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RETIRED: The *Official* Giveaway Thread *Keep Off-Topic Chatter to Minimum*

kel_be 68,608 3,764 September 29, 2007 at 04:51 PM in Free / Freebie (3)
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Last Edited by redsolar February 12, 2008 at 10:44 AM
This thread has been retired and locked. New thread is available here.

Please keep the side talk to a minimum.

This was originally a thread clothos1964 started to give away some free stuff that could be PM'd or mailed in a SASE, like codes or GC's or movie tickets or free product coupons.

There are now rules for the thread that are usually posted below. These rules are SD rules, as well as specific mod rules that may be updated or changed by them at any time and with additional rules added as they see fit, either posted here or in a regular post to the thread. These rules will be enforced by a mod if so desired, so please abide by them to keep the thread running smoothly with minimal trouble or arguments. Any complaints, suggestions, or questions about the thread should be addressed to a mod and not to me, as I merely started the thread but have no control over it's rules nor it's allowed content. Try to be generous, respectful, polite..... and have fun.


* All SD Rules apply to this thread
* Do not offer Referrals/Payment for items.
* Do not send/request money for shipping costs. This includes PayPal to cover "shipping" costs.
* Do not publicly discriminate against other members. If you wish to screen, please do it via PM.
* Please use the PM system for all giveaways. Don't clutter the boards with replies.
* Do not use reputation points as part of a trade/payment. That's not what the system is here for.
* Anyone found using a duplicate account in order to trade offers & boost post counts will be banned!
* Please keep the off topic chit chat to a minimum
* If any problems arise, use the Mod Alert function to bring it to our attention

This is for giving away free stuff that could be private messaged or mailed in a SASE (codes, GC's, movie tickets, free product coupons, etc). DO NOT request codes, coupons, etc.

10/14/07 -
I have to ask you all, do not send money to people because of trades. I know that some people may not be able to cover shipping costs, but this is for everyone's safety.

There have been some really deceptive people on SD in the past. They have voiced a sad situation in their lives, and the good natured people of SD have tried to help them. This included sending money. With much investigation, a lot of these people's stories turned out to be fake. They took advantage of the nice people here.

I do not wish that to happen in this thread. So do not send any money to people. I don't see anything wrong with SASE, but no cash, paypal, etc.

added: this is a friendly request from the mods and some of the users in this thread. please keep the 'bumpings' of your contest to a minimum. some are super long and then with the new names added throughout the day, it can double its size of the post making it a 'scrolling-chore', so to speak. the regulars in this thread check it all the time so it's not that they will be missing anything if you forego a 'contest bump'.

or here's another suggestion....just hyperlink back to the original post describing the contest. no need to quote/reply the actual post.

this is just a request to be courteous to other users who are on dial-up or have a slower connection.

Thank you!
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Last Edited by OneWish January 10, 2008 at 08:10 PM
Since the issue trying to cover shipping costs for larger items without sending money came up again (and probably will again and again laugh out loud) I'm reposting the following info in the wiki.. This way, it may be of more help nod

Quote from cnct_agl View Post :
Here's one more postage idea for you (and any other generous people caught in this dilemma).... This uses USPS priority mail BTW..

* First, weigh the final box.. (you can weigh it at the post office without actually mailing it).. you might consider putting the weight right on your "offer" or "contest" post, so that entrants can estimate the postage cost before deciding to enter..

* Then, go to and use the weight, your zip code, and the winner's zip code to see if is cheaper to use a priority flat rate box or just send it priority (sometimes the flat-rate box actually costs more than to use a regular priority box and regular priority mail)..

* Then, email the "winner" with the weight, your mailing/sending address, the zip code of the post office that you will be mailing it from, and whether you or not you are using a flat-rate box..

* The winner can go to, click on "print a shipping label" and use the information that you provided to purchase a prepaid priority mailing label (with credit card)...

* BTW: when you buy the label online, delivery confirmation is FREE woot

* The winner can then print and send you the prepaid label Smilie
** The label can only be used to mail an item to and from the address that the winner specifies.. (i.e. It cannot be redeemed for cash by you), and the label can be cancelled for a refund by the winner if there is a problem later on..

