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FreedomPop ZTE Force LTE Smartphone (Certified Pre-Owned B-Stock) EXPIRED

yuugotserved 68,166 134,212 January 21, 2015 at 10:20 AM in Smartphones (4) More FreedomPop Deals
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Promoted 02-03-2015 by brisar at 10:26 AM View Original Post
UPDATE: This deal is available again.

FreedomPop offers FreedomPop ZTE Force LTE Smartphone (Certified Pre-Owned B-Stock) + 1GB Unlimited Data Plan Trial + Unlimited Voice + Text Plan Trial for First Month for $24.99. Shipping is free. Thanks yuugotserved

Note, please remember to cancel the free trial plans after the first month.

Editor's Notes & Price Research

Written by brisar

Please refer to the forum thread and wikipost for additional details.


Original Post

Edited January 21, 2015 at 11:40 AM by BostonGirl

Refer to the Wikipost for additional information about this deal. For those not interested, please move along Smilie

FreedomPop ZTE Force LTE Smartphone [] (Certified Pre-Owned B-Stock) + 100% Free Talk, Text and LTE Data (500MB) + Free Unlimited Everything Trial

$24.99 with free shipping

Reminder: Please remember to cancel the free trial plans once it's over.

This FreedomPop item is Certified Pre-owned and B-stock graded
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 90-day warranty
  • Extensive physical damage check
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Thorough data wipe and factory reset
  • Advanced radio frequency test
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Community Wiki

Last Edited by nrjank April 16, 2015 at 05:55 AM

to check status (new or used, first activation data, lifetime calls, etc) of phone:
from dial pad type # # 7 8 6 # (no spaces)
then hit view..

Having trouble making calls & texts? Follow these steps:
1.) While on your ZTE Force phone, go the following link (open via Google Play Store if prompted):
2.) Click the green "Update" button
3.) Once the update is complete, open the FreedomPop Messaging App. All texts/calls should work properly.

Dual Mode 3G/4G LTE
Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
4-inch IPS WVGA Touchscreen Display
5 MP Rear Facing Camera/1 MP Front Facing
1.5 GHz Dual Core Processor
4 GB internal storage
External Memory: Supports up to 64 GB
Headset Jack: 3.5 mm
Battery: Li-ion 1785 mAh

for those wanting to compare this phone's specs to the evo 4G and evo design (main benefits are processor, RAM, LTE),7763,5465

for those wanting an unbiased review from 3/27/13

What is the deal?
A FreedomPop ZTE Force LTE Phone for $24.99. You'll be getting a one-month free trial of the Unlimited Everything Plan. That's unlimited talk, text, and data. The first 1GB of data will be at 4G LTE speeds and all subsequent data will be at 3G speeds. The Unlimited Everything Plan normally costs $19.99/month.

You are always welcome to downgrade to the 100% Free Plan, which consists of 200 Voice Minutes, 500 Text Messages, and 500MB of 4G LTE/3G data. Downgrading can be performed directly on your online account page or on your phone. By breaking free from your current phone carrier and switching to FreedomPop, you can save hundreds of dollars every year.

What networks does it use?
The ZTE Force is able to connect to Sprint's 4G LTE and 3G networks. It can also connect via WiFi.

Does 3G access cost any money?
No, unlike our hotspot plans, there is no cost for nationwide 3G access. It is included as a part of the Free plan.

Can I do wireless tethering with the Unlimited Everything plan?
Wireless tethering is only allowed for the first 1GB while at 4G LTE speeds. Once speeds are limited to 3G (after the first 1GB), tethering is no longer allowed.

What if I need more data?
When you approach your monthly data limit, you have the option to either have your data service suspended for the remainder of the month, or continue usage on a pay-as-you-go basis. Each additional megabyte of data used beyond your original allotment will cost $0.02 per MB.

If I'm on the Free Plan, what happens if I need more Minutes and Texts?
When you reach your monthly limit of 200 Minutes and 500 Text Messages, your phone service will suspend itself. If you wish to have more Minutes and Texts, you would need to upgrade to a higher plan.

Can I port my existing number over to FreedomPop?
Yes, you can port your number during the activation process. Alternatively, you can choose a new FreedomPop phone number to use for the first couple months and then port your number over later.

Is there a non usage, or inactivity fee of $0.99?
No, it's a thing of the past. It was stopped altogether last year.

