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Down and Out mount from (Vertically articulating TV mount)

donnieSoprano 356 129 February 10, 2014 at 11:21 AM in Home & Home Improvement (2)

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When I moved into my house about 5 years ago, I was excited to be able to mount my TV above the fireplace. I finally had a living room where I could mount my TV 'fashionably' like everyone else.

Fast forward about 4 years and as I've aged and had some minor injuries here and there, my neck and spine are not quite what they used to be. The aches would usually go away, but always returned on Sundays while spending a few hours watching sports. I realized that while watching TV I had been looking up to my TV, rather than straight at it. This was putting too much pressure on my neck. After a bit of searching for an elegant and visually acceptable solution, I came across the "Down and Out" mount.

I appreciate cheap prices as much as the next guy, but this mount costs $500! I just couldn't convince myself that this mount was worth the money, so I went back and forth for months before finally biting the bullet and justifying the purchase as my birthday present.

I'm glad I did. I no longer have the sharp pains in my neck from watching television. In retrospect, I regret giving so much money to my chiropractor for pains when the solution was as simple as a TV mount. I'm happy to say, my pain and tension in my neck and upper back have subsided.

On the price, does refund upto $100 of the purchase price if you 'spread the word' through forums and social networking. That makes the price a little more palatable, but it's still quite expensive. I don't, however, regret spending the money.

As you can see by the attached pictures, the mount is holding my 70" Vizio just fine. The mount was not overly difficult to install, but certainly more so than the typical TV mount. Much more time and care has to be taken to ensure you have all the measurements, clearances, etc correct before you install surely don't want to have to move it because something was calculated incorrectly.

The attached pictures show the mount in the up and down positions and of the mech in those positions to give you an idea of what it looks like and how it works.

I do have a few critiques for the mount:
- While it is certainly stable, due to the hinging connections, it 'feels' a little unstable laterally. I'm not concerned about this in the long run though. Vertically, there is no instability.
- A motorized option would have been great. It does NOT take much effort to move the mount up and down due to the adjustable cantilever system, but to be able to do it from a remote would be a nice touch.
- Price is high. It's hard for most people to stomach paying $500 for a TV mount (as it was for me), but at least for me it's been worth it.



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Another review for the TV mount available at The company seems to be not huge so instead of advertising they over a rebate to customers if they share about the dynamic mount (as per

Disclaimer I purchased this mount at $499 and plan on getting the rebate.

With that disclaimer aside, on to the review:

The family room had 3 potential walls for TV mount placement. One of the potentials had windows so it was out. The other potential side wall length wise would not allow me to place place a sizable couch without blocking part of a sliding door . That left the wall with the fireplace. Since I did not want to look upwards while watching TV, I decided to look into what types of mounts were available. I searched "Up and Down Mount" on Google found THe price of $499 is an initial turn off so I continued to look. Other solutions I could find included the Omnimount, and even more expensive options including automatic solutions. Dynamicmount seemed to be the best fit because I use it in the bottom position (on the couch) or the top position (standing up in the kitchen). According to the specs the mount can move the tv around 30" up/down range. I am about 5"10 so my eye level is about 67 inches. Measuring my sit-down eye level was about 38". The 30" range would work for my situation then.

There are two versions, one that goes up and down, and one that goes up/down and also swivels (allows you to tilt the TV where one side would be close to the wall). I chose the non-swivel one as it was cheaper and I did not need the swiveling.

The mount bar area can allow lag screws to be attached 21" apart. This would work great if you the mount placement was right in between two 16" studes, but alas life is never so easy. The center of my fireplace had a stud in the middle. The next two studs are 16" apart. This would mean that I could not mount the mount on two studs (which is a requirement). sells extra wall support to extend this area but I did not want to use this extenders as the extended area would not be covered by the painted wall covers that are included. I set about to do some work to add 2x4s across the studs so that I can attach the wall mount appropriately (see pictures).

I ordered the mount on Oct 1, mount was shipped on Oct 2 and got my order on Oct 8. The box this thing came in was heavy. Unboxing show that there was the mount, attach arms, plastic covers, a couple bags of bolts/screws, etc... The mount itself feels sturdy, and heavy.

I had a friend come over to help me mount the TV. What needed to be done was not difficult. I spent more time reading the manual and double checking than actually mounting the TV. The basic instructions are:

- attach arms to TV
- drill holes into wall for mount
- install mount with included lag bolts at drill hole locations
- mount/center the TV
- screw/secure tv to mount.
- adjust Counterbalance (to allow TV of different weights to be easily moved up/down)
- adjust tilt positions for top and bottom positions (there is a tilt position for top and separate one for bottom).

Once completed I tested out the mount. I mounted my 60" F8500 plasma TV which is about 64lb. The counterbalance had to be adjusted a few times to allow easy mount adjustment, but once set, moving the TV up and down could be done with little effort. The amount of vertical distance achievable surprised me as it the lowest point ended up a few inches lower than I expected while the highest point was just right. You do not have to keep it at the lowest point so it still worked out good for me. The TV/mount feels stable and does the job. Pulling up and down with the right counterbalance is easy. Allowing different top and bottom position tilts was cool.

Overall I am happy with the mount. It is a bit on the expensive side but it seems to be one of the few options that does do its job and it does it well.

Video of my setup here []

Some picture are attached also.
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Another review:

Dynamic Mounting Down and Out Swivel Review

This mount uses a cantilever system to mount a television above a mantel or fireplace and permits vertical travel/articulation up to 30-inches.

Due to the layout of my living room, I have a fireplace the is the primary location for a television. I dislike mounted TVs above a fireplace as they are always too high. Fortunately, the Down and Out Swivel from is a perfect, although expensive choice to solve this problem.

Currently I have my 46-inch LCD TV mounted but I plan on putting something larger on here as the mount is rated to 120 pounds, which would even take a 70 inch plasma tv.

It was necessary to carefully follow the directions to ensure the installation was done properly. The instructions are pretty technical and you need to carefully plan out how far above the mantel to place everything to ensure maximum vertical travel. Once everything was correctly mounted and the counterweight was set, the function is nearly effortless. The TV can stop in any intermediate position without moving.

The left-right swivel has 3 options allow it to swivel in both directions on swivel further in only one. I have mine set to allow maximum left swivel. The mount also comes with 2 panels that partially cover the mount plate on the wall.

The customer support both before and after purchase has been excellent. The owner of the company appears to handle all emails.

To help cover the expense of the mount, Dynamic Mounting offers an "Advertising is Expensive Rebate" in which you can earn up to $100 back if you post online about the mount, effectively helping them spread the word. I am currently taking advantage of this.

Up video:
Down Video:


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