** It can only be used once (the USPS system knows if it has been used yet)..

** there are no extra fees to buy the label online (in fact, you save a little, since the del. conf. is free)

** and the winner can print the label to pdf, and email the label to you. You can print it on regular paper, and tape it to the box.. (can I hear a "muahaha" people ? )
***The winner does have to pick a sending date that is within 3 days, BUT, I have never had a problem mailing it a couple days after that date.. I tell the post office cashier, they make a note in their system, and add $0 postage sticker with the mailing date to my package. They have to do that because of the 3 day priority mail guarantee
Ta-Da - problem solved *cnct_agl takes a bow*

This post can be edited by most users to provide up-to-date information about developments of this thread based on user responses, and user findings. Feel free to add, change or remove information shown here as it becomes available. This includes new coupons, rebates, ideas, thread summary, and similar items.

Once a Thread Wiki is added to a thread, "Create Wiki" button will disappear. If you would like to learn more about Thread Wiki feature, click here.


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I tried to list these in alphabetical order and date. 1st come first served on these coupons. Pick as many as you would like. PM me the date and the coupon(s) you want and how many - if I have 2 available, just let me know if you want 1 or both coupons. I will keep these until they expire or someone requests them whichever comes sooner. SASE may be necessary depending on if I have stamps. If it says "Might be gone", you can inquire about these but there's no guarantee I will have it. If it says "Gone", it means I don't have it anymore and there's no guarantee I will have it again. Thanks!

[2] Buy One Get One Free Dove chocolate 8.5 oz or larger

2.29.2008 at Harris Teeter
[1] $8.00 off any bag of Iams Puppy dry dog food

[1] $8.00 off a 7lb bag or larger Iams Healthy Naturals
[1] $2.00 off any size Metamucil Berry Burst
[1] $0.75 off any Tena Serenity Overnight Pads
[1] $0.75 off any Tena Serenity product
30% off at - pm me for the code

[2] $3.50 off any Dove SkinVitalizer

[2] $3.50 off any Dove SkinVitalizer

[5] Free Afrin Nasal Spray product
[1] Free Claritin Allergy product
[1] $1.00 off any DanActive 4 or 8-pack
[1] $1.50 off any Dawn Direct Foam Pump
[1] $2.00 off any Dawn Direct Foam Refill
[1] $1.00 off any Febreze Candle
[1] $1.00 off any Febreze Noticeables Starter Kit, Dual Refill, or 2 Single Refills
[1] $1.00 off any Iams dry cat food
[1] $3.00 off any Iams Digestive care product
[1] $1.00 off any Metamucil product
[1] $3.00 off any 4lb or larger Nature's Best dog food
[2] $2.00 off any 5.3 oz. or larger jar of Nescafe Taster's Choice coffee
[2] Buy One Get One Free Nescafe Taster's Choice coffee Stick Pack Carton
[1] $1.00 off any Post-It Educational Notes
[1] $1.00 off any size Prilosec OTC
[1] $2.00 off SudaCare
[1] $5.00 off Swiffer Wetjet Starter Kit
[1] $0.50 off any Swiffer Wetjet refill
[1] $1.00 off any Swiffer Dusters Starter Kit or refill
[1] $1.00 off Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit or any 2 Sweeper Dry or Wet refills
[1] $5.00 off Swiffer Sweeper Vac Starter Kit

$4.00 off any Glade Wisp Flameless Candle starter kit

[2] $1.00 off any DenTek product

[1] $4.00 off any Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Warmer
[1] $1.00 off any 2 Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Refills

[2] $1.50 off 6 count box of Dry Cleaner's Secret
[3] $0.40 off purchase of a HoneyBar - I see that these are only available in Alabama, Tennessee, and Canada
[1] $1.00 off any Pamprin Mentrual Pain Relief product

[1] $1.00 off any 2 cans of Comstock or Wilderness Pie Filling or Topping
[1] $3.00 off any Rembrandt product

[1] $2.00 off any Shick Intuition or Shick Intuition Plus Refill

[1] $1.00 off any Jergens Moisturizer 7.5 oz or larger

[2] $3.00 off any Rembrandt product

[1] $1.00 off any Rembrandt product

No Expiration
[1] $0.25 off any Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice Cocktail 64 oz
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Anyone have a link to the old thread? thanks.
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Quote from mamajayjay View Post :
Anyone have a link to the old thread? thanks.
Here you go:
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Popcorn Can't bump - so I C & P this for anyone who missed.