Can I exceed my data limit, even if it's set to suspend itself?
With automatic top-up disabled (found in the Billing Settings of your account), your data service will suspend itself when you're within 100MB of your data limit. Please note that there is a 3-hour delay in data reporting from Sprint's towers to our system, so there is a slight chance that you can exceed your limit if there is significant usage within that 3-hour window. If you're only browsing the web/reading articles, then you should be fine. However, if you're doing high data usage activities during that window (such as Netflix or large downloads), then there's a chance you can go over, since our system won't recognize that you're at your limit in time to suspend you.

What kind of coverage do I need? What network do you use?
The ZTE Force requires a data connection in order to send/receive calls and texts messages. The data connection can including WiFi, 4G LTE, or 3G. To check out 4G LTE and 3G coverage, visit Be sure to select the 4G LTE and 3G boxes. Connecting to any local WiFi network works too!

How do I cancel? Do you provide return shipping?
To cancel service, you'll need to contact our Support Team. We do ask you pay for return shipping. This may appear frugal on our part, but we'd rather push the boundaries on how much free minutes, texts, and data we give away each day.

Will different data connections affect call quality?
As with all phone services, call quality is entirely dependent on your coverage/proximity to your local cell towers. Call quality will be better when you're connected via either 4G LTE or WiFi, when comparing to 3G.

How about app updates?
The FreedomPop Development Team is constantly working to improve all aspects of our phone service, ranging from battery life to latency. As a result, we will release updates to our Messaging App that will increase the overall quality. In order to take advantage of these improvements, you would need to update the FreedomPop Messaging App in the Google Play Store.

What is FreedomPop Phone Premier service?
Premier is a bundle of our value-added services. With Premier active on your account, you'll get Visual Voicemail and monthly Data Rollover, along with our staple services of Usage Alerts, Security, and Premium Support. It's over a $20 value if you signed up for the services separately.

How do I get even more free data every month?
You can connect with other FreedomPop users through Freedom Friends (found on your account page) and earn up to an extra 500MB of extra data, every month for free! Check out this thread-

Want free talk & text but don't need a new phone?
Check out the FreedomPop OTT Messaging App: [].

How long for shipping?
Estimated shipping time-frame is 2-4 weeks. As the deal gets more popular, shipping times may increase.

Have a Billing Issue?
We encourage all our users to come to us first to see if we can explain any charge or resolve any billing issue before further escalation.

Customer Support:
Email is probably the best way to reach us ( or you can go to our Community Forum. If you absolutely must speak to us, you can call (888) 743-8107 (M-F 9am-5pm PDT). You can also PM us!

Arbitration Opt Out:
It appears FreedomPop allows you to opt out of forced arbitration by mail. Click here [] to see why this is important. From FreedomPop's terms of service []:
Quote :
Exclusions from Arbitration/Right to Opt Out

Notwithstanding the above, you or FreedomPop may choose to pursue a Dispute in court and not by arbitration if: (a) the
Dispute qualifies, it may be initiated in small claims court; or (b) YOU OPT-OUT OF THESE ARBITRATION
"Opt-Out Deadline"). You may opt out of this Provision by mailing written notification to FreedomPop, 11301 W Olympic
Blvd Ste 112, Los Angeles, CA 90064-1652. Your written notification must include: (1) your name; (2) your address; and
(3) a clear statement that you do not wish to resolve disputes with FreedomPop through arbitration. Your decision to
opt-out of this arbitration Provision will have no adverse effect on your relationship with FreedomPop. Any opt-out
request received after the Opt-Out Deadline will not be valid and you must pursue your Dispute in arbitration or
small claims court.
to downgrade your plan and avoid getting the shipment status page. on your conformation email with your password look for the line that say's

"Please keep your account information somewhere safe. You can change your email and password on the account settings page" and click on the hyperlinked "account settings" instead of "login here"

If you received a $4.99 "New Phone Fee." please PM the FreedomPop Rep. I'm investigating this matter. Thanks! -FP

use this link to remove premier service

and this link to downgrade your plan

Instructions to get free tethering on this phone
If you reflash to JB, you may need to Change step 6 to "Netd-Ndc (master)" and it will work with a caveat: wifi will be stuck in that mode until rebooted. Credit goes to follip
Update: Look for post #1426 from HunterOne for a better config. Works well on mine.

