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Price Matching & Coupon Matching Policy Roundup

uscpsycho 17,531 November 19, 2007 at 04:26 AM in Brick & Mortar (B&M) (20) More Deep Discount Deals

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Last Edited by uscpsycho October 2, 2009 at 02:21 PM
I've noticed that people often have questions about price/coupon matching, or have trouble executing price matches. I'm hoping to provide all the resources you need for successful price matches. Some of these policies are hard to find so I hope this list is helpful to noobs and veterans alike.

My first rule of price matching is to bring a printout of the store's PM policy with you. Before you, go have the relevant sections highlighted, this includes anything having to do with rebates, coupons, etc. This puts them on notice that you are serious and have done your homework. Nothing beats the feeling of having a manager contradict the PM policy, then pulling the PM policy out of your pocket and pointing to a section (already highlighted) that negates what he said. When that happens, you'll get your PM 100% of the time, and the manager will feel like a tool. Hopefully there will be lots of other customers nearby when this happens Grin

These are the price matching policies of the most popular SD retailers, in alphabetical order. If you can think of any that I missed please add them to the wiki.
http://bedbathandbeyond.custhelp...._topview=1 - you have to call to get a price match but they will match competitor prices sayonara CC (thank you luv2save! - repped) (thanks wookiewoo - repped) (thanks wookiewoo - repped) -
Target B&M - RIP

Wal Mart - According to fine print on TV commercial "Our stores will match the price of any local competitor's printed ad for an identical product. Not applicable to Restrictions apply. See store for details." (see also:

Home Depot - See post #22 - diff policy for Online & B&M

Toys R Us - Does not PM according to rtalber1 in post #9. Or maybe they do? See post #32.

Can anyone find:
Frys - See Wiki
LNT sayonara


One thing to note is that some of the retailers above do not PM other stores but it's still helpful to know what their PM policy is. For instance, Amazon will give you a price adjustment within 30 days if they lower their price. I've been told at least twice that they cannot adjust the price once the product has been shipped. Then I respond with the blurb about price adjustments, along with a direct link to that section, and viola, I've got my price adjustment and an apology. (Amazon no longer offers price protection.)


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I agree with taking managers to the side to man-handle them.

While you may have the policy in hand- it is handy to know (from experience) which stores stand BEHIND management decisions and which do not.

If you were arguing at certain stores- even if it's against posted policy, managers can do whatever they want. In really good ones- that's not the case. OD is one of those certain stores- ugh! Don't upset anyone.

Best rule of thumb, is NOT to have a chip on your shoulder when you do it or start. Stay polite and courteous at all times. Chips tend to throw up road blocks pretty quickly!
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TY OP and all the contributors to this post!!!
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#18's is at

Overstock -

Only thing I can find for walmart is that b&m stores will not match online prices...

Last edited by wookiewoo November 19, 2007 at 09:39 AM
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Great thread - thanks.
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My question is...will these company's price match a local competior and then honor a coupon with it?
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Seems a good place to ask...Dell states it does not match competitor pricing. Does this hold true if you've got a rep of theirs in an online chat? I.e. do they have that policy on the books to scare people away from doing tons of PMs but they frequently make exceptions?

I'm looking to buy a GPS watch and Dell is $100 higher than most retailers. Would like to get them to PM a decent price so I can buy from them and use a couple GCs from a recent Inspiron deal.
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My personal experience I have found that HomeDepot will PM to Lowes, Sears or BestBuy. Probably more stores but those are the ones I have tried. It was necessary to bring in either the ad, or what I did was a printout from the web site of the competitor showing the item and the price.

They MATCHED the price and let me use a 10% off coupon but would not BEAT the price and use a coupon. YMMV.

( is a separate entity from the HD B&M and the B&M would not match the .com and vice versa)

Personal note: Stick with the B&M as CS is AWFUL with the .com
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Nice summary.

As far as I know Fry's don't match the prices with their online prices. Also it is very hard to get price matched with other stores.
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OK quick thing to add.
I still see people that don't get the .COM B&M seperation. They are all seperate, no matter what anyone has told you.
That being said, a lot of companies Associated with each other (like B&M with same name .coms) will honor the price of each other. Staples will match etc.

NOW.. The .COMs are governed usually by the rule of "must be a competing online retailer" so B&M PMs, don't really work.

The B&M's are governed usually with "will match leading competitors" or "local competitors" Leading meaning - the bigguns and the occasional small local store. Local meaning - anything around (50 mile radius usually)

BOTH are usually required to verify the item is IN-Stock at another store. Of course this is not always the case.. but the higher the dollar value off.. the better the chance for rules to be executed.

All that being said.. some store offer instore pickup.. this is MOST convienient. You can PM to something from and Pickup in your local store. Of course YMMV, but I have had success with this at Circuit city, Staples, and OfficeMax. just call their .COM Customer Service, or do an Online Live Chat. This method can also save you from the dreaded "Overnight" shipping charge tacked onto your Online PM's, that kill the deal.

So... check out your options when you get the chance, so you are armed and ready..
But remember to be nice.. and remember to hold your ground..
I recall once I was PMing an item, and the manager said they didn't do the 110% matching anymore.. all I did was point to the Ceiling Banner, the Stickers on the Monitor, the Lil Brochure on the desk.. and he matched it.

Good Luck
and as always..

~ Captain
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Quote from dnewen View Post :
Thank you for putting this all in one place--we have been talking about this week and were unsure of who did pricematch.

Walmart--not sure what the policy states, but they have price-matched for us before...actually it was on black friday. They just wanted to see a copy of the ad they were matching.

Have fun shopping everyone!
I agree Walmart does pricematch. My wife takes all the grocery ads there on wednesday and price matches all the stuff on sale.
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can someoen find the pm with Fye please i am having a problem with thank you for all ur time
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Great post! Thanks Smilie
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I found CompUSA's Price Match Policy. I added it to the wiki. Link here [] to policy. Thanks for consolidating info. Smilie
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Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread!

The wiki is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Thumbsup
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Fry's B&M PM policy. [] It's printed in their weekly ads. AFAIK, does not price match.
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