the Greater ______ area. Boston
Don’t let the Boston accent fool you, Vigglers. Rebecca Hall, aka Claire, is really from ________. England
True or False. “The Town” was filmed in Boston. True
Ben Affleck is married to Jennifer Garner. Who officiated their 2005 nuptials. Victor Garber
How much dough did “The Town” rake in at the box office? $154 million
Doug and his posse are all ______. Thieves
James goes by which nickname? Jem
Who does the crew take as a hostage at the beginning of the film? Claire
Doug’s crew wears creepy _____ masks to rob Cambridge Merchants. Skeleton
Who plays FBI Agent Adam Frawley? Jon Hamm
Where does Claire live? Charlestown
Legendary Pictures produced “The Town”. The production company is also behind which popular trilogy? The Dark Knight
Who is Doug’s ex-girlfriend? Krista
Jem is a former ______. Convict
Doug is getting cozy with _____. Claire
True or False. Doug’s old man is also a criminal. True
Who is Doug searching for throughout the entire flick? His mom
Doug was once an up-and-coming ______ star. Hockey
Ben Affleck picked up a bunch of Best Director awards for “Argo”. Did he also win the Best Director Oscar? No
As of 2014, Jon Hamm has been nominated for ____ Emmy Awards. 10
Blake Lively is currently expecting her first child with her husband _______. Ryan Reynolds
Earlier in the film, Claire noticed one of the bank robbers what? Tattoo
Who convinces Claire to NOT talk to the FBI? Doug
Doug, Jem and their buddies answer to _______. Fergie
Doug visits his dad in the film. His pops is currently in ______ The slammer
Ben Affleck once suited up as which superhero? Daredevil
Doug wants to move to _______. Florida
Fergie plans a robbery in which Boston neighborhood? North End
Who shoots a guard during the North End robbery? Jem
True or False. Claire quits her gig at the bank. True
The guys wear _____ getups to rob the armored truck. Nun
Does Doug want to rob Fenway Park? No
How much money is the crew planning to steal from Fenway Park? $3.5 million
Who gives up details of the crew’s Fenway Park heist plans to the FBI? Krista
In order to pull off the Fenway Park heist, the crew dresses up like ________. Paramedics
Who kills Fergie? Doug

Toy Story (32 questions)
author: namenotimportant, BiBi_Ramone, ruda225
While it first appeared in TS, the ___ would go on to appear in almost every Pixar movie. Pizza Planet Truck
Each frame of TS took anywhere from 4 to ___ hours to render. 13
Pixar was purchased by ___ in 1986. Steve Jobs
In the movie, there's a Binford Tools toolbox on top of the crate that traps Woody-that's a reference to ___. Home Improvement
The Pixar team used Tom Hank's voice from ___ in early test footage. Turner & Hooch
Andy's last name is ___. Davis
The Dinoco, the oil company that appears in the movie, also appears in ___. Cars
The teapot Hannah uses to serve Buzz is a standard 3D model known as a ___ teapot. Utah
The carpet in Sid's house is based on the one from the classic horror film ___. The Shining
Woody was a character in an old children's ___. TV Show
Sid's dog is named ___. Scud
Laurie Metcalf, who voices Andy's mom, has more recently played Mom to ___ on "The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon
Luxo, Jr and Luxo, Sr, Pixar's 2 signature desk lamps, also appeared in shorts on ____. Sesame Street
There's a ___ watch on Andy's wall. Mickey Mouse
Buzz Lightyear's nemesis is emperor ___. Zurg
The commander of the Green Army Men is named ___. Sarge
Before they created TS, Pixar released ___, which was also about toys coming to life. Tin Toy
Erik von Detten, who voiced Sid, also appeared in ___. The Princess Diaries
Hannah, Sid's sister, names Buzz ___ after she finds him. Mrs. Nesbit
After TS, Pixar's next film was ___. A Bug's Life
The music in TS was written by ___. Randy Newman
In TS, Andy is ___ years old. 6
Annie Potts, who voices BoPeep, appeared in the 80s film ___. Ghostbusters
Andy received Buzz as a gift for ___. his birthday
The back of the Pizza Planet truck has the word ___. Yo
The aliens from the Pizza Planet claw game have ___ eyes. 3
TS was nominated for ___ Oscars at the 1996 Academy Awards. 2
The first Pixar film to be released with a short in front of it was ___. A Bug's Life
AII3 appears in every Pixar film. In TS, it's on Andy's mom's ___. License plate
Wallace Shawn, who voices Rex, is well known for his role as Vizzini in ___. The Princess Bride
Andy's cloud wallpaper makes a cameo in ___. Monsters, Inc.
How many Pixar films have won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature so far? 7

Toy Story 2 (35 questions)
author: miome
clip: drlux
Woody’s owner and best friend is named _____. Andy
Woody’s horse is named _____. Bullseye
Complete Buzz Lightyear's famous quote: "To _____ and beyond!" Infinity
Woody saves _____ from being sold at a yard sale. Wheezy
The villain is an evil toy store owner named _____. Al McWhiggin
Toy Story 2 is one of only _____ Disney movies to win a Golden Globe for Best Picture. 3
Which actor provides the voice of Woody? Tom Hanks
At the start of the movie, Andy and Woody are getting ready to go to _____. Cowboy Camp
Woody discovers that he was the star of a popular TV show called _____. Woody’s Roundup
Al McWhiggin’s toy store is called _____. Al’s Toy Barn
Tom Hanks played professor Robert Langdon in the hit film _____. Da Vinci Code
Who provided the voice of Buzz Lightyear? Tim Allen
As of now, the Toy Story series consists of _____ movies. 3
Toy Story 2 writer Andrew Stanton is perhaps best known for directing _____. Finding Nemo
Tim Allen starred as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on the hit sitcom _____. Home Improvement
Which Toy Story 2 star also served as the main character in the popular “Santa Clause” film series? Tim Allen
Toy Story 2 first hit theaters in _____. 1999
Which one of the Toy Story films earned the most money at the box office? Toy Story 3
Kelsey Grammer recently starred in the dark Starz series _____. Boss
At the start of Toy Story 2, Woody has a nightmare about being thrown in a garbage can by _____. Andy
The Toy Story series isn’t Tom Hanks’ only animated film work. He also starred in _____. The Polar Express
Tom Hanks was awarded an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in _____. Forrest Gump
Jessie the Cowgirl is voiced by _____. Joan Cusack
Buzz Lightyear’s arch-nemesis is an alien named _____. Emperor Zurg
In real life, Tom Hanks has a son named _____, who is also an actor. Colin
The Toy Story film series is one of the most successful products of the _____ animation studio. Pixar
Woody learns that he’s about to be sold to a toy museum in _____. Tokyo
Which of the following Toy Story 2 characters was NOT featured in Woody’s 1950s TV show? Wheezy
The most recent Toy Story movie hit theaters in _____. 2010
Woody suffers from a severely damaged _____. Right arm
Which Toy Story 2 character does NOT appear in the original Toy Story movie? Al McWhiggin
Woody learns that Jessie the Cowgirl was once owned by a girl named _____. Emily
Who captures Woody when he sneaks into Al’s Toy Barn? Utility Belt Buzz
Hamm is a _____. Piggy Bank
Wheezy is a toy _____. Penguin