There's also a thread in the freebies, if you want to text for your own code. It worked yesterday, not sure if its still good, but worth a try if you can text for free.

I have a code for $5.00 off a Fandango ticket - Good until 11/23 - I cannot find time to go to the movies, as its been over a year since the last time I went. Due to my general insanity, I'm offering this up as a contest prize - ENJOY!

#1) Please be polite when you PM, any rude or curt replies will be deleted (such as "Gimme!" or "I want it", seriously, I have gotten these before....)

#2) Put "Movie" or "Fandango" in the subject line.

#3) I'll draw a random winner - but if you'd like, tell me your favorite movie, as I just might have time to rent one someday.

#4) Be sure you will be able to use this, as the code expires on Friday!!

I'll keep this open until Sunday night, around 7pm, and PM the code to the winner that evening.

Good Luck!

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Because this Thanksgiving is the 5th anniversary of the day that changed my life for the better, I am having this giveaway. Some of the items will be a surprise, but the envelope/package will include the following, plus more:

A $5 Hollywood Movie Money/DVD Certificate
A 2 ml sample vial of Femme de Montblanc Eau de Toilette
A Burger King Free Whopper coupon

And some other goodies that I have.

Now for the rules:
1. PMs must be titled "Giving Thanks".
2. Although it will not determine the winner, you must tell me something you are thankful for this year.
3. PMs must be POLITE!!!
4. Contest will run until midnight Sunday, the 18th, eastern time. Winner will be chosen by sometime on Monday.
5. I will try to acknowledge all PMs, but can't promise, as I have a busy rest of the week coming up.
6. One PM per person.
7. By entering, you are promising not to sell or trade what you receive, if you are the winner.

OK, I cleared my inbox, good luck every one!
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What a great giveaway kpark!!! I can't wait to see who wins!
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Once again, reminder that I still have 3 abreva rebates but need a SASE if you want it. They are for the full purchase price of the abreva pump for cold sores. Details in my signature, PM if you want one!
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***********************The Ornament Giveaway!!!!***********************

Announcing my first ever ornament giveaway. In celebration of my recent wins (YAY!!!!!) I have about 10 holiday ornaments to give away. these are NEW with tags Chrismtas ornaments, and were purcahsed from Hobby Lobby or Micahels (I am a little bit of an addict).

I *AM* asking for something in return. I am a volunteer for Books For Soldiers, and am putting together 2 care packages that I kind of "adopted" over the time I have been a member there, who I am sending small Christmas packages to. I would like in each entry a small note of support. I know everyone does not agree with the war (my own feelings get put aside with the guys I support), and so if this is not for you, please move on. I do not want tons of hate mail or anything like that from people that do not agree with the administration or with politics. I would like simply a small 1-2 sentence support for the guys. I will include it in the packages I am sending them, so they have more than just my little notes (which i am sure they get sick of from time to time).

So please PM me with the following:

1. Subject line: Ornament Giveaway

2. In the body say one message (or more if you want) that I can apss on to my "boys" (we call them our "heroes" in our house . . . my 4 year old says when we get a post card . . . we got something from out hero).

3. Forgot to add I will take entires until Sunday at 6:00 PM CST!

I hope I get lots of messages to forward on to them.

Thanks and like I said I will be posting pics tomorrow (hopefully). Maybe I should have asked for a teething remedy

Ending today at 6 p.m. CST. Sorry I did not bump the yesterday . . . had relatives arrive from out of town and things got crazy!
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I am back from my out of town travels and getting the Christmas Giveaway together ....Stay tuned for further details Smilie
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Gone to CindyB, who was first. Congrats!

Something for the new thread:

First PM can have this brand spanking new MCR Diet Coke cap code. Whee
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Last edited by Toms_costanza November 18, 2007 at 11:14 AM
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I have rhapsody downloads to giveawayPM me
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Quote from Toms_costanza View Post :
Gone to CindyB, who was first. Congrats!

Something for the new thread:

First PM can have this brand spanking new MCR Diet Coke cap code. Whee
Thank you!hug Rep'd
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Congrats CindyB!
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