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Internet Speed - 25 mbps vs 50 mbps - Comcast vs Frontier (Fios)

dealhunter85 303 December 26, 2013 at 11:56 AM in Internet & Websites
I guess I really need to bounce this off someone and thought I would try posting here. We currently have Fronter Fios (formally Verizon) for Internet (35 up and down), TV (Complete package with Showtime, HD, DVR) and phone (which is not actually plugged in). We pay a ridiculous small amount of $110 total a month. The thing is we are looking at saving more money and we really don’t use the TV much as we primarlly use Netflix, Hulu + and Vudu from our Roku 3.

It’s hard to give up the Slickdeal we have, but we can save more and get rid of what we don’t use. We are looking to go internet only.

For our large usage we stream Netflix, Hulu and Vudu all in HD. We also use Skype on our TV. Sometimes we have two TV’s going at once if we want to watch our own movie. We would like to keep our speeds at least as high to stream HD/HDX to two TV’s at once.

With Frontier, I can keep the 35 plan but at $59.99 a month. The 25 plan is $49.99 a month.

I can also switch to Comcast. They have two options I am considering, both show no contact and price guarantee for 1 year and include some TV which I consider a throw in.

A) Internet Plus - $39.99
1. Speeds up to 25 mbps
2. 10 + Channels
3. HBO Included
4. Streampix
5. On Demand

B) Blast Plus - $49.99
1. Speeds up to 50 mbps
2. 45 + Channels
3. Streampix
4. Says HBO – But all reps (chat and phone) say that is not correct
5. On Demand

I am leaning towards switching to Comcast option B. I would be saving 50% over what I currently pay, and I would have an internet speed increase. I also have a compatible 3.0 modem. If I do switch to Comcast, I am sure I would switch back after a year if I couldn't get better pricing after the promotion ends.

I guess my questions are do we need 50 mbps for our usage? $10 is not much more a month, and we would still be saving money.

Which would you chose? Say with Frontier and chose and select from their internet plans? Switch to Comcast, and which option?



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Quote from dealhunter85 View Post :
I live in WA now, but grew up in Texas my entire life. So I am still a Dallas area sports fan. I subscribe to MLB.TV and use my Roku or PS3 to watch baseball games. With my package I do get 50 or so channels, but we rarely ever turn the TV on to watch channels.

We don't ever watch local news. We pretty much stay up to date with the news from our smartphones or while browsing on the PC.

Verizon Fios jumped ship in our area and Frontier took over. They do not offer anything amazing to new or existing customers. Verizon Fios though, did at the time and still do in many areas.
Yeah, local news is useless these day with wifi and 4G devices using streaming radio apps, weather, gas prices app,and sport scores. Im not much of a Mariners fan too.
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Just a fun update. We had this installed the afternoon of January 4th. The website shows as of today 01/22/2014 (Actual usage shown is not real-time and could be delayed up to 24 hours) we have used 203GB of data.
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that's impressive.

only in my hayday of pirating everything under the sun could I get that.
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Quote from vivahate View Post :
Totally understated :-)

When the service works I have zero complaints. When I need to contact them for any reason, I dread it. I would even go as far as to say they've outright lied to me multiple times.

And then they charge the $7 "convenience" fee for changes.

I'm seething just writing this

This, over and over again. The service itself is great (especially internet). Near 100% uptime, speeds are great, PQ is great - though there are more hiccups (especially with audio) than there should be. But, when you need to call them, it is a painful experience that makes your head hurt.

We just ditched Comcast TV a couple days ago in favor of an OTA antenna and Hulu+ (possibly with Netflix and/or Amazon Prime streaming later on). The worst part is CBS shows aren't on hulu+, but most everything else we watch is. Picture quality on hulu+ is excellent, and we don't get any of the audio hiccups that we had with Comcast. Have to sit through more commercials, but at least we don't have to deal with fast forwarding lol.
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Quote from dealhunter85 View Post :
Just a fun update. We had this installed the afternoon of January 4th. The website shows as of today 01/22/2014 (Actual usage shown is not real-time and could be delayed up to 24 hours) we have used 203GB of data.
That's a lot of porn
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Not sure if this is technically allowed but my local comcast store rep just switched my service from my name to my wifes name with a new account number and started a new yearly promotion. He told me to just come back in next year and he can switch it back.

Just an FYI. I wouldn't try this with the 800 number people as they are generally worthless and the online chat people are even more so. The comcast store reps have more codes and more flexibility than the national reps.
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Quote from fyu View Post :
that's impressive.

only in my hayday of pirating everything under the sun could I get that.
I have a feeling that Vudu HDX uses a lot of bandwith. All that data is from streaming shows/movies to the TV.We watch everything through our Roku 3. We hardly ever turn on a PC, and when we do, we don't use it to stream or download anything.

Quote from Foreveryours View Post :
That's a lot of porn
LOL. Nope, none of that. All from the Roku. Mostly Hulu +, Vudu, and Disney Jr.

Just checked it again and it says 252GB. Now I am wondering if something is wrong. LOL
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