Toy Story 3 (38 questions)
author: scamper879
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Toy Story 3 is the ____ movie in the franchise. Longest
Cheryl Burke and Tony Dovolani of _____ choreographed Jessie and Buzz's dance scene in the credits. Dancing with the Stars
Andy is now ____ years old. 18
Buzz is hit by a falling ____ as he tries to save Jesse. Television
The toys narrowly escape a conveyor belt leading to a ...Incinerator
Lotso and ____ run the daycare like a prison. Big Baby
At the daycare, Ken falls in love with ....Barbie.
Woody returns to Sunnyside in Bonnie's....Backpack.
Buzz is accidentally switched into a mode that has him speaking...Spanish
Buzz falls in love with....Jessie.
Who composed the music in this film? Randy Newman
True or false: Toy Story 3 won a Grammy for best score. True
Wallace Shawn, the voice if Rex, appeared on a sitcom adapted from the movie ...Clueless
Before working on the film. director Lee Unkrich and the animation team....Shaved their heads
Randy Newman wrote and performed the song We Belong Together, which is also the name of a track by ...Mariah Carey
Toy Story 3 was directed by...Lee Unkrich
True or False: Ned Beatty, who voices Lotso, is the brother of Warren Beatty. False
Estelle Harris, who plays Mrs. Potato Head, appeared as George's mother on...Seinfeld
Jodi Benson, who voices Barbie, also provided the voice of Ariel in...The Little Mermaid
Woody returns to Sunnyside in Bonnie's....Backpack (again??? - counted again for me anyhow)
Michael Keaton.....Keaton's birth name is actually Michael...Douglas
Andy's mom is voiced by Laurie Metcalf, who was nominated for 4 Emmys for her work on....Roseanne
Initially, Andy planned to take ______ with him to college. Woody
Lotso and Big Baby were once owned by...Daisy.
Joan Cusack, who plays Jessie, appeared as Rosalie in....The School of Rock
True or False: Toy Story 3 was the first PIxar movie to be released in IMAX. True
Ken wears _____ outfits throughout the course of the movie. 21
Tim Allen's real name is ...Timothy Allen Dick
Tom Hanks is married to....Rita Wilson
The toys are rescued from the incinerator by...The Aliens
Both Tom Hanks and his son, Colin, have appeared on the NPR show...Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
John Ratzenberger, who voices Hamm, played Cliff on Cheers, as well as the spinoff...Frasier
After his narrow escape from the incinerator, Lotso ends up strapped to a...Truck
Andy and the toys return to Andy's house on a ...Garbage Truck
This movie has made about...$1 billion
When the toys escape the garbage thrown out by Andy's mom, they end up at a .....Daycare
Woody, thwarted in his planned escape, is taken home by...Bonnie
Which award did Toy Story 3 NOT take home? Peabody

Transformers (36 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
Who directed "Transformers?"...Michael Bay
What mythical world is the home planet for all Transformers...Cybertron
What is Ironhide's speciality...Weapons
The "Transformers" film franchise is based on a line of...Toys
Barricade is a...Decepticon
The "Transformers" are divided into Autobots and...Decepticons
Bonecrusher is a...Decepticon
What song starts to play when Sam drives Mikaela home…Sexual Healing
What object acts as the universal life source for all Transformers…The All Spark
Bernie Mac appears as...Bobby Bolivia
In the film, Sam's Chevy Camaro transforms into...Bumblebee
Which Autobot is a medic...Ratchet
Which “Transformers” actress is married to a former “90210” star…Megan Fox
Jon Voight, who plays John Keller, is the father of __ in real life...Angelina Jolie
Sam Witwicky is played by...Shia LaBeouf
Anthony Anderson, who plays Glen, played Detective Kevin Bernard on…Law & Order
Sam Witwicky’s dog is named…Mojo
Josh Duhamel plays...William Lennox
The sequel to "Transformers" was released in...2009
In the film, Sam uses the nickname "ladiesman217" on...eBay
Who is the leader of the Autobots...Optimus Prime
Sector Seven is the name of a...Government Agency
Sam's guardian is...Bumblebee
The leader of the Decepticons is...Megatron
Josh Duhamel is married to...Fergie
Which Decepticon escapes at the end of the film...Starscream
The Witwicky family motto is "No sacrifice, no __...Victory
Sam Witwicky is the keeper of his great-grandfather's...Glasses
Archibald Witwicky discovered __ beneath the ice...Megatron
Who provides the voice of Optimus Prime...Peter Cullen
Sam's father, Ron, is played by...Kevin Dunn
John Turturro plays Agent __ in the film...Simmons
Who was originally approached to make a quick voice cameo in the film...Howard Stern
The remains of Decepticons are left to deconstruct where...The Laurentian Abyss
Who plays Mikaela Banes in the film...Megan Fox
Recognize the voice of Megatron? That's Hugo Weaving, who played __ in "The Matrix" trilogy...Agent Smith

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (37 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
All three "Transformers" movies were directed by...Michael Bay
A fourth "Transformers" movie is scheduled for release in...2014
During filming, Shia LaBeouf was in a car accident, severely injuring his...Hand
The part of Leo Spitz was originally offered to...Jonah Hill
The alliance between humans and Autobots is called...NEST
Autobots are originally from...Cybertron
Megan Fox was replaced by __ in the third "Transformers" movie...Rose Huntington-Whiteley
Which of the "Transformers" movies earned the most money at the box office...Dark of the Moon
The Prime who installed a Sun Harvester on Earth was called...The Fallen
Back in the day, Shia LaBeouf appeared on the Disney Channel series...Even Stevens
Josh Duhamel, who plays William Lennox, played the title role opposite Topher Grace and Kate Bosworth in...Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!
In addition to the "Transformers" series, Shia LaBeouf had a major role in which movie franchise...Indiana Jones
The mystical object required to start the Sun Harvester is called...The Matrix of Leadership
"Revenge of the Fallen" takes place __ years after the events of the first "Transformers" movie...2
Who lead the human half of the Autobot/Human alliance...William Lennox
Which Decepticon steals the Allspark from NEST's base...Ravage
Which of the following "Revenge of the Fallen" actors also appears in "The Fast and the Furious" series...Tyrese Gibson
Sam Witwicky is dating a girl named...Mikaela
Tyrese Gibson, who plays Epps, has been nominated for 3...Grammy Awards
Sam's college roommate is named...Leo Spitz
Megan Fox is married to __ in real life...Brian Austin Green
Sam is nearly seduced by a fellow college student named...Alice
Sam Witwicky hallucinates __ symbols...Cybertronian
Isabel Lucas, who plays Alice, also starred in the 2012 movie...Red Dawn
Megan Fox played a comedic role in the 2012 movie...This is 40
From 2004 to 2006, Megan Fox had a major role in the sitcom...Hope & Faith
Megan Fox has a young son named...Noah
Sam Witwicky's father is named...Ron
Which Decepticon attempts to steal an Allspark shard from Mikaela...Wheelie
Seymour Simmons was a former member of a shadowy group called...Sector 7
Which of the following locations is NOT featured in "Revenge of the Fallen?"...Mount Everest
Which of the following actors will NOT appear in the 2014 "Transformers" movie...Kurt Russell
Josh Duhamel starred alongside Julianne Hough in...Safe Haven
Sam's nerdy college professor is played by...Rainn Wilson
According to Seymour Simmons, the most ancient of the Transformers are known as the...Seekers
Which "Revenge of the Fallen" star hosted the 2013 Kids Choice Awards...Josh Duhamel
"Revenge of the Fallen" director Michael Bay was also the man behind the 1998 disaster flick...Armageddon

Troy (46 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: DawgFanForLife
"Troy" first hit theatres in ___ . 2004
David Benioff wrote the screenplay for "Troy." He's mostly known as one of the head writers and executive producers of ___ . Game of Thrones
Who plays Achilles? Brad Pitt
How many kids does Brad Pitt have? 6 (six)
"Troy" is based on the classic "Illiad" by ___ . Homer
Prince Hector is from ___ . Troy
Who travels with Prince Hector to Sparta at the beginning of the film? His brother
Who falls for King Menelaus' wife, Helen of Sparta? Paris
Diane Kruger plays Helen of Sparta, later Helen of Troy. In real life, she's dating "Dawson's Creek" star ___ . Joshua Jackson
Who is the head honcho of all the Greek armies? Agamemnon
Who directed "Troy?" Wolfgang Petersen
Agamemnon is looking for glory and to rule over Troy, but first he needs to get ___ on his side. Achilles
Patroclus is Achilles' ___ . Cousin
Who does Achilles seek advice from at the start of the film? His mother
Where is the Achilles tendon located? Heel
Why does Achilles want to fight in the Trojan War? For glory
Achilles resides in the Greek city of ___ . Phthia
Eric Bana plays Hector. He once played which superhero? The Hulk
"Troy" grossed nearly ___ million at the box office. $500
Achilles leads an army of soldiers known as the ___ . Myrmidons
True or False: Brad Pitt really hurt his Achilles tendon during the film's production. True
King ___ rules over Troy. Priam
Finish this "Troy" quote: "Immortality! Take it! It's ___ !" Yours
Hector's wife is named ___ . Andromache
True of False: The Myrmidons ransack the Temple of Apollo when they first arrive to Troy. True
Who is Hector and Paris' cousin? Briseis
Rose Byrne, aka Briseis, has made quite the name for herself. She recently starred in the Seth Rogen comedy ___ . Neighbors
Which film did Brad Pitt pass on to work on "Troy?" The Fountain
In the film, Paris wants to avoid the loss of many men by battling ___ in man-to-man combat. Menelaus
30 Which Greek warrior does Hector take down during the battle outside of Troy's gates? Ajax the Greater
Finish this "Troy" quote: "I don't care about the man's allegiance, I care about his ability to ___ ." Win battles
Sean Bean, aka Odysseus, is known for playing characters that always ___ in films. Die
The budget for the film was ___ . $175 million
Who plays Hector's wife, Andromache? Saffrom Burrows
Who poses as Achilles when the Trojans attack the Greeks at the beach? Patroclus
Before Achilles cremates Patroclus' body, he places ___ on his eyes. Coins
Earlier in the film, Achilles took down a giant named ___ . Boagrius
True or False: Brad Pitt has NEVER won an Academy Award for his acting. True
Peter O'Toole was a Hollywood legend. Which 1960s film earned him his first Best Actor Oscar nomination? Lawrence of Arabia
Prior to the film's production, Brad Pitt trained for ___ to play Achilles. 6 months
Garrett Hedlund, aka Patroclus, went on to play Don Billingsley in the 2004 football flick ___ . Friday Night Lights
Who is responsible for Hector's death? Achilles
Who surprises Achilles at night begging for Hector's body? Priam
The Greeks bypass the Trojan gates via a ___, which Priam and his advisers see as a symbol of Menelaus' surrender. Wooden horse
What is Paris' weapon of choice? Bow and arrow
Who is responsible for Achilles' downfall? Paris

True Grit (35 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
"True Grit" earned over __ at the box office in 2010...$250 million
Jeff Bridges was nominated for a __ Award for his role as Rooster...Oscar
"True Grit" is based on the __ by Charles Portis...Novel
"True Grit" was directed by the __ brothers...Coen
Mattie enlists Rooster because she's heard he is the meanest __ around...Bounty hunter
How much does Mattie offer Rooster for his services…$50
Which “True Grit” actor appeared in the superhero hit “Iron Man?”…Jeff Bridges
Mattie first attempts to speak with Rooster while he’s inside a…Outhouse
Rooster only has 1…Eye
Who plays LaBoeuf…Matt Damon
Jeff Bridges appeared in which beloved Coen brothers film…The Big Lebowski
How many years pass from when Rooster saves Mattie to when she tries to find him…25
Mattie eventually learns that Rooster was a member of a __ show…Wild West
Because of child labor laws, the Coen Brothers were unable to film any scenes past midnight with…Hailee Steinfeld
Hailee Steinfeld is set to appear in the upcoming sci-fi film…Ender’s Game
LaBoeuf injures his __ in a shootout with Ned Pepper’s gang…Tongue
LaBoeuf claims to be an expert…Sharpshooter
True or False: Rooster quits the mission soon after saving LaBoeuf from Ned’s gang…TRUE
On her second night in town, Mattie is kept awake by Grandma Turner’s…Snoring
LaBoeuf is a…Texas Ranger
While tracking Chaney, Mattie and Rooster meet a dentist dressed in a…Bear head and coat
“True Grit” is narrated by…Mattie Ross
While fetching water from a stream, Mattie meets…Tom Chaney
Before Rooster saves her, Mattie is bitten on the __ by a rattlesnack…Hand
Reuben J. Cogburn’s nickname is…Rooster
Mattie’s horse is named…Little Blackie
“True Grit” is a remake of the 1969 film of the same name starring…John Wayne
According to Mattie, there’s “nothing free except the __.”…Grace of God
Mattie spends her first night in town sleeping at a…Funeral parlor
Which music star appears in the upcoming Coen brothers film “Inside Llewyn Davis?”…Justin Timberlake
Mattie hires Rooster to help her find…Tom Chaney
How old is Mattie...14
After shooting Chaney dead, Mattie falls down into a pit filled with...Snakes
Matt Damon played a spy in...The Bourne Identity
Which "True Grit" actor appeared in the 2007 film "No Country for Old Men?"...Josh Brolin

Twilight (36 questions)
authors: MajdelinaA, lusaka
clip: DawgFanForLife
The "Twilight" movie series is based on novels written by __ Stephanie Meyer
When did the first "Twilight" movie hit theaters? 2008
At the start of the "Twilight" series, Bella Swan is a __ Normal human
"Twilight" was directed by __ Catherine Hardwicke
At the start of "Twilight," Bella Swan is __ years old. 17
In 2010, a "Twilight" spot called __ poked fun at the insanely popular series. Vampires Suck
At the start of "Twilight," Edward Cullen is __ years old. 108
"Twilight" start Kristen Stewart had to wear __ contacts for her role as Bella Swan. Brown
Kristen Stewart couldn't resist that sparkly skin - she dates "Twilight" co-star __ in real life. Robert Pattinson
Which "Twilight" star was once in a relationship with pop star Taylor Swift? Taylor Lautner
The part of Edward Cullen was so coveted that the directors of "Twilight" tested over __ actors for the role. 5,000
Where did Bella Swan live before moving to Washington? Arizona
"Twilight" takes place in the small town of __ Forks
Bella Swan's mother is married to a professional __ player. Baseball
Who is Bella Swan's father? Charlie
Edward Cullen has __ adoptive brothers and sisters. 4
In "Twilight" Edward Cullen has the ability to __ Read minds
"Twilight" author Stephanie Meyer claims that the band __ was a major inspiration in her writing. Muse
In one famous "Twilight" scene, the vampires show off their powers by playing __ Baseball
Which "Hunger Games" star was briefly considered for the role of "Twilight's" Bella Swan? Jennifer Lawrence
"Twilight" author Stephanie Meyer makes a cameo in the movies as a __ Diner customer
Which vampire is also the town doctor? Carlisle Cullen
According to "Twilight," Edward Cullen became a vampire in __ 1918
Who is Bella Swan's mother? Renee
James Witherdale's mate is named __ Victoria Sutherland
Which vampire is considered the most beautiful woman in the world? Rosalie Hale
In addition to being Bella's father, Charlie Swan is also the town's __ Chief of Police
How many films are in the "Twilight" series? 5
In 2012, "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart took on another fantasy epic by appearing in a __ adaption. Snow White
Which movie is Kristen Stewart's most recent work? Still Alive
"Twilight" star Robert Pattinson is originally from __ England
In 2011, Twilight's" Robert Pattinson starred with Reese Witherspoon in __ Water for Elephants
"Twilight" villain Cam Gigandet once had a recurring role on the hit FOX series __ The O.C.
Rosalie's "twin brother" is named __ Jasper
Edward Cullen and Bella Swan first met during their __ class. Biology
Jacob Black is a member of the __ tribe. Quileute
In 2008, "Twilight's" Robert Pattinson won an MTV Award for his fight scene with __ Cam Gigandet

Twilight: Breaking Dawn, part 1 (26 questions)
authors: anita44
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The night before getting married, Bella dreamed that __ were at her wedding. The Volturi
What accessory did Bella's parents give her on her wedding day? Hair Clip
At the wedding, which guest was disturbed by the fact that a wolf was invited? Irena
Edward and Bella passed through which city on their honeymoon? Rio
For their honeymoon, Edward took Bella to the island of __. Isle Esme
What is the name of Jacob's tribe? Quileute
Edwards and Bella's daughters name is a combo of their __ names. Mother's
The Cullens live in __. Forks
Kristen Stewart showed off her swordsmanship in the fairy tale inspired action adventure __. Snow White and the Huntsman
Bella's dad, Charlie, is a __. Cop
If her kid was a boy, Bella wanted to name him E.J. What did E. J. stand for? Edward Jacob
Carlisle is a __. Doctor
Bella lied to her father and told him she was going to a medical center in __. Switzerland
Jacob's typical form of transportation is a __. Motorcycle
Peter Fecinelli plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight movies. He also plays a doctor on the show __. Nurse Jackie
Alice is part of the __ family. Cullen
Before Robert Pattinson played Edward, he was Cedric Diggory in the __ series. Harry Potter
Who told Bella to get over her aversion to fashion? Alice
Recognize the actress who plays Esme? Elizabeth Reaser played Jane Doe patient with a memory loss on the medical series __. Grey's Anatomy
Who did Leah used to date? Sam
Taylor Lautner once appeared in an ensemble comedy about a holiday. What was it called? Valentine's Day
Who played the role of Alice? Ashley Greene
Bill Condon directed Breaking Dawn Part 1. He also directed the movie musical __. Dreamgirls
Who did Bella call for help when she got to the airport on the way back from her honeymoon? Rosalie
What game did Bella and Edward play on their honeymoon? Chess
What was Bella's surname? Swan

Twilight: Eclipse (41 questions)
authors: taronga, mountainkitty, hulajes, mercvill, MajdelinaA
clip: drlux
When "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" was first released in 2010, it earned the record for Biggest midnight opening in the US
Which character was played by different actors in "New Moon" and "Eclipse"? Victoria
What happens to Edward's skin when he steps into the sunlight? It sparkles
Dakota Fanning's character, Jane, is part of the vampire coven The ___. Volturi
Which Hollywood starlet played Victoria in "Eclipse?" Bryce Dallas Howard
"Twilight" cast mates Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning both starred in ___. The Runaways
"Eclipse" is the ___ film in the "Twilight" series. 3rd
What does Bella drive? Chevy pick-up
Before Robert Pattinson was Edward, he played ___ in the Harry Potter franchise. Cedric Diggory
Anna Kendrick plays Bella's friend ___. Jessica
What exclusive item is included in Target's "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" DVD set? Bonus disc
What is Alice's special vampire ability? She can see in the future
Victoria is being assisted by a newborn vampire named___Riley
Where does Bella's mom live? Florida
Who is the newest and youngest member of the wolf pack? Seth Clearwater
Actor Gil Birmingham who plays Billy Black, recently guest starred on __. The Lying Game
What is Carlisle Cullen's job? Doctor
Bella and the Cullens live in Forks
Anna Kendrick was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her role in ___. Up in the Air
Rosalie Hale is married to Emmett
Before he became a vampire, Jasper Cullen fought in The Civil War
Which "Twilight: Eclipse" cast member wrote and starred in the award-winning movie, "Thirteen"? Nikki Reed
Which movie is Kristen Stewart's most recent work? On the Road
What is Edward's special vampire ability? Telepathy
Which actor portrays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the "Twilight" series? Peter Facinelli
Stephenie Meyer, the author of the "Twilight" series, wrote another book called The Host
Does Bella's dad look familiar? Revolution
After Ashley Greene finished playing Alice, she appeared in the horror film The Apparition
Author Stephanie Meyer said that the band ----- inspired her while writing the "Twilight" series. Muse
At the beginning of the series, Bella moved to Forks from Arizona
"Twilight" author Stephanie Meyer says the idea for the books came to her while she was Sleeping
Author SM originally planned a "Twilight" companion book called Midnight Sun
The "Twilight: Eclipse" novel sold about _____ copies in the first 24 hours after its release. 150,000
In 2012, the UK edition of "GQ" names Robert Pattinson the Best Dressed Man of 2012
Howard Shore composed the music for this movie. He also composed the music for ___. Lord of the Rings
Where was "Eclipse" filmed? Vancouver
How many times have Rob & Kris won Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards? 4
What color are the Cullens' eyes when they need to feed? Black
What do the Cullens eat? Animal blood
Last year, Robert Pattinson starred in the David Cronenberg film Cosmopolis
What is Kristen Stewart's dog's name? Bear

(The) Twilight Saga: New Moon (40 questions)
auther: imccallusa, BiBi_Ramone
clip: Gatormomma
In the film series, vampires who feast on human blood have ___ eyes. Red
Bella is celebrating her ___ birthday. 18th
Kristen Stewart once dated which of her co-stars? Robert Pattison
"TNM" actor Billy Burke currently stars in the hit NBC series ____. Revolution
Edward became a vampire and stopped aging at the age of ___. 17
Who plays the role of Alice Cullen? Ashley Green
Bella Swan lives in _____, Washington. Forks
Which member of the Cullen family tried to kill Bella? Jasper
Which "Twilight" actor recently starred in the 2014 action film "The Legend of Hercules"? Kellan Lutz
A few years ago, Taylor Lautner was romantically involved with ____. Taylor Swift
Bella realizes that ____ allow her to hear Edward's voice in her head. Dangerous activities
Who plays Carlisle Cullen? Peter Facinell
Rosalie is married to ____. Emmett
True or False: Bella lives with both of her parents. False
Who is not a vampire? Jessica
Jacob Black is a _____. Werewolf
Aro is a powerful vampire that can do what? Read minds
What is the name of the powerful Italian coven? Volturi
Who has the power to see visions of the future? Alice
Who tries to help Bella get over Edward? Jacob
Jacob's tribe is trying to protect Bella from ____. Victoria
Victoria is trying to attack Bella because Edward is responsible for killing Victoria's what? Lover
Kristen Stewart played which fairy tale character in 2012? Snow White
Why does Edward leave Bella? He thinks he's dangerous
What happens to a vampire's body when they're out in the sun? It glimmers
Bella's father is the town's resident ___. Police chief
Who is the leader of the Cullen coven? Carlisle
Who plays Volturi member Jane? Dakota Fanning
Who - besides Edward & Jacob -- likes Bella a lot? Mike
True or False: "New Moon" is the highest-grossing "Twilight" film. False
In this movie, Bella Swan is a _____. Human
New Moon won an MTV Movie Award for Best ___ . Kiss
Who improvised her lines during the film? Anna Kendrick
"New Moon" is the ____ film in the "Twilight" series. 2nd
The "Twilight" movie series is based on a set of novels written by ____. Stephenie Meyer
"Twilight" director Chris Weitz also directed the coming-of-age comedy ____. American Pie
"TNM" first hit theaters in ___. 2009
Which leading lady lost the role of Bella Swan to Kristen Stewart? Jennifer Lawrence
Anna Kendrick plays Bella's friend in "New Moon" but she couldn't get us to stop singing about ____ for the past few years. Cups
How much weight did Taylor Lautner put on to prove he play Jacob Black? 30lbs

Twister (30 questions)
auther: MzTredecim
clip: drlux
"Twister" was the second-highest grossing film of _____. 1996
Which 1980s hard rock heroes recorded a song for "Twister"? Van Halen
"Twister" takes place in ______. Oklahoma
Helen Hunt is nominated for a Oscar for this year's _____. The Sessions
Helen Hunt won an Oscar for her role in the 1997 film _____. As Good as it Gets
In 2000, "Twister" became the first Hollywood film to be released on _____. DVD
Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Dusty in "Twister." This year, he earned an Oscar nomination for ____. The Master
Todd Field plays Beltzer in "Twister." He later played a piano player in the Tom Cruise film _____. Eyes Wide Shut
"Twister" spawned a hit ____ at Universal Studios Florida. Ride
Alan Rucker plays Rabbit in "Twister." He famously played Cameron in _____. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The "Twister" team works for the _____. National Severe Storm Laboratory
How much bank did "Twister" make at the box office? $490 million
Before directing "Twister", Jan De Bont helmed _____ with Keanu Reeves. Speed
The beginning of the moive opened in the year _____. 1969
True or False: "Twister" won an Academy Award. False
Who almost get left outside in the storm at beginning of the movie? Toby the dog
Bill originally returned to the team so he could get Jo to sign ____. Divorce papers
Dorothy is the _____. Tornado Sensor Machine
Bill's fiancee Melissa is a _____. Intimacy Therapist
An F5 tornado is nicknamed the _____. Finger of God
Which actress plays a young Jo in the beginning of the film? Alexa Vega
What movie was playing at the drive-in that was caught in the storm earlier in the movie? The Shining
Before "Twister," Helen Hunt was best known for her role in the sitcom _____. Mad About You
One of Bill Paxton's earliest roles was a small part in the Schwarzenegger classic _____. The Terminator
The area that is most affected by tornadoes in United States is known as ____. Tornado Alley
"Twister" writer Michael Crichton also wrote the dinosaur thriller _______. Jurassic Park
Cary Elwes plays Dr. Jonas Miller in "Twister," but he's also famous for his roles as the hero in _____. The Princess Bride
Recognized the actress who plays Melissa? Jami Gertz starred in the classic 80's vampire film ____. The Lost Boys
Helen Hunt starred on "Mad About You" with _____. Paul Reiser
"Twister" star Bill Paxton played a polygamist on _____. Big Love

Up (19 questions)
author: anita44
clip: drlux
What year was Up released ....2009
Up is a Pixar Film. Which beloved movie was their first featured film ....Toy Story
Before Christopher Plummer voiced Charles Muntz, he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in ....Beginners
Up is the first Pixar film to be shown in ....3D
Carl is voiced by Ed Asner, who Carl played the gruff, loveable, Lou Grant on the 1970's sitcom ....Mary Tyler Moore
Up was the 2nd animation film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. What was the 1st ....Beauty and the Beast
What is the name of Muntz's dirigible ....Spirit of Adventure
Ellie fastens a bottle cap from a __ to Carl's lapel with a safety pin ....Grape Soda
Carl's cane has four __ on the bottom ....Tennis balls
What restaurant is across the street from Carl's house (before it takes off) ....Sushi Pronto
Which badge is Russell missing from his sash ....Helping the Elderly
Russell finds a giant bird in the jungle and names it ....Kevin
What does Kevin like to eat ....Chocolate
Where are the balloons tied inside the house ....The fireplace
What is the trademark figure in Pixar Animation Studio's corporate logo ....A desk lamp
What thought makes the dogs freeze ....Squirrel
What country is on the plane tickets Carl Buys for Ellie ....Venezuela
As a young couple, Carl and Ellie worked at a ....Zoo
Carl sold __ when he worked at the zoo ....Balloons

Walk the Line (34 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
Johnny is played by...Joaquin Phoenix
How many Academy Awards did "Walk the Line" win...1
"Walk the Line" won Best Motion Picture at...The Golden Globes
"Walk the Line" features Johnny's famous concert at which prison...Folsom
The opening of "Walk the Line" briefly touches of the accidental death of Johnny's...Brother
Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Vivian, starred on HBO's...Big Love
Johnny Cash's dad was a...Sharecropper
Tyler Hilton played which rock icon in the film...Elvis Presley
Johnny proposes to June while performing...Jackson
Which member of the Cash family was NOT a fan of "Walk the Line"...Roseanne Cash
Johnny collapses onstage while performing this song:...I Got Stripes
Which heart-wrenching cover is widely regarded as Johnny Cash's last commercial song...Hurt
While serving in the military, Johnny is stationed in...Germany
Johnny rolls his tractor into a lake during which holiday...Thanksgiving
Who gave Johnny his first break at Sun Records...Sam Phillips
Johnny works as a __ before focusing on music...Salesman
Johnny Cash grew up in...Arkansas
Johnny's signature color is...Black
Johnny buys his first guitar while serving in the...Air Force
True or False: Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon's vocals were dubbed over by professional vocalists...FALSE
Johnny Cash spent __ years in prison...0
Johnny falls for...June Carter
Hailey Anne Nelson, who plays Roseanne, appeared in the 2003 film...Big Fish
Roy Orbison is played by...Jonathan Rice
June co-wrote...Ring of Fire
"Walk the Line" chronicles the life of...Johnny Cash
Johnny often opened each concert with "__."...Hello, I'm Johnny Cash
What song is featured during the closing credits...Long Legged Guitar Pickin' Man
"Walk the Line" was directed by...James Mangold
Johnny buys a home near __ to impress June...Nashville
Reese Witherspoon plays...June Carter
Who played his own real-life father in the film...Shooter Jennings
Who beat Joaquin Phoenix for the 2006 Best Actor Academy Award...Phillip Seymour Hoffman
What did Johnny Cash go by as a child...JR

WALL-E (29 questions)
author: dunja
clip: DawgFanForLife
WALL-E was # __ at the Box Office the weekend it was released. 1
When was WALL-E released? 2008
Elissa Knight voices EVE but she's not an actor. What for a living? Assistant producer at Pixar
Jeff Garlin, who voices the Captain, plays Jeff Greene in Larry David's hit series, __. Curb Your Enthusiasm
WALL-E features a live-action clip and music from the 1969 film __. Hello, Dolly
WALL-E won an Academy Award in 2008 for __. Best Animated Feature
At the beginning of the movie, WALL-E's only friend is a __. Cockroach
What kind of energy does WALL-E run on? solar energy
What does WALL-E stand for? Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth
Earlier in the movie, WALL-E found... Diamond ring
What does WALL-E carry his finds home in? A small cooler
What does EVE do when she first meets WALL-E? Tries to blow him up
WALL-E and EVE go to his home the first time to __. Get out of a dust storm
When EVE goes into hibernate mode, WALL-E uses __ as her leash. A string of colored lights
What is advertised on the moon as WALL-E passes by? BnN Outlet Mall
What does "BnL" stand for? Buy n' Large
What large sign above the busy area where WALL-E first encounters humans? Welcome to Economy
The first human WALL-E meets is __. John
The computer that wakes up the Captain is called __. AUTO
What does EVE stand for? Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator
Who voices the ship's computer? Sigourney Weaver
According to the Captains's book, what is the plan to return to Earth called? Operation Recolonize
What is the ship's pool area called? the Lido Deck
The little cleaning robot has a special name for dirt. What is it? Foreign contaminant
What does the ship's computer call the "high-speed" mode? Hyperjump
What is the name of the spaceship the humans live on? The Axiom
Who is Shelby Forthright? The CEO of BnL
Earlier in the movie, WALL-E gave his pet a __ to eat. Twinkie

Wedding Crashers (29 questions)
author: namenotimportant
clip: wbguy88
While staying at the Cleary vacation house, Jeremy and John claim that they run a company called Holy Shirts and Pants
Jeremy and John are professional divorce mediators
William Clearly is the United States Secretary of the Treasury
WC first hit theaters in 2005
Bradley Cooper recently earned an Oscar nomination for his role in Silver Linings Playbook
Complete the quote: "Crab cakes and Football , that's what Maryland does!
Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson recently reunited to star in The Internship
Who is responsible for creating the WC rules? Chazz Reinhold
According to Jeremy, Rule No 76 of WC is no excuses, play like a champion.
Jeremy claims that he knows everything there is to know about maple syrup
Who is a well-known funeral crasher? Chazz Reinhold
During the first dinner at the Clearys vacation home, John spikes Sack's drink with eye drops
Claire works as a environmental activist
Who admits to having an imaginary friend named Shiloh? Jeremy
WC takes place in Washington DC
Chazz Reinhold is constantly screaming for his mom to bring him meatloaf
According to Jeremy, Gloria is a stage 5 clinger.
Who accidentally gets shot during a quail hunt? Jeremy
Who becomes the target of sexual advances by Claire's mom? John
Vince Vaughn once portrayed a middle-aged frat boy in the classic comedy Old School
In real life, Isla Fisher is married to Sacha Baron Cohen
Claire and Gloria have a younger brother named Todd
Which hilarious actor makes a WC cameo as Chazz Reinhold? Will Ferrell
Politician John McCain makes a cameo at the Cleary wedding.
Which WC actor recently had a major role in The Great Gatsby? Isla Fisher
According to founder Chazz Reinhold, what is nature's most powerful aphrodisiac? grief
Which member of the Cleary family is known for painting some very strange portraits? Todd
Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams reunited to play a couple in the 2011 film Midnight in Paris
Before WC, Rachel McAdams starred alongside Ryan Gosling in The Notebook

(The) Wedding Planner (xx questions)
author: sally251
clip: clip author goes here
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Jennifer Lopez was once married to Latin singer ____. Marc Anthony
At the beginning of the movie, what member of the wedding party does Mary need to find? The father of the bride
Comedian Fred Willard made an appearance in "The Wedding Planner" as a ______. Dance teacher
Jennifer Lopez was nominated for a Golden Globe for the movie ____. Selena
What nickname was Jennifer Lopez given by her fans? J. Lo
TRUE OR FALSE: Jennifer Lopez became the first person to have a #1 movie and a #1 album in the same week. True
Matthew McConaughey has NOT starred in romantic comedy with _____. Cameron Diaz
What is the name of Matthew McConaughey's foundation for the health and well being of young people? j.k. livin foundation
Judy Greer had a recurring role on the comedy show ____. Arrested Development
TRUE OR FALSE: Jennifer Lopez won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording. False
Where does Fran want her wedding to take place? Outdoors
Jennifer Lopez won Favorite Female Movie Star for "The Wedding Planner" from the _____. Kid's Choice Awards
Joanna Gleason is a Tony-award winning actress. Who does she play in "The Wedding Planner"? Mrs. Donolly
"The Wedding Planner" was spoofed in the 2006 movie ____. Date Movie
What is the title of another romantic comedy starring Matthew McConaughey? How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Mary Fiore's parents are from _____. Italy
What is Steve Edison's nickname? Eddie
What reality TV singing competition did Jennifer Lopez judge? American Idol
What board game is Mary really good at playing? Scrabble
Who plays Mary's wedding planner colleague Penny? Judy Greer
Which Jennifer Lopez song was featured on "The Wedding Planner" soundtrack? Love Don't Cost aThing
Director Adam Shankman also helmed the musical remaker of ____. Hairspray
What type of doctor is Steve? Pediatrician
What is the name of the Italian boy trying to date Mary? Massimo
Justin Chambers played Massimo in "The Wedding Planner". He currently stars on the TV drama ____. Grey's Anatomy
Matthew McConaughey pleased women everywhere last year when he appeared shirtless in the movie _____. Magic Mike
At the beginning of the movie, which celebrity wedding does Mary say she worked on? Whitney Houston
Which of the following characters is on Mary's Scrabble team? Her father
Veteran comedy actress Kathy Najimy play Mary's boss, Geri. Viewers might recognize her from the Whoopi Goldberg movie _____. Sister Act
Who was originally being considered for the role of Steve Edison? Brendan Fraser
Sarah Michelle Gellar was originally up for the role of _____. Mary
Fran Donolly's mom is a notoriously bad _____. Singer
Before starring as Fran in "The Wedding Planner", Bridgette Wilson-Sampras was in the movie ____. I Know What You Did Last Summer
Which cast member from "The Wedding Planner" was recently in the news for a dramatic weight loss? Matthew McConaughey

(The) Wizard of Oz (35 questions)
author: imccallusa
clip: DawgFanForLife
Earlier in the movie, Dorothy’s house landed on the Wicked Witch of the ___ East
What town does Dorothy land in when the storm ended? Munchkinland
Glinda is the Good Witch of the __ North
Once Dorothy lands in Oz, the film changes from black and white to ___ Technicolor
What is the color of the Wicked Witch's skin? Green
Earlier in the movie, Glinda told Dorothy to follow the __ brick road to see the Wizard of Oz. Yellow
Where does the Wizard of Oz live? Emerald City
The Scarecrow is missing a ___ Brain.
The 2007 "Tin Man" miniseries featured "New Girl" star ___ Zooey Deschanel
The Tin Man followed Dorothy to the Emerald City so that he could find a ___ Heart.
Which singer scored a hit in 1973 with "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"? Elton John
"The Wiz" starred Diana Ross and ___ Michael Jackson
This year's "Oz the Great and Powerful" featured actor ___as the title character. James Franco
Which character in the film is in search of courage? Cowardly Lion
In 1939, Victor Fleming directed "The Wizard of Oz" and the classic Clark Gable romance ___. Gone with the Wind
What does the Tin Man carry with him? Axe
The ruby slippers worn in the film by Judy Garland are housed and displayed at the ___. Smithsonian
Fans of the rock band ___play their "Dark Side of the Moon" album as a soundtrack to the film. Pink Floyd
The Wicked Witch sent winged ___ to kidnap Dorothy. Monkeys
In order to return to Kansas, Dorothy taps her heels ands says "there's no place like___". Home
Before he'd grant Dorothy's wish, the Wizard asked her to steal the Wicked Witch's ___ Broom
What causes the Wicked Witch to melt? Water
When was "The Wizard of Oz" released? 1939
What other classic film was released the same year as "The Wizard of Oz?" Gone with the Wind
Which singer loosely based the chorus of his song "Starman" on the "Over the Rainbow" tune? David Bowie
What was the name of the 1985 "sequel" to the "The Wizard of Oz"? Return to Oz
Which Tony Award -winning musical tells the prequel story of Glinda and the Wicked Witch of the West? Wicked
Child star Shirley Temple was originally expected to take the role of ____. Dorothy
Judy Garland earned a special __ award in 1940 for her work in the film. Oscar
What is the name of Dorothy's beloved dog? Toto
"The Emerald City" is the official nickname of what US city? Seattle
Which song earned "The Wizard of Oz" and Oscar in 1939? Over the Rainbow
Dorothy lives on a farm with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry in ____ Kansas
"The Wizard of Oz" is based on the book by ____ L. Frank Baum
Who wants to destroy Dorothy's dog? Miss Gulch

X-Men (43 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
Patrick Stewart played Captain Picard in "Star Trek: ___ ." The Next Generation
The film starts out in ___ . 1944
Who bends a gate at the beginning of the film? Magneto
What is the name of the proposed bill at the top of the film? The Mutant Registration Act
The film was released in ___ . 2000
Who created the X-Men comics? Stan Lee
Which "X-Men" actor stars in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy? Ian McKellan
What is the name of the latest "X-Men" flick? X-Men: Days of Future Past
Rogue has the power to absorb someone's ___ . Mutant powers
What is Rogue's signature accessory? Gloves
Halle Berry famously locked lips with ___ in the music video "Behind Blue Eyes." Fred Durst
Rogue first finds out about her powers after kissing her ___ . Boyfriend
Famke Janssen, who plays Jean Grey, had a recurring role on which FX show? Nip/Tuck
What does Rogue do in the beginning of the film? Run away
Wolverine's real name is ___ . Logan
Professor X runs a mutant ___ . Academy
Where was Anna Paquin born? Canada
Who stars on the HBO show "True Blood?" Anna Paquin
Wolverine does NOT have the ability to ___ . See into the future
Who attacks Rogue and Wolverine while they're on their road trip? Sabretooth
Cyclops always sports ___ . Shades
Who can control the weather? Storm
Who wants to wage war against humans? Magneto
Halle Berry recently gave birth to a baby boy. Who's the father? Olivier Martinez
Toad abducts ___ . Senator Kelly
Mystique is able to ___ . Shape shift
Rebecca Romijn, aka Mystique, used to be married to ___ . John Stamos
Magneto fronts which band of villains? Brotherhood of Mutants
The film is partially set in which city? New York City
Professor X's academy is called the Xavier School for ___ Youngsters. Gifted
Wolverine isn't the only mutant with claws. Who else has them? Sabretooth
Who tells Rogue to leave the Academy? Bobby Drake
Rogue has a crush on ___ . Iceman
Rebecca Romijn once hosted MTV's "House of ___ ." Style
What does Toad have? A long tongue
Jean is currently dating ___ . Cyclops
What metal alloy is coating Wolverine's bones? Adamantium
Who invented Cerebro? Magneto
True or False: Storm destroys Cerebro earlier in the film. False
After Rogue runs away, Wolverine finds her in a ___ . Train station
Which superhero did NOT make a cameo in the film? Gambit
Who fixed Cerebro? Jean
Mystique impersonates ___ at the end of the film. Senator Kelly

X-Men: First Class (35 questions)
author: ruda225
clip: DawgFanForLife
“X-Men: First Class” takes place primarily during ___. The Cold War
“X-Men: First Class” first hit the theaters in ___. 2011
Who helmed this flick? Matthew Vaughn
Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in ___. Silver Linings Playbook
Who has telepathic abilities? Charles Xavier
Magneto has control over anything that's ___. Metal
Magneto's real name is ___. Erik Lensherr
Before January Jones was Emma Frost, she was in Mad Men
Who killed Magneto's mother? Sebastian Shaw
This movie starts out in the year ___. 1944
Who does NOT have any superpowers? Moira MacTaggert
Charles is childhood friends with ___. Raven
Hank McCoy is a brilliant scientist. What's his mutant alias? Beast
Alex Summers goes by Havok. His brother is future X-men ___. Cyclops
Stan ___ created the X-Men. Lee
Who can control sound waves? Banshee
Sebastian Shaw's gang of evil mutants is know as ___. The Hellfire Club
True or False: Jennifer Lawrence dated Nicholas Hoult in real life. True
Jennifer Lawrence plays the lead role in the popular ___ series. Hunger Games
In the original trilogy, Rebecca Romijn donned blue body paint to play ___. Mystique
Mystique has the ability to ___. Shapeshift
Which "X-Men: First Class" actress played had a role in the comedy film "Bridesmaids?" Rose Byrne
Zoe Kravitz, aka Angel Salvador, has a famous dad. Her father is ___. Musician
What protects Sebastian Shaw from Charles Xavier's powers? A helmet
Which villain looks like a real-life demon? Azazel
Sebastian Shaw has the ability to absorb ___. Energy
The good mutants train at a mansion owned by ___. Charles Xavier
X-Men: First Class star ___ played a lead role in the zombie flick "Warm Bodies." Nicholas Hoult
Jennifer Lawrence is currently rumored to be dating musician ___. Chris Martin
Who is constantly teasing Hank McCoy? Alex Summers
The sequel to "X-Men: First Class" was released in ___. 2014
Who served in the German army during World War II? Sebastian Shaw
Emma Frost has the power to turn her ___ into diamond. Skin
Kevin Bacon has been in everything! There's an ongoing joke that everyone is ___ away from him. 6 degrees
Who betrays Charles and decides to fight for Sebastian Shaw? Angel Salvadore

X-Men: The Last Stand (46 questions)
author: BiBi_Ramone
clip: DawgFanForLife
"X-Men: The Last Stand" is the ___ film in the series. Third (3rd)
Who is a classic X-Men character? Wolverine
James Marsden appeared in which movie-musical? Hairspray
Hugh Jackman originally hails from ___. Australia
Who first illustrated X-Men comics? Jack Kirby
X-Men are often referred to as ___ . Mutants
Halle Berry won the Best Actress Oscar for which film? Monster's Ball
Who is an ally to the mutants? Professor Xavier
What do the X-Men simulate at the top of the film? A robot attack
Ellen Page played a wise-cracking teen mom in ___ . Juno
The 1st "X-Men" comic book was released in which decade? 1960s
Ian McKellan also appears in the ___ film series. Lord of the Rings
Which "X-Men star appeared in "Les Miserables?" Hugh Jackman
Halle Berry first began her career as a ___ . Pageant Queen
Who is Professor X's former ally? Magneto
Which "X-Men" star won an Oscar at age 11? Anna Paquin
Who do Xavier and Magneto visit at the top of the film? Jean Grey
Jean harbors which super power? Telepathy
Worthington's ___ is a mutant. Son
Which company develops the X-gene vaccination? Worthington Labs
Colossus is able to transform into what? Steel
Beast works for ___ . The President
Beast reads his magazine ___ . Upside down
Who interrupts Professor X's lecture? Storm
Where is the Worthington facility? Alcatraz Island
Professor X's home is often called the ___ . Mutant Manor
Where does Cyclops pay tribute to Jean? Alkali Lake
What is Jean's alter ego? Phoenix
At Alkali, Phoenix ___ Cyclops. Kills
What is left after Cyclops' death? His glasses
Who loses their mutant powers? Mystique
How is "the cure" administered? By gun
Phoenix and ___ share a lab make out session. Wolverine
What does Rogue long to do? Touch people
Who tells Magneto about Jean's return? Callisto
Where do Magneto and Professor X find Jean? Her childhood home
Which group does Magneto form? Brotherhood of Mutants
Who gives Xavier's eulogy? Storm
What does Iceman build for Kitty? An ice rink
Who leaves the mansion? Rogue
Which national landmark does Magneto attack? The Golden Gate Bridge
Beast injects Magneto with ___ . The cure
Who saves Jimmy? Kitty Pryde
Who attacked Jimmy? Juggernaut
What was this movie's budget? $210 million
Who takes over Xavier's academy? Storm

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (38 questions)
author: FizzyPops
clip: drlux
Which “Origins” actor appeared on “Lost?”…Dominic Monaghan
Who was originally considered for the role of Stryker…Liev Schreiber
“Origins” deals with Wolverine’s life before he joined the…X-Men
After quitting Team X, Logan moves to Canada and becomes a…Lumberjack
Dominic Monaghan, who plays Bolt, also played Merry Brandybuck in the __ trilogy…Lord of the Rings
Stryker calls his group of mutants “Team __.”…X
Wade Wilson is played by…Ryan Reynolds
In addition to his role in “X-Men Origins,” Ryan Reynolds also starred as which superhero…Green Lantern
Which “X-Men: Origins” actor is also a successful musician…
Wade carries two...Swords
Which sunglasses-wearing X-Men character makes an appearance in “Origins?”…Cyclops
Who was Weapon 11 created from…Wade
Who whisks the young mutants away from Stryker’s island in a helicopter…Professor X
According to Dukes, Stryker has a secret base on…An island
“Origins” marks the first time we see __ on film…Gambit
Danny Huston, who plays Stryker, is the real-life brother of…Anjelica Huston
Brian Cox played Stryker in…X2
Stryker convinces Logan to take part in an experiment where __ is fused to his skeleton…Adamantium
Wolverine was born in…Canada
Wolverine and his half-brother have powers that allow them to __ quickly...Heal
Logan and Victor are recruited by…Stryker
After the procedure proves to be a success, Stryker orders that Logan’s __ be erased…Memory
Logan escapes Stryker’s lab and hides in a…Barn
The elderly farm owners give Logan a __ as a gift…Leather jacket
According to Stryker, the only thing that will kill Logan is an adamantium…Bullet
Hugh Jackman was nominated for a 2013 Oscar for his role in…Les Miserables
The X-Men comic book superheroes were created by…Stan Lee
Logan visits John Wraith at a…Gym
Gambit lives in…New Orleans
Taylor Kitsch, who plays Gambit, played a high school footballer player on...Friday Night Lights
After traveling to Stryker's island, Logan learns that his __ is alive...Girlfriend
Stryker's super-mutant is called...Weapon XI
Victor hunts down Bolt, who works at a...Carnival
Young Wolverine's birth name was...James
Victor is Wolverine's...Half-brother
True or False: Victor kills Bolt at the carnival...TRUE

You've Got Mail (27 questions)
authors: dunja, ViggleFit, BiBi_Ramone
clip: DawgFanForLife
After the beginning of the movie, Kathleen Kelly was dating __. Frank Navasky
Joe writes for __ New York Observer
What is the name of Kathleen's bookstore? Shop Around the Corner
Who is Joe's 4-year-old brother? Matthew
Which legendary standup plays Kevin Jackson, Joe's Employee and BFF? Dave Chappelle
In 2011, "You've Got Mail" actress Parker Posey had a recurring role on the show ___. The Good Wife
Who is NOT an employee at Kathleen's bookstore? Kevin Jackson
Joe's Aunt Annabelle is __. 11 years-old
How many assistants does Kathleen have working with her at The Shop Around the Corner? 3
Which of Kathleen Kelly's employees ends up working at one of Joe Fox's bookstores? George
Kathleen Kelly's screen name is __. shopgirl
At the beginning of the movie, Joe Fox was dating __. Patricia Eden
Frank Navasky is played by Greg Kinnear, who was nominated for an Oscar for his work in __. As Good as It Gets
Greg Kinnear plays Frank Navasky in You've Got Mail. Before Greg became an actor, he was a __. Talk show host
"You've Got Mail" first hit theaters in __. 1998
Joe Fox is obsessed with __. The Godfather
In 2006, Tom Hanks took on the role of Robert Langdon in the thriller __. Da Vinci Code
In 1983, Meg Ryan appeared alongside Tom Cruise in the classic action drama__. Top Gun
Joe's screen name is __. NY152
In 1998, Tom Hanks played a heroic soldier in __. Saving Private Ryan
You've Got Mail was directed by __. Nora Ephron
You've Got Mail was the __ time they have acted together. 3rd
Birdie Conrad is actually named after a character from __. Bye Bye Birdie
Joe Fox runs a bookstore called __. Fox Books
Which email program made the phrase "You've Got Mail" popular? AOL
"You've Got Mail" directed by Nora Ephron was also the mind behind the classic 1993 rom-com __. Sleepless in Seattle
Nora Ephron and Meg Ryan first worked together on the movie__. When Harry met Sally

Zombieland (45 questions)
authors: ruda225, taronga
clip: drlux
Who is set to star in the new Batman vs. Superman movie?...Jessie Eisenberg
Emma Stone was recently nominated for: Oscar
Woody Harrelson played Haymitch Abernathy in...The Hunger Games
Which “Enlightened” actor had a cameo in “Zombieland”...Mike White
Abigail Breslin earned an Oscar nomination for her role in Little Miss Sunshine
Emma stone is dating which "Spider-Man" star...Andrew Garfield
After 406 spends the night at Columbus' place, he wakes up to find her...Turned into a zombie
Tallahassee replaces his stolen Cadillac with a...Hummer
Which “Zombieland” star appeared in "The Social Network"...Jesse Eisenberg
On their way to Pacific Playland, Tallahassee suggests they spend a night in...Beverly Hills
In 2004, Emma Stone appeared on the reality competition...In Search for Partridge Family
Emma Stone was recently nominated for ___. An Oscar
The “Zombieland” movie spawned a ____ that premiered earlier this year...TV show
“Zombieland” director Ruben Fleischer recently helmed the Ryan Gosling hit..Gangster Squad
Columbus has stayed alive by following...His list of rules
Tallahassee's one weakness is...Twinkies
This was Ruben Fleischer's ____ feature film. 1st
Bill Murray played a man forced to repeat the same day over and over in..Groundhog Day
True or False: Bill Murray stars as himself. True
Colorado shows ____ to Little Rock at Bill Murray's house...Ghostbusters
What does Columbus fear more than anything else...Clowns
At 406, Amber Heard plays Columbus'...Neighbor
Emma Stone made her big-screen debut opposite Michael Cera and Jonah Hill in...Superbad
Bill Murray gets shot by...Columbus
Bill Murray became a household name as a cast member of Saturday Night Live
Amber Heard, who plays 406, is rumored to be dating...Johnny Depp
According to a dying Bill Murray, his biggest regret in life...Making "Garfield"
What number does Tallahassee paint on the side of his truck...3
Wichita and Little Rock head to...An Amusement Park
Columbus' most important rule is...Don't be a hero
Columbus' first rule of survival is...Cardio
The group crashes whose home in Beverly Hills...Bill Murray
Before getting in a car, Columbus always check the...Backseat
Bill Murray provided the voice of which cartoon cat...Garfield
Last year, Jesse Eisenberg appeared in "To Rome with Love," directed by...Woody Allen
Who is set to star in the new "Batman vs Superman" movie? Jesse Eisenberg
True or False: Jesse Eisenberg's younger sister was "The Pepsi Girl"...True
Columbus is on his way from Texas to Ohio to find his...Parents
Columbus' rule for driving a car is to always...Fasten your seatbelt
Woody Harrelson played a bartender on...Cheers
Bill Murray is dressed up as a...Zombie
Who did bill see at the Hollywood Bowl...Eddie Van Halen
According to Columbus, rule #2 for survival is "Always remember to"...Double Tap
Columbus always tries to avoid...Bathrooms


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