Information on flashing to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM
A guide here on SD for how to accomplish this:
Download Mirror:!WwUAWRwC!c7U...VKw5vKXesk
The connection optimizer app crashes from the JB rom. Here's a working version that you can install to fix the issue:
**Note: Some people's phones will already come with Clockwork Recovery Mod v6.0.3.0

After flashing, go to the Play Store and search for FreedomPop and install the messaging, phone, voicemail, etc apps. The default apps do not work.

Post your LTE speeds:
San Jose, CA 14.23 down, 6.84 up, 67ms ping
LA, CA. ~1 Mbps down, ~2 Mbps up
Long Beach, CA 8.05 Mbps Down, 0.99 Mbps Up ( App)
Orlando, FL 3.37 Mbps down, 7.29 Mbps up (3rd floor of 3 story building) using
Orlando, FL 4.11 Mbps down, 5.91 Mbps up (3rd floor of 3 story building) using FCC speed test
Boston, MA 4.5Mbps down, 2.9Mbps up (4th floor of 12 story building) using
NYC (WTC), NY 0.25Mbps down, 2.7Mbps up (11th floor) using Ookla
Lancaster, PA 2.72 down, 0.30 up using speedtest app
Columbia, PA 0.99 down, 0.81 up using speedtest app (3G service in area)
Elizabethtown, PA 0.16 down, 0.34 up using speedtest app (spotty 3G service in places)
Atlanta, GA 4.19 down, 1.39 up using speed test app

Tips for call quality, especially on 3g, and/or if your primary phone is ported to google voice.
Call quality was ok on WIFI with Hangouts dialer. But not acceptable over 3g, garbled speech at best.
So followed the guide here [] to setup a pbxes-callcentric account and use through native android sip setup (*note instructions require Google Voice app - not just Hangouts - be installed first)
For voicemail, disable voicemail in pbxes, and hangouts picks up voicemails from GV. On 3g, the call quality is so much better than hangouts, it sounded like regular cell calls on a 3g speed of 13kbps down, 70kbps up. I was surprised native android SIP sounded so much better.
If you use any other SIP dialer (eg:CSIPSimple) than native android dialer, try checking all the codecs in Settings->Media->Codecs, both slow and fast and use ILBC as the first codec for slow because it is much better for calls on 3g.
Same settings apply to FP messaging app as well as it is a SIP app too. Much better quality through it.
With so many variables, the above tips are YMMV. I would say more hit than miss.


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Not again! Wink
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Why TD, Can someone explain why this isnt a good deal?
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Quote from codeaddict View Post :
Why TD, Can someone explain why this isnt a good deal?
People may automatically thumb it down because some had a bad experience with FreedomPop (unexpected charges, spotty coverage, non-functioning devices, etc). I, personally, don't have an issue with FreedomPop and have used several of their devices without extra charges. You just need to be careful with the upsells and add-on services, but most can be disabled on their website.
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"Is there a non usage, or inactivity fee of $0.99?
No, it's a thing of the past. It was stopped altogether last year."

A total lie, just like everything else this company says. I literally just got off the phone because freedompoop has been charging me this fee all along, despite my being told it wouldn't happen anymore over a year ago. They would only refund me the current month, tell me the whopper that they couldn't see any charges before that, although they are clearly listed on my freedompoop account. They also sent out an email about me being eligible for a free lte hotspot that they want to charge me $50 for, which is why I was looking at my account when I noticed i was still being charged a dolar a month. I repeatedly asked why they where charging $50 for a free hotspot, she kept saying it was for the hotspot, so it was still all a big lie. Do not believe a word they say.
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can we not jsut buy these on a Pre-Paid Credit card?
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Quote from SlickFerret View Post :
been charging me this fee all along, despite my being told it wouldn't happen anymore over a year ago. They would only refund me the current month
You should have been refunded for them all. Please PM me your account information. I'll make sure that you get refunded and also find out the the Support Agent with whom you spoke.
As for the LTE hotspot, we do not do any full LTE upgrades for a $0 cost. You may have been asked to pay an activation fee.
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is FreedomPop international yet? if i can use it for trip to Europe/ Asia that'd be nice
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thanks in 4 1
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Im in for 1.
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Can we buy more than one? This is a great deal and I'd like to get one for all of us.
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this looks like the samsung victory phone. hope the battery life is better than the HTC model.
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Last edited by BosuxRedsux January 21, 2015 at 11:35 AM.
Quote from MoeFaux View Post :
Im in for 1.

What do u guys recommend?

Is it good phone?
Phonescoop review is 3.3

Canera does not have good reviews

It does come with Android 